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Chapter 3: "Exposed: In the spotlight"

Hitomi walked just beside the student president. It was a scene that many had not seen in a long while and apparently caused tensions to rise among both kämpfer sides. This caused the green haired girl to feel unease and looked around her so often expecting an attack.

But all it took was for the president to laugh as they walked for the said tension to vanish without a trance. All the kampfers resumed their tasks or continued on their way home with their friends. Shizuku truly lived up to one of her nicknames in the girl's side, the Queen of Seitetsu. And to say that Hitomi was impressed was almost an understatement.

The two continued to walk without speaking for their own reasons. Shizuku had nothing to say to Hitomi at this point so kept to herself. Hitomi on the other hand was a bundle of nerves. After all she could be in the house of that girl soon. And didn't know what she should do or say to her.

The two rode a bus that took a route that was unfamiliar to Hitomi. It was only then that she noticed that Shizuku was carrying two bags and decided it was a good enough topic to break the silence.

"To whom does that other bag belong to?" she asked.

Shizuku looked at her, smiled that seemed to hold a deeper meaning and coolly said, "A boy I met this morning."

"I… see…" Hitomi tried to hold her annoyance. Her idea to break the silence between them was shattered, but it she supposed that it was better than getting annoyed by her evasive responses whenever someone tries to dive deep into a subject that the student president didn't want to discuss. She had learned that when talking to Sango Shizuku, when something really didn't concern her, don't pursue it or she'll only feel more irritated. The two rode in silence until Shizuku broke it to tell her that they had arrived at their stop.

Just a corner after they had gotten off the bus, they met with Sakura Kaede.

"Shizuku-chan! and Minagawa-san, What are you doing in this neighborhood?"

"I have business with someone and Minagawa-san here has offered me her services. Tell me Kaede, do you know of a Senou Natsuru?"

"Yeah…" Shizuku and Hitomi both noticed the change in Kaede's voice and expression. "He used to go to the same middle school as I do. I think he lives in this area, I've never been there. But I often met him around here in the morning."

"I see." To Shizuku it didn't really matter that Kaede didn't know, she knew that the girl wouldn't be interested in anything related to a male.

"What kind of business do you have with him?" Kaede asked, but avoided eye contact.

Shizuku felt that Kaede was hiding something, but didn't ask. She herself was hiding the fact that she didn't really know who the mysterious Zauber user from her. "Nothing important, but I should get it done before it gets dark." It was a statement that could possibly be true, although with what she had pieced together from all the clues was unlikely to be false.

"Okay. I have to go shopping for bit. I'll see you at school, Shizuku-chan." She flashed a smile to her friend. "Miyagawa-san." She sharply bowed at Hitomi and turned to leave.

The two watched continued the walk in silence, Hitomi walked a step behind Shizuku until, Hitomi's curiosity got the better of her. "Who is this, Senou Natsuru?" she asked.

"The boy I met this morning." Shizuku answered plainly.

Hitomi couldn't help but feel cheated. Unfortunately there was nothing she could do against Shizuku right now, unless she changed her mind about meeting the mystery kämpfer.

The sun had started to set when they arrived at the residence. Shizuku had to ask for directions twice, both from ladies that looked like housewives, before they found the place.

The house was a sophisticated two story home that exuded an aura of femininity. The brick wall had been painted pink, the door of a myrtle green, its roof a deep orange and the wall, gate and fence were a bright white. It had a very well kept garden that as full of small trees, bushes and finely kept grass.

Hitomi placed her hands on her hips as she looked the house over, thinking that it didn't look like a house for a guy. "Ok now what?"

"Now…" Shizuku paused suspiciously, which made Hitomi look at her from the corner of her eye. But then she suddenly felt a powerful killing intent wash over her and forced her kämpfer abilities to activate, noted by a flash from her bracelet. Hitomi jumped to her right and had narrowly dodged the dagger that Shizuku had thrown at her foot.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Hitomi yelled in outrage as she charged her zauber in her hand. She had dropped her bag and readied herself for a full force battle.

Shizuku was about to answer her when a loud and very feminine voice screamed, "No."

"This voice!" Hitomi recognized it.

"It worked better than I thought." Shizuku said as she disengaged her kämpfer form and picked up the bags she had placed by the house's gate.

"What do you mean?" Hitomi asked feeling annoyed at how she had been played.

Shizuku gave her a mischievous giggle but didn't answer her. She pushed the gate open, walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

Footsteps could be heard approaching from the inside. Shizuku watched expectantly as the door slowly opened.

A blue haired girl dressed in a wrinkled Seitetsu uniform opened the door and squealed out in surprise. "Ha-iiiiii!? Seito Kaichou!" The girl regarded Shizuku in shock.

Shizuku smiled, "Good evening, Senou-kun."

Natsuru was render speechless his faced twitched from the further shock. He couldn't he believe that he had already been found out. What was he going to do? Should he beg her to keep it a secret?

"I've brought you bag home for you." She said as she offered the bag to him. "Can we come in?"

"Thank you." He said as he took his bag from her. "Wait…'we'?"

Shizuku stepped slightly to one sided revealing a tall green haired girl who shyly bowed at Natsuru and introduced herself. "I'm Minagawa Hitomi."

"Senou Natsuru." He gave her his real name. He had slipped up earlier already. And since Shizuku had used his real family name too, he found it pointless to make up a false given name. "Well… please come in." He opened the door wider and stepped into one side to allow them passage inside.

Shizuku was unexpectedly, at least in Natsuru's point of view, polite when she came in. She politely excused herself for entering the house as per some old tradition. Hitomi walked in after her and bit her tongue when she stuttered at her entry greeting. The two then took off their shoes and wore the guess slippers that Natsuru had taken out from a drawer for them to use.

"Senou-kun, your house is unexpectedly dark compared to how it looks outside." Shizuku commented, pointing out that he had yet to turn on the lights.

"It's cooler inside if I keep the curtains closed during the day. Besides I live alone right now." He turned on a few lights in the entry hall and living room. "I figured I'd cut down on spending by being economical and ecological, then keep the left over bill money that my mother sends me for personal emergencies." He said as he led them to the living room.

Impressed, Shizuku decided to praise him. "How admirable of you."

"No need to be sarcastic." Natsuru pouted, feeling slightly insulted thinking she had just called him a cheapskate.

"Did I sound like that?" She grabbed his wrist, which made him turn to her. When their eyes locked Shizuku continued, "I apologize if you misinterpreted. I meant every word."

Natsuru blushed then looked away, feeling oddly happy all of a sudden. "Yeah… well it's nothing new really." He lightly pulled his hand away from hers and scratched his cheek. He actually felt a little bad that he told her off just then. "Anyway, please sit down I'll get some tea." He said as he placed his bag by the stairs. He then headed into the kitchen to prepare some of the tea that his mom bought to serve guests with.

After Natsuru had left, Shizuku turned to the other girl with an amused smile. "Minagawa-san if you project your anger anymore than that Senou-kun will surely notice it and think we're going to fight inside the house."

Hitomi looked away angrily. "You said we were headed to house of the boy who owns that other bag."

"I did. And… we've arrived at his house." Shizuku said calmly.

"But! Why is she here?" Hitomi pointed towards the kitchen, where Natsuru could be heard moving china.

"Because Senou-kun lives here." Shizuku answered without changing her tone.

"She said that she…" Hitomi paused… her mind was slowly piecing together details that the president has given her since she walked into the student council office. "…she lives alone. But you were looking for a…" When her mind finally came to the same conclusion Shizuku came to, her tears started flowing. "This is a mistake right?…"

"That's why I said 'you probably have to give up on her.'…" Shizuku walked over to a shelf that was full of pictures. She picked up one walked back to show the green haired girl.

Hitomi's face turned blue. Her mind already knew what student president was about to say but she didn't want to accept it.

"Because Senou-kun is really-"

Hitomi covered her ears. "Stop! Stop! Stop! Don't say it! I know already!"

Shizuku ignored her demand, showed her a picture of Natsuru with his mother and finished, "…a guy."

Hitomi's eyes burst into tears. "How could such a beautiful and cool girl like her, be a guy?!" She scratched her head with both hands in frustration and groaned. "Just imagining it right now is making my skin crawl."

Shizuku laughed, but not at Hitomi. She had just decided on what she wanted to do next. She believed that right now Senou-kun was completely female, based on the clue that he left her earlier today.

"What's so funny?!" Hitomi looked at her sharply with accusing eyes. "You could have just lied to me! And told me she didn't want to be revealed or something! How could you break my heart like this, Kaichou."

The student president placed the picture down on the table and crossed her arms. "To be honest, I expected something else from you."

"And what pray tell did you expect of me?" the green haired asked as she wiped her tears.

"I expected you to still like Senou-kun, at least his female form." she answered.

"Female form?" That caught Hitomi's interest, but added to her confusion. "What do you mean?"

Shizuku had realized that she had actually left one detail out about Senou-kun. She recalculated what kind of conclusion Hitomi could have gotten and realized how badly she screwed up her plans by not telling her about Senou-kun's question earlier this morning.

It was then that Natsuru had chosen to return, Shizuku inwardly smiled pleased by his timing. While Natsuru was busy placing a cup of tea and a small plate of cookies for each of them, Shizuku transformed into her kämpfer form.

Natsuru felt a really atmosphere here. The two girls, who seemed so loud earlier, although he couldn't quite understand what they were saying from kitchen, were now dead quiet. Hitomi wouldn't look at him or Shizuku and appeared rather miffed. After he placed the last cup down, he guessed that maybe the two had not finished arguing and decided to excuse himself to give them some time.

But as he turned to leave Shizuku called his attention. "One moment, Senou-kun."


"Can you do me a small favor?" she asked in a surprisingly nice tone.

Natsuru thought that it would be a good start to butter her up if he complied with her wishes and did not argue with her. "I suppose… if I can do it."

"Would you mind clasping your hands together behind your head?" she asked him in away that didn't sound the least bit suspicious.

"Huh?" He didn't really think much of it and did as she asked. "Like this?"

"Perfect." Shizuku, in the blink of an eye summoned her weapon and used its chains to tie Natsuru's hands, body and legs completely immobilizing her.

"WAH?!" Natsuru looked at the chains and panicked. For a moment he thought of fighting but his zauber might damage his house and so decided against it. Besides the student president was the same color as him and would not benefit from harming him… or at least he'd like to think so.

Shizuku then pulled on the chain, which caused Natsuru to fall. Hitomi moved mostly on instinct and caught the falling girl in her arms.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" The red zauber user yelled at Shizuku.

"I wanted to make sure of something. Keep holding her like that." Shizuku replied calmly. She walked over to Senou-kun who was completely relying on Hitomi to keep her upright.

"What are you…!!!" Hitomi was suddenly silenced and her face turned a fright red when Shizuku grabbed Senou-san's breast.

"AH!" The blue haired sharply gasped at the odd sensation that shot to his brain. "Wha-ah?!" Before the restrained 'girl' could form any coherent words Shizuku gently caressed, squeezed and did just about anything she could think of with just her hand to get a reaction.

Hitomi could only hold the blue haired and watch Shizuku fondle the 'girl'. She often looked away when the reaction of the girl being molested became too arousing. "Wh-what are you trying to do, Kaichou?"

Shizuku stopped, took off her hand from Natsuru's breast and turned her attention to Hitomi. "They feel like the real thing, Hitomi. Don't you want try touching them?"

Natsuru and Hitomi both gasped and looked at each other. They started for a moment before Natsuru gave up any thought of resisting and said with a heavy heart, "If you're going to do it just do it."

"So she says." Shizuku added to push Hitomi into do it.

Hitomi audibly swallowed. She took a breath; which was a mistake because her distance to Natsuru ensured that she a full dose of the blue haired girl's scent, pheromones and all. Her heart began to drum faster as she moved her hands from Natsuru's shoulders, exactly where they had been since she caught the blue haired, and slid them towards her breasts. She lightly touched them at first letting her palm slide onto the soft mounds before she cupped and squeezed like she saw Shizuku do earlier. Her effort in being gentle was rewarded by a breathy moan from Natsuru.

"How does it feel Senou-kun?" Shizuku asked playfully.

"It feels odd… It doesn't feel like my body right now…" Shizuku could tell that she was feeling good from their touch, but didn't want to admit it. He was a guy inside after all and probably thought that he would lose his manhood should he relax and enjoy the unique treat.

"Well don't worry we'll be done soon." Shizuku whispered to the blue haired to try and calm her down. "Just hang on for a moment longer."

"What are you going to do?" Natsuru looked at Shizuku, her eyes welled up with tears of shame.

Shizuku didn't answer her. Instead she slid her hand under Natsuru's skirt.

"Wait! NO!" Natsuru panicked and tried to wriggle free. But then visibly paled and froze when Shizuku's hand reached her crotch.

Shizuku smiled at the final confirmation. "Hitomi." She called as she used her free hand to take one of Hitomi's hands and placed it where her own hand was.

"Wha?!" Hitomi's mind started to spin the moment she realized what Shizuku was planning. It was no longer plain excitement or arousal. And the moment her hand touched Natsuru's most private part, she felt a wave of relief and happiness wash over her.

"She's completely female in Kampfer form." Upon hearing those words pass from Shizuku's lips, Hitomi passed out with a trail of blood coming out of her nose and didn't make a peep even after Natsuru fell with and on her.

"Ow...ow…ow…" Natsuru tried to get up but it was in vain. Shizuku's chains restricted his movement to the point that all he could really move was his head. And it wasn't until he tried to twist his neck did he realize that his head was on Minagawa's ample bosom.

"Ara… Senou-kun you're quite daring aren't you?" Shizuku teased.

Natsuru scowled at her and yelled in indignation. "Stop acting like it wasn't your fault!"

Shizuku laughed feeling not the least bit apologetic. She canceled her transformation; along with it her weapon vanished freeing Natsuru. "I'm sure you won't deny that it was a good feeling."

Natsuru decided it would be best for his sanity to pretend he didn't hear what she just said. He stood up and straightened up his uniform a little as if to restore some of his stolen dignity. He then picked up the green haired girl and settled her on the sofa. "Will this girl be ok? She's passed out and her nose is bleeding." he asked with concern.

"She's just over stimulated. She'll be fine after her head cools down." Replied Shizuku as she opened her bag for some tissues.

Natsuru sighed as the memory of what had just happened flashed in his mind. It was probably safe to say that it was the worst thing that has happened to him since becoming a kämpfer. And there wasn't anything he could do to fix it. Thinking about it now, he should have stayed home from school until he could control his transformation. That would have kept him away during the battle and the student president wouldn't have discovered the truths about him.

"So you came here with this in mind?" he asked bluntly, all former notions of being nice to the student president were now thrown out the window. He didn't care anymore if everyone found out. He'll learn how to use his Zauber properly and teach Kanji a lesson if he takes pictures of him as a girl. He'll master the transformation so that he didn't change if he didn't want to. And he certainly won't let this witch of a woman control him against his will again.

"No… not really. I had planned on coming alone and simply tricking you into confirming my suspicions." Shizuku said as she walked over to Hitomi after she took out a pack of tissues from her bag. She raised the girl's head for a moment and sat down then replaced the green haired girl's head on her lap. She then wiped the blood of the green haired girl's face before she plugged up the bleeding nostril. "But Hitomi here insisted on meeting your female form again and things got interesting." She added while she fanned Hitomi with a thin notebook.

"You're really messed up you know." The blue haired said with a pout as she sat down and reached for a cup of tea.

"Only with people I like." The student president replied with a pleased smile.

To Natsuru's confusion, he felt his heart skipped a beat to what she had just said. He looked away from her and wondered for a moment what that feeling in his chest was, but the thought that it could just be one of her tricks made him toss the issue from his mind.

The two sat in silence for a moment. Natsuru calmed himself by taking a sip of the now lukewarm tea and took a bite of a cookie.

Shizuku remembered something she wanted to ask and decided it was as good a time as any. "Senou-kun, how are you related to Sakura Kaede?"

The mention of Sakura-san's given name caused Natsuru to have a short lapse in the control of his breathing and gasped, which sent a few crumbs of the cookie he was about to swallow to his lungs and caused him to cough wildly.

Shizuku noted the reaction and recalled that Kaede had an odd reaction to his name earlier. It made her wonder if something had happened between the two or if Kaede had already discovered his identity like she has. She thought of a few possibilities while she waited for the blue haired to recover. She watched as Natsuru drank the whole cup of tea and took a deep breath in relief.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No-nothing." The blue haired nervously stuttered and avoided eye contact. Natsuru forcibly coughed to clear his throat and hopefully his nervousness. "We used to go to the same middle school." He explained, partially.

Shizuku easily saw that Natsuru was hiding something. "Really? Is that all?" she asked, but tried not to sound like she was interrogating her. She had a few theories, each one slightly darker and unrealistic than the next.

"Well…" Natsuru paused. He didn't know what else to say. Feeling cornered he decided to change topics. "Anyway isn't getting late? Won't your parents worry or get mad for visiting a guy who lives alone." Natsuru changed the subject.

"Ara~ You're a girl right now." Shizuku could not hold in a giggle from escaping her lips when Natsuru's beautiful face contorted to an unusually cute scowl at her words. When the blue haired didn't say anything, she felt that maybe she had tortured Senou-kun enough for one night and decided to go by her pace for now. "Like you, my parents are away most of the time. Hitomi here stays in a dorm that has a pretty lenient curfew."

"I see…" Natsuru didn't need to think about it too much. Besides he was hungry and needed some time to recover from their assault on his being. "Then would you like to stay for dinner?"

Shizuku, surprised by his patience and hospitality despite what she had put him through this evening, looked at Natsuru with an expression of placid surprise. "You don't mind?" she asked.

"Not really. I was going to cook more than I could eat anyway. You know… to save time and money." The way he explained it made Shizuku think that he was forcing himself to be polite.

"Then wouldn't Hitomi's and my share be considered extra spending?" she asked innocently.

"Just decline if you don't want to already…" Natsuru replied a bit of false indignation.

"Ara~" Shizuku realized her error and decides to play the bigger person. "The two of us seem to keep misunderstanding each other. I gratefully accept your invitation and I'm almost sure Hitomi would accept it."

"I see… I should get to it then." Natsuru stood and headed off to the kitchen.

Shizuku watched as the blue haired left the living room. Once she was out of sight, she turn to the green haired girl on her lap. "How long have you been awake? Minagawa-san?" she asked softly.

Hitomi opened her eyes and raised hand to take out the bloody tissue from her nose. "Around the time Senou-k-…-san was coughing. What were you two talking about then?"

"I asked her how she knew Kaede." Shizuku answered.

Hitomi then remembered something and decided to share it with her. "I'm not sure if this is related. But remember hearing a rumor yesterday, about someone confessing to her. I didn't catch the name of the guy though. And I certainly don't understand why people have to make a big deal out of it."

"It's because Kaede is really popular with the boy's side, so much that guys aren't only afraid of rejection but also of how the rest of the male population will react should they actually succeed." Shizuku explained.

Hitomi, who now felt better, sat up as she answered, "I see… that makes sense somehow."

"But going back to the topic… If the guy from that rumor is Senou-kun here, then that might explain their reactions at the mention of each other's name." Shizuku then thought to herself that fulfilling Kaede's request to meet Natsuru's female form may be impossible.

"I guess it must be recent if they're that awkward." She said before she changed the topic. "And I'm a little surprised that Sakura-san hasn't told you about it, I thought you two were so close."

"Kaede doesn't tell me everything, nor do I try to meddle in her affairs." Shizuku explained plainly.

"Instead you meddle in the affairs of strangers and people who aren't close to you?" Hitomi asked sarcastically.

"I won't deny it." Shizuku said before she flashed her a playfully mischievous smile.

Hitomi couldn't help but twitch for a moment, irked by her behavior. "Remind me never to ask you for anything ever again."

Natsuru returned minutes later to tell them that dinner was ready. And since he hadn't asked Hitomi to dinner yet, he did so then. She accepted, while blushing from ear to ear.

Dinner was a surprise to the two girls. Shizuku especially since, she was expecting a something that was delicious to Natsuru, completely imbalanced meal. But instead what sat there waiting on the table full course dinner, which consisted of a mushroom soup, a small helping of tossed salad, a hamburger patty with a side of rice and steamed vegetables, and for dessert Natsuru had plated a convenience store pudding and made it look presentable instead of just convenient.

The meal's conversation was mostly the girls praising Natsuru's cooking. Natsuru on the other hand took little credit saying that most of it was pre-prepared and she just cooked it, but even so it was obvious to the girls that she was just being modest. Shizuku could tell that healthy cooking had been ingrained into his head, probably by his mother.

After the meal the two insisted on cleaning up for him. Natsuru, despite the fear of them breaking his mom's favorite dishes, decided to concede and let them do it for him. Luckily by the time they were finished, his fears were unfounded.

When the two were finished, they decided that it was high time that they went home.

As the two were a putting back on their shoes, Natsuru decided to be a gentleman and offered to walk them to the bus stop at least.

"Senou-kun, you seem to be forgetting that you're a girl too right now." Shizuku said as she pushed her hair to the back after it had fallen in front when she had bended over a little to put on her shoes.

"There's really no need to rub salt on my wound you know." Natsuru replied with a sour face and tone.

Shizuku sighed, feeling a little offended herself. "You have a bad habit of misinterpreting my words, Senou-kun. What I mean is that Kaede lives around here."

Natsuru blushed, but not in a good way. "Wh-what does sh-she have to do with an-nything?"

"She wants to meet the blue Zauber user that saved her yesterday." Shizuku stated.

"Wah… then…" Natsuru felt a little scared. He can already imagine the student president blackmailing him to keep his being a kämpfer a secret.

"She doesn't know it's you yet." Shizuku said, although it did little to shatter Natsuru's fears.

"Are you…" Natsuru stopped, for some reason he couldn't quite form his words right now.

"… going to tell her?" Shizuku finished what she believed what Natsuru wanted to ask.

Natsuru nodded, not trusting his tongue nor his voice.

"I won't." Shizuku said, with a straight face.

Natsuru sighed in relief.

Shizuku opens her bag, took out a small notepad and wrote something down. She tore the page and handed it to the blue haired. "Here, Senou-kun, this is the number to my cell phone and my email address. Take care of it and don't share it with anyone."

"Eh?! Why are you giving it to me?" Natsuru naively asked.

"You want to keep it a secret right? Being a Kämpfer?" Shizuku's voice sounded unusually serious.

Natsuru immediately nodded without hesitation.

"Then you can call me if you're having trouble. I'll do my best to help." Natsuru could tell that she was serious with her offer, but he considered her personality with him so far it was highly likely that it wasn't for free.

"What's the catch?" the blue haired asked a little nervous of what Shizuku might ask.

"Catch?... let's see." Shizuku placed a hand on her lips and thought about it. She had originally intended not to ask anything of him. But since he asked, she thought that he might trust her better if it was an even trade and not just him benefiting. "It would be nice if you did participate in kämpfer battles when we need you. And just like yesterday you're free to run as soon as it's over. I'll even bring your bag home for you."

Natsuru sighed upon hearing her condition. In the end he had to be a kämpfer to hide the fact that he was one. But still he felt safer than going it alone. "Okay."

Hitomi took the notepad from Shizuku and wrote her own contact details. "You can count on me too. And I won't ask for anything!" She said as she offered the page to Natsuru and forced the pad back into Shizuku hands.

"Oh… Thank you." Natsuru didn't understand why Minagawa Hitomi wanted to help him, weren't they supposed to be enemies as kämpfers? But still it was nice to know that he had someone he can turn to. Mikoto wasn't back from her training trip, not that he could expect any serious help from her… then again she probably could help but she would probably tease him so much he'd wish he didn't ask. And being with her being his childhood friend, such an experience would probably feel worse than what he felt earlier. So he really hoped to get things under control before she returned.

Hitomi smiled and lightly blushed at Natsuru's gratitude. "Good night to you Senou-san." She said as she bowed to him politely.

"Ah… Good night. Be careful on your way home." He replied as he waved his hand at her cordially.

"One more thing, Senou-kun." Shizuku interrupted. "It's probably best if you stay home for a day or the rest of the week."

"Eh? Why?" Natsuru didn't want to reveal that he actually thought of the same thing earlier.

"Let's just say, that aside from learning to control your transformation, your class and probably most of the male population weren't too happy that I picked up your bag for you." As she flashed him a pitying look.

It didn't take Natsuru two seconds to imagine ten different ways that the president's fans will use to kill him. He dropped his head and sighed aloud.

"Should I help you with that too?" Shizuku offered.

Natsuru shook his still drooped head. "I'll pass for now… Accepting help from for with this might only make it worse."

"That's true…" Shizuku nodded in agreement. "Then I guess I'll see you next week. Good night, Senou-kun."

Hitomi opened the door and walked out first, waving to Natsuru as she did.

"A good night to you too." He said as he walked over to stand by the door. He then watched as the two girls walked side by side, like two good friends, until they were out of sight. It was only then that he went back inside and locked the door.

Natsuru decided to take a quick hot shower which would be less embarrassing compared to a long warm soak in the tub.

On the bus Shizuku was looking out the window; while Hitomi looked relatively uneasy as she looked around the bus from where she sat, almost like child would during their first ride. There weren't many people on the bus at this time of night, yet the two stayed relatively close to each other.

"Do you still like her or were you merely being nice, Hitomi?" Shizuku asked without looking away from the window.

Hitomi turned to her, paused, turned to the front, paused, then back to Shizuku and said, "I'm not sure."

"I see." Shizuku's lips shaped into a satisfied smile.

Hitomi clicked her tongue irritatedly. "If I didn't know any better, and I probably don't, I think you like him yourself."

"Who knows…" Shizuku's smile turned into one of mischief. "But I'll admit to finding him very interesting."

"Aa-CHOOO!!!" Natsuru sneezed loudly as he opened his closet. He felt cold after the very quick shower. It was simply not long enough to thoroughly warm his body, but he was simply too embarrassed to stand naked while in his female form. On the bright side… if he actually did get sick, he wouldn't feel as guilty about staying home for a few days. After he put on a warm pair of pajamas he got into the bed and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

to be continued.

Japanese Vocabulary: (I prefer using them whenever applicable.)

Ara: an interjection similar to 'eh', 'ah', 'huh' and the likes.

Data: (Author's note: Pass this point is purely made up details that were made for this story and is not to be confused with the Original. Some details may be correct. (this is purely coincidence if it's not in the current chapters of the manga (chapter 15), wiki or anime.))

Sango Shizuku: A third year student in Seitetsu Gakuin and its current student council president. She won with a landslide victory in both elections. She became a Kampfer just before she started her first year in Seitetsu. Kaede considers her as her closest and best friend despite the big difference in their personalities. She's seems to have a tendency of teasing Senou Natsuru.

Random Babble: Did anyone notice how pink Natsuru's house is during the day? Seriously though… pink? Ah well… to each his/her own.

Author's note: Oh my! Natsuru! You lucky dunce! What are we to do with you… then again, what are these girls going to do too you? Do you wonder what kind of a reaction your mother will give you when you tell her that she now has a daughter too? Anyone ever wonder if people who can easily switch between genders can be considered hermaphrodites?

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