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Finn Hudson sat in his room Friday night, going over everything that'd happened. His phone had been buzzing with texts from Puck, Rachel and Quinn all night. When that silly little ringtone Kurt had put into his phone started, Finn snatched the device up off of the night table. There was a message from none other than, Kurt Hummel. Finn opened the message.

R U alright? It said.

Tears started running down Finn's face. Three words from the former kicker and he burst into tears. Kurt had been Finn's rock through all the crap that'd gone on with Quinn. And now, with Quinn and Puck. Finn wasted no time in texting back :

Hell no.

Being sure he sent it to Kurt only, he waited for the fashionista to answer.

Wanna talk?

Kurt knew Finn needed someone to talk to. Kurt also knew that he had no clue what he was going to tell the heart broken quarterback.

Im not going 2 txt u all nite

Finn answered, smirking at his own words. The ringtone came almost immediately.

My place thn? IDK how dad'll react 2 me going 2 ur place.

The reply shocked Finn. He of course, knew his mom was working night shift, and he was pretty much free to do whatever he wanted.

I guess. ur dad wont care?

Finn and Kurt hadn't talked much about their families. Really, Kurt was just a shoulder to cry on for Finn. And Kurt didn't care when Finn ruined his D&G coats, or wrinkled his costly Oscar de la Renta pants.

Not as long as u sneak thru the window :)

Kurt replied. A smile reserved for Kurt at this very moment snuck it's way onto Finn's face.

B there in 10

Finn knew it took less than 10 minutes for him to get to Kurt's, even on foot. He wanted to gain a little composure before going to see the small teen.

take ur time. IDK if dads even home

Kurt had replied.


Kurt moved around his room quickly. He needed to clean. Ok, so more like, put outfits up where they belong, close magazines and make sure his phones were both off. Right when he'd sat down on his bed, there'd been a tap at the glass in the window by the stairs. Kurt got up and opened it, letting Finn in.

"Glad to see you could come." Kurt said as Finn crawled through the window.

"Yeah, I kinda need to get away, you know?" Finn asked as he landed on the ground lightly.

"I wonder if I do, because, I've never thought I'd gotten someone pregnant before." Kurt said, looking at his friend.

Finn looked exasperated and sighed. "Can we just not do that tonight? I'm just so done with all the baby drama." He said, sitting on Kurt's bed.

"Then what do you want to talk about?" Kurt asked, looking at the sad teen.

"You?" Finn said hopefully, looking up.

"Wha-Why?" Kurt stumbled over his words and blushed profusely.

"Because...You never talk about yourself or your life at school. Like it's a whole different world." Finn said absentmindedly.

"That's because it is." Kurt said, sitting next to Finn. "At home, I sing and dance and ramble and can be myself. At school...At school, I get slushie facials, dumpster dives and patriotic wedgies." He looked at the QB. "It's hard to be me Finn. You of all people should know."

Finn looked down at his hands. "Why should I know? Because I hid the baby from my mom and my non-school friends for so long? Because at school I have to keep up a jock image and then be myself in Glee? I don't get it Kurt!" Finn said, tears streaking his cheeks.

Kurt tentatively wrapped an arm around Finn's shoulders and Finn broke down in his arms. Kurt thought he should've been in absolute bliss but, even over Finn's crying, he could hear his best kept secret coming home.

"KURT?! Where are you bro?"

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