by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, Guyver, Witchblade, or it's characters.

Summary: A field trip to Kikakushi Village results in Shinji becoming a bio-booster armored hero, and Rei becoming a demon-gauntlet possessed warrior.

Author's Notes: This story is going to be slightly different, as I am using the Guyver Warrior Units. I like using them mostly because they are stronger and cooler looking. Also, the Witchblade is from the manga, which I thought was rather sad in some parts. To that end I figured to use both of them in order to write up this story.


Chapter 1
Rise of Demons


Three days after the Fifth Angel battle, the students of Tokyo-3 Municipal Junior High, Class A-2, are allowed to go on a field trip to Kikakushi Village in the mountains. While there, the girls and boys are separated for a field study session.

But unbeknownst to anyone, two different groups of 'unique individuals' are on the loose trying to locate two different things.


On the west side of the village, Shinji Ikari had gotten separated from his group and was just wandering around, looking for them.

I wonder where they are? Shinji thought as he continued trudging through the forest. Bet Toji and Kensuke will be having a huge laugh over this when they...

He paused in mid-thought as he heard a rustling from the nearby brush, and a heavy thudding of feet. At first Shinji thought that it was some kind of large animal. Maybe a horse or cow. So he was naturally shocked when a large pinkish, disfigured creature in torn clothes exploded through the brush and all but ran him over, carrying something that looked like a large suitcase. Instead of running him over, the creature knocked him away into the brush as it ran past.

What the... Shinji gasps as he suddenly saw a trio of other large creatures rush past him, chasing after the first creature.

Having ducked down to avoid being seen, Shinji's eyes suddenly noticed a strange object underneath a bush he was hiding in.

What is that? He wondered as he stared at the almost triangular object with a silver sphere in the middle of it. He stared closely at the object, wondering if the first creature had dropped it in its haste. It didn't look like any kind of explosive device he had ever seen, and thanks to Kensuke he knew what a lot of them looked like. No, the thing looked almost.... alive?

Moving closer to get a better look at it, the silver sphere in the middle of the object started to glow as small tendrils suddenly shot out and grabbed Shinji around his head.

(East side of the village)

"Are you sure we're not gonna get in trouble for this?" a girl named Kimiko asked.

"For what? Locking Ayanami in an abandoned temple? It'll do her a world of good. Teach her to pay more attention to the world around her." a girl named Sora replied, as she pulled Kimiko and another girl named Maki away from the temple.

Meanwhile, inside the ancient and abandoned Shuumeiji Temple, Rei looked at the door impassively as it refused to open for her.

This... is inconvenient. Rei thought as she looked around and then turned around to find another way out.

Heading further into the temple, Rei came to the storehouse where she finds a dusty glass case with a strange wrapped object inside it.

She drew near it only to try and locate a way out of the boarded up temple, she suddenly paused as she noticed something odd about the strange object. Something that seemed to call to her.


The tendrils wrapped around the panicked Shinji, penetrating his skin and fusing with every cell in his body, literally bonding to his DNA.

The boy tried to pull the object off of him, but the tendrils were strong as steel, and pulled him tight against it. His muscles losing the fight, Shinji felt his entire body being violated even as the pain seemed to be subsiding. Though at the same time, his vision seemed to fade and black out. At first Shinji thought he was going numb and unconscious, until the pain vanished fully and Shinji started to regain consciousness.

Shinji groaned as he tried to sit himself up, standing on wobbly legs he stepped out of the bushes, completely unaware of the strange new outfit he was wearing. The bio-armor he now wore was a dark blue color with light blue glowing rings around the forearms, hips and calves, spikes on the arms, thick shoulder pads, a silver sphere on his waist and forehead, and a long spike arched up on the top of his head like a cursed sharks fin. There were two other small spheres on top of his head, and although the figure had no mouth you could tell where it was from the pinkish eyes and exhaling vents that made it look like a pair of nostrils.

Ohhhhhhh.........What... happened? Shinji groaned as he suddenly looked at his hands and gasped. "WHAT THE..."

Suddenly, a piercing scream caught the boys attention.

Someone's in trouble! Shinji gasped as he quickly leapt towards the screaming. WHOA!! He gasped that he was now over a dozen feet in the air.


The four girls, which consisted of Hikari Horaki and the three girls who had locked Rei in the temple several minutes ago, were surrounded by six large creatures with insectoid-like features and outfits that matched.

"They look tasty, don't they?" one of the creatures hissed.

"We were under orders to find the Witchblade!" a second creature hissed.

"I don't think the master will be upset if we have a snack." a third creature clicked.

However, right as the demons were about to feast upon the terrified girls, a tall, bluish figure landed not ten feet from them.

"What the..." the demons hissed.

"Who is that?" the fourth demon hissed.

"Could this be a new demon?" the fifth demon asked.

"GET AWAY FROM THEM!" the armored Shinji shouted at them.

"Guess not." the second demon said.

"Maybe he wants them for himself?" the third demon asked.

"Then what?" the fourth demon asked.

"Get Him!" the first demon shouted.

As one, the six demons leapt at Shinji, knocking him to the ground and began pummeling him with their fists and claws. However, less than ten seconds into the beating, a beam of light shot up from the center of the demons, blasting the first demon's head off.

"Kyros!" the second shouted as their leader was killed.

"He killed him... with ease!" the third demon hissed as the demons were suddenly knocked away.

That was weird. Shinji groaned as he rose back up to his feet.

"It's a trick! We can still kill him!" the fifth demon hissed

The demons shrieked as they launched themselves at the armored figure, only to have their foe slice the second demon in half, across his torso with the blades on his arms.

The third demon starts to run, only to have Shinji use his Infrared Laser to sniper him through his head with incredible precision.

The fourth and fifth demon leapt at Shinji from behind. The small orbs on the back of his head moved just as Shinji spun around and impaled both of them through their heads with his fists.

The sixth demon, however, had run off while his teammates attacked Shinji from behind, before he could be killed.

As the demons started to disappear, more like melt and evaporate, the girls could only gasp at the heroic, yet alien, figure who has just saved them.

Seeing the stunned female figures, Shinji walked over to them.

"Are you alright?" he asked the group of girls.

"Uh... yeah. We're... we're alright." Hikari said.

"I'm glad." he said.

"Are you going to eat us?" Kimiko asked.

Shinji jerked his head back as if shocked. "No. And... I need to get going."

With that, Shinji leapt away.


"Ouch!" Kimiko shouted, holding her head where Hikari had slapped her.

"Way to go! The guy saves us, and you offend him!" Hikari shouted.

"He looked like a monster!" Kimiko shouted.

"He wasn't that ugly!" Sora said.

"Least he didn't have teeth." Maki stated.


Inside Shuumeiji Temple, Rei felt the strange gauntlet inside the case, explode from the case and wrap around her right arm, her body quickly covered in shiny greenish armor, which was a little on the skimpy side. It wrapped up around her legs, forming high-heeled boots. Thin lines traced up her pale legs to her bikini-briefs. Her chest and back were covered by insect-like armor that wrapped around her breasts from the sides. It covered her shoulders, and reached up to surround her face like a framed picture. But the most noticeable change was that her hair, which had been short and blue, was now long and green.

Her school uniform had inexplicably been pulled into the strange armor, completely disappearing into it and being replaced by the sexy armor.

This... is most strange. Rei thought as she looked at herself.

Rei suddenly cocks her head to the side, hearing the screams of several people.

The boys from her class she realizes.

A sudden tinge in her brain caused her to turn towards the sound of the screaming, rushing towards the nearest wall, and exploding through the thick wooden walls. Pushing off the ground, Rei leapt into the air and flew towards the scene of several boys, from her school, being attacked by a strange group of mutant monsters.

There were six monsters in total. Three of them looked like gorilla-like creatures with a bats head. Two were larger and looked like some kind of horned lizard monsters. The final creature was thinner than the others with two extremely large shoulder pads on both sides of his head.

The six creatures turned around and looked confused when they saw the scantily clad female figure drop down in front of them.

1 Vamore. 2 Gregore's. 3 Ramotith's

"What?" one of the gorilla/bat-like Ramotith asked.

"Who are you?" one of the horned-lizard Gregore's asked.

"I am.... your enemy." Witchblade said.

The monsters looked at each other.

"Orders?" the second Gregore asked.

"For this? None." the heavy-shoulder padded Vamore said.

"Perhaps she knows where the unit is." Gregore said.

Considering that this girl might know something, Vamore stepped up to the girl.

"You will tell us where the unit it... or we will kill you!" Vamore declared.

"I will not." Rei said to them.

"Why not?" Vamore asked.

"Because I do not know what 'the unit' is or where it is." she replied.

"And if you did?" Gregore asked.

"I see no reason to tell you."

"Then get ready to die, bitch!" Vamore shouted. "Ramotith's attack!"

The Ramotith's lunged at Rei while the Gregore's and Vamore just stood back and watched.

Quick as lightning, Rei leapt into the air, her gauntlet manifesting a long samurai-like sword from her palm. She gripped the handle tightly and slashed the first Ramotith across the chest. She brought her sword back and slashed the second Ramotith's heads off. She landed behind the dead creatures as the last Ramotith turned around and lunged at her from behind. Rei brought her arm back and jammed the sword into Ramotith's mouth. And because she was shorter than the gorilla/bat creature, her sword was angled upward going from his mouth to his brain.

At seeing their men fall easily to the mysterious child, the Vamore creature opened up the large pods on his shoulders, revealing an almost plant-like mouth that started to glow brightly. Rei turned to see the two pods glowing and raised her sword, right as purplish beams of light exploded out from the two pods towards her. Rei brought her sword up to defend herself as the beams collided with her blade.... and flew back towards the two Gregore's, nailing them right in their foreheads, killing them in an instant.

Everyone, including Rei, was shocked at the good fortune that had just happened. Vamore, now outnumbered and clearly outmatched, tried to make a run for it. Rei glared at the beast and leapt after him, impaling him in his chest with her gauntlet arm and yanking back to pull his heart out.

It was still beating as the mutant creature fell down and died.

Rei, seeing her task done, did not think to ask the boys if they were alright as she leapt away.

However, the school boys who had been caught by the zoanoids, had finally regained the ability to blink.

"Did you see the curves on that babe?" Toji Suzuhara asked.

"Yeah! She was stacked!" a boy named Taro said.

"Did she seem familiar?" Kensuke Aida asked.

"Yeah right!" Toji said.

"No girl in our class looks that hot!" a boy named Hoji said.


Eventually the boys and girls, all accounted for, regrouped back at the bus, everyone talking about the bizarre creatures they had been attacked by, and their mysterious saviors.

While this was going on, the group didn't notice Shinji and Rei return to the bus and board it.

No one suspected anything unusual about the pair, as they weren't around when they were caught and saved by so many bizarre creatures.

However, what Toji and Kensuke did notice as they boarded the bus was that Shinji and Rei were sitting next to each other. It was not so unusual to Hikari, who thought it was kind of cute.

Had Rei been of her normal mind, she would have thought it strange to find Shinji as more than he was before. In fact, she actually tried hiding her blush whenever she looked at him, a warm feeling in her body she has never known before.

As for Shinji, he had always thought of Rei as attractive, but for some reason he found himself taking a more in-depth look at the exotic, blue-haired girl who seemed to silently insist that she sit with him. He himself blushed as he realized he was staring blatantly at her.

Of course, the foremost thought on both their minds was whether or not they should reveal their new secrets to the person sitting next to them.

Shinji didn't even know where to start with his secret, not knowing what it was that had him. As for Rei, she found herself for the first time not wanting to inform the Commander about what she now had. As for why she didn't want to tell him..... she didn't know.

She pushed the thought aside as she closed her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder. Shinji just blushed as he tried not to move, just enjoying the girls presence.


Authors Notes:

Here is my first story of Shinji becoming a Warrior-class Guyver, and Rei becoming the wielder of the demonic Witchblade gauntlet. There will be more explanation as to how and why this happened, but for now, despite the quickness of this chapter, I hope everyone enjoys this story.

Oh, and this will be a lemon story later on.

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