by Gunman

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Authors Notes: This is an omake-style chapter of what might happen if Shinji actually came back to Tokyo-3 as his adult version. I might make another one. The last chapter, Chapter 3, is actually the update for the main story itself. This chapter was all just done for fun.


Chapter 4
The Return (OMAKE!)

It had been ten hours since Shinji had been swallowed by the 12th Angel.

Nine hours since they started making plans to retrieve the Eva from the Angel.

Keep in mind, The EVA, not the Eva and the pilot.

While the adults were trying to finalize the last minute preparations, Asuka and Rei were outside the mobile command center just waiting.

"Stupid Baka. He deserves whatever he gets for showing off like that." Asuka quipped.

"He only did so because you provoked him." Rei replied simply.

"Don't Blame Me For This!" the redhead snapped. "If the baka was stronger this wouldn't have happened!"

Misato and Ritsuko came out of the command center.

"We're about to begin the operation." Ritsuko said.

"But those N2 Mines will destroy Shinji!" Misato pleaded.

"The Commander has already given the order, Misato. There's nothing else we can do. Not even the gods can help him now."

(Wanna Bet?) A certain goddess of love stated as she signaled her father.

A huge crash of lightning flew from the skies and slammed into the shadow that was the 12th Angel. The second it did, the zebra ball suddenly started to crack and shatter, until it exploded violently. From inside the striped sphere, a gigantic humanoid purple form exploded out of it and crash-landed in the middle of the city.

With the Angel dead, the group quickly rushed to the Eva to secure it and it's pilot. However, a quick examination revealed that there was no pilot.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'SHINJI ISN'T HERE?'!" Misato shouted.

"He's not here, Captain. We... we don't know where he is." Makoto whimpered.

Off to the side, Asuka, still in her plugsuit, was just staring up at the large purple mecha, as one of the construction crews started moving the Eva. The second it did though, the right arm, which was on top of a small building, broke loose and dropped directly towards Asuka. The redhead girl was so frozen with fear she didn't notice the dark-garbed figure rush forward, scoop her up in his arms, and leap out of the way of the falling arm.

While everyone was shocked, none more so than Asuka when the young man spoke.

"Are you alright, Asuka?" he asked.

Asuka looked up at the man who had her in his arms, and gasped when she saw him.

He was a Japanese man with well-tanned skin and a chiseled jaw. He had long brown hair and deep blue eyes. For a second, his eyes reminded her of Shinji. But that was impossible, since Shinji had only been missing a few hours and this man seemed to be as old as Kaji. While his outfit looked like something a soldier from Ancient Greece might wear, it did expose his ripped arms and legs to her eyes. She could feel the strength in his arms as he held her in his arms bridal-style.

Gott helfe mir! He's gorgeous! Who is this guy? She thought, staring at the handsome man.

"Are you alright, Asuka?" he asked again.

Asuka suddenly found her voice. "You... you know me?" she asked in surprise.

"Of course I do. You're my roommate." he replied.

Asuka nearly died at hearing that. To her it sounded like he was telling her she was going to move in with him. That made him, to her, a real take-charge kind of man.

(She had no idea who he really was, of course.)

"Do you... have a name, handsome?" Asuka asked softly, the blush on her face growing steadily larger.

"Asuka, it's me. Shinji. The Third Child?" he said with a smile on his face.

Asuka took a look into his eyes, a good look, and her face turned pale as she suddenly realized who he was. The second she did, her eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted dead away. Shinji just looked at her as she went limp in his arms.

"Well, that could have gone better." Shinji said.


While the dust cleared from the Eva's arm falling onto the ground, Misato was frantically racing to it, since it was where Asuka had been standing. She was naturally relieved to see that Asuka was alright, but was being easily held up by a gorgeous hunk of man wearing a strange black outfit that made him look like an extra from the movie 'Troy'.

She raced over to them the second Asuka suddenly passed out.

"Well, that could have gone better." the man said.

"Hey you!" Misato shouted as she raced over to them.

"Hey Misato!" the man gasped.

"You... know me?" she asked, realizing that she didn't know him, yet he looked familiar. I would definitely remember a gorgeous guy like this. She thought.

"Of course I do. You're my beer-guzzling, curry-eating, penguin-adopting guardian and commanding officer in NERV." he said.

Misato looked at the young man strangely as a dim light of realization suddenly filled her eyes.

"S-S-S-Shinji?" she gasped, realizing now why he looked so familiar.

"Yes, Misato. It's me." Shinji said with a smile.

Misato's eyes suddenly rolled back into her head as her body went ragdoll-limp and she crashed to the ground.

Shinji looked to his guardian, then to the redhead in his arms, and back to his guardian.

"Not how I expected Misato to act." Shinji exclaimed.


Ritsuko Akagi was walking around the large purple Eva as the retrieval crew started moving the Eva onto the transport vehicles. As she did, she paused when she saw a handsome man in a black leather outfit approach her with two people hefted over his shoulders. One was clearly the Second Child still in her red plugsuit, the other was Misato Katsuragi, though she only saw the short-skirted backside of the woman.

The faux-blond scientist's attention, however, was more focused on the amazingly handsome and athletic young man, who looked the same age as herself and more muscle than any other Japanese man she had ever known. This included Gendo and Kaji. He had a strong, chiseled jaw, well-tanned skin, long brown hair, and deep blue eyes. She didn't recognize him at all, but wished that she did. He was definitely a cut above her current lover.

"Who... who are you?" Ritsuko asked the handsome young man.

"Shinji Ikari, the Third Child." he replied.

"What?" she gasped, suddenly unconcerned that this man was holding Misato and Asuka.

"I know I look different, but it is me." he said.

Ritsuko looked at him incredulously.

"That's impossible! The Third Child is 14-years old. You look like you're my age." she said.

"It's a long story."

"Is there anyway you can prove that you are the Third Child?" she asked. "Like... what was the first thing that happened to you when you got to NERV?"

"Uh... you mean before Misato got us lost and you showed up in the elevator in your bathing suit?" he asked.

Ritsuko looked shocked.

"And... what did I ask you to do when I showed up at Misato's for dinner that first time?" she asked.

Shinji tilted his head for a second. "You asked me to deliver a new ID card for Rei Ayanami, the First Child." he answered. "You even gave me the address, in a rundown building on the other side of the city."

Ritsuko was growing paler by the second.

"Okay... what about... how did you defeat the Seventh Angel?"

"Synch training with Asuka."

"And what about the Eighth Angel?" she asked.

"Asuka killed it with coolant inside the volcano. I dove in to save her with Eva-01 when the cable snapped." he said.

"And what was Misato's plan to deal with the Tenth Angel?" she asked.

"She wanted us to use the Eva's to catch it. All three of us." he replied.

"And what about during the special joint synch test after the Tenth Angel?" she asked again.

"The one where you had me, Asuka, and Rei strip down naked and get into the entry plugs?" he asked with a grin.

At hearing that... Ritsuko was convinced that this was the Third Child. Of course, the second she realized that, she fainted dead away.

Shinji sighed. "This is becoming a habit." he groaned.


Ritsuko emerged from behind the curtain to find Misato, Asuka, Maya, Rei, and Kaji looking at her with anxious eyes.

"Well?" Misato and Asuka asked in unison.

"He's... he's..." Ritsuko started.

Misato smirked. "Is the great Ritsuko Akagi tongue-tied?" she joked.

"Is he Shinji or isn't he?" Asuka asked, which kind of shocked everyone who heard it.

Mostly because, Asuka never called Shinji by his first name.

"Yes. He is. His blood work, his DNA profile, his fingerprints, even his retina scans are all similar to the information we have on file of the Third Child. The only difference is that this Shinji is 16-years older." Ritsuko said.

"That's not the only difference, Ritz." Misato said. "He's taller, more muscular, knows how to fight and... oh my god!" she gasped.

Everyone else followed Misato's line-of-sight and gasped as well when they saw Shinji emerge from behind the curtain wall, which revealed Shinji in a pair of NERV-issue pants and boots, but without his shirt on, revealing his totally ripped and chiseled pecs, stomach, arms, and shoulders. Even his neck and face looked strong.

Maya dropped her clipboard at seeing him. Rei actually felt a surge of heat flow through her cheeks. A small trickle of blood was running down Asuka's lip from her nose. Misato, who had much more experience in that department than Asuka, didn't nosebleed, but unconsciously licked her lips. Ritsuko felt her breath catch in her throat once again at seeing his bare, athletic chest. Kaji actually felt a tinge of jealously at seeing the Third Child, (though, now he was probably the Third Adult), as well as seeing the reaction he was getting from all the women, including his ex-lover.

Shinji pulled a white shirt over his torso, only to realize it was a size too small.

Ritsuko mentally high-fived herself for guessing his real size and choosing a shirt a size smaller. This way, he still showed off his athletic body.

Oh, yes. He's totally legal now. Misato thought lecherously.

"We'll need to test him later to see if he can still pilot the Eva." Ritsuko said. "And we'll need to get him fitted for a new plugsuit." she said, grinning at the prospect of seeing what his hot body looked like in a skintight plugsuit. "And we'll need to redesign the entry plug a bit."

"Fine. But until then, we're gonna have a party to celebrate Shinji's return and his becoming an adult." Misato stated.

"You're not going to get him drunk and laid, are you Misato?" Ritsuko asked.

"Kinda late for that." Shinji said.

The group looked at Shinji in shock.

"You mean..."

"I lost my virginity a few years ago. As for drinking, I got blessed by the god Dionysus, so I can hold my liquor pretty well."

"Oh, really? We'll just see about that!" Misato grinned.


"Mein Gott! You weren't kidding!" Asuka gasped as Misato dropped from her 15th beer.

"I guess I should be grateful." Shinji said as he popped back his 18th beer. "No hangover, no liver damage, no waking up in an alley behind some bar."

"I'd really like to know how you accomplished that. If I could reproduce the results, turn it into a pill of some kind, I'd make a fortune!" Ritsuko mused as her buzz was hitting her hard now.

"Ha! You just want to examine Shinji-kun again!" Asuka snapped. "Get his clothes off and all!"

"Oh, like you don't want to see that!" Ritsuko slurred, right before she passed out and slumped to the floor.

I would, actually. the redhead mused. I might have an easier time seducing Shinji than Kaji.

She looked over and saw Shinji feeding PenPen. She steadied herself while he went back and sat down in his chair, reaching for another beer.

Asuka grinned as she moved up and threw her leg over Shinji's lap before settling into it.

"Asuka?" he gasped.

"You really are handsome, Shinji-kun." she said, throwing her arms around his neck.

"You thought I wasn't before?" he asked playfully.

"You were a boy then. Now you're a man. And it's only right that you should be with the best woman possible." she declared.

"Even though you're still only fourteen years old?" he asked, staring into her eyes.

"I'm mature enough for any man." she said as she moved in close enough to almost touch his lips with her own. "Want to see?"

Shinji's eyes suddenly changed from the light-hearted young man she knew, to a stare of pure male dominance. Asuka's body began to betray her when she saw the look in his eyes. Like a hungry lion about to devour his prey. Her heart nearly shut down, her loins started to moisten, her cheeks practically glowed.

For a few seconds, Asuka suddenly felt totally out of her league. She had heard all about Shinji's exploits in Ancient Greece. How he had fought alongside the great Achilles himself. How many men he had killed in his many battles and wars. Add to that, that his first lover had been an amazon. As she thought about it now, how could she compete with that?

She could feel the strength in his arms. Their taut, firm, muscular strength. If he wanted to, he could have his way with her, right here and right now, and no one could stop him. Even if Kaji and Section 2 were in the room with them. Even if she had her Eva.

For some reason, that both terrified and thrilled the redheaded girl.

And at the same time, she felt wholly inadequate before him.

"What do you want, Asuka-chan?" he whispered huskily to her, sending a shiver up her spine.

"I-I-I-..." she started to say, only to babble like the little girl she was. "I... want you to kiss me." she said.

"Just a kiss?" he asked softly.

"Yes." she whispered back.

Shinji nodded and gripped the back of her smaller head with his strong hand and pulled her to him as his lips pressed against hers.

Asuka felt powerless. She was completely in his thrall now. He could easily break her neck like a toothpick. And for some reason... Asuka actually liked the idea.

END (For now)