This is Harry's fifth year, my sixth version of book five. Not all of them are posted. Please read and review! Romance (only a little) dangers, suspense, angst, horror, humor, and (of course) adventure.

Chapter 1

Ring! Ring! Harry sat upright and tensed as there was a long pause then, "boy get down here!" Harry tucked the quill, parchment, and five toothpicks he'd been working with under his pillow and raced downstairs, people never called wanting to talk to him. This wasn't because people didn't like him it was because no one who knew he existed used a phone. For Harry Potter was a wizard, an underage wizard, but a wizard none the less, and wizards sent messages by owl. Harry took the phone from his uncle "hello?"

"Harry! Hey this is Hermione. Listen Dumbledore gave permission for you to go to Ron's for the last week of vacation. I'm going to, we'll come to get you tomorrow at noon. Be ready, don't worry if the Dursley's say no, we're coming anyway." Hermione, one of Harry's best friends said over the phone. Hermione's parents were non-magic people so she knew how to use a phone and could. His other best friend, Ron Wesely, was from a wizarding family and couldn't even pronounce `telephone'.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow at noon then, thanks, these Dursley's are terrible. Bye!" Harry said and quickly put down the phone. His uncle came back into the room.

"Who was that?" he asked, Harry sensed a beating coming if he told the truth.

"Wrong person, they were looking for a different Harry." He shrugged and walked back upstairs. Thankfully his uncle believed him. Harry Potter had been living with the Dursley's ever since year one, and they hated him, and he hated them back as a result. Harry sat down on his bed and took out his things again, making sure the door was firmly closed. He place the toothpicks on his dresser He stared hard at two for a few minutes, then the slowly began to turn black and smoke, suddenly one erupted into flames and was gone. Harry sat back startled, it had never done that before! Harry had discovered that he could do magic with out a wand when he wished to, it was hard but satisfying. So far he was best at burning things, though he'd only experimented on toothpicks. Harry turned to one and stared hard, willing it to do his bidding. Soon it rose into the air and began to emit tiny lightning bolts. Harry concentrated more, suddenly a large blast of lightning leaped from the
toothpick floating in the air and into and electric socket. Harry gasped and slowly lowered the toothpick to the dresser again. Not realizing he was grinning like a maniac Harry concentrated on another one. The was a slight feeling in the room, of hidden power, then a perfect quill lay on the dresser in place of the toothpick. Harry laughed happily and grabbed up his parchment and started recording how he'd done that so he wouldn't forget.

At noon the next day Harry was packed and ready, the Dursley's were hiding in the living room. The door rang at exactly 12:00, Harry opened it, "hey Hermione! Hi ya Ron! Hello Mr. Weasely."

"Hello Harry, good summer?" Ron asked, Harry rolled his eyes and Hermione wrinkled her nose. Harry put his things in the trunk of Mr. Weasely's new car and they were off.

"So Harry, has your scar been hurting? Any dreams?" Mr. Weasely asked as they walking into the Burrow. Harry suppressed a grimace, those words were not Mr. Weasely's, he'd been told to ask. Thankfully Harry knew how to answer without having to explain his dreams. However he didn't have to answer, Mrs. Weasely came bustling in, Fred and George were sitting in a corner doing homework. "Harry! So good to see you." Mrs. Weasely said as she passed. "So Harry?" Mr. Weasely asked again, "my scar has been hurting occasionally, I've only had a few dreams. I told Dumbledore about all of them, and Sirius, you know about him?"

Mr. Weasely nodded, "poor guy," Hermione and Ron were beckoning Harry from the stairway and he slowly made his way over to them and up the stairs. Once in Ron's room they all settled down.

"Hey Harry I had a really great idea, Fred and George are in their last year, so how about we become pranksters? It would be really cool, and Hogwarts needs more laughs this year then ever." Harry grinned at Ron and glanced at Hermione, who, surprisingly, seemed to like the idea.

"Yeah, great, listen you know about the Marauders? Well a new addition of Hogwarts a History just came out, and guess what? There have been seven different groups who called themselves the Marauders since Hogwarts started! In 1880, 1899, 1923, 1940, 1955, 1969, and in1989. And now in 2002. We'll be the eighth!" Hermione looked very excited, though perhaps it was just because a new addition of Hogwarts a History had come out.

"Excellent idea Ron!" Harry said in excitement as he carefully put his trunk in a corner of the room. A sudden explosion from the twin's room made them all jump. "How about some quidditch?"