by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, Guyver, Witchblade, or it's characters.

Summary: A field trip to Kikakushi Village results in Shinji becoming a fearsome bio-booster armored hero, and Rei becoming a sexy demon-gauntlet possessed warrior.

Author's Notes: This story is going to be slightly different, as I am using the Guyver Warrior Units. I like using them mostly because they are stronger and cooler looking. Also, the Witchblade is from the manga, which I thought was rather sad in some parts. To that end I figured to use both of them in order to write up this story.


Chapter 2
Clash of Demons

(Kronos Corporation, beneath Old Tokyo)

"And you are certain of this?" Richard Guyot, a tall and imposing man with pale skin, blond hair and abnormal looking eyes, said.

"Yes, my lord." the underling said.

"We need to know who this new player is." Fried'rich von Purg'stall, a red-haired man with brown eyes from Vienna said.

"Should we be concerned? It wasn't the Guyver." Edward Caerleon, a gentle-looking man with long curly hair from England said.

"Anyone who can dispatch a zoanoid, even a low-level foot soldier, is not someone we should take lightly." Li-Yon-Tui, a Chinese man of about 40, said.

"Our forces are covertly looking for the unit in the forests around Kikakushi where the unit was last located. With no success." the underling said.

"And nothing unusual happen while you were there? Nothing... additional?" Archanfel, the supreme leader of Kronos asked the underling.

"A group of school children from the city of Tokyo-3 were there on a field trip." he said.

"Tokyo-3?" Li-Yon-Tui asked. "Where the Angel attacks have taken place?"

"Could one of them have taken the Guyver?" Fried'rich von Purg'stall asked.

"It's possible. We have to consider this." Edward Caerleon said.

"Very well. Dispatch agents to the city to investigate. Start at the school these children came from." Guyot said.

"Orders?" the underling asked.

"Retrieve The Guyver, At All Costs!" Archanfel shouted.

(Demon Headquarters, Tokyo-2)

"Are you certain of this?" an attractive blond-haired girl named Fuura said.

"Yes, my lady. I do not know who this mysterious warrior was, but he was capable of dispatching our forces with some ease." the strange-looking 40-ish man named Hodan said.

"So he's either a professional, or he's extremely powerful." Fuura said.

"What of the Witchblade?" a tall and handsome man named Kira asked.

"We did not find it." Hodan said. "Even after we searched the Temple."

"Could someone have taken it?" a young man with blue-hair named Gakura asked.

"Possible. Aside from the villagers, was there anyone else in the village?" Fuura asked.

"A group of students from the city of Tokyo-3 were there on some kind of field trip." Hodan said.

"One of them must have taken it!" the handsome man stated.

"Hmm. We'll need to investigate this. Gakura!" Fuura said.

"Yes, mistress?" the blue-haired young man asked.

"Assemble a squad to go to Tokyo-3 and locate the Witchblade. Do whatever is necessary."

"Yes, my lady." the young man bowed before departing.

(Rei's Apartment, Actually Inside Rei's Mind)

Rei looked out at the almost empty space... and saw herself.

Actually, she saw herself looking at herself. She was wearing her white and black plugsuit, and she was her normal self. The other Rei, who was staring back at her was dressed in green, almost insect-like armor which looked like some kind of weird provocative swimsuit. She had green hair and pinkish eyes.

And she was grinning.

"Who... who are you?" Blue Rei asked.

"I am you." Green Rei said.

"You are not."

"I am. I just didn't exist until you put on that gauntlet."

"The strange glove... in the temple. The..."

"The Witchblade."

"I do not understand."

"When you put it on, a new presence emerged in your psyche. Me."

"And who are you?"

"Didn't I just tell you? I am you! Or, to be more precise, I am the you that you could be, if you would just open up a little and have some fun. Or would at least admit that you like him." she smirked.



"Pilot Ikari?"

Green Rei groaned. "Oh, boy. This is going to take some work. I'm not just you... I'm your... other half, so to speak."

"Other half?" Blue Rei asked.

"To put it bluntly... I am your dark side!" she grinned.

"My what?"

"Oh boy are you dense!" she huffed. "Let's put it this way: you're part-Angel, I am part-demon. Ergo, I am your... polar opposite, your doppleganger. The side of you that actually wants to have a little fun! Especially with Shinji!"

Rei's eyes widened at what she meant by that.

"Oh! A reaction. The first I've gotten out of you today." Green-Rei smiled.

"What do you want with Ikari-kun?" Blue-Rei asked.

"It's really very simple. I want to fuck him." she said with a very wide grin.

"Fuck him?"


"You mean... you wish to become one with him."

"Oh, sure. That you understand." she grumbled with exasperation.

"It will not happen."

"Oh? Are you so sure, red-eye?"

"I am."


"Because I am still in control of this body."

"You... have so much to learn." she said as she leaped at the blue-haired girl.

(Outside Rei's mind)

Rei opened her eyes and looked around. Rising herself off the bed she looked around... and smiled.

"Prepare yourself, Third Child. Because I'm hungry for some Shinji Steak!" she said with a lustful, almost feral, expression.

(Katsuragi/Ikari apartment)

A chill went up Shinji's spine, yet when he looked around he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

I wonder what is going to happen? He thought.

"Shinji?" Misato asked as Shinji prepared dinner.

"Yes, Misato?" Shinji replied as his guardian continued drinking her beer.

"Is there... some reason... that PenPen is staying away from you?" the gorgeous woman asked.

Shinji looked over at the warm-water penguin, who was staring at Shinji, while shivering in the corner.

"Uh.. .not really." he said.

But actually, Shinji did have an idea.

Some people say that animals can sense the differences in people. Tell an imposter from the real deal. Does... does PenPen suspect there is something different about me? About what's happened to me? Shinji wondered. I hope this fish will change his mind.

Shinji dropped the cooked fish into PenPen's bowl, the warm-water fowl blinking at it. He then waddled quickly over to his dinner dish, grabbed the bowl, and dashed back to his fridge.

"Huh. Guess it was nothing." Misato said.

Yeah. Hunger overrides fear. Shinji thought.


The next day when everyone was back as school, and still talking about what happened at Kikakushi Village, Shinji's interest took a different turn when he noticed Rei sitting at her normal seat, staring out the window.

It wasn't his normal interest, though. He knew Rei better than most of the others, so he could tell when something was different about her. Rei didn't have too many eccentricities, so Shinji was able to pick up a weird vibe coming off her the second his eyes locked on the lovely blue-haired girl.

It was at the start of lunch break that Shinji's suspicions became real.

"Ikari-kun?" Rei said, standing right in front of Shinji's desk.

"Huh? Oh. Ayanami!" Shinji exclaimed, surprised to see his blue-haired crush actually starting a conversation.

"Would you please accompany me to the roof for lunch?"

"Yes! Sure! Okay!" he said quickly.

He is anxious. That's a good sign. Rei thought giving the boy pilot a small smile.

While they headed up towards the roof, Shinji's thoughts were in a dizzy. Rei had not only initiated a conversation, but she was asking him to join her on the roof. Though curious, Shinji was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and had grabbed his book bag before heading after her.

When the pair arrived on the roof, Rei lead him over to a bench that was seated by the railing on the far side of the roof itself.

"Ayanami? Is everything alright?" Shinji asked, curious as to what was going on.

"Yes, Ikari-kun. Please... sit." Rei said, gesturing to the bench.

It was a good thing that the clouds were overcasting the city. The bench was cool to the touch. Shinji sat down first and Rei sat down next to him, not looking directly at him.

"Is everything alright, Ayanami?" Shinji asked.

"Ikari-kun... we are friends, correct?" Rei asked.

"Well...yes. I consider you one of my closest friends. Why?"

"I have never had a real friend. You are... my first." she said. And hopefully will be my first!

"Oh. Well... I'm glad then."



"Do friends... also call each other by their first names?"

"Of course."

"Could you... call me... Rei?"

"Sure... Rei."

"And I will call you Shinji. Is that acceptable?"


Rei smiled and slowly reached out her hand to wrap her fingers around Shinji's.

Shinji blushed, but tightened his grip on Rei's hand as she did his. This was what he wanted after all. Rei wanted this as well.

Though to be honest, it was taking everything Rei had to not do more — a lot more — to Shinji. But she knew that if she did, he would be suspicious, maybe to the point of thinking that this wasn't her. Though, technically it wasn't, she had to, for now, take it slow.

"The sky is very beautiful today." Rei said.

"Yes. It is." Shinji said, staring at Rei out of the corner of his eye.

Rei noticed him staring at her and smiled a little.

A suddenly scream ruined the rather touching moment as both Shinji and Rei looked down from the roof to see the strangest sight.

A group of mutant-like creatures were rampaging around on the grounds, crashing through walls and slashing at students. Just from the roof, Shinji and Rei saw about a half-dozen gorilla/bat creatures, three large green, lizard-like creatures with spikes on their heads, and two other creatures with large pods on their shoulders.

"Those kids are being slaughtered!" Shinji gasped, his heart going a mile a second.

"We must do something." Rei said calmly.

"Rei... can I trust you?" he asked, making a decision that shocked even him.

"What?" Rei asked as Shinji quickly climbed over the railing. "Shinji! What are you doing?" Rei asked, obviously confused and concerned.

"Don't tell anyone about this." Shinji said as he jumped off the roof.

"SHINJI-KUN!" Rei shouted.

"GUYVER!" Shinji shouted, the large dark blue armor quickly appearing behind him, opening up, and enveloping Shinji like a cocoon.

Rei gasped.

Well... that was unexpected. Rei thought.

You think, Blue-Girl? Green-Rei thought back to her.

Guyver Warrior slammed into the ground with the force of a meteor, everyone from the zoanoids to the students and teachers, looked back to see a tall dark blue figure emerged from the smoke and glare hard at them.

"Step Away From Those Kids!" Guyver Warrior shouted.

"It's The Guyver! Get Him!" the zoanoid creatures shouted as they charged towards the armored figure.

"Go For The Control Medal On His Forehead!" one of the monsters said.

Shinji stared at the creatures, the aforementioned control medal in his head suddenly feeding him info that he had no idea what it meant at first.

The large, 7-foot tall, green-skinned, spike-horned creatures were called Gregole-type zoanoids. The slightly smaller gorilla-bat creatures with the razor-sharp claws and teeth were called Ramotith-type zoanoids. And the wicked-looking smaller mutant creature with the large pods on their shoulders were called Vamore-type zoanoids.

How did... where did that come from? Shinji gasped, pausing momentarily as the Gregole and Ramotith surrounded him. The Vamore's opened fire on him, striking him in the chest, arms and legs, right before the rest of the zoanoids dog-piled upon him and started beating him with their claws and fists.

High above the fighting on the roof, Rei was gripping the railings and visually shaking.

"Shinji." she mouthed softly. I... I have to help him. Right? I... he is being attacked, I must...

Relax, Blue-Girl. I think your boyfriend will be alright. Green-Rei thought.

Ikari-kun is not my boyfriend.

Oh, so it's 'Ikari-kun' now? Just a few seconds ago it's was 'Shinji'.

Rei said nothing as suddenly the mass of monsters exploded upwards and the dark-blue Guyver Warrior emerged from the pile.

He is alive! Rei thought with relief.

Told you! Green-Rei thought back.

She was so distracted by the fighting on the ground, that she didn't notice the five dark-garbed men step onto the roof and surround her.


Guyver Warrior looked around and noticed that his outburst had already killed half the zoanoids that had attacked him. The Vamore's were firing at him continuously while the last two Gregole's and last three Ramotith's attacked him once again.

These guys don't seem to learn anything. Shinji thought aggressively as his arms suddenly sprang out his bio-blades and slashed heavily at the zoanoids, killing them all in mere moments.

The Vamore's looked around and saw that their comrades were all dead.

"He killed them so easily." Vamore one said.

"Return to base and report. We need back-up!" Vamore two said.

"What of you?"

"I'll stall him. Now go!"

The first Vamore hissed, before turning on it's heels and racing away while the second Vamore opened fire on the advancing Guyver Warrior. However, it seemed it had little effect, shrugging off blast after blast like a man swatting away mosquitoes. He walked right up to the still firing Vamore and grabbed him around his neck.

"Urk!" the Vamore cackled.

"Alright, I want answers!" Guyver Warrior said.

"I... will... tell you... .nothing!" Vamore spat.

"You came here looking for me. I get that. I don't really care who you are, or why you're after me, but know this: if you come after me again, at this place... I Will Kill You All! Take that back to your masters!" he hissed and tossed the zoanoid away from him.

The confused mutant monster rubbed his neck, but scrambled to his feet and ran away.

I'd better get out of here too, otherwise... Shinji thought, right before...

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" a piercing almost inhuman scream echoed across the dim-lit sky.

Guyver Warrior looked up and saw another strange-looking creature fall out of the sky and slam hard into the ground, dying upon impact.

What the... REI! He gasped and quickly leapt into the air, heading right for the roof.

When he arrived on the roof, he gasped at the scene before him.

Two strange-looking creatures were fighting it out with an incredibly sexy woman with long green hair and scantily clad in greenish armor, a strange thick-looking gauntlet on her right arm. Two of the strange-looking creatures were already dead, slashed to pieces as of by a sword of some kind. The last two creatures were fighting it out with the sexy young woman, whom Shinji didn't recognize.

Who is she? Should I help her or those other creatures? She seems capable of handling herself. But she seems rather... violent. Shinji thought as she watched the woman spin through the air and slash down one of the other demonic-looking creatures. And where the heck is...

It was then that the scantily clad woman turned around, revealing her face.

REI? Shinji gasped when he saw her face.

His mind made up, Guyver Warrior quickly sped towards the last of the demonic creatures and thrust his hand into the back of it's head, killing it in an instant.

Witchblade turned and grinned lustfully at the tall and imposing dark-armored warrior, even as she stepped towards him with a seductive sway in her step.

"Thank you for your assistance...Shinji-kun." she said huskily.

"R-Rei-chan? How... what is this? What happened?" Guyver Warrior gasped.

"It is a story best told away from prying eyes." she said, even as she leaned up to whisper into his 'ears'. Or at least where she figured his ears to be, all of which wasn't too easy since he was almost seven feet in height. "My apartment. Tonight. I will be waiting for you." she said right before she turned away and leapt off the roof.

Shinji was stunned as Rei leapt away, but snapped back to his senses when he felt the silver-spheres on his head alert him to more people heading his way. And he could sense that they were armed.

Don't want to try and explain this to anyone. Shinji thought as he turned tail and darted away before the Section-2 agents arrived.

However, as both Guyver Warrior and Witchblade departed, they were being watched not only by the last Vamore, but also by a blue-haired demon named Gakura.


The incident at school had caused enough of a problem that school was canceled for the week. The kids were sent home, or to the hospital, all with stories of mutant monsters battling it out at their own school. It was shortly after the attack at school that the rain started falling. So naturally, Shinji was soaked when he arrived at Rei's apartment just after sundown.

Shinji arrived at Apartment 401, Rei's rundown abode that was still as grim as he remembered it from when he first came by to drop off her NERV identification.

He reached up to knock on the door, only to have it open instantly, revealing Rei in a white nightshirt and panties with an unusually expressive smile on her face.

"What? Rei?" Shinji gasped as the blue-haired girl stepped out towards him, invading his private space by only a few inches.

"I have been waiting for you, Shinji-kun!" Rei hissed lustfully into his ear.

"Rei, what's going on?" he asked slightly nervous and slightly excited.

"I want you, Shinji. I want you right now!" she said before grabbing his shirt and pulling him into her apartment, slamming the door in the process.

While Shinji was shocked by Rei's new attitude and boldness, he was still attracted to her, even as he felt her lips press against his own. Her arms wrapped around his neck, his arms wrapping around her shapely waist. All thought and reason left Shinji, replaced by lust and fierce attraction, as the pair tumbled to Rei's bed where they started making out like crazy.

Inside her mind, Blue-Rei just stared, watched and felt everything that took place on the outside of her body.

And what's more... she is shocked that Shinji actually feels this way about her.

"Rei... why... why are you doing this?" Shinji panted as the blue-haired girl was straddling his waist and ripping his shirt off his chest.

"Because I like you, Shinji-kun." she said breathlessly as she gently brushed her lips against his cheek.

"You do?" he asked, feeling her hands running over his naked chest.

"Yes. I have liked you from the first day we met, when you took my place inside Unit 01. My feelings, my emotions, were awoken that day. Since then, my attraction to you has grown steadily. Upon my acquisition of the Witchblade..."

"The what?"

"The gauntlet I wear." she said, holding up her right arm to indicate the strange-looking bracelet that was adorning her wrist.

"Oh." he said simply.

"Since I put it on, my feelings and sensations have become enhanced to an incredible degree. Everything I do now..." she said as she leaned in and licked his ear. " so much more stimulating."

"Rei, wait!" he said, pushing back on her.

"What? You mean... you don't... like me?" she said with a strange tinge of sadness in her voice.

"No! Of course I like you!"

"Do you... think I am... attractive?"

"I think you're beautiful!"

Rei smiled and lunged at Shinji, burying herself against the crook of his neck. "Hold me." she whispered to him.

Shinji wrapped his arms around the girl, hugging her tightly.

(Inside Rei's Mind)

"Told you he liked you." Green Rei said.

"I... I did not know that... Ikari-kun... cares for me." Blue Rei asked.

"You can call him Shinji, you know. And of course he does, but he wouldn't admit it first. So... I did it for you."

"For me?"

"For both of you, and me as well."

"What do you want?"

"I want you to be happy. Because what makes you happy, makes me happy. And let's face it, you like being happy."

Rei just looked at her counterpart.

"Alright. Let's try another tactic." Green-Rei said.

(Real World)

"Rei?" Shinji gasped as the blue-haired girl moved up and stared into his eyes.

"Shinji... I want... I want..." she said, her lips trembling. "I... want to be one with you."

Shinji stared at her for a couple seconds before he realized what she was saying.

Were it not for the Guyver now within him, Shinji might have run away in panic.

"Rei... I want you too." he said. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes." she said quickly.

Shinji sat up and embraced Rei tightly before kissing her lips softly.

"Shinji?" she asked softly, her mouth an inch from his own.

"Yes?" he replied.

"I... love you." she said, delicately brushing her lips against his own.

"I love you too, Rei-chan." he replied as his lips met hers again.

But all at once, their actions turned almost feral as their kissing became deeper, more fierce.

Their clothes were practically ripped away as the two teenagers feverishly groped and kissed the lover in their arms.

"I love you, Shinji-kun! I love your hands... and your mouth... your smell... your body!" Rei gasped as her senses threatened to overwhelm her with a before unknown stimulus.

"I love you, Rei-chan! Everything about you!" he said, kissing her neck and holding her naked body close to him. "Your hairs... your eyes... your soft skin. You're really sexy, you know that?" he asked. "Then take me! Make me your own!" she whispered before kissing him again, this time shooting her tongue into his mouth.

Shinji was a little shocked at this, but quickly gave in to her bold actions.

Oh God! I Can't Believe This! I'm Making Out With Rei! I Really... I Really Do Love This Girl! He thought as he felt his lips start to bruise a little from their excessive and hard kissing.

Yeah! Green-Rei shouted inside Rei's mind. Go Get Him Girl! Show Him What That Hot Little Body Of Yours Can Do!

Blue-Rei just looked at her counterpart, impassively. Be quiet. I am busy.

Excuse me! Green-Rei snipped.

Rei was sitting in Shinji's lap, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, her arms wrapped around his neck while his arms held tightly around her ample chest. Their kissing was passionate and heated, their chests rubbing against each other fiercely. Yet... they had not become one.

Rei suddenly broke away from Shinji, staring at him with lust in her eyes.

"Rei-chan?" he asked.

"I want to become one with you, Shinji-kun. Now!" she said in an almost demanding and desperate voice.

His forehead touched hers as he kissed her softly on the lips.

"It... might hurt when I do it. I promise... it will feel better soon." he whispered to her.

Rei nodded as the pair shifted their bodies, allowing Shinji's member enough room to position itself at Rei's entrance. Rei reached down and wrapped her fingers around him, using her sense of touch to judge his size.

She smiled when she realized that Shinji was more endowed than most teenage boys his age.

(Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?)

In one deft move, Rei guiding and Shinji moving, the young man pierced the girls body, causing her to scream out painfully at first. Inside her, Green Rei killed off the pain quickly and replaced it with pleasure.

"Rei-chan?" Shinji asked, worried for his new lover.

"It... feels wonderful." she gasped in near-whisper.

Shinji hugged her tightly, kissing her cheek, his hands falling to her hips and holding them tightly as he started moving back and forth. The instant he started moving, Rei's feelings and sensations started going through the roof.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AH!" Rei gasped and moaned sexily with each thrust, holding Shinji tightly as pleasure shot through every inch of her body.

I never... I've never felt such pleasure! It Is Wonderful! She gasped, her eyes glazed over with lust.

I told you! Green-Rei said to her in a sing-song voice. And as long as I am here, every time you do it with him, it'll feel like the first time. Like it does now!

Rei heard her, and felt her mouth water in anticipation at when that next time would be.

Back to her lover, Rei felt Shinji push her back down onto the bed, his weight softly crushing her as he continued kissing and thrusting into her. Rei wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his body and bucked her hips upward in order to get Shinji deeper into her body.

Any other time it would have been shocking and even terrifying to Shinji that he was actually having sex with Rei. But that didn't seem to deter him, if the sensations coursing through his body were any indication that he had changed both physically and mentally.

His tongue entered her mouth again, sliding and caressing her taste organ slowly and sensuously, tasting her in the process and loving the sensation.

Rei wasn't complaining either, though she was finding it hard to breath.

As if anticipating this, Shinji pulled back, staring into Rei's red eyes as their deep breaths mixed with each other.

"Rei-chan..." he whispered.

"Shinji-kun..." she whispered back.

"You feels so good, Rei-chan. Every inch of you." he said, kissing her again. "I can't get enough of you."

Rei smiled as she rubbed her nose against his. "I want more of you as well, my Shinji."

He smiled as she said that. "Your Shinji?"

"Yes. You are mine... as I am yours." she said softly, her hands caressing the sides of his face with her hands. "For the first time in my life... I am complete. I am happy. I am... alive." she said as Shinji saw tears run from her eyes. "Because of you."

"Rei-chan..." he gasped softly, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Your love... warms me. You fill me with a purpose I have never had." she explained. "I...I... I am afraid of living without you, Shinji-kun."

Shinji smiled as he touched his forehead to her own. "I promise, Rei-chan, I will never leave you. I love you too much to every abandon you." he declared.

Overjoyed at this, Rei lifted her head and thrust her lips against Shinji, moaning softly as their arms tightened and held each other as close as possible. Rei's hands lurched around his back, her fingernails digging deep into his back, drawing blood from his back, taking an inch with each forceful thrust that he made to her body.

Shinji winced a little, but made no attempt to stop her from carving his back up like a honeyed ham.

For nearly an hour the pair made passionate love to each other, holding each other tightly as if they were afraid of losing the other for even a second. Orgasms came and went, crashing into each other and rising the euphoria to a level neither had ever visited before.

A crash of thunder reverberated through the city of Tokyo-3, as both Shinji and Rei came in time with the elemental forces outside the apartment.

"REI-CHAN!" Shinji shouted as he came one last time.

"SHINJI-KUN!" Rei shouted as she came in time with him.

Sweat and fluids sprayed from each other as Shinji held the beautiful blue-haired girl in his arms. Rei likewise had her arms wrapped tightly around the handsome brown-haired boys neck.

Shinji still had the strength to pull them back down to the bed, resting their heads against the pillow on Rei's bed.

Outside the patter of rain washed over the broken window of Rei's apartment. Lightning flashed occasionally and thunder rumbled across the skies.

But inside the rundown apartment building, the two lovers just held each other warmly, their hands tracing the outlines of each others face and body.

"So... Shinji-kun... what is this... armor you wear?" Rei asked softly.

"I'm... not sure. I think it might be some kind of alien weapon." Shinji said. "Those monsters that attacked the school were looking for it."

Rei smiled softly at Shinji, caressing his cheek with her hand.

"Do not worry, my Shinji. I will protect you." she said with a smile.

Shinji smiled at the woman he loved, caressing her cheek as she did for him.

However, as the two lovers bathed in each others presence, two mysterious groups of individuals were advancing towards the rundown building.

One was a group of mutant zoanoids who had tracked the Guyver to this apartment building. The other group were the demons who were searching for the Witchblade, and had tracked it here as well.

It would be a fight neither would see coming.


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