Note: This takes place in a world where men can get pregnant just like women. Also, the baby isn't Dean's.

"What about Ariel," Sam asked as he flipped through a fat book of baby names.

Dean wrinkled his nose, "You mean like that Disney mermaid with no tits? No thanks."

Sam rolled his eyes, "Dean, Ariel's been around longer than 'The Little Mermaid'." He glared at his brother over the edge of the book, "What's your problem anyway?"

Dean sighed, "I just don't see why you won't consider using Mom's name."

Sam sighed, this was not a conversation he wanted to have right now or ever, "Well, for one thing Mary means 'Bitter', not exactly what I was going for. Plus I want the baby to have a name that'll stand out."

Dean looked at his baby brother, sensing that there was something he wasn't saying, "What's goin' on in that head of yours, Sammy?"

Sam bit his lip, "It's just that Mom is such a painful subject in this family. Dad still can't say her name without clenching his fists and getting that crazy look in his eyes. It just seems unfair to saddle a baby with that kind of baggage."

Dean thought about it for a long moment before slowly nodding and coming over to sit with him on the bed; Sam was right, that name was just too painful to saddle a child with. "Okay, so Mary and Jessica are out. What other names do you like?"

Sam smiled and looked over at the pad of paper he'd been using to jot down the names he'd really liked and handed it to him, "Here. See for yourself. I was thinking maybe Jack for a boy and Sophie for a girl."

Dean smiled faintly, "Sounds good. What about middle names?"

Sam sighed, "I'm thinking Rose or Robert." He yawned and stretched before placing Dean's hand on his belly as the baby moved, so he could feel it. "Whoever they are, they're going to be active. I hate to think how bad I'd look if you could see the marks where this kid has kicked me so many times."

Dean smiled too, "Hey, Kiddo, don't get too rowdy in there, your daddy needs his rest." It still stunned him to think that his baby brother was having a baby of his own. Hell, he'd never honestly thought that either of them would ever have children due to the hellish life they led.

He stretched out next to Sam and began gently stroking his hair, hoping to help him relax and sleep. Even though they'd cut back on the jobs they took and tried to make more frequent stops, the constant traveling was hard on Sam and Dean knew that it was only going to get harder as the pregnancy progressed. Maybe it was time to head back up to Bobby's. The older man had already made it clear that they were more than welcome to stay with him for as long as they wanted after the baby was born.

Making his decision, he checked to make sure that Sam was asleep before extricating himself, picking up his cellphone and dialing a familiar number.

"Hey Bobby, it's Dean. Listen, is that offer still good?" He smiled at the reply, "Yeah. I know we said that we'd wait until he was closer to his due date but this last hunt took a lot out of him." He smiled again, "Great. Thanks Bobby. We'll head out tomorrow and be there in a day or so. Yeah, I will. Thanks." He hung up with a smile before climbing back into bed next Sam. He knew that Sam would protest that he felt well enough to keep going but Dean knew his brother and knew that being on the road constantly was not what he or the baby needed right now.

He knew that more than likely, their father wouldn't understand his decision to cut back on hunting for the sake Sam and the baby but his first responsibility had always been to take care of Sam and that responsibility now included taking care of his niece or nephew when he or she arrived. It had been his job since he was four years and he wasn't going to stop now for anything or anyone, not even their dad, not this time.

The End