Authors note: It's been done a million times but it's never been done like this. I swear I didn't lie about anything in this story. If anyone that knows me reads this I'm severely screwed over. The story isn't always happy and it's got some issues, but I hope you like it all the same.

Chapter 1: Building Foundations

(Did you really think I would call it first sight? Please! I have more to my life then guys.)

"Bye Sarah!" I said through tears.

"I'm going to miss you." Sarah replied. I moved on to Caitlin.

"If anyone messes with you tell them I still know where they live." She smiled and wrapped me in a hug.

They were the last two I had to say goodbye to. So I got into the car and watched my town disappear.

I would miss them. I couldn't believe I was moving back to the west coast. I had just moved back to the East 5 years ago. Granted it had been the longest I had ever lived in one place but still. I had grown attached to the ton and people like an idiot. Normally only novice movers made that mistake.

This time I'll do things right. I thought as we drove to the airport. Mom was quiet and worrying. Unshed tears still in her eyes. Everyone had talked shit about us moving. I wish she would stand up to our family instead of sticking up for them when I do it for her. But now wasn't the time for that. She needed to be comforted.

"You did the right thing." I told her.

"Do you really think so?" She asked. I internally rolled my eyes.

"Of course, you said so yourself. We'll have our own house, and you have a great job at the hospital. You get to work along Carlisle wasn't it? He's supposed to be the best doctor there. And the school is great. It's a small town and we'll be independent from anyone person in our family. It'll be great. I can help Kaleb with anything he needs and cook and clean like before. The house was cheap so we have a lot of land. Kaleb is getting a dirt bike and he can go out riding anytime. So the only problem is that the house will stay pretty quiet. I'll be the only one around most of the time and you know I don't mind it." I partially lied. I really like being alone. I get to act real and I can scream about all the frustration and not get yelled at. The rest was really a repeat of what she had told us. I just added a few things. She seemed reassured. She actually was fine while we got to our plane and boarded. That was when I got to zone out.

I just worked on my latest story. Vampires had always been one of my obsessions and I loved to write stories about them. I also kept a live journal. I always updated it. None of my friends knew I kept it because I actually told the truth there. I talked about everything I had kept hidden from them. After that I just looked at the scenery. I loved watching the houses give way to rural farmland and then to just untamed land. I had made the trip to the west coast many times but it had been a while. I had almost forgotten how boring 6 hours of flying was. Even with a movie playing for half the time. By the time we were there I had 30 pages done. We got of the plane and grabbed our bags. Once we left the airport I lifted my head to the sky and let the rain hit my face. I loved the rain, which was good because we had to walk to the back lot to get the car. There was a Ford f1 50 next to the car mom had got. It was in really good condition it must have been at least 15 years old.

"Lorianna," I turned to look at my mom. My jaw dropped. She was holding out a set of keys to me.

"The truck's yours." It was old but at least it was a vehicle! Now I wouldn't have to walk to school! So it was a lot better than nothing!

"Thanks mom." I said grabbing the keys from her. I ran to my truck and threw my bags in the back seat. She was smiling now. I think she was finally seeing that there was a point to this move. (However small.)

"Follow me to the house!" I nodded. It would look so weird. It was Wednesday and it was the middle of the school year but I was new so I hoped the cops wouldn't get mad at me. I started my truck. It burst to life. It wasn't exactly quite either.

Once we were past the city the only thing I saw was green. It was nice. In forests there was something to hide, but something could creep up on you. The soft turf would muffle all sound of someone walking, or at least a good part of it. This might actually be a place where people could sneak up on me. When the trees parted you could see a normal sized house. It was quaint, blue and white. I grabbed my bags and followed my mom into the house. It was already set up. Mom had sent everything in advance. I had told them not to unpack my stuff though. I wanted to do that myself.

Once in my room I moved my bed so if I turned sideways I could look out the window that was on the opposite side of the room. In the corner next to the window I put my desk, so I could look for inspiration or just look at the moon. There was a tree near the house outside my window and when the moon was behind it, it would look amazing. I put up the bookshelf against the wall near the door. The dresser was already set up beside it. On the other side of the window I put my armchair and light. It would be nice reading in that spot.

Above the head of my bed I set up my other desk and mirror. Now that I had all the big stuff set up I could move on to the small stuff. I put all of my make up, hair stuff, jewelry, and mini mirror in the second desk. I put all my clothes into the closet and the dresser; I put all my pictures and posters up. Some were of Reilly. Next I placed all my writing materials and extra school supplies into my main desk. I carefully pulled out my laptop. I got it set up and plugged in. It was almost dead. I placed my backpack beside the desk and moved to unloading all of my books.

I put them all up by type and then by author within their type. Among them were Vampire Kisses (all), Harry Potter (all), Vladimir Todd (all), Dracula, House of Night (all), and Vampire Academy (1st), even though I didn't like it. After I was done I went to my closet and picked out clothes for tomorrow. I decided on jeans and a blue t-shirt with a gray sweatshirt.

My brother burst into my room, his dark brown, nearly black hair falling into his eyes. We looked really alike. We had the same hair color and the same light brown skin like brown sugar. The major difference was our eye color. I had deep, secretive, brown ones while his were readable, hazel ones.

"What is it?" I asked him irritated.

"I'm going out on the dirt bike." I nodded curtly and he left. He was a really excitable 15 year old. We were 2 ½ years apart. I was the oldest at 17. I left my room, grabbed the cat carriers, and brought them back to my room. Once the door was securely shut I let my cats out. Magic and Ming were mother and daughter. I had raised Ming since she was a kitten. I pet her calmingly as she examined her new surroundings. I let her go and she explored my room with her mother carefully. After they were comfortable I brought them out of my room into the hall so they could survey the rest of the house. I did the same with my brother's cat, Raven.

I went to the kitchen and saw that Mom had already gone shopping so I could make dinner. I kept it simple. We had tacos that night.

I went back into my room and set up my web cam. When I turned my computer on my new screen saver greeted me. It was pictures of my horse Reilly and my donkey Tito. My countenance saddened. They hadn't really been mine, but the farm's. But for the amount of work I put into both of them they should have been mine. Sarah was on so I turned on my web cam to talk to her.

"How's Forks?" She asked.

"Wet, but you know I love the rain. How's my baby?" She scowled.

"A new girl came today. Bonnie Jeanne put her on Reilly." I suppressed a growl. (I had picked it up from my cats and old dog.)

"How did she do? Has she ever ridden before?" I inquired anxiously.

"Sorry sis, no." (I should explain that. Sarah has blonde poofy hair and blue eyes. She's half black too, and we're really alike so we joke about being twins. (Don't get confused!!!!!!))

"Great! I've gotten him really good! He rarely rears anymore! I love him! I don't want him screwed up by some novice rider!"

"I know don't worry I'll show her all the tricks you taught me about him."

"Test her first. Make him rear when she's on him. If she's still willing to work with him then you can help her but do not tell her how to perfect them, that's my job." She nodded.

"He really does miss you. When he heard the new girls coming his ears perked up. When he realized it wasn't you he pinned them back for a second. They didn't go fully forward again until after she put him back away." I smirked at that.

"At least he didn't hurt her." I said grudgingly.

"Sorry sis but I have to go. It's late here and I have school tomorrow too…"

"Okay, talk to you soon, bye!" We both logged out. I missed Reilly. I wanted him back…. I grabbed my copy of Romeo and Juliet and got to work. I hadn't read it before and I would have to for school. When 11 hit I took a quick shower and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up at 4 and got to work on straightening my hair. Once that was done I did my make up and got dressed fast. It was already 6:30 when I finished eating breakfast. I had to be to school early so I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. Once it was securely locked I got into my truck and drove to school carefully. Once in the lot I walked to the main office. I let most walls down so the friendly me showed through.

"Hi, I'm Lorianna Sykes. I'm new here." I stated cheerfully. I flicker of recognition flashed through her eyes. In a town this small a malado girl would cause quit a stir.

"Yes, here you are. This is your schedule and you need to get this slip signed by all your teachers. Come back at the end of the day." I nodded.

"Thanks. I will." I left the office and rolled my eyes. Really how hard could this be? This place was tiny! I saw a group of girls hanging in the lot and I had time so I went over to them.

"Hi, I'm Lorianna. I was just wondering do any of you have English first?"

"I do my names Angela, welcome to Forks High, Lorianna." She flashed me a warm smile, which I returned quickly.

"Thanks Angela. Could you show me where it is?" She nodded and I followed her through the out door hallways. I went up to the teacher, Mr. Huntington. He signed the slip and directed my to a seat next to a boy named Mike Newton. He already had that hunting look in his eyes. I would have to watch him.

"Hi, Mike." I said friendly.

"Hi, Lori." I internally shuddered at the nickname.

"Can you use my full name please?" I asked.

"Sure Lorianna. So where did you move from?"

"East." I said simply. He really didn't need to know all this.

"That's a far move." I shrugged.

"I move a lot, so I'm used to it." Class started then so I didn't have to talk to him anymore. We were reading a bunch of Shakespeare. (Not my favorite but I could deal). Next I had trig. The same thing happened but this time I sat next to a brunette from earlier.

"Hi, I'm Jessica." She flashed me a bogus smile.

"Hi, I'm Lorianna." I said.

"Is it really sunny where you used to live?" She asked with fake innocence. I just had to get this out of the way.

"Sort of. I'm half black so I tan really easy." Her eyes got wide and she immediately turned to the girl on her other side and started whispering. I rolled my eyes. So this was one of those schools. The class passed slowly with Jessica whispering the entire time. I left and returned to the crowded halls. This day was such a good comparison to Fences by Paramore. Really anyone that hasn't heard that song should listen to it, because it is so something new kids should try to do. I had just shot Sarah and Kally a text because they were probably conscious by now when a girl started yelling at me.

"Nigger!" A girl shouted as I passed. I turned sharply to face her, my temper flaring.

"What did you call me?" I hissed dangerously. I hadn't gotten this mad in a while.

"Get away from me, you little nigger!" She spat at me.

"Why would I even want to be around you? You obnoxious piece of white trash." People sniggered as I stalked away from her to my next class, Spanish. I sat next to a girl named Lauren. She was from earlier too.

"I saw what that girl did. Can you believe her?!" Lauren said scornfully.

"I know." I said.

"I'll talk to her about that later." A steely tone had come into Lauren's voice and I knew we would be friends. She was just like me, hated at times but powerful all the same…

I followed her to the cafeteria. After filling our trays we made our way to her table. She introduced me but I already knew most of them. I turned and saw an odd group of kids sitting away from everyone else. They were really pale and…beautiful. I mean the guys were hot! The girls made the rest of us look like hobos.

"Who are they?" I asked with wonder. Lauren didn't even need to look over to know who I meant.

"They're the Cullens. The big muscled one is Emmett Cullen. The smallest girl is Alice Cullen. And the bronze haired one is Edward Cullen. They're the Cullens adopted children. Rosalie, the blond girl, and her twin, Jasper, the one who looks like he's in pain, are foster kids. Their last name is Hale. Jasper and Alice are together and so are Rosalie and Emmett. It's so gross." Lauren nodded in agreement to Jessica's observations.

"No, they aren't even related! Love is love, no matter where you find it." I kept the pain out of my voice or I tried to. Either way they just shrugged off my comment. It was time to profile. I turned back to the Cullens table. They seemed to have something to hide and bored. They were just staring off into space. None of them had so much as touched their food. Emmett and Rosalie seemed wary. Alice happy and Jasper seemed like he was in pain or fighting against something. Edward was brooding and irritated. Lunch passed. It was Biology next.

"Ah Lorianna, you can sit next to Edward." As I sat down he stiffened and leaned away from me. I turned to him anyway.

"Hi, I'm Lorianna." I said smiling slightly. He glared at me evilly. His nearly black eyes made it very creepy.

Is he one of those fucking anti-black retards? Come on! Can't I meet just one normal guy?

"Ugh! Whatever, I really don't care." I said for once showing my emotions. I jerked my head back towards the front of the classroom. Although I already knew the material I stayed focused the entire time. Once class had ended he got up quickly and removed himself from the room. He left faster then the kids 2 feet from the door and he was very graceful.

I trekked down the hall to gym. It took my mind off things. Today we were playing a game where you had to get a bunch of objects from the other team to yours. I guarded then switched to offense. We creamed the other team. Now the guys were sizing me up as an actual opponent. The other girls didn't even play. I enjoyed it. After I changed I went to the main office again. Edward was there in front of me trying to figure something out.

"There must be another class available, anything other than 6th hour biology." His voice was pleading. My temper nearly broke. I went up and gave Mrs. Cope my slip while whispering furiously to Edward.

"What? Am I really that annoying?" He had gone stiff when I approached.

"Just forget it." He said tersely and then he stalked out of the room. What had I done to make him need to quit the class? He had been rude first. Mrs. Cope let me leave a few minutes later. When I got to my truck the lot was nearly empty.

I drove home at a reasonable speed. Mom wouldn't be home yet and Kaleb was probably out back. Once inside I got to work on dinner. When the thunder started I was finishing up. I lit candles so if the power went out we could eat and I had all the flashlights in a pile. I opened the curtains so I could watch. I love thunderstorms. They're the angriest of all weather, the most emotional type of storm. It actually was showing my mood. I was angry at Edward and the other kids.

Mom walked in the door a minute later drenched. She was tired but she seemed excited for some reason. She took a shower then came down for dinner.

"So how was your first day at work?" I asked as I served both of us.

"It was great. They are really nice there. Carlisle Cullen is really hot. I'm not surprised he's married. His wife Esme is one lucky chick."

"Wait! He's the Cullens dad?" I asked shocked.

"Yes, he's really pale and blonde. He is very easy on the eyes." She said sounding like she was my age.

"Mom, you said so yourself he's taken." I reminded her before I started eating.

"So how was your day?"

"It was great. They all seem really nice." With one amazing exception.

"That's great. Now what's wrong?" Damn! Some times she was just too perceptive.

"It's nothing. I'll figure it out." She nodded understanding I didn't want to talk about it. I cleaned it all up and left out a plate for Kaleb. He would be home soon. The kitchen was clean so I went upstairs and did my homework, fast. I needed to talk to the girls and it was getting late back east. I finished before 7 even hit. Kally was one so I logged in before she could log out.

"Hi, Lorianna how's Forks High?" Kally asked.

"It sucks sis. Is our other sis sleeping?" I asked. (Kally is me and Sarah's other pretend sister. She has brown hair and eyes. She's wicked pale and she's 20% black and 18.)

"Ya, she has school tomorrow. You know how early she goes to bed." I nodded. "So what happened? And don't you dare say 'nothing'. I can already see it in your face! No lying!" She scolded me. I let a tear or two fall. Edward really had upset me. "What's his name and where can I find him?" She asked solemnly. I smiled slightly.

"His name's Edward. He ignored me, glared at me then tried to get out of my class. He hates me, and I don't even know him. The other kids just call me a nigger." I shrugged. We were both used to this one.

"He just hates you?" I nodded.

"Ya, I wasn't planning on getting close to guys after last time but you know I was expecting to be able to talk to him briefly." She nodded in understanding.

"I would just leave him be."

"Kally, how's everyone doing?"

"Everyone's fine. We haven't even destroyed anything yet." She joked.

"Fuck! You have school stuff to do." I heard her mom yell in the background. Kally grew somber.

"She's gotten worse?" She nodded.

"I have to go." She whispered then her cam went black. I sighed and logged off.

The next morning was gray skied and raining. I smiled up at the sky as I left the house. I loved this weather. Good thing too. It was hardly ever sunny. I arrived at school right on time. I was in my seat a second before the bell rang in English. The day got worse though as kids whispered and guys wolf whistled. Edward wasn't even in school today, which made it dreadful. I couldn't believe that he hated me so much that he wouldn't even show up. We didn't even do anything good in gym we just played soccer: the one game I hate. By the time I got home I was furious. I made dinner quickly before locking myself in my room. I had three hours of homework to tackle and it took four because Kaleb and his dirt bike were annoyingly loud.

The same thing happened the rest of the week. Edward was just one big no show. It was odd. Why was he gone this long? I couldn't believe it. I walked into the cafeteria on Monday and was shocked to see him their with his family. He seemed happy enough. I sat down and turned my head towards his table. They all seemed happy. Edward looked over at me brooding again. He quickly grew frustrated with something. I wondered what it was. I started gazing back at him with more intensity, then I zoned out. Edward and I were sitting together laughing. He was my boyfriend? Just then I was happy. I snapped back to reality and shook my head worried.

No, No, No! Not again! I can't let this one come true. Edward looked confused. I turned away from him worried. I had to stay away from him. I wouldn't let this happen. I hated this! Why did it always come true? I hated it! Why couldn't it be wrong? This time it had to be wrong. I would stay far away from Edward Cullen. He could keep his secrets because if I got close to him then I would end up just as hurt as last time.

I walked into biology and groaned as I saw we had to work on a partner lab that day. As I sat down I saw Edward stiffen again slightly. I faced the front and hoped he would leave me alone. I didn't have any such luck.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen. Sorry about being so rude last week." A musical voice from my left said. I turned to face him. His eyes were different I couldn't put my finger on it but there was something off about them…

"Oh, so you can do something other than glare at me." I said sarcastically.

"Sorry about that. I was actually glaring at the kid behind you." He lied. He was really good. With anyone else it would have worked but I hated being lied to.

"Ya, don't lie to me ever again. If that's all you can do just don't talk." I told him coldly turning back to the front of the class. I tried to focus, but one thought kept bothering me. He looked hurt and like he was struggling.

I was already aching to help him but I wouldn't! I refused to fall so hard again. I didn't talk to him the rest of the day. I was driving home when I finally realized what was different. His eyes were like liquid gold before they had been black as pitch. Maybe he used contacts.

When I got home I rushed through everything and managed to get to my web cam before either of my sisters had gone to bed. "Help," I cried the second that their faces appeared.

"What's up?" Kally asked.

"Boy problems!" Sarah perked up.

"Spill," Kally demanded.

"Well, you know. I'm trying not to fall for a really hot guy but it's really hard. You know what happened the other two times." They nodded somberly. Actually there was a third time I just never told them.

"Just shoot him down. You'll be hurt again." Sarah said concerned.

"I know. I'll try. If I decided to chance it I'll tell you first 'k?" We moved on to more trivial topics until they both passed out at their computers. I ran to the shower and passed out the second I was done.