Before you read, a note from the author:

Welcome to Plastic Bullet Frenzy, a Negima fanfiction with later crossovers featuring K-ON! and The Idolmster. This story is inspired by the Martians vs. Mages arc in the Manga as well as the universe of my original story on Fictionpress dot net, "Crossfire: Tactical Action Gaming." Please bear in mind that this work of fanfiction has a heavy amount of my own original characters, due to the crossover with my self-created universe. As a result, if you read this first, you will encounter spoilers for events and characters within the realm of Crossfire: Tactical Action Gaming. If you do not wish to spoil your reading experience of that story, please follow Crossfire first, and keep this work tucked away for a much, much later date.

If however, you do not intend to read Crossfire, you are more than welcome to jump right into this whimsical tale of mostly-realistic wargaming, occasional magic, and some musical entertainment somewhere down the line. With that, those who dare may go ahead and jump into the fray.

See you on the battlefield!


P.S. Please review this story if you feel like adding it to your favorites. This is my first expedition into Negima! territory, and I want to know what people think.