When the Autobots arrived at their base they were only slightly shocked to see Starscream's trine and three other seekers in the air, practiceing manuvers. Skystrike landed when the non flying mechs reached them.

"Med Bay. Now." was all that Ratchet said before grabbing Strike's wing and dragging him to the area only to find his med bay was no more. As the medic stood there with his mouth open like a fish Strike quickly moved away from him and over to his Decepticons, as if he expected them to protect him from the medic. Fat chance at that. Even the hardest Decepticon feared the lime green medic. "What... WHEELJACK!"

Said engineer came running from one of the other buildings when he heard the bellow. He looked from the rubble to his friend and back before putting his hands out in front of himself. "It wasn't me! It was Starscream and Mikaela!"

"And just where is my sparkling?" Ratchet ground out of his vocal processors as he advanced on Wheeljack.

Everyone followed his movements as he simply pointed to the sky. It was when the seekers noticed that all movement on the ground stopped when the smallest of them flew to the ground and landed in front of Ratchet. "Hey mom." the seeker said as she gave him a hug.

"If anyone is your mother its Ironhide." Ratchet said after a moment.

"Hey!" The black topkick couldn't help but smile. Now they didn't need to worry about losing their sparkling. Well not to a human sickness at least. Her sparkmate was another matter. Ironhide chuckled as Ratchet seemed to come to this conclusion at the same time as his binded.

As Ratchet's optics narrowed all of the assembled bots took a step back. "Calm down Ratchet." Ironhide said as he looked on with mirth. "She had to grow up sometime."

Ratchet took his time while turning around to respond to him. "By our terms she is still a sparkling and he will keep his hands off of her."

A loud clang rang out and at first everyone was looking for Ratchet's victim before they noticed that Ratchet was the victim. As one they all turned towards Mikaela who was holding another wrench in her hands. "I may be a sparkling in Cybertronian terms but in human terms I am old enough to make my own decisions. I love you as my creator but I will not have you dictate to me."

Not even the crickets dared to chirp in the enssuing silence.

Sideswipe broke said silence with all the sublty of a brick. "Damn it. She was bad before but now she has subspace for more wrenches."

All of the Autobots groaned and the Decepticons looked around wondering what they were going on about before all the peices clicked.

"And just think, now she's one of ours." Ravage said as he stood next to Soundwave.

"Enough." Optimus said as he walked up to the group. "Mikaela, Silverstream said you had someway of fixing Skystrikes vocals?"

"Yeah no problem. I can fix Starscreams too." She said as she walked away from Ratchet and towards the blue seeker, opening a panel in his throat. "Easy peasy."

"How is it you can fix it but Ratchet can't?" Ironhide asked.

"Simple. I'm a seeker. When I 'changed' I downloaded all the knowledge of seekers I could get my grubby little claws on." By this point Starscream had landed, or had been forced to land by his trinemates. And was being forced to sit still by TC and Skywarp. Soon both seekers were fixed but neither had talked yet.

"Why aren"t they talking yet?" Ratchet asked as he stared at the two.

"Their systems have to get used to the changes." Mika replied.

"She may have fixed us but she didn't do it too gently." Skystrike said as he suddenly glared at her. "Was that all really needed?"

"Yes. This way you remember why you don't want me to have to fix you aftheads again." She said as a wrench suddenly appered in her hand. "And you need to stop pissing Primus off. He didn't want me to fixed you yet but I talked him out of it."

At her words most of the mechs stopped talking. "You guys have talked to Primus?" Sunstreaker asked with shock.

"Quite a few times. And he is almost as much of a prankster as you and your twin." Skystrike said as he walked over and stood by Optimus. They weren't touching but they had to stop themselves from leaning into each other.

"And how is it three humans connected with Primus?" Ravage asked as he sat in front of the Decepticon Prime.

"The three of us also connected with the Allspark in Mission city as well." Silverstream added as he joined the group. "That eventually lead to us meeting Primus. I was first of course, when I changed I had a nice long talk with him about what was expected of us and so one. We've become pretty good friends since then."

"So he was the reason you couldn't talk about certain things?" Sideswipe asked his bondmate.

"Of course. It was also why he knew about my trine and I. He knew about Megatron killing our trinemates to bind us to him and his cause. Silverstream and I have had a few conversations since that first battle." Starscream said, his voice now held a soft tone.

"Yes! No more screechyness!" Skywarp proclaimed as he grinned.

"You do know that isn't a word don't you?" Thundercracker looked at the purple seeker.

"Yeah but who cares!" was the reply.

"My mate is friends with Primus." Siideswipe said with a shake of his head.

"Yeah but don't worry, like I said, he is just as big a prankster as you are. Esspecially when his creations aren't listening to his signals." At this Silverstream looked at Optimus and Skystrike. "If you two were anymore dense I think he would have found some way to lock you both in the same room and throw away the key for a few months."

"Shut it Stream." Strike said with a glare. "We have more important things to talk about then my love life or lack there of."

"Yeah like how you are suddenly Prime and the leader of the Decepticons." Mudflap said as he and his twin forced their way through the crowd of bots and human personnel.

"And what happened to my med bay." Ratchet said before turning to Mikaela. "What happened to Jazz?"

"Oh he's fine." She replied with a grin.

"What do you mean?" Ironhide asked, his head tilted to the side.

Instead of answering verbally Mikaela began to open a hold in her chest and out popped a little silver sparkling. "He's fine, but he has a little bit of growing up to do. After Primus used what metal he could to form my body there wasn't much left in the area so this little guy had to start over."

"Well Ratch, you always wanted to care for a sparkling. Now its just our sparkling's sparkling." Ironhide replied with a smile as Ratchet suddenly fainted.