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There Naru and I stood in a small stone square that had to be at least 6x6 with the only source of light coming from our two flashlights. I've never been claustrophobic, but I think I'm starting to be, and we've only been in here less then two minutes. I started to freak. We were a secret passageway and no one knew where we are. I love and respect my team members but I have a feeling that once they notice Naru and I being away for long, they wouldn't have the brains to check the footage, well maybe John and Yasu...the other two, I'm not to sure.

I've read somewhere that a person can still be conscious for a certain amount of time in a closed space with no air flow, depending on how big the closed space was. And since this was a very small and tight space made up of stone and with two grown people inside...I didn't even want to think about the end result. But I have a feeling Naru already knows our clock is ticking.

I started to get light headed, which then made me feel slightly dizzy and my body felt tired and heavy. I knew there had to be iron in these walls. But I also knew that iron wasn't my only weakness...there is something else, I just have to look into it. And in order to do that, I have to get the hell out of here. I dropped my bag at my feet and walked to the nearest wall, I started to pound and pat my way around.

"Please let me out" I spoke to the wall like it was going to answer back

"Mai, what are you doing?" Naru asked. I just ignored him and continued on.

"Please, I don't want to die like this!" I pounded and pounded the stone.


"Shush." I told Naru as I went back to finding a way out.

"Did you just tell me to 'Shush'?" He asked from the same spot he was in. I sighed and turned to him

"Yes, I did. And apparently it isn't working because your still talking" I turned back and went to another wall so my back was now facing Naru. I felt bad for giving an attitude to Naru and I knew he didn't deserve that, but I'm scared and it seems like he doesn't care.

About five minutes past when Naru spoke "Mai what are you doing?" sadly it wasn't something I cared for.

"I'm building the Great Wall of China!" I threw my hands up "What does it look like I'm doing?!" I did it again.

"I don't know that's way I asked." I gave him a glare "Stupid" he said with a smirk.

"I'm trying to find a why out" I turned back to the wall and started to feel it.

"Well clearly there is no way out" I heard him shift. "Last time I checked you were a Carpe. Just blast a hole through the wall."

I looked away. "I can't. I'm not strong enough and I don't even know how to do it."

"Whats the point of being one if you don't know how to use your powers"

"Not everyone is like you Naru! Have you thought of that? I just found out all of this a couple of days ago. Its not like I have anyone to teach me, last time I check my teacher was killed by the very thing that is trying to kill me. So can you just cut it out!" I turned back around "I already feel like a mutant alien, so I don't need you to knock me father down."

It was silent. And I was hurt. At that moment I asked myself why I love him, and I kept coming up with the same answer. Because he's not like the rest; He doesn't sugar coat anything unless hes forced to, He's not like those brainless meat headed jocks at school, he will lie to protected people who deserve it .He puts others before he puts himself, and he jokes in his own Naru way, and he if admires you for what you done at work or out of know you did something right.

I know that I'm smart, I'm an honor student at school and one of the top students. But I guess Naru doesn't see that and only sees my brain at work, I'm new to the whole paranormal stuff...sure I'm good at ghost stories and I've read a couple of chapters from one of my moms old books but I'm still learning and I know I'm getting better, so why can't he just see that?

Yes I'm hurt by his words, but just like everything else I have to move on and get over it. Maybe not this minute or the next hour but I know I will soon. I slammed my fists against the wall, time was running out and I felt myself starting to take deeper breathes. Maybe I'm just scared and I'm fooling my brain into thinking there is no air...or it was really happening. I lost track of time since I yelled at Naru. I don't know what time we got into this mess so looking at the time on my phone wouldn't help.

I felt something grab both of my wrist. When I looked up I saw through my blurry vision it was someone. "Mai, you are hurting yourself." Naru turned the outside of my wrist towards me so I could see. And clearly enough I was hurt, on the outsides of my pinkies and going down a few inches I was short of bleeding. The skin was broken and the area around it was a beat red color and semi-swollen. He brought me down to the floor with him and started to work.

"I'm sorry" I whispered but because of our closeness I knew he heard me. The thought of apologizing hadn't even crossed my mine till now. The stinging sensation and the throbbing slowly became known to me, and the way he was inspecting it and wrapping the shallow wounds with two pieces of ripped cloth from his shirt.

"For hurting yourself even more, you should be sorry. You are already hurt and can't work to your fullest and then you go and do this. Mai, sometimes I wonder if you are a masochist" Naru finished tying the knot on my right hand and let go. I placed my bandaged hands in my lap and I looked to the floor. I knew he was still looking at me, waiting for me to give him a remark or some type of attitude.

"No, Not for this. Well some of it is for this, but for everything. For yelling and giving you attitude earlier. For always getting hurt, for not being able to work my hardest on this case. For being a weak Carpe and not knowing a lot of the paranormal world. I'll get better at everything I promise."

"You are already getting better. You are growing up and becoming very mature in your work. Everything that you did yesterday, the old Mai wouldn't have done that to the extent that you did. And I take back what I said earlier. That was wrong of me and I wasn't thinking straight" Naru grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet.

A smile broke out and a slight blush crept along my cheeks. "Is the great Oliver Davis saying sorry?" Naru whipped his head around when I said his name. He stared at me for the longest time which was really a few seconds, his eyes softened and a slight smirk which could pass for a very small smile came upon his lips.

"I guess I am." My blush grew redder and I looked away from his dark blue orbs.

"Oh, and thank you for this" I lifted up my hands "For wrapping them, I mean"

The smirk was gone and he nodded towards me "Yes, well these will have to do till Ms. Matsuzaki can properly clean and re-wrap them." I smiled up at him, then I remembered the situation that we were in.

"Hey, Naru" He grunted to let me know he heard "How are we going to get out?"

"I don't know Mai, There is clearly no way out of this. You haven't mastered your power and mine-That's it" Naru walked over to the center of the floor and faced first to the south wall

"Naru, what is it?" He didn't answer me, he just stared at the wall. All of a sudden the air got thick and heavy and it really did feel like the air was being sucked out. I watched him, hoping that he was feeling it too and wishing it wasn't what I think it is. The air started to whip hard and fast around us that it knocked me to the ground and the space around him began to glow and I knew it was his PK. He was going to use a PK sword. "Naru, NO!"

I got up as fast as I could with the air whipping all around me. My hearing became fuzzy and my body felt as if it was slowly being compressed. I finally reached Naru and stood in front of him, I placed my hands on his collar and tugged; forcing him to look at me. Our eyes locked and the air around us went back to its norm. My hearing came back faster than I thought and the silence rung making my ears hurt. Ignoring the pain, I glared up at my boss.

"What the hell were you thinking Naru!" when I thought he was okay and wasn't going to pass out on me I let his collar go and stood back a foot or two."You would've fainted or worse."

He sent a glare my way "I was thinking of making a way out of here."

"By trying to kill yourself? That doesn't help anything"

"I am fully aware of the consequences of using my powers Mai. And it was a risk I was going to take"

"For what?!" I threw my hands up for the second time today "You are supposed to be the smart one here Naru. How could you-"

"I was doing it for you Mai." suddenly everything got quite. We just stared at each other. None of us daring to make the next move, but I took the fall.

"For me?" I felt a warm sensation grow in my navel and travel up my spine. A rosie blush covered my cheeks. His words just kept repeating over and over in my head

"Yes. If one of us was going to get out of here alive and safe it was going to be you. Once I used my powers, I knew about five or fifteen minutes later I would pass out or go into cardiac arrest, you on the other hand, have to get out of here faster because you are getting weaker and weaker the more you are down here. But you still have the ability to run and go get help for me. There I knew the other team members will notice your weakness and make you stay in bass and recover while the others go and find me down here and hopefully get me to medical attention in time."

He had it all planned out and I ruined it. But knowing him he didn't even tell me this plan so I would freak out and not get to help faster. But he knew...he knew I was getting weaker "You could've told me Naru."

"I figured you will be smart enough once you started thinking"

"How did you know?"

"Even in this light I could see that you were paling, you also started to take deeper breaths. Then I remembered during the time this estate was built they used iron in there stone, to make it stronger. I should have realized this before I let you come down with me."

"Its okay, the whole estate is covered in it. Some places have it more than others. I think there could be other possible weaknesses I just have to look into it. Gene did tell me the other day that once we get back to Japan I should go take a visit to my mothers office."

"You talked to Gene? Does that mean you have had dreams and didn't tell me"

"Yes and no. I've talked to Gene, but I haven't had any dreams. I know spirits are all around, but it seems that they don't want to let me know what happened or their past. Maybe they haven't warmed up to me yet. Do you think that's possible-"

Naru quickly cut me off "Mai your eyes."

"What?" I couldn't look at my wrist because of the cloth.

"Your eyes they are pink. Mai why are you using your powers?"

"I'm not-wait Gene told me that my powers would randomly turn on when there is a spirit around..." Just a little pasted Naru in a corner was a boy "..I just needed to control them. Naru there is a spirit here."

"That can't be. The temperature hasn't dropped."

"Naru, I'm not kidding there is a spirit of a young boy. Maybe around his late teens, he's wearing the old school uniform"

"Where is he"

"In the corner behind you" Naru turned and look at the corner. "I guess he's not a strong spirit since I can't see him, or he doesn't want to let me see him."

"No, he is a weak one." I walked over to him slowly so he wouldn't become scared. He watched me as I watched him. He knew I could see him

"Can you talk to him" Naru watched me.

"I don't know." I stood in front of the boy "Hi, My name is Mai. Yours?" I sent him a warm smile, letting him know I wasn't scared of him. He waved at me, but didn't speak. "Can you speak?" he shook his head no. I turned to Naru

"It looks like he can't speak. Maybe he doesn't have enough spiritual energy" I turned back to the spirit "Why are you here?" He pointed to the top corner behind Naru and I. I walked over to the corner with him and Naru behind me. I ran my fingers down the crease and up it as far as I could.

"Naru can you reach up there. He pointed to the top corner." I stepped aside to let Naru have some room. I watched him reach up and feel around. Then he stopped and looked at me. "What?"

"There is a draft up here. That means on the other side is open, no wonder we are still awake." I saw him put the rest of his fingers through the hole and the tips of his right hand. He tugged slightly towards him and the wall came. "Mai help." I put my fingers as much as I could through the crack Naru had made. On the count of three Naru and I tugged towards our self, till a hole big enough could fit us one by one.

"Wait my bag!" I ran back through the hole and grabbed my bag. I saw both of the flashlights laying on the ground where we had put them, I walked over to quickly grab them.

"MAI!" Naru yelled I turned back to the see the wall move back into place, slowly the small hole got smaller. I panicked and ran over as fast as I could, I tired to push myself to the other side, while trying not to get crushed between the stones. I felt a grab on my arm and pull me out faster. I smashed into Narus' toned chest, his arms were wrapped around me for a few moments, then we heard the sound of stones clicking together and we were plunged into darkness.

Naru unwrapped his arms but moved his right had down my arm and clasped with my hand. I was glad that it was darker than dark so Naru couldn't see my flaming red face. "N-Naru?"

"Don't let go, it's dark and the last thing I want to happen is you getting lost." I felt his hand tighten around mine but I just ignored it.

"O-okay" I moved closer to Naru, the air on this side was damp and cold, feeling his body heat made it just a bit better. I felt him sift so he was closer to me. Maybe he knew I was cold.

"Your eyes, they are still pink. Is the spirit of that boy still here or is there another" How could he tell? It's so dark in here I couldn't even see my own hand and I holding it up to my face. I guess he felt that I questioned that because he answered "Your eyes give off a very dim glow. Its the only thing I can see, but its not enough light that can guide us and or you can see."

"Oh, well that's a bummer." But shouldn't I know that I'm using my powers? Or in this case my body is without me having to—umm-turn it on? "But for spirit wise-" I looked around; if the spirit(s) are strong enough they glow if you can see them and or give off some type of energy that you can sense or feel which is manly the reason why people say that the air around them gets cold all of a sudden—that's one type of energy they give off. So if Naru can't see them or feel its energy then that spirit or whatever dead thing that hasn't moved on isn't around. But my eyes are still pink so that means my spiritual energy that my Carpe side has strengthen, can sense a spirit who isn't strong enough then a normal human with low or trained spiritual energy can.

There! "Yes the spirit is still here," The same boy stood feet away from us. I could sense that he was getting weaker by the way he went in and out of this realm. Is it realm? Or is it plane? I don't know, I'll either ask Gene or Naru...maybe Gene since well—he kind of...

"Mai, what is he doing" I ended the conversation I was having with myself and looked at the fading boy. He motioned us to follow. I reached out to stop him, then I remembered that he is a ghost and I would go through

"Wait! We can't see" I walked as far as I could before Naru tugged on my hand to motion me back. The young boy looked at me and then started to walk, when he stopped he pointed to his left. I was guessing he was pointing at something on the wall. "Naru, I think he is pointing at something on the wall. But its to dark."

"Can't you make some short of light ball"

"If I could I would have."

"And all of that stuff that you did on the last case" I knew it had to come down to this at one point.

"My mom was telling me everything that I had to do." I knew that I had to help in someway, we needed light. So I closed my eyes and controlled my breathing. Inhale. Exhale Inhale. Exhale. Okay, my breathing is under control, now its time to think. Think light, think light, think light.

"Mai, I found a lighter in my pocket, you can stop meditating" Damn him!

"I wasn't meditating Naru, I was trying to see if I could make a light ball." He dragged me over to the wall where I had said the spirit pointed to "But nooo you had to go and find a lighter! Where was that a minute ago?!"

"In my pocket. Like I just said." Okay, I fell into that one. Naru clicked on the lighter, from the glow of the flames it looked like a zipo, it made a enough light to see what was on the wall that the ghost wanted us to see. There hung torches. "Grab one Mai." He let go of my hand to grab one for himself. I watched him place his lighter to the top of it and watched as the flames came to life and danced. My hand felt cold without his and I was missing it. Swallowing my sadness I reached for the black clad torch. Wrapping my fingers around it I pulled it off the wall. A deep burning sensation rippled up my left arm. The pain hurt so bad that I dropped the torch on the stone floors allowing it to make a sound that sent a jolt run up your spine. I cried out in agonizing pain. It felt like the flesh on my hand was burning and melting away by the second.

"Mai!" Naru was by me in the matter of seconds. I slammed my back against the cold wall, cradling my inflamed hand to my chest, fresh hot tears ran down my face. "Mai what happened"

I tried looking through my blurry vision but the tears wouldn't stop coming. I also tried to stop crying and even out my breath but I kept choking on my sobs. Taking in a lung full of air to calm me down I whipped away the salty water from my eyes, Holding out my hand I let the air out of my system. "T-the—I think it burned me"

"Let me see the damage" I unfolded my hand and there the entire underside of my hand where I grasped the black torch was burned. It was so bad the cloth that Naru had just put on was literately no longer there and the first few layers of skin was completely gone leaving behind forming blisters and beat red. And to me, it seems like s slight steam was coming form it "This is looks like its a second degree burn but I might turn into a third. We have to get out of here fast and get this taken care of."

"That torch is iron isn't it?" I looked at him as he looked at his torch in his hands.

"It seems like it, it also fits into the time era of this estate. Plus it seems like no one has been down here to modernize it."

I looked at my hand in the glow of the blazing fire "Naru, if iron does this when I touch it...I wonder what happens when I consume it...without food"

"Well Iron in food is different. Iron is a type of metal, and I know for a fact that they don't go around placing a metal into food. But I see where you are coming from." I looked at my hand again, the pain was still there but not as bad as it was when it happened. Naru took my hand into his where I saw another piece of black cloth, his softly wrapped it and tied a knot on the back of my hand.

"You need to stop ripping your shirt. I could of ripped the skirt of my dress."

"And you need to stop hurting yourself, and if you would have ripped your skirt it would become shorter, now is that appropriate and lady like for my assassinate and a young women to walk around like that. Your dress is already short enough as is and it does not need to get shorter" He smirked at me

"My dress is at a appropriate length for my age and you have never complained about the shortness of my bottoms." I walked ahead of him, I looked around for the spirit of the boy but I didn't see him. "And I have been told that I have nice legs. Its not like I'm walking around looking like a tramp"

Naru caught up to me and we started walking down a pitch black tunnel with a flaming torch that only let us see a few feet in front of us. "I never said you looked like a tramp Mai, I just simply tried to state that you shouldn't wear that kind of stuff. There are men out there that like that kind of stuff and will take advantage of it."

"Or that you are just jealous of other men looking at me." I cupped my hands around my back and stepped out in front of him with a sweat smile upon my lips. I was only joking, I knew that he doesn't share the same feelings that I have towards him. But just being with him and around our other team members I became a little more daring. True my face was as red as a tomato and I was glad for the orange-red glow the fire gave off and I will admit that my heart is beating as fast as a humming birds wings and I have so much butterflies in my stomach that I feel like I will throw up.

He stopped when I stepped in front of him and just looked at me, he didn't blink or show any short of emotion (when does he anyway) "Please Mai, I don't fraternize with my employees." He walked around me and continued on

I smiled and turned on my heal after him. "No one said anything about fraternizing, I said looking." Naru stopped once again, and I kept going when I passed him I took a glance at him "And you didn't say anything about not looking." When I saw the quick shock on his face for one fourth of a second, I knew and I caught him red handed...but he didn't know I knew, and I think its best if we keep it that way.

"Lets go Mai" he said in a slight colder tune than he usually has. He's probably pissed at himself for allowing a tiny slip up. Victory! And the best thing is, he didn't say no to what I just said. Double Victory!

We walked for about a total of 15 minutes or so. The only noise was our footsteps of the stone floors and the slight whooshing noise from the flames. The ground was leveled, or so we thought, since there was no walking down or up or any stairs. I felt a warm feeling building up in the pit of my lower abdomen and moving up. I felt this feeling before, but I just couldn't but my finger on it. Then I knew what the feeling was; My Carpe powers.

"Naru can you see that?" I pointed in front of us to the blue glowing ball, most likely a spirit.

"No" I jogged a little ahead. I never seen this form of a spirit before, I've seen fox fires but they are so much different. It was beautiful, a light glowing blue that reminded me so much of the Scottish legends of the willow-a-whips. "What is it Mai" I walked around it in awe

"Its a spirit" I reached out my hand to softly touch. I could feel its energy and it was the same energy of the boy spirit I saw back there. Maybe it was him but he wasn't strong enough to show a full figure this time

"What is it doing"

"I think he was here waiting till we caught up. Hes trying to show us the way out."

"Its the same spirit you saw earlier"

"Yeah, I think. Its in a different form, not a full figure." I turn back to the spirit "Show us the way" I whispered to it. And it gracefully flew forward. And I walked slightly behind it, allowing the beauty to captivate me. "You coming Naru?"

"I'm right behind you Mai."

"Well make sure you watch behind you." Then it got quite and it went back to the hearing of the fire and footsteps. Minutes later the name-less spirit had stopped and turned left, there in the wall was a stone archway where you could see the same gray stone stairs leading up.

"So this is the way out I am assuming"

"It seems that way, the spirit went up, so I'm guessing we should follow it." Naru started to climb the first few stairs but I didn't follow. I had this dark feeling coming form the other way, but it was pulling me to it. I turned back towards the other way and started to slowly take a few steps.

"Mai what the hell are you doing" I heard Naru say as he made way for me.

"Stop!" I just looked down the black obis, the strangest and darkest feeling drew me closer, as my mind and heart were telling, no screaming at me to get back and go up the stairs.

"Did you just tell me to stop. Mai last time I check I am still your boss so I don't take orders from you." Naru told me as he yet again made way for me.

"Naru! Listen you are being targeted okay. Guys like you, young and in there teen years. At least you should know that."

"I do. That still doesn't give you the right to tell me what to do. Now Mai come back here and lets go."

"Down there, its dark and evil. And I can feel the energy and its not good."

"Mai." Naru warned again.

"If I can feel the energy from here, can you imagine, what the black box would feel like" I walked a little farther. I thought I saw movement, but its so dark down there I think my eyes were playing trick on me. Making sure I wasn't crazy I walked down, while staying in the dim glow of the fire.

"Mai no!" Gene appeared out of no where. Scared at his uprising I jumped back. "Get away from here. Now!"

'Gene' I mouthed. Scared that Naru would see him 'Can he see you'

"No, and I made sure of that." Gene walked to me and tried to push me back, but his hands just went through. "Okay that's awkward. Mai, you have to get out of this place. Its evil and cynical. Noll and the other two men Yasu and John are in danger if they stay here."

'I know that, but no matter what I say Naru isn't going to leave'

"Try Mai, please."

"Mai lets go, or I'm docking your pay" Naru grabbed my left arm and started to pull me towards the stairs

"N-Naru wait!" I looked back at Gene as I saw him beginning to fade.

"I'll be right by your side Mai." and then he was gone, and I was being forced up stairs.

But no one noticed that Mai wasn't crazy when she thought she saw something move in the shadows of the black hall. No not crazy at all, but completely right...something dark and cynical was waiting and watching. And already decided on the next target.