This is set after the movie except Jake hasn't chosen a mate, nor has Neytiri.

Faheu translates into "smell"…You'll see why ;)

You'll be able to tell when it's Neytiri's thoughts because I used wiki to translate some of the creatures (nerdy, I know)



Wild sounds erupted from the heavy exotic bush. Strangely the crazed sounds nantang packs and Lenay'ga created a soft lullaby for sat by the river's flowing water watching the clear liquid make its way over the smooth purple and brown rocks beneath the surface.

Had it really been a year since the Omaticaya Clan had rebuilt and found a new, much smaller Hometree? A year since they were attack by the Dreamwalkers? A year since her father had been murdered? Her heart fluttered painfully with sorrow.

Her mind drifted off again thinking of that awful day. So much fire and killing, too much unneeded killing. The image of her battered, war torn father plagued her thoughts. Never in her life had she ever heard her father's voice so broken…

A painful clench in her chest made her large green eyes water. NO, she scolded herself sharply, no more sad tears. She was not going to allow herself to shed tears of weakness and fear. That would not bring her any comfort.

Neytiri thought of something else to get her mind off of the pain…The forest…The creatures in it…Her Ikran…The first time we took Jake out to find his own banshee…Jake…

He had grown from the silly, ignorant child to an admirable leader to all of us in the clan. Very admirable indeed!, Neytiri thought bitterly. Jake was now getting the attention from all of the young, beautiful females. They showered him with presents, songs, and coy smiles in efforts to catch his attention. Ugh, if someone were to hear such thoughts they would think of me as a jealous youngling upset because the other girls draped themselves over the cutest warrior.

She touched the water with her slender cobalt fingers. The rush of coolness tingled up her arm and pickled her thick skin. Why would he ever want a female so thick skinned and rough? All the other girls took time to pamper themselves with sweet smelling oils and flower adorned hair. Far more feminine than she would ever be…

Her lean body jolted in surprised as a pair of hands grabbed her shoulder. Neytiri twisted her body to see the predator that had been stalking her with a hiss.

"Hey, hey woah there girl!" Jake's smooth deep voice chuckled. I instantly relaxed and sighed in relief. The pounding in her chest slowed when she looked at his face. It was not often she let her guard now in the forrest as such.

"Jake, you frightened me. Never sneak up on me like that again!" Neytiri scolded. It came out harsher than she intended but Jake never seemed to take offense to her tone.

"Had I had known you get scared so easily I wouldn't try so hard," he smiled playfully at me. I smiled hopefully back at him. A funny feeling pooled in her stomach and her breath seemed to catch her her throat. Stop it Neytiri! He acts like this with everyone! We're friends.

He crouched down beside her frame by the river. "So what's on your mind? I don't think I've seen you so spaced out before."

She was about to answer but she was interrupted by a power smell. It was very earthy and purely masculine. The scent alone made her dizzy with a new and unfamiliar feeling.

Jake watched Neytiri intently when she did not immediately reply. Her large eyes dilated and her breaths were much heavier. Concerned he placed a gentle hand on her forearm, "Neytiri, are you unwell?"

It felt like fire when his large hand touched her skin; a fire that seemed to spread deep into her belly. "I-I-uhh-um, I mean, yes. I mean, no! Yes, I am well." Since when had I become a stuttering idiot? Since when did Jake make me feeling like this?

He gave me a stern look. His full blue lips pursed into a thin frown. Am I that obvious?, she thought as she sharp teeth nibbled on her lip nervously.

Neytiri fixed her attention back to the water. The arm Jake clutched moved to cradle her head on her knees while flicking a pebble into the water. She had always been so strong willed and never nervous. What was wrong with her? She was around him all the time. He was even her little shadow for the first few years they were together.

"I want to keep picking at that pretty little head but I know you'll probably give me another slap to the ear again," Jake said in good humor. He must have sensed her sudden anxiousness and was trying to lighten the mood the only way he knew how.

I smiled back at him, "You know it." Oh my…She should not have looked back at him because she felt herself swoon again. That's when she noticed something different about Jake's appearance.

His skin was much darker than usual. The stripes crossing his skin were also darker, almost a deep navy color. His body seemed strangely different too. It looked like he was much larger than before. His once lean muscles were now bulkier. Her eyes traveled down his darker body. His broad sculpted shoulder, built arms. Drool pooled in her mouth as her eyes took in more of his body. Had he gained another set of abdominals? His strong legs were even more muscular in his position. That intoxicating scent hit me in tenfold. My mouth felt suddenly dry and my head felt dizzy again.

"Earth to Neytiri? Wait uhm…I guess I should say Pandora to Neytiri."

His voiced snapped my attention back to his eyes. Those lips she had been staring at were quirked in a cocky smile. The smirk said everything. Shit! He caught me oogling him!

Neytiri felt herself panic and quickly came up with an excuse, "I am needed elsewhere. I will..see you later..I guess" Neytiri stumbled stupidly. Her long body quickly stood up and practically ran away. Leaving a stumped Jake by the river in her trail.

Neytiri walked right past the younglings playing stick games and elders smoking their pipes. Her thoughts were stuck on the smell that came off of Jake. The scent was like nothing she had ever smelled before. And her body's reaction was even more alien to her.

"Neytiri, my child, come here!" Her mother's stern voice snapped Neytiri out of her daydreaming. The red beads of her traditional necklace gleamed in the sunlight. Neytiri admired her mother's strength with the loss of her mate and loss of her home. Her mother always told her "Terrible things happen and we, the people, will cry. But we comfort ourselves knowing Eywa is in control."

Mo'at did not need to ask what was bothering her daughter. The signs of arousal were obvious. Her beautiful eyes were dark, her lips were full with blood, and the glowing spots on her skin were bright in the daylight. The Tsahik knew exactly who caused the sudden heat wave amoung the village.

Neytiri obeyed her mother and stood before her, "Yes sa'nok?" The older Na'vi began walking to the home tree see looked back to see Neytiri was not following. Obviously her mind is flogged with some male, Mo'at though. "Come, come!" She beckoned Neytiri. Jake would joked how similar the two were when it came to giving directions and bossing people around at times. Neytiri quickly hurried to her mother.

"My child, you have grown so pretty," Mo'at played her a lock of her daughter's hair affectionately as the two tall creatures walked down a forest path. "I cannot believe how fast you have grown. Such a strong member of the clan. I am proud of you." Neytiri's heart swelled with love hearing her mother's words, "Thank you, sa'nok. I am honored."

"Have you considered anyone as your mate yet?" Mo'at asked directly. Neytiri felt a pang of guilt knowing her mother's disapproval. She had rejected Tsu'Tey. Now that he has dead Neytiri had shown little interest in the mates her mother had chosen for her."Well, no, I have not found a mate." Neytiri replied. "Have you felt anything strange latey?" Her mother persisted.

Knowing the disrespect she would put on her mother by lying Neytiri spoke, "Yes, I have actually. I…I do not know why though." She felt suddenly awkward talking about this. The soothing touch of her mother's hand on her cheek instantly calmed her.

"And did you happen to get these feelings around a male?"

"I-uh-I…," Neytiri did not know what to say to save herself the embarrassment, "Yes…" she said reluctantly. Neytiri never really looked much into her emotions, especially ones involving the matter of love. Love? It is not love. It cannot be love.

"Do not fret, my child. It is completely natural for you to feel this way. Though, if you were to listen to me you would already be mated and not experiences such…feelings," Neytiri listened to her mother but did not process it. She always hounded her about finding a suitable mate.

Soon they found themselves back at the home tree where Mo'at had called Neytiri. The sound of younglings laughing and the distinct sound of playful hisses came from a clearing where they would play stick ball.

A group of about eight males were roughing each other up with their sticks. None of them could be much older than a teenager. Neytiri's eyes caught the larger male engaging in the game with them. Jake was laughing and tossing the ball to his teammates and running alongside the smaller boys.

A power gush of emotion blew through Neytiri and she felt herself become ill. She let out a sigh and continued to stare at Jake from the corner of her eye.

Mo'at catch her daughter's behavior and followed her obvious gaze. She gasped at the sight of Jakesully and knew immediately what was causing the strange behavior of her daughter and many other females in the clan. Darkened skin, larger build, sharpened teeth, brightened spects of his skin…not to mention the strong scent he gave off.

"Oh my. It seems that Jakesully has gone into heat."


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