Title:What Will the Future Hold?
Category: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Season: 8

Spoilers: Stargate (The movie), The Broca Divide (1x05), Cold Lazarus (1x07), Seth (3x02), Deadman Switch (3x07), Shades of Grey (3x18), Upgrades (4x03), Divide and Conquer (4x05), Window of Opportunity (4x06), Frozen (6x04), Grace (7x13), Chimera (7x15), Heroes Part Two (7x18), Lost City, Part 1 (7x21), Affinity (8x07), Threads (8x18), Reunion (ATL: 4x03), Miller's Crossing (ATL: 4x09).

Pairing: S/P, S/J UST
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, sexual insinuations and situations.

Summary: Sam's engagement to Pete Shanahan causes friction between her and the other men in her life, especially between her and a certain General. What happens if a woman from Jack's past shows up? Will their relationship finally change or does Samantha Carter throw it all away for a normal life?

Disclaimer: check my profile.

A/N: I don't have a beta, so any mistakes are my own. I love feedback and/or constructive criticism or just a comment to let me know why you (don't) like it or if anything is bothering you about my story.

Awards: Won Best Drama (Het Fic Jack/Sam) in the 2011 GateFic Awards!

"Walter, how long are they overdue?"

"Just under half an hour, Sir," Walter sighed. "That's perfectly normal for SG1, Sir." Hell, he should know! Walter couldn't recall all the times General O'Neill – then-Colonel O'Neill – caused General Hammond stress by being overdue. He could, however, recall all the times SG1 was actually on schedule. And that's saying a lot for a span of seven years.

"Hmpf… fine, I will be in my office doing paperwork," Jack sighed. It was ridiculous that he was stressing because they were late. They were always late! He should probably worry if they got here on schedule. But, he thought, Carter is punctual. That's a fact, just like she is the smartest person on the planet who has to provide the Asgard with 'stupid' ideas to save their little gray butts and like the way she's a neat freak with the tendency to OCD by sorting everything by alphabet or color. Or both, if she could have it her way. They would be here any minute now and they would be fine!

Jack ran up the stairs to his office and sat back on his chair. Like hell Hammond was getting this chair back, this chair was way too comfy. I'll just order a new one and send him that one, if he insists on getting his chair back. The seven years Hammond was sitting in this chair – with the exception of General Bauer and Dr. Weir, but their butts probably helped shape it as well, God so not going there – was definitely doing good things for the leather. Jack grabbed one of the files from the huge pile Sgt. Harriman was torturing him with and got to work.

"Unauthorized off-world activation!" The alarm was loud and interrupted Jack's work. He looked up and saw that he had been reading the same report for over fifteen minutes. Damn that Dr. Lee for writing so much and saying nothing! Jack threw the report to the side and ran down to the control room.

"It's SG1, Sir," Walter informed him.

"Open the iris," Jack barked.

The iris opened slowly and immediately the blue puddle rippled to give form to two humans and a Jaffa. Jack squinted, but couldn't see any life threatening injuries. "You're late, SG1."

"Yes Sir," Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter said, looking up to the control room. "There was a slight problem with our equipment; static interference from the atmosphere would be my best guess, Sir."

"Fine, you go to the infirmary and get checked out. Debrief in two hours."

"You're all clear, Colonel."

Sam nodded to the Doc and went to the locker room. She so needed a shower! Being a military brat her entire life, she was done within five minutes. She quickly put on some clean BDUs, ran a comb through her hair and went to her lab. She was already typing her mission report when Daniel and Teal'c came looking for her.

"Sam, are you coming to grab a bite?"

"Sure Daniel," she said after glancing at the clock. They still had forty minutes before the debrief. Perhaps she should give Pete a call? He knew she was on a mission and could get worried if he didn't hear from her in time. Looking back to her friends, she shrugged at her own thoughts and walked to the commissary with them.

"So, did you guys get the invitation?"

"Err… yes, yes I did," Daniel said uncomfortably. He'd gotten the invitation to the engagement party two days ago. He really didn't like Pete… If he were honest he didn't know anyone who actually liked the guy, except for Sam of course. But Sam was one of his best friends, she was like the sister he never had and he would do anything for her! He'd die for her, they all would. They literally went to hell – Netu – and back for her father, not just because Jacob was a Tok'ra or a retired General, but because he was Sam's dad. But he really didn't want to go to this party. He thought she was making a huge mistake! Everyone knew that she and Jack belonged together. Oh God, Jack! He'd seen the invitation right before he left his apartment for the briefing and afterwards they had to gear up and they'd only just gotten back, so he hadn't spoken to Jack… did he get the invitation as well? He probably did, but would he go?

It would probably kill him, but… Sam said that he'd practically encouraged her to say 'yes' to Pete's proposal. He doubted that, then again Sam might be a genius – she certainly was smarter than Daniel himself – but when it came to Jack she was downright stupid. According to her Jack had told her he wanted her to be happy. Daniel knew that this was true; Jack loved Sam more than life – he was sure of that, even though his best friend would never admit that – and he wanted her to be happy and right now she said she was happy with Pete. God, he needed to talk to Jack!

"Indeed, Colonel Carter," was Teal'c's response. He disliked the police detective who was unworthy of such a capable warrior, intelligent person and charming woman but Daniel Jackson had told him they were not to interfere. Even after all these years the Tau'ri could still puzzle him. Colonel Carter was his friend and soon she would profess her love for the wrong man in front of her friends and family and spend the rest of her life with him. Yet, he was not allowed to interfere.

"You guys will be there, right? I mean, of course you'll be there, but Pete wants everyone to RSVP so we'll know how many people will be able to make it. But I can just tell him, because I made sure to plan it when we'd have downtime and with our hectic lives we don't have time to RSVP. I mean, you already got the invitation, but probably didn't even have the time for it to register, since we were together for two days and neither of you mentioned it. Let alone that you would think to RSVP," Sam was babbling.

"What is this 'RSVP' you speak of, Colonel Carter?"

"Er… it means that you'll respond to an invitation to let people know that you'll be able to make it."

"I see."

"Yeah, it's an abbreviation from the French 'Repondez s'il vous plait,' which literally means 'please reply,'" Daniel explained. "Anyways, I've got to go. Still have some time before the debriefing, see you guys there."

"I shall take my leave as well, Master Sergeant Siler asked for my assistance."

Daniel practically ran to Jack's office and barged in there, without knocking.

"Why Daniel, please do come in," Jack stated sarcastically after seeing it was Daniel who interrupted his reading so rudely.

"Uh… Jack?"


"Did you, er… did Sam, uh… did she send you, an ah…" God, this is hard. What if she didn't send him an invitation?

"Daniel? What are you trying to say? Are you trying to ask me gently if Carter sent me an invitation to her shindig?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"Well, she did, why?"

He pursed his lips nervously before replying. "We were just eating in the commissary and she asked Teal'c and me if we'd gotten the invitation, because apparently Pete wants everyone to RSVP and I just thought about asking you how you're doing with all of… this."

"I'm fine, Daniel."

"Riiight," he drawled skeptically.



"Daniel," Jack tried in his General-tone.


"Dammit Daniel, just leave it alone. I want her to be happy and if that cop makes her happy, then I'm happy for her," he sighed, rubbing his face with his hands.

"You could still tell her how you feel, Jack."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Daniel."

"Come on Jack, everyone here knows you love her."

"Well, if everyone knows it, what's there left to say?"

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Daniel silently wondered how his friend had gotten this high up in the military. "She's just scared that you don't feel the same way. You know how she is, she isn't very successful in the romantic department."

"Daniel, she's in love with that cop and she's going to marry him. All I want for her is to be happy."

Daniel sighed; this was going nowhere. Why were his two best friends so stubborn? He'd never met and would probably never meet anyone as stubborn as those two. In the field that's a good quality which had probably saved their asses more than once, but when it comes to love you sometimes have to take a leap of faith. And they would never do that.


"So what?"

"So are you going?"

"God… I don't know. I'm certainly not in the mood for it. But if she wants me there, I'll be there. Just don't expect me to be all cheery and happy about it."

"Then I guess I have to go as well…"


"I think she's making a mistake. You both are, by denying your feelings. But if you're going then I should too," Daniel elaborated, grimacing.

"Of course you're going; you two are like brother and sister. The science twins, you're damn right you should be there," Jack groaned. "Now, I think we have a debriefing to attend?"

"… and that's when the atmospheric interference was first noticed. Of course we have experienced this phenomenon before, but never to this degree. Our radios worked only briefly on the planet, probably because the MALP amplified the signal and when we were out of reach of it, the signal wasn't strong enough. I suspect that-"

"Ack! Bottom line, Carter?"

"Uh… well, Sir," Sam said bemused. "Our GDO wasn't working because the storm came sooner than expected which enhanced the interference. So we couldn't successfully broadcast our signal-"

"Luckily Sam noticed this, because we were about to run through the gate!" Daniel exclaimed. "Therefore, she fixed the GDO so the signal was amplified and standing right in front of the event horizon I was able to send the signal through successfully."

"Thank you, Daniel," Jack said, glad that Daniel had stopped Carter from going off on some techno babble speech. Normally he didn't mind, he loved the sound of her voice even if he didn't understand a word of what she was saying, but today he wasn't in the mood. He was still stressed from the fact that SG1 was overdue, after having two teams come in with severe injuries and one casualty. Not to mention the amounts of paperwork and of course Daniel's interference and reminder of Carter's invitation.

"So that wraps it up?"

"Indeed", Teal'c said solemnly.

"But Sir-"

"Carter, you can put your techno babble in the mission report. You know I have to read it now," he said with a small smile. He'd always read the mission reports and the pre-briefing reports and even his memos, he just liked to play ignorant. And to fool people by playing dumb, because it was a great excuse for not being prepared.

"Oh, one more thing: we're all going to Washington in two and a half days," he said with his nose scrunched up.


"Because I said so, Daniel."

"O'Neill, why is my presence required? Would I not be more helpful at Stargate Command by helping one of the other SG teams? Or perhaps sparring with the recruits?"

"Nice one, T. But no, we all have to go. Carter and Dr. Lee have to be there for the science department, Daniel for the archeology/linguistic department and you because you have requested several purchases for the gym and training sessions. But I think it's more about the off-world training sessions than the purchases. And I have to be there to explain the rest of the money. They wanted Reynolds as well, but I kindly reminded them there should actually be someone here to run the SGC in our absence. Walter will email you with the details." Jack waved his hand to let them know the briefing was over and they could leave. And he could go back to his paperwork. Great!