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Neytiri waded in the water that came up to her thin waist. The purple waves caressed her striped skin and left a shiny residue. The mile high boulders around the pool created a secluded nursery for aquatic creatures and her restless emotions.

Her long fingers went to the long braids of her black hair. One by one her nimble finger unbraided each tendril. The crimped hair lay in a mass around her shoulders and face. Her face was relaxed in deep though as she stared mindlessly into the water.

What was happening to her? Where did the confident huntress go whenever she got near Jake?

Her brow furrowed as she thought about that flirty Iria. It made her mad when she had over heard that tart bragging about how Jake had cuddled up and asked her to mate with her. For some reason it didn't settle well with her when she thought about Jake mating. He may be an adult in his Na'vi body but he was still a child at mind. And Iria! Those lies she spread around the female population to stake him as hers! Did she not have an ounce of consideration for Jake or her mate?

"Ouch!" Neytiri gasped when she practically yanked her last braid out as she became lost in her thoughts. She looked down at her reflection.

She had never been vain like other females but as she looked at herself she couldn't help but wonder if her appearance had anything to do with Jake's lack of interest in her. Her gaze snapped to her reflection's eyes. Wait, did she want that kind of flirty attention from her sky walker?

The green eyes stared back at her. Enough, she reprimanded herself, you are brave, Neytiri. You should accept these feelings Eywa have infused her with around this male.

"Next time you see him, you shall tell him. Everything," She told her image.

A faint rustle of the gravel of the shore caught her attention. Her head snapped to see the source of the sound.

Low and behold Jake Sully was dropping his bow carefully onto the mossy log. Her heart beat rapidly in her throat when she looked at him.

He gave her an innocent smile. No matter how he tried, he always seemed childish to her. And she loved it.

"Guess I shouldn't have thought I could sneak up and surprise you, huh?" He offered her.

"No, you should not have. It's childish of you, Toruk Makto," Neytiri smiled when she felt her confidence bloom once again.

There was a long moment of silence as they stared at each other. Their smiles grew when their eyes refused to disconnect. Neytiri wondered if Eywa made Jake's heart swell with happiness as they looked into each other. As she continued to stare for some reason she knew that he felt that pressure also.

Jake couldn't shake the feeling of the complete and utter loser-ness he felt all week. Mo'at was not helping his self esteem either. Everytime Jake tried to steal a glance to Neytiri he felt her mother's intent stare burn into his thick skull. It was almost as if she were drilling her thoughts into my brain, Jakesully, if you do not do something soon then I will. And I guarantee you, you will not like how I do it.

Luckily he knew of a nice secluded spot deep in the jungle where he could collect his thoughts and his courage with the constant nagging of Mo'at.

He made a bee-line to the oasis in the jungle with bow in hand.


His feet immediately stilled and his grip on his box flexed. The sound had come a few meters in front of him and was obviously female. He moved his large blue feet nimbly over the jungle floor. Over time his stealth had increased greatly.

What his eyes saw made him stop again and grip his bow but for a different reason.

It was obviously Neytiri, standing unclothed in the amnesty pool, her hair wild. Her lean back shined romantically in the pool's reflection.

He took a deep breath. C'mon Jake, you've been waiting for this kind of chance forever and you can't screw this up. With that thought he took a silent step onto the beach. His eyes were so transfixed on her back that he stumbled over the smooth pebbles. The sound made the huntress snap his head towards him. Talk about a deer caught in head lights.

He did the only thing he knew to do. Smile like an idiot.

"Guess I shouldn't have thought I could sneak up and surprise you, huh?"

"No, you should not have. It's childish of you, Toruk Makto."

"Oh good. I thought you would think it stalkerish of me to try to catch a peek ."

He just stared at her smile. He couldn't help but feel his lips raise into a warm grin.

God, she was breathtaking. Do I really have a chance at her?

After what left like only seconds he took a breath.

"Neytiri, I actually have somethi-"

"There is something I need to-"

They laughed as they spoke at the same time.

"Come, join me," Neytiri turned towards him. Her loose hair covering her flat chest and her body's glow patterns sparkling.

How could he say no? He let his strong legs carry him into the water to be near her. He could do this. They had been friends for what felt like forever now, maybe even closer than friends.

"Speak," Neytiri demanded. However, if didn't sound as bossy as he told she intended.

" Neytiri, you know my body does not feel...Normal," Jake stumbled.


She raised up, placing her fingertips to his chest. They left wet marks on his dark patterns. Was he regretting leaving his human body to live in this world? Was this him telling her that he thought this chemistry between them was wrong? In her desperate string of thoughts her emotions turn angry with the insecurities she felt.

"This body is real," she raises her fingers and pressed them into his forehead, "This spirit is real."

His face was blank. For the first time since she met him, she did not feel that she could see him. Her heart spilled out to him as she panicked.

"When I was first your teacher, I hated all Sky People." Her voice stayed strong but broke into a whisper, "But you have also taught me. Spirit is all that matters. Your strong heart, your strong spirit."

He surprised her as he put his face close to hers. Instictively Neytiri rubbed her cheek against his to show him that her body accepted his affections.

"Neytiri," Jake drew out. She let her gaze fall back into his smoldering one.

Oh, she thought as the once innocent face of Jake turned seductive.

He kisses her on the mouth. A spark raced from the pout of her lips to the tip of her tail. He surprised her once again when his lips became more persistent and his tongue flirted with her lip. The sensation it caused in her head overwhelmed her.

Then she pulls back, eyes sparkling.

His calm blue face leaned towards her lips again. As much as her body refused she turned her head away from him. His half lid eyes looked into hers' questionly. The look on his face and the smoldering of his eyes filled Neytiri with self confidence and she found that to be pleasurable.

"Kissing is very good. But we have something better. Here," She insisted as she reached for his queue.

She had never done this before but the females had always gossiped about this. She only hoped she was doing it right.

Neytiri takes the end of her queue and raises it. As little of experience that she had Neytiri impressed herself with the confidence she withheld as she let her body lead her mind. She got Jake does the same. Their hands trembled as they held queues close enough to cause the glowing tendrils to expose themselves. The strands began to reach for each other as the engery grew. When a couple infused together Neytiri jerked her braid away. The intense feeling of pleasure was almost painful. The sensations were nothing like when she connected with the energy of the creatures or even directly to Eywa.

Jake gripped her narrow chin with his hand to tip his head towards her. "No, don't, let it happen." His voice alone caused her to shake with anticipation. She froze at the mire thought of trying to connect again.

As if sensing her anxiousness Jake covered her hand holding the queue with his own and guided it to his waiting one. Feeling each other again the ends move with a life of their own, straining to be joined.

" Neytiri, you know my body does not feel...Normal," he began

Her face fell and it scared him. Had he started too soon?

"This body is real," Neytiri touched his face, "This spirit is real."

He let his silence signal her to continue.

"When I was first your teacher, I hated all Sky People. But you have also taught me. Spirit is all that matters. Your strong heart, your strong spirit."

His nerves calmed when he realized her sudden express of emotion was from her misunderstanding and not his forwardness.

"Neytiri," Jake called her name as he into her mouth. The electricity sparked his lust for the Na'vi he fell in love with.

She pulls back but when Jake looked at her he didn't see displeasure so he leaned in again. She denied him however.

"Kissing is very good. But we have something better." Jake watched as se reached behind him.

He remembered Mo'at telling him about this. He may not have been listening to every detail but he remembered her mentioning the connection the queues made when connected. He would have never thought to do it with another Na'vi.

Jake let Neytiri do what she did best and that was take the lead. She raised their queues to each other. The glowing tendrils to expose themselves when they sensed one another. The strands began to reach for each other as the engery grew. When a couple infused together Neytiri jerked her braid away. He could scream when she teased him like that. The intense feeling of pleasure was almost painfully overwhelming.

Jake gripped her narrow chin with his hand to tip his head towards her. "No, don't, let it happen." He would soon beg for her to not deny him the pleasure. He covered her hand and guided to where they had began their joining. Feeling each other again the ends move with a life of their own, straining to be joined.

Neytiri's mind only thought of a white abyss as she watched the tendrils intertwine and begin to gently undulations.

Jake's body began to rock with the direct contact between his nervous system and hers. She did not know if her body was doing the same. The only thing she could really feel was his bodies tiniest movements and beats.

The ultimate intimacy.

Their foreheads bum as they reach to embrace each other in unison. Together they into a chaste kiss and Neytiri felt an uneasiness coming from Jake's mind. It gave her some comfort knowing he was just as anxious about what they had begun since they had found a new home.

"Don't think about it. Feel," Neytiri opened her eyes to look into his blank eyes. She didn't know how she knew he was trying to comprehend this connection but she knew exactly what he was thinking.

He seemed to understand and pressed her lean body into his. The once blank stare melted away and became passionate with incentive.

"I feel you," He told her.

"I see you," Neytiri countered him. She moved her thin hand to his face with see if she could feel the intensity he was showing her.

Why had they not done this sooner?


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