Edward's face seemed even whiter than usual framed by the dark forest. I hesitated. "You don't…want me anymore?" His face was grave, but suddenly it filled with emotion and sank to the ground.

"Bella, I do want you! I love you, but-I'm a vampire…and you're human." He closed his eyes. I looked down on him.

THEN TURN ME INTO A VAMPIRE, STUPID!!!! I thought that, but I didn't say it. It didn't matter. Edward was leaving. And I wasn't going with him.

"I want to stay, but I just keep putting you in danger." His voice was flat, hiding his feelings. This time I did answer.

"Putting me in danger?! Edward, I'm putting you in danger. I'm putting everyone in danger! I'm accident prone, I faint at the sight of blood, I trip about every time I take a step…the list goes on, you know." I paused, and realized that I was panting. "I need you to protect me!" Edward looked at me bleakly.

"I'll kill you," he said, shaking. "You know that, don't you? It's going to happen. I can't stop it." I patted his icy shoulder.

"You won't. You love me…" I tried to reassure myself, but then I realized. It was all a play. He was trying to make me feel better. "Edward," I said angrily, "Stop fooling around. You don't love me. Stop trying to make it okay. I love you. You don't love me, and I thought you did. I was being silly. You're just-too perfect. Too good for me." I twirled around and left the woods, left Edward, left my life, left all I could have been. If I could see into the future, I would have seen a bright one, one of Jacob. A perfect life free of vampires. As it was, I stalked away furiously and never looked back. Somewhere in me, though, I knew the truth. I could live without Edward. I would be just fine.