by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, or Troy, or it's characters.

Summary: Shinji gets teleported into the past where he is taken in and trained by the great Achilles, becoming his agent even up until the Trojan War.


3200 Years Ago.

After Decades Of Warfare, Agamemnon, King Of Mycenae, Has Forced The Kingdoms Of Greece Into A Loose Alliance.

Only Thessaly Remains Unconquered.

Agamemnon's Brother, Menelaus, King Of Sparta, Is Weary Of Battle. He Seeks To Make Peace With Troy, The Most Powerful Rival To The Emerging Greek Nation.

Achilles, Considered The Greatest Warrior Ever Born, Fights For The Greek Army. But His Disdain For Agamemnon's Rule Threatens To Break The Fragile Alliance Apart.

Thessaly, Greece (1196 BC)

On a barren, almost desolate land, two great armies marched against each other. They paused not a football fields length from each other as their kings drew forward in their chariots to begin what many considered the 'opening negotiations and terms' for the battle.

For the Grecian army rode Agamemnon, king of Greece. For the Thessalonians rode Triopas, king of Thessaly.

The two chariots stopped a good distance from each other, and both kings stepped forward to address each other.

Agamemnon himself was a shorter, bulky built man, dressed in silver and gold armor, long brown hair and his beard neatly trimmed. Triopas, while slightly taller and leaner, appeared older than Agamemnon, dressed in dull black armor. Both men carried a scepter that marked them as kings, but also rulers of their lands.

High above, a cawing of crows took slight attention.

"Good day for the crows." Agamemnon said with a smirk.

"Remove your army from my land." Triopas demanded.

"I like your land. I think we'll stay. I like your soldiers too." the Mycenaean king said, looking past the older man towards his soldiers.

"They won't fight for you." the upset Thessalonian king stated.

"That's what the Messenians said. And the Arcadians and the Epeians. Now, they all fight for me."

"You can't have the whole world Agamemnon. It's too big, even for you." Triopas stated.

Agamemnon just laughs as he says this.

"I don't want to watch another massacre. Let's settle this war in the old manner. Your best fighter against my best." he suggested.

"And if my man wins?" Triopas asked cautiously.

"We'll leave Thessaly for good." the Mycenaean king said.

Satisfied with that, Triopas looked back to his army before shouting, "Boagrius!"

The soldiers started cheering as their champion pushed his way to the front of the line.

He was a large, muscular man, dressed only in a leather kilt of sorts, arm bands, wrist guards, boots, and a metal ring around his neck. He was bald on top, a small patch of hair surrounding his mouth. He had several scars from his previous battles, but many had faded over time. In his hands he carried two spears and a shield as he stared defiantly at the opposing army.

"Achilles!" Agamemnon shouted.

Silence echoed over Agamemnon's army as no man came forth.

The Thessalonians laughed a bit at this lack of warrior.

"Boagrius has this effect on many heroes." Triopas said with a smirk.

"Careful who you insult, old king." Agamemnon declared.

A horse man rode up to him.

"My king, Achilles is not with the army." the horseman said.

"Where Is He?" Agamemnon shouted.

"I sent his man to look for him."


The young man rode back to the camp and found Achilles sleeping in his tent with two naked women by his side.

He sighed as he gently touched the shoulder of the blond man, only to have a hand shoot up and grasp his neck. The young man sighed, as if annoyed by this, as a mop of messy blond hair looked up and blinked his eyes at him.

"I was having a good dream, Shinji. A very good dream." Achilles said as he released his man.

"I'm sure. But Agamemnon has called for you." Shinji stated.

"I'll speak to the Mycenaean King in the morning."

"It is morning, Achilles. The armies are waiting for you."

Achilles groaned as he rose up from his bed, ignoring the still slumbering women he pushed aside.

"So... Agamemnon has called for me. His best warrior against the Thessalonians?" Achilles sighed as he started to get dressed.

"Yes." Shinji stated.

Achilles shook his head and continued dressing.

"And the man I am to fight?" he asked.

"He's as large as the one you fought at Ephyae."

"Huh. Perhaps I should let you fight him, then." he said, not sounding impressed.

After Achilles was dressed in his black armor, spear and shield in hands, the pair rode out to the battle field.


The Greek army roared in hearty satisfaction, chanting Achilles name as he rode towards them and through them as they parted like a living ocean.

"Perhaps we should have our war tomorrow when you're better rested." Agamemnon declared to Achilles as he stepped forward to his foe. "I should have you whipped for your imprudence!" Agamemnon stated, as if it were a real threat.

Achilles paused as he looked back to the ruthless king.

"Perhaps you should fight him then." Achilles said.

Just then, Nestor, Agamemnon's oldest friend and advisor, an aged man with long white hair, moved up to Achilles side as the man was walking away.

"Achilles? Achilles! Look at the men's faces. You can save hundreds of them. You can end this war with a swing of your sword. Let them go home to their wives."

Achilles looked to the men, and then to Nestor, before drawing out his spear.

"I have a better suggestion. SHINJI!" the dark-garbed warror said.

Through the crowd, a slightly younger man, dressed in the black armor of the Myrmidons, stepped forward and approached Achilles.

"Yes, my lord?" Shinji asked.

"Kill that man." he said, pointing to the much larger Boagrius. "End this war." Achilles said.

Shinji looked to the large man and then back to Achilles, sighing as he did.

"As you wish." Shinji said, bowing to him as he stepped around Achilles and moved onto the battle field towards the much larger and stronger man.

"What are you doing?' Agamemnon hissed to the blond man.

"Winning this war for you." Achilles simply stated.

Agamemnon just growled. "Of all the warlords loved by the gods, I hate him the most." he said as Achilles had his back to the king.

Boagrius just laughed as he saw the younger, skinnier man approach him.

Shinji started off slowly, walking towards his enemy with sword and shield in both hands.

Boagrius growled as he hefted his spear and hurled it towards him. The spear flew, and struck the shield, Shinji spinning it around and dropping it to his feet.

He picked up his pace.

Boagrius hefted his other spear and tossed it towards Shinji's head. Shinji tilted his head to the side, the spear missing by inches.

Boagrius drew his sword and howled as he pushed himself into a full charge.

Shinji gripped his sword and dashed forward, his sword his only weapon.

Right as they were on top of each other, Shinji veered to the right, leaping up to grip the edge of his opponents shield, pushing off of it and spinning around with amazing grace and speed, dodging Boagrius's incoming sword as he maneuvered behind him in mid-air, swinging his sword to slice at the back of Boagrius's head. His sword made what many would call a small incision in the mans neck. But to a well educated person like Shinji, the incision cut at the base of his skull severed his spinal chord and in effect, cut off all function between his body and his brain.

Shinji landed on his feet and walked steadily towards the army of Thessaly, as Boagrius stumbled, stopped his walk, and fell to the ground, face-first.

The entire field was silent, yet the army of Agamemnon slowly started cheering at the victory this boy had given them. Agamemnon ground his teeth, though Achilles had a satisfied grin on his face.

Shinji stared down the army of Thessaly, barely keeping his breathing contained as he looked for any sign that they would lunge to the attack and avenge their brother.

He saw none.

"Is There No One Else?" Shinji shouted at the army. "Is There No One Else?"

Receiving no response, Shinji turned his head as he saw the older king, Triopas, step towards him.

"Who are you, soldier?" Triopas asked him.

"Shinji Ikari, Agent of Achilles, the son of Peleus." Shinji replied.

"Shinji Ikari, Agent of Achilles. I will remember those names. The ruler of Thessaly carries this scepter." the older man said, holding up the black, finely carved scepter. "Give it to your king."

"As my lord would say, he is not my king." Shinji stated and walked away from the king.


Authors Notes:

This story was written mostly for the heck of it. After watching the movie 'Troy' several times I came to several realizations: Achilles, Hector and Patroclus didn't need to die. (Well, maybe Patroclus since he had very little idea as to what war was, and that's only because he wanted to prove himself. He's a lot like Kensuke Aida, all eager and no experience)

Paris didn't deserve to really live, since he thought only of his own selfish needs. Don't get me wrong, he's got fantastic taste in women, he just has bad judgement when bedding the wives of other men. This was just an excuse to get Agamemnon to bring 50,000 Greeks to Troy in order to take the city.

Politics at it's worst. And I hate politics.

So, by writing this story I am hoping to rewrite the story itself. A bold move, I know, but one I think I can live with. I also don't know who to pair Shinji up with, if anyone at all.

This is only a first chapter. But tell me what you think of it.