A King

Always, I thought, always

Always I would see the sun rise and fall.

Always would I be able to look upon a full moon

Always would I be able to see the star I wish upon.

Not anymore.

What have I done to deserve this fate?

To be strangled slowly, by an iron mask.

What about me has to be hidden?

What does my face bear that no other human face bears?

Why is this done to me?

Every time I can, I climb up and stand on a stool

And look at the world above.

The world that I'll never be able to see.

The world I long to see.

What I long for is to look upon the full moon.

Not to have this mask in my way.

To be able to look upon a man's face,

and allow him to see my face, just my face.

Not that mask I wear, not the dirty clothes I wear.

To see my face, to see the person I truly am.

It's what I ask God for everyday.

To feel the warmth of my sun on my face.

To read by moonlight, to allow my face to see the moon.

Not just my eyes.

Not just my mouth.

Not just the Mask.

Only my skin, my face.

Who I truly am.

What I truly am.

A King.