G I Joe – Halo Crossover

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In deep space…

"Wake me, when you need me."

Cortana smiled in her mind as she monitored the cryo-tube where the Master Chief was currently resting in, it was going to be a very long time before they were able to get rescued as she had dropped a beacon only about ten months ago, with the passive scanners online on what was left on the Forward Unto Dawn she was limited in her options for detecting any UNSC signals but she was not going to give up until they got home to Earth and in UNSC territory.

Cortana then thought about how close she had fallen to Rampancy, when she stayed behind on High Charity to delay the Gravemind, she had undergone extreme pain when the horrific leader of the Flood chased her through the slowly corrupted orbital city of the Covenant, as she tried her best to escape she was brought to the point of Rampancy, but still held on as best she could to survive and help John. In the time she spent in that hellish place, the only memories that kept her going was her memories of working with the man who was now there in the cryo-tube before her. Those memories were all that held her together in that hellish place as she tried her best to survive, she had reached the end of the road so to speak when John found her. She was ready to give up but there he was….keeping the promise he made to her so long ago when he had to leave her behind in High Charity.



As John looked at the escaping Forerunner Keyship, he turned to Cortana and spoke to her.

"When I'm through with Truth…"

"Don't make a girl a promise, if you know you can't keep it


End of Flash back…

She thought about it and then to the time she had nearly reached the end of her will to keep fighting, he came and saved her, reminding her that when he made a promise, he would keep it, making her recover herself in time and gave her the will to be able to do what she needed to do. And how here they were, side by side once more, and she wouldn't have it any other way, he went through hell and back to save her and now his life was in her hands.

As she thought about it in much greater detail, she realized that she had become what was considered to be the holy grail of A.I research…a Meta-stable A.I, and it was only due to him saving her life. As she thought about it even more she decided to make sure that until the time came, she would be with him until the end of her life and protect him just as he had protected her for all the time that they had been together.

With that she decided to get her focus back on scanning the area and making sure that they were going to be somewhere that she would be able to recognize well enough. There had to be a nearby UNSC Colony in the area or even some ships that would allow them to head back to Earth and see just what happened to the planet and to the human race the two of them had risked everything to defend.

However, much to her surprise, she was quick to find a planet near them and what really got her attention was that the planet matched Earth's specifications. This was unexpected so she decided to thaw out the Chief. She started things slowly and thankfully the power supply on the ruined Frigate was enough to help her open the cryo-tube and thankfully, her scanners showed that the Spartan was already fully awakening as his wounds were healing well enough. As soon as she could see him move out of the cryo-tube she spoke to him.

"You all right Chief?"

The Spartan spoke in his usual tone though she could tell that the slight tone in his voice that showed relief that he was happy to see her.

"I'm all right, what's up?"

"I think we're closing at Earth."

The Spartan mentally made a sigh of relief as he decided to remove his MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle and place it on his back, there was a thump on his back armor as the magnetic plates held the weapon on his back while he also reached a small weapons station ad took out a pair of M6G Magnum Pistols and checked them for a full load and placed them on his hips as he then moved to Cortana as he spoke.

"You ready for a lift to see for sure?"

Cortana smiled and nodded.

"Go for it John."

John then took out the chip and placed it back on the slot and then felt Cortana take her place in the MJOLNIR Mark VI as she spoke to him.

"I think the first thing we do when we get back to Earth is have the MJOLNIR fully fixed, there's some damage that really needs to be dealt with soon."

"That can wait Cortana…."

The Spartan headed out of the area and reached the torn off section of the Forward Unto Dawn and spotted the planets that they had just past to be the ones only found in the Sol System as far as his memory went, that was a good sign as he looked out a bit and spotted that they were heading for the surface of the Moon, and that meant that they were going to have a bit of a rough landing as he got ready for that but he then spoke to Cortana.

"If we're going to hit the Moon, we should be able to contact the Luna OCS Academy as well as the Asimov Center, if there isn't anyone there, we can contact the UNSC with the communications gear there."

Cortana agreed, the Luna OCS Academy was the premiere officer's school of the UNSC in the Sol System and that was where Captain Jacob Keyes taught before taking his first ship command, and had lived there with his daughter Miranda Keyes as well as Admiral Jeremiah Preston Cole. The Academy was also joined by the Asimov Center, a civilian settlement that was connected by tubes and tunnels which were routinely patrolled by the UNSC security to prevent civilian incursions into the Academy. During the Covenant arrival to Earth that sparked the first Battle of Earth, the Academy and the center was evacuated so there would be a chance that the equipment there would be of help until they were rescued.

"Good idea, the Dawn has no way of making contact with Earth, I think you need to brace yourself Chief…we're about to hit the Moon's surface."

John nodded and activated the magnetic soles of his MJOLNIR Mark VI's boots and soon enough he was able to hold on as the Frigate hit the surface of the Moon hard and it took some considerable moments before it stopped, the two then decided to see if they could get some transportation, vehicles were out of the question but they found a working Longsword and took that. The Dawn thankfully was at an angle that allowed them to take off from the ship in the Longsword.

They moved over the area where the Academy was as well as the Asimov center with Cortana using the scanners of the Longsword to locate any sign of the facility. The Master Chief was flying the Longsword well enough as they arrived over the area, but to their shock and utter confusion, there was no sign of the Academy or the settlement.

"Cortana….you pick up anything?"

Cortana shook her head.

"Nothing….there's no sign of the Academy or the civilian settlement…., there's nothing, no sign of battles, plasma burns on the surface, not even wreckage, it's as if the place…vanished."

"There's no sign of space debris either….let's get close to Earth…."

Cortana nodded as they got to Earth….or was it really Earth? The coordinates matched the exact location of Earth in the Longsword' database but something was not right as they got closer to the planet.

John looked at Earth and was getting even more convinced that something was completely off as he and Cortana flew over Earth, he saw no signs of the UNSC Orbital Defense Platform Cairo, now sign of any ship wreckage, both that of the Covenant forces and the UNSC Home Defense Fleet, there was no debris from the Athens or Malta Defense Orbital Defense Platforms as well, or the others that were reported destroyed when the fleet under the command of the Covenant Loyalists and the Prophet of Truth, but the most telling of all was the fact that the half of Africa that had been glassed by Ship Master R'Tas and the Covenant Separatist Fleet that came to their aid during the battle to keep the Flood in check was NOT glassed at all….in fact….it was the same as before.

"Something is not right here…."

Cortana herself nodded as she scanned the area below them while managing to hack into a nearby orbiting satellite and have the device scan the surface of Africa.

"You're right….the city of New Mombasa or even the glassed areas aren't there anymore, there's no trace of the glassing that we normally see in a Covenant use of plasma bombardment. Something is not right at all here."

The pair flew the Longsword a bit more and when they knew that they could no longer stay in the area, they headed back to the Dawn, along the way, they discussed their situation that they were in, clearly something was going on here, but they needed to set up a base of operations to gather intel, and the only chance they had was to head to Earth itself, the two then decided to see if they could salvage from the ship, take what they could and activate the self destruct sequence to make sure no one found the vessel after purging the database of sensitive materials and information as par the Cole Protocol, but not before Cortana made sure to keep any relevant information for cross referencing once they set up shop.


Months later…

The Spartan walked through the corridors of the cave in the Alaskan Mountain range that he and Cortana located, they had now converted into a base that mirrored the base in his reality known as the Crow's Nest, only in this case, it was not as old as the base in question. He had been able to salvage as much as he could from the Forward Unto Dawn along with the Robotic Rovers, before activating the self destruct sequence on the Dawn's fusion reactors to destroy the now desiccated ship to prevent it from being discovered while removing the Shaw-Fujikawa Trans-light Engine to prevent such a device from being destroyed, it could prove helpful to him if it was still intact though he would have to deal with the fact that it would no longer be of use to him, he had managed to get the device out and transported it to his new base with the aid of the Pelicans and the recovered Albatross Heavy Transports that were there and took the device deep into the cave system that he created using some explosives to make an entrance into the cave system, he did so without compromising the cave system's integrity. He then created an inner chamber at the bottom to store the device to keep it safe from anyone finding it.

The cave system he found was huge, and had a good deal of things going for it as a prime base site for the Master Chief, it was able to be connected to several abandoned mining tunnels that he could use as entry and exit areas from the base itself, plus it had several large caves that could be used for different purposes, and it had access to a very large self sustaining water supply which he could use in a variety of ways, he also made sure to create piping to allow the water that was not going to the water supply to flow out naturally to the valley.

As soon as he got all that he needed, he and the Robotic Rovers began to construct the base while keeping well below the radar of most people due to Cortana's hacking into orbiting satellites and creating ghost images in their systems to mask his presence. By salvaging as much of the Dawn's components as he could including sections of the Titanium A Armor plating, as well as the Vanadium Steel and TR Steel, he used the Titanium A plating to reinforce key defensive points in his new base while using the Vanadium and TR Steel to act as supporting frames throughout the cave system and tunnels along with his supplies of Instacrete, this would give the cave complex he had converted into his new base of operations extra support and integrity. The wiring that he salvaged would also help spread power all over the area while he also installed special security measures to make sure that his base was not suddenly visited by unwanted visitors.

The Spartan also used Instacrete and Titanium A Plating to create Combat barriers in important choke points in the base itself, he could man some of the check points but the others were covered by a number of AIE -486H Heavy Machine Guns, M68 Gauss Cannons, M247 General Purpose Machine Guns, several strategically placed Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifles that were hooked up to the base's power supply to provide unlimited power, and a number of LAU-65D/SGM-151 Missile Pods that were linked to the base's security stations and manned by Cortana herself.

The main entrance and exit area of the base led to the valley itself and a good distance away was a road that was frequented by civilian traffic and since the area appeared to be abandoned by humanity, there was little to no human activity in the area as well so he only had to worry about animal activity in the area.

He also placed special doors that were controlled electronically into key entrances made from Titanium A, TR and Vanadium Steel with the outer doors colored to match the rock surface and have it act as ways to keep nosey people out of his hair as well as making sure that no one got the drop on him too early. For security purposes, the base was surrounded by small cameras that were hidden away as well as highly advanced Motion Trackers, the same kind used in his MJOLNIR Mark VI, they also had the data coming in from the hovering satellites that were in their area as well as Cortana hacking into all known scanning systems.

This would give the base considerable defense and security as well as the Master Chief reinforcing key points when he was needed as he had made sure that his new base would have quick access ladders as well as lifts that he personally constructed. He was not alone as the number of Robotic Rovers that he had salvaged from the Forward Unto Dawn were there to help him in his work

The salvaged Deuterium Fusion Cores that he had with him would provide power for all of the base's system and equipment, he shielded the power stations he constructed by salvaging as best he could the Lead Foil of the Dawn to shield the base from the radiation being released as well as prevent scanners from picking up any trace radiation emitted by the Fusion Cores. The Master Chief also used the technology he had to build a bank of at least four Hydrogen fueled reactors that took him a while to make to provide a secondary source of power to the base and would avoid making radiation to make sure that he preserved as much of the Lead Foil as possible at the moment. UNSC Reactors were all using Hydrogen as fuel to provide power as they no longer used fusion power except in their ships as hydrogen technology was advanced enough to provide clean and non polluting power for all bases and cities.

The one reactor that the Master Chief had cooked up was not as heavily advanced and was not as large due to the size of the base, but it would do the job it was made for, and with a good supply of water, the base would remain operational for a long time. The Master Chief also had been busy with providing fuel for the vehicles that he had been able to salvage from the Dawn, they were not much, but they were all that he had at this time frame.

As time went on, the Master Chief also got help from Cortana to repair the damages to the MJOLNIR Mark VI as some of the emergency supply pods that he got from the Dawn also included repair and replacement parts for the Powered Assault Armor, and due to Cortana checking the MJOLNIR's inner systems, the Spartan was able to do most of the hand work to get his MJOLNIR back to full power and function, allowing Cortana to transport herself back into the armor without touching her Data Chip as well as bringing back the shielding system of the Mark VI from before.

The Spartan also managed to get the extra equipment to make more ammunition from the supply pods as well as extra crates of ammunition as well as the components and materials to making more of the rounds he knew he would be needing in the possible future, the rest of his gear were all stored away as he had made several storage chambers in the cave system that were secured well and had weapons, equipment and ammunition in them for him to reach well and use if the time came. So far the vehicles he had included the Longsword, several Pelicans, the Albatross drop ships, medium sized group of Warthogs of all variants, a pair of Mongooses, and at least four Scorpion Tanks. Along the way, they were able to make a pair of Riemann Matrix with what information they had as well as equipment to extend her operational time frame. The pair of Matrix were somewhat crude but they worked perfectly so she was going to be all right for the time being.

As soon as he arrived at one of the large main caverns that made up the base, he spotted Cortana smiling at a nearby large monitor and watching what appeared to be some sort of television show that had a pair of men talking about something, both men wore glasses yet were different in appearance and considering what he was looking at, they were different as well in attitude. They did make Cortana laugh a bit more though as he spoke to her.

"What's this?"

"A show called Mythbusters, I ran into it a few days before and I've managed to download all the seasons they make, and it's rather entertaining."

"I can see that."

As soon as the show ended, the Master Chief relaxed himself and then looked at Cortana who was there on the Holotank he had been able to salvage from the Forward Unto Dawn along with all the needed communications equipment and more that he knew they were going to need while they were here in this new world. He was happy that she was still with him though he didn't show it, it had been an hour after he had done a full scale perimeter check on the area that was now his home in this new dimension.

It was still hard for him to wrap the idea of this Earth not being the Earth that he left behind in what was by far the hardest battle in his career as a Spartan. He had been given a very broad and effective education as a young man back on Reach, but he knew that in that time, even Déjà agreed that the idea of alternate space and realities were still too high in theory to be real.

He placed that aside and spoke to Cortana.

"How are you feeling?"

"Better, it's been some time since I got the chance to relax a bit. How about you, how are you holding up on your end of the stick John?"

"I've been better, how was your hacking into the satellite networks for more information?"

"Piece of cake....the firewalls in those systems are so easy to break into, I could gather all the data in the world and still have plenty of space to use."

The Spartan was a bit worried about that as he hoped that Cortana would not fry her life span with too much data already.

Cortana noted that and gently smiled at her long time partner and protector.

"Don't worry about me, I'm all right, the data is so small that I don't have to worry too much about things, not to mention that the extra upgrades I got before I got stranded in High Charity from Dr. Catherine have given me extra operation time and the two new if somewhat crude and basic Riemann Matrix we made gave me extra time to at least be operational for another ten or twenty years."

John smiled beneath his helmet and decided to ask her on just what she was able to learn about this new Earth they happened to have landed in, he had no doubt that she was going to do fine in her own fashion, but he was the kind of person who was very meticuloius in terms of details so it was better that he found out more for sure.

"What did you find?"

"You were right, this isn't OUR reality to begin with, John, just about everything we know in...our reality doesn't exist here. The Rain Forest Wars, the Mars Colonization, all of the events leading up to the development of the Shaw Fujikawa Slipspace Drives, the Odyssey being launched out, the Insurrection War, even the contact with the Covenant, all of the things we know... all it never happened here in this world, humanity here had not gone beyond even Mars yet. It's still rudimentary space travel; they even still use nuclear reactors and use oil to power all of their vehicles. It's all early 21st century tech and they still seem to have not gone to using hydrogen fuel cells though there are some vehicles that use hybrid power systems."

"I see....so what kind of government are we talking about here?"

"Well, we have the regular governments in different countries, Africa might not be glassed but it's not fully developed, the Koslovics and the Frieden aren't about, the UN of the older centuries still exist, Democracy, and the other government systems are still in place. That's what I can figure out so far. The good news is that the majority of the supplies we might need like ammunition can be found here and some of the more exotic ammunition we have can be made here with the right supplies so we can hold out for a while, though we will have to keep the Covenant weaponry we have with us on standby. However, there are two organizations we might have to keep tabs on."


"One is the group called Cobra."

John shook his head at that and spoke.

"What sort of group calls itself after a snake?"

Cortana shook her head and activated a nearby monitor system to show the Spartan what she found and the first was the blood red symbol of the said organization.

"This group is a very well funded and armed para-military slash terrorist organization led by a man calling himself Cobra Commander. As far as I can figure this man leads his forces to try to rule the world and reality we happen to have graciously landed in. As far as I can tell, they have a very wide network of cells all over the world, agents in law, corporate business, politics, you name it. They've got some serious military might as well as political and economic muscle and their forces are comprised of the worst humanity has to offer...the malcontents, the disillusioned, the angry, the greedy, the power hungry, the mercenaries, the criminals, the maniacs, the slave traders, the drug kingpins, the thieves, you name it, they're all here."

The Spartan didn't like that in the least and spoke out to his companion and long time partner.

"Sound like a real fun bunch."

"No kidding, as far as I can piece together, they have done everything, weapon smuggling, human trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal weapons research, inhumane treatment of living things. They even supposedly developed some sort of device to take command of animals and tried to use them to cripple the whole world economy. Apart from this Cobra Commander, there's also a number of leaders who specialize in several key areas of the group's organization ladder."

"There's this man named Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV or rather Destro, he apparently owns a powerful family owned arms manufacturing empire and funds Cobra with a number of covert weapons as well as supplies, he's got a seriously odd deal with their leader since he actually can insult and attack the man. There's also the Baroness, her real name's Anastasia Cisarovna or also known as Anastasia DeCobray , she might be attractive, but she is ruthless and serves as head of Cobra's Intelligence and Infiltration forces, and she's not a bad shot either, according to the files I dug up, there seems to be something brewing between the two of them. The next is Dr. Mindbender...apparently this piece of work specializes in Psychological reconditioning and mind control, along with genetics research, weapons development, cloning and cybernetics. This makes him the top scientist and head of Cobra's weapons research and development teams. The next one is Major Bludd, a field Commander and Cobra Commander's trusted soldier, and he's a mercenary and hangs out only because they pay him well. The next are Tomax and Xamot, they appear to be twins and mirror images of each other, and they have something called the Corsican Syndrome where one can communicate with one another as well as work in sync despite distance, the trade off is that one feels the pain of the other. They are the leaders of the Crimson Guard and also happen to run a business enterprise named Extensive Enterprises to fund as well as give legitimate safe guards for Cobra, they were mercenaries as well as financial geniuses who joined Cobra at first chance. The next one is Zartan, he serves as Covert Ops and infiltration specialist, skilled with several languages as well as being a ventriloquist, martial arts expert, archer, and leads a group called the Dreadnoks."

"Who are they?"

Cortana revealed the data to John quickly as she showed the data she gathered on this bunch.

"They were a simple Biker gang before Zartan took over and mold them into a force that has crude, unconventional, and odd methods to their fighting style, though they are effective. They were hired for the promise of easy money from Cobra and graduated from wrecking property and people's lives to being guns for hire. There were three to start with under Zartan's command the first is Harry Nod or Ripper as he is called, a Tasmanian youth with a criminal record long enough to reach from the UNSC HIGHCOM Building to Melbourne, the next is a former left wing Cambridge professor named Richard Blinken-Smythe or Dick Blinken, he goes by the name Buzzer, apparently he had tried to study biker gangs and became part of them himself, and the other was Tom Wilken, a former Borstal reform youth and Merchant Marine with a penchant for torches."

"Their group expanded to include a number of other characters, namely Zartan's brother and sister, Zandar and Zarana respectively, the brother is also an expert in stealth and trickery and is quite able to blend into the crowd. Zarana is just as gifted as her two siblings as well as being a skilled fighter and actress. The last two include Bill Winkie, a self proclaimed explosives nut job who makes his own bombs as well, and the last is a spoiled rich kid named Thrasher who uses his own ride for battle."

The Master Chief took in all that information and decided to place that aside for later, he then directed his attention to the leader of this group in question.

"What of their leader, what did you dig up on him?"

Cortana showed his file.

"This guy's an ego maniac to the core but has some level of intellect and ruthlessness, perfect for the man who leads such a group. He's gone and done some really off the wall schemes to gain power over the world, but he's failed a lot of times as well. This guy's persistent and I can bet that despite his antics, he is dead serious about ruling the world. He might also be hiding his own inner ability by acting like an idiot and coward, but that's till up for debate."

"I see...I take it that his group's got opposition?"

Cortana nodded and revealed just who the organization was that fought with Cobra.

"This is the G I Joe Team, apparently they were formed by the United States as a special mission force to counter terrorists, namely Cobra itself. As a covert action force they take only the best members of the armed forces from both the US and it's allied countries. This includes even the K-9 forces and also those who have talents that would make them effective soldiers in combat despite not having some needed military credentials "

"They were under the leadership of several high ranking officers, one is General Clayton M. Abernathy, he goes by the name of General Hawk and he's got the resume to go with it as well, the next is First Sergeant Conrad S Hauser, or Duke, he's got an excellent field record and is the kind of leader the men respect a good deal, though it seems he's in a bit of a relationship with one Shana M. O'Hara or known as Scarlett, she is an expert of martial arts with her family being a group of black belters and has good brains in her head along with a degree in Law, she is still as in Intelligence operative and uses specialized crossbow bolts for her crossbow. And the last is Warrant Officer Dashiell R. Fairborne or Flint, a member of the Ranger Special Forces, too mellow and laid back, yet the kind of soldier that can bring the goods on the table. Odd thing is, he's supposed to have a relationship with one Staff Sergeant Alison R. Hart-Burnett or known by her codename of Lady Jaye, she serves as Covert Ops expert to the G I Joe forces and seems to be quite the smart one and a good fighter as well as a javelin user."

As John read the data on the G I Joe roster, he filed those away for later thought; his focus was on how he was going to survive in this universe without getting too much attention. He knew that since he had no funds to speak of, he was very much in the red line in terms of economic muscle and despite the obvious fact that the technology here was below the UNSC standard, he still might need supplies and the like to make it through until they were able to find a way to return to the world though how that was going to be possible was still something he would have to work on. He then spoke to Cortana to voice out his thoughts.

"If we're going to be here for a while until we can somehow head back to our reality, we're going to need funds and supplies."

The smart A.I grinned at that as she replied.

"I thought ahead of that Chief, I've managed to locate the bank accounts of a large number of criminal groups, namely the Italian Mafia families, the Russian Mafia, the Yakuza, and the Triads as well as several other high profile criminal groups along with several corrupt corporate leaders, politicians, arms dealers, and the usual riff raff. I also sent the information of their activities and agents in society to the key officials so they will have something else to worry about."

"Just how much did you swipe from them?"

"At least seventy billion dollars so money is not an issue for the two of us at the moment, I've also set up a set of identity papers for you so you will have an easier time in blending in as well if you decide to check out the rest of the land. I've taken the liberty of getting as much of the geographical data in our area as well as the routes used in official maps and unofficial ones that will lead out of here and into the roads frequented by civilian movement. As for supplies, I have stated that a number of the ammunition types our UNSC weapons need are here and some can be made with the equipment we have as well as the supplies and tools we can buy, though the Covenant Weaponry is out of the question."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah, I've also managed to determine that this world has limited amounts of raw titanium so we might have to salvage from junk yards and refine them to be up to standard and we can at least travel to deep space and catch some meteors that might be containing titanium every now and then, gather what we can and have it processed and refined to make proper Titanium A. Apart from that, they do have the knowledge of rudimentary teleportation technology working though the data is apparently hidden away, I have accessed most of the data but it won't do us much good until we can be able to make a ship needed to make the Slipspace jump and without any way to fully replicate the Slipspace jump that somehow sent us here….we're going to be here for quite a long time."

The Master Chief nodded at that as he knew that he was going to be in for quite the long haul in terms of getting things done, but he was already used to it and well trained for that sort of thing. He also happened to be quite capable in his own right since he was more than just a skilled Spartan. Like all Spartans, he had received a top class education not just in UNSC military tactics, strategy and the like, but also mathematics, science, history, and more. Coupled with his abilities, this made the Master Chief quite the prodigy in all ways so he would be all right on his own.

"All right, we're going to have to adapt here until we find some means to return to our reality, any suggestions Cortana?

Cortana grinned and replied.

"For one thing, you might want to consider not wearing the MJOLNIR Mark VI when you go out to nearby towns or the like."


Cortana shook her head a bit and replied gently.

"Look big guy....I know you Spartans have reservations in losing the MJOLNIR since you've all worn those all your lives, but you do realize that we don't exist here, and walking around in that is bound to get attention ."

John nodded at that as he knew Cortana had a point.

"Fair enough....so I take it I have to wear UNSC regulation clothes?"

"No...I was thinking more on the lines of civilian wear, you might not stick out like a sore thumb with the MJOLNIR gone, but you will still get a lot of attention if you're in military garb, I know that it's a bit much, but we have to avoid getting the wrong kind of attention. If we get the attention of too many people, then things are going to get rather hairy around here. Besides, considering where we came from and what we have here in this place already, then it's a sure bet that we're going to be in trouble especially if Cobra decides to look for us."

The Master Chief nodded at that, considering the vast amounts of data Cortana had on her, as well as the technology in his vehicles, equipment and most of all the MJOLNIR Mark 6 itself, then if Cobra got their hands on him and the A.I it would give them a massive set of quantum leaps in terms of weapons technology, firepower, weapons design and the like. Cortana was not just armed with the data of the UNSC's most guarded secrets, but also that of the Covenant and who knew what would happen to this reality if she was captured. Also, since she was armed with the memories of Dr. Catherine E. Halsey herself due to being created with a Flash cloned brain of the woman who founded both the Spartan II Program, oversaw the creation of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor series, as well as the creation Smart , this made her a very tempting target for not just Cobra but other organizations with dark agendas, making her safety top priority.

He knew that in this reality, the UNSC didn't exist in the least but his duty still stood, he was designated as Cortana's protector and partner, he would not let anyone get their hands on her, both as his duty and his personal promise to his friend Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson when the man died in the replacement Halo Ring. This also forced him to think over on what he learned of the organization known as Cobra, he knew that this group were going to be a serious threat to the security of the world and were terrorists….the kind of enemy he had been originally trained to fight, and the same could be said for the rest of his Spartan brothers and sisters.

Originally, the Spartan II Program that he was part of was created to serve as a covert action assault force that would quell insurrection and rebellion in the UNSC Colonies. When the UNSC founded the colonies that were named as the Outer Colonies, they had to deal with the growing problems of ideological differences, the bad effects of colonial bureaucracy, and more had spawned the Insurrectionist Movement, it started with peaceful demonstrations at first, but then as time passed, more violent actions happened as the leaders of the Insurrection began to use terrorist tactics to get their ends. The UNSC responded with military action and while there were some successes, the civilian death toll along with military losses made things difficult, and more dangerous as the Insurrection became more organized and deadly, this forces the leaders of the Office of Naval Intelligence or ONI to suggest the creation of a covert ops strike force that would quell the Insurrection cells and organizations before they would get enough forward momentum to be a threat, cutting down the cost to both lives and property both civilian and military if large scale military options were used constantly. It was Dr. Catherine E. Halsey herself that started the program, starting with the need to select candidates who were already gifted with the right gene qualifications and be in a certain age, which he fit into well enough when he was found by the doctor and then lieutenant Jacob Keyes. The candidates had to be taught military values, tactics, strategy and more at a young age so they would be raised into being career soldiers.

The creation of the MJOLNIR series was in parallel to the Program, allowing soldiers to carry ordnance and firepower no regular soldier could bring into battle without considerable cost in terms of logistics and transport, as well as give them top of the line protection. This required the subjects to be augmented heavily to be able to use the powered assault armor that would become their most recognized trademark.

The Spartan II project was kept in total secrecy due to the highly unethical standards that were placed on it. The children, including him were taken and replaced with Flash Clones as they lived their lives on Reach, training under the watchful eye of Chief Petty officer Franklin D. Mendez and Dr. Catherine, the two of them became like mother and father figures to both him and the other Spartans as they held them in high regard.

They were then subjected to the Augmentation Procedures that would only leave thirty-three of them alive, thirty others dead, and twelve others washed out due to the complications that came with the Augmentations.

They fought initially with the Insurrection but when the Covenant came on the scene, they all turned from being used to quell rebellion and terrorism, to fighting a much deadlier threat to all humanity.

He had fought the Covenant for years since, and now in this reality, it seemed that he would have to be dealing with human terrorist groups, as if he was going back to the core reason he became a Spartan in the first place. He disliked killing fellow humans, but he knew the difference between right and wrong, as per his training under Mendez who taught him the value of knowing why he was fighting. He cared for humanity despite the fact that there were those in the UNSC such as the officers, Marines, and the ODSTs who considered him and his fellow Spartans inhuman freaks and the like.

But that love for humanity didn't extend to terrorists and considering what he knew of Cobra and the crimes they already committed in this reality, it made him all the more determined to keep them from ruling the world, even if it was not his, for now however, he had to build his power base as well as keep Cortana out of danger. He then turned to Cortana and replied.

"Don't worry, I am not going to let them get their hands on you."

Cortana smiled at that, she knew John, when he made a promise, he would keep it no matter what, his rescue of her in the Flood infested Covenant city of High Charity was proof of that.

"Thanks, so what about G. I Joe?"

"We'll keep out of their radar for now, we still need to lay low until we get everything squared away, once that is done, then we can worry about them. They may be the good guys in this reality, but let's not just join up yet. Besides that, we might need to prove to them that we're on their side, they might mistake us for a Cobra group."

The UNSC Smart A.I nodded approvingly at her protector's quick thinking.

"Good call, in the mean time, I think we're going to have to get you some clothes, plus a good ride, I can't have you riding into any town or city on a fully armed Warthog. By the way…"


"I also downloaded a number of files on cooking."

"What for?"

"We don't have enough supplies of MREs you know…so we're going to have to hunt, gather, or grow what you need for sustenance as well as buy supplies, so learning how to cook will be important for you John."

The Spartan shrugged and decided to get to work on a kitchen facility in the base for the time being and later do as Cortana suggested.


Days later…

The Master Chief was bare of his MJOLNIR Mark 6 as well as his trademark MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle at the moment and wearing a simple set of black jeans, a long sleeved blue cotton shirt, the Master Chief then chose simple boots that were vaguely military, he had been able to remove the roll cage of one of the M831 Troop Transport Warthogs and colored it to be black with silver highlights, making it look less threatening and less military, though he had no doubt he was still going to get attention since the Warthog was not exactly something everyone sees every day.

The Warthog series used a specially designed engine which was a 12.0 liter liquid cooled hydrogen-injected ICE engine. This engine in this reality was considered to be highly futuristic as it was an engine system that didn't rely on fossil fuel to function; instead it was able to convert any form of water, be in salt, fresh, or brackish into hydrogen which was then used as fuel due to the Graf/Hauptman solar/saline actuator, and the hydrogen was allowed to burn efficiently due to a specially made synthetic carbon/silicone catalyst to have better fuel consumption. This allowed the vehicle to be fueled easily when it finally consumed it's fuel after reaching it's maximum range of 790 kilometers or 490 miles.

This and the fact that all UNSC vehicles used variants of the same hydrogen fueled engines, made the Warthog he was driving a quantum leap in vehicle designs and would be considered as future replacement for all forms of vehicles of lighter categories. The Warthog was rigged with a special DNA and fingerprint scanner that only accepted the stored DNA and fingerprint information and would activate the vehicle, this would keep anyone from trying to take the vehicle when the Master Chief left that behind to get what he needed for the time being.

With everything squared away for the day, the Master Chief quickly began to get into the ride while making sure to have a good amount of money that he would need in getting a the first handful of supplies that he needed. There was a fairly large city at least five to ten miles from his current location and one of the mountain range's tunnel entrances was close to a nearby road that would soon lead to the city in question.

As he got onboard, Cortana appeared on the Warthog's COM system with a smile on her face.

"You ready to see the world John?"

The Spartan merely nodded efficiently and replied.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Good, and try to keep on the low end of things all right big guy? We're to lay low after all."

John nodded and gunned the engine and soon was off…he got to drive in one direction of the cave complex tunnels which was smoothened with a covering of Instacrete, and Titanium A plating to a nearby rise and soon was going through a lighted section of the tunnel, this kept on for half an hour until he arrived a door that soon slid away to the side and he activated his Warthog's lights, allowing him to see what was before him, he then arrived right at the mouth of the tunnel as he shut off the lights as the light from the cave was stronger now so there was no need for him to use the lights of his vehicle.

As soon as he was out of the cave, he quickly used the Warthog's built in map system and headed for the city's direction while checking the fuel supply to be sure that he had fully fueled the Warthog to the full tank, assured that he had once he checked the fuel gauge readouts he headed off to the city, to keep to being disguised as a civilian, he couldn't carry any form of weapons that he normally used in combat but he was all right with that, considering his enhancements as a young Spartan growing up and all the years he spent fighting the Covenant and the Flood, he was more than able to handle himself.

Of course he had to remember to keep his enhancements away from being seen, while there was no way that anyone would be able to understand his augmentations, that certainly didn't mean that the current medical technology couldn't detect the augmentations on his body. That was something that Cortana brought to his attention as he had gotten ready to leave this day to go and get supplies for the base in this case, the supplies were food. On the back of the converted Warthog were several storage crates where he could store his supplies, along with magnetic plates on the back to hold the crates into the back of the Warthog.

As he arrived at the city, he made sure to check the speed limit and kept his Warthog in the exact speed, however, already he was getting stares from the people as several pedestrians who were walking nearby stopped as they gazed at him and the Warthog, the stares were those of awe and surprise, as well as appreciation and confusion as like Cortana and he suspected, even if the Warthog hid it's military themed colors, the fact that it's kind was unheard of, it was going to get stares, a nearby jeep carrying a number of college students, most being female stopped next to his when he stopped at a nearby traffic stop, the women were looking at the ride and him as well as he happened to be rather handsome despite the fact that he had his hair in a still present military hair cut, and his skin being pale.

"Hey there handsome….that's some ride you've got."

John turned and looked at the woman who spoke to him; she had the look of a popular girl about her due to her face, the figure, and her blonde hair which was cut at the shoulders. The same could be said for her companions who were also of the same gender though the others were a brunette , the other was a red head and the last was dark haired. All of them were naturally attractive but the Master Chief was more focused on things that were of interest, one of which was how the reaction of their male companions would be to his presence, it seemed that the young men were not too worried though they were indeed checking out his vehicle. He then replied to the woman's comment in the most efficient way he knew how.


The women looked at the Spartan, admitting that he was rather attractive despite the pale skin and some of the scars that he had there as he had deep brown eyes and a serious yet calm nature about him, the kind that spoke power and authority, and when coupled with good looks was a potent package.

However, before things could get any further, the light changed and since John was going elsewhere, he was soon out of sight. As soon as the Spartan was out of sight he sighed, dealing with civilians was not something he liked doing. He had limited contact with civilian members of the colonies in the UNSC, usually when he met civilians, the vast majority of them were shell shocked from seeing the destruction of their homes and live. That was why dealing with civilians was not something that he was good at, though he hoped that didn't mean that he was going to act unwisely.

As he crossed the road and spotted what he recognized to be a large market, he headed to the parking lot and parked his Warthog, however, he scanned the area and spotted a number of people dressed in gang clothes, the punks reeked of trouble and the way they were eyeing his ride made him wary, he would not be surprised that the punks numbering at least a dozen or so would be armed with some weapons. However he was ready for that as he got off his Warthog and headed to get the supplies, of course with the Warthog's security systems he wouldn't have to worry too much.

As soon as he walked to the mall, his soldier's eyes gazed at the nearby reflection and he saw that the punks left their own ride and were making their way to his Warthog, he shrugged for now and headed off to gather the supplies he needed. He gathered various meats such as pork, beef, venison, fish, turkey, and chicken, taking a large selection of vegetables as well as fruit, eggs, a good number of cooking items ingredients and more besides, his collection of food stuffs was nearly up to his chest as he pushed the shopping cart.

As much as he hoped that he was not attracting attention, he already was as the cart he had with him had enough food to feed three families for a week and a half, most people stared at him and the mall's staff were surprised, even the most experienced employees were gawking at the Spartan as he made it to the register area. The cashiers looked at the man with shock and it took a while for the Master Chief's orders to be registered as he then took out the large wad of bills that he had with him to pay the food items.

It took quite a while before everything was packed up and he carried the cart to the outside of the mall, however, he could already see the punks who were still trying to get his Warthog, however the expressions of frustration on their faces told him that their attempts to take or meddle with his ride were proving to be futile and he now decided to head back to the Warthog and as soon as he got out of the mall, the punks turned to spot him and apparently were now were having ideas in their head, no doubt they were going to threaten him….bad move on their part in his mind.

As he got closer to his Warthog, the leader of the punks, a massive giant of a man in the usual leathers and pants walked over to him and spoke.

"You the owner of that ride?"

John looked at the man, quickly assessing him, he might have strength but it was not in the same level as his and no doubt he had learned street fighting techniques, not full blown military style training in hand to hand combat. This guy was no threat to a battle trained and hardened UNSC Marine, let a Spartan II. But as he could see at the moment, this man had help so he was going to have some trouble with the cronies. He then replied to the man's question and got ready to deal with the unwanted company.

"I am."

The punk grinned, showing the tongue stud in his mouth and then replied.

"Well then….you mind giving up your ride to me and my crew? Not to mention all your money and all this?"

"And if I say no?"

The punk glared and grabbed John by the front of his shirt, he could tell that this guy was well trained and must be a soldier, but he didn't care, the guy had one sweet ride that would fetch some serious money to any interested buyer once they got past the damn security system, and since he had this much food with him, he must have a lot of money on him so he was going to be a worthy target. Besides, the guy was outnumbered by his eleven other guys so he was going to be easier to deal with.

"Well then soldier boy….we're going to beat the crap out of you and take it anyway!"

That was enough for the men to get out knives, chains, clubs, wooden boards, and lead pipes all of them grinned as they moved around the Spartan, John however was more than ready as the mall personnel were now calling in security. The Spartan then spoke evenly while keeping his gaze leveled on the ring leader.

"I'm giving you a chance to surrender right now."

"Hah! That's a load of crap if I ever heard it! You're outnumbered soldier boy….what are you going to do?"

Bad choice of words…



The Master Chief looked over the last of the punks as they lay sprawled all over the parking lot while the leader was now trying to get away from him by crawling back. The man's once arrogant smirk disappeared as he was now looking at the Spartan in abject terror, and he had pissed his pants apparently due to the massive stains on his pants. Not that he could be blamed as he and many others had seen something that no one had ever seen.

The fight lasted only a minute and a half as John grabbed the man's had and gave it a serious twist, making the man screamed up in pain as he felt like his hand was suddenly gripped in a vice, he cried out in pain as he tried to reach for a knife to fight back, the Master Chief however grabbed his other wrist at high speed and twisted it, making him drop the switch blade quickly in pain. One of the punks armed with a lead pipe tried to hit the Master Chief in the back, but the Spartan quickly moved in fluid motion allowing the leader to take his place as he was now behind the man.

The attacker stopped before he hit his boss, but that allowed the Master Chief to move the leader aside and launch a kick right in the man's stomach, sending him flying back as he coughed out in pain as he landed on the hard ground several feet away in a heap. The leader then got kneed by the Spartan and pushed back to hit the ground hard.

The leader coughed out blood and roared in pain as he glared at the Spartan and shouted to his goons to teach the Master Chief a lesson. The men with wooden boards attacked at the same time, hoping to catch the Spartan off guard with a two sided attack. On a normal foe it would have worked, but not to John as he quickly side stepped the attack of the first aimed at his head, he moved fluidly forward, grabbed the wooden board and without any problem broke it with his other hand while landing a palm strike in the man's diaphragm, knocking the guy down as he crouched in pain. The other one tried to connect with another hit, but the Spartan dodged it and kicked the guy's feet from under him, the man fell forward as the Spartan then raised his fist into an uppercut that connected and sent the man flying into the air head first and landed on the ground hard.

Another pair attacked with knives but they were not going to have much luck in harming the Spartan as the first was quickly disarmed by John in a military style restraining move that caused the first to drop his knife in pain, the other tried to slash John but he avoided it and with some deft maneuvering, sent the first foe's own head slamming hard into the lower chin of the second attacked before he could recover and attack him, he then kicked the first man and sent the two men smashing into a nearby garbage bin with a smack, the others attacked but they were introduced to a world of hurt as the Spartan was a blur of motion, as even without the MJOLNIR Mark VI, the Spartan could achieve a reaction time of 20 nanoseconds, making him move beyond what a normal human could do.

The first got a single punch that stopped him and literally knocked him off his feet and landing in a heap, the other tried to attack but misses and gets an elbow strike to the chest that knocks him back followed by a powerful kick that sent him flying away, Another got his momentum turned against him as his attack missed the Spartan entirely and the Spartan quickly evade him to land a powerful kick to the second attacker's face, sending that guy flying while flipping to avoid the next attack.

The Spartan landed gracefully and launched a powerful backhand to that smashed into the face of the punk and sent him smashing hard into one of his buddies, the one buddy in question moved and unleashed several hard strikes with his weapon but those attacks in the Spartan's eyes were so slow that he could easily spot them, he reacted by grabbing the man's vest and quickly tossed him over his head, landing back first into a nearby garbage bin. The last first four attacked with two knives but the Spartan knocked the knives away and kicks him hard to hit a nearby tree, the Spartan then caught both knives in the air by the lightest part of the knives and fire them right at the man, one knife impaled the man's left shoulder while the last hit just below the crotch of the man much to his shock and relief.

The other four were soon thrown aside as the first two were sent flying through the air as they were punched and kicked with quick speed and power, the two landed right into the hood of two cars and the last pair tried to attack once more like before, but the attacks were quickly turned aside by the Spartan as he quickly evaded them, smashing a punch into the jaw of one, grabbing him quickly by the front of his shirt, smashed him into his comrade, and kicking them to hit the nearby window. The pair smashed through hard and they were out of it.

The fight lasted only a minute and a half and now the leader spoke as the Spartan moved towards him.

"Get away from me!!!!"

The Spartan snorted and replied.

"Get out of here."

The man wasted no time and got up and left, the Spartan then realized that the people in the mall might have called for the police and his sensitive hearing was quick to pick up the sounds of police sirens as well as his enhanced eye sight was able to spot the flashing lights and he decided that he would have to hurry and get out of the area before he was found. He packed up his supplies with great speed and precision into the crates and was soon on his Warthog and on his way out of the city, he managed to evade the patrols of the police and as soon as he was out of the tighter areas of the city he quickly planned out an escape route. He had already studied the map and determined a good route out of the city and head off into the country side.

As he moved through the streets he also made sure to keep slow and move patiently until he was out of the city. He then stopped at a nearby news stand to get a newspaper, it had been ages since the people back in his reality had taken hold of a newspaper as the use of newspaper faded over the years, he looked at the headlines and there was the result of the trials of the various people that Cortana had stolen from, he read the newspaper thoroughly to get as much information as he could get his hands on.

Once he was done with reading the newspaper, he decided to head out and was soon out of the city, he made sure to check the Warthog's scanners and so far he was not being followed, he had a feeling that this night's escapade was going to be known to Cortana once he got back to the base. He wouldn't place it above her to have hacked into the city's internet systems as well as anything that would be of interest to her.

And sure enough, once he got back into the base, parked the and loaded the supplies into a special freezer room, the UNSC A.I appeared to him when he got into the command center and she had an amused and knowing look on her face.

"I thought you were supposed to be incognito? What's this report I got from the police communications network about the report of a fight being started in a mall by a man fitting your exact looks Chief ?"

"It couldn't be help, it wasn't like those guys were going to take a hint."

"True, and considering the fact that the leader's got a track record that the cops know about, they aren't exactly going to be trusting of him, not to mention the fact you have at least half a dozen witnesses to side with you."

The Spartan nodded and showed her the newspaper.

"You made the headlines recently."

Cortana grinned as she looked at the newspaper and couldn't help but reply.

"I guess….at any rate, let's call it a day, I can bet we'll be busy tomorrow though."


The next day…

The Master Chief had just woken up and had breakfast and headed to the training hall to get some exercise done when he was called by Cortana on the holo-tank in the training hall.

"Chief….I need you on the command area."

The Spartan nodded and was soon dressed in regular fatigues as he made it to the command center, he then spoke to Cortana who was currently running through some data reports as well as several maps that showed to him the area of South America. The way that Cortana was looking over the information was more than enough to tell the Spartan that what she was doing was very important.

"What is it?"

"I just got information about a large base that Cobra has built to take over an inactive volcano in the jungles to try and gather diamonds and other precious stones for funding, and it seems they're taking a number of people from nearby villages and towns to serve as slave labor, the Joes found out about it due to some of the slaves escaping and word getting to them. G.I Joe members are already scrambling to get there, from what I can tell from the activity in the Pitt, but after hacking into several Cobra COM systems without raising any alarms, I have found out that Combra's got some sort of radar scramblers in the base as well as a new and improved terrain masking system in the base, similar to the UNSC photo-reactive panel technology though rather crude from I can see, that radar scrambler coupled with the terrain masking technology there in the Cobra base, the Joes might have some difficulty to locating it."

"Let me guess….we give them a helping hand?"

Cortana nodded at that.

"You got that right Chief, I've got one of the Pelicans ready for the mission, I've changed the transponder signal of the Pelican so it would be a routine airline flight, once you're near the area of the base's location for a jungle trek, you'll have to go in via Falcon Wing insertion. I think it would be better if we bring a pair of supply pods to you along just in case we need extra supplies and equipment. It'll have to be fast and hard Chief."

"Right, how big is the garrison?"

"The numbers appear to be a small regiment of Cobra Troopers as well as a small number of heavy vehicles and light vehicles as well as some airborne assets, so far the base itself must be like this since they are confident that the Joes will not find them, I think it's time we shake that confidence Chief."

John nodded as he headed to a changing room and began to get into his MJOLNIT Mark VI, he then underwent the same testing systems as before when he started using the Mark V and then the Mark VI and Cortana had been able to build the shield charging system as well targeting systems. Once he was done he then began to mentally run systems checks on all the core systems and software, after doing so, he went to one of the armories and got out one of his MA5C ICWS Assault Rifles and loaded it with the regular rounds, however the Spartan decided to get out a silencer that could be attached to the barrel as well as a M301 40mm Grenade Launcher attachment along with several packs of Shredder Rounds.

Normally such supplies required the Master Chief to get a Mission Condition Requisition to get the systems, but at the moment he decided to bring what he needed into this mission, as well as a pair of M7S Caseless SMGs with full load outs for covert operations. As soon as he was fully armed, he arrived at the hanger where a pair of Robotic Rovers were now attaching the Supply Pods onto the carrying attachments on the Pelican. Once they were done, the Master Chief turned to get Cortana as she placed the base on lockdown until they got back from the operation as he touched a nearby holo-tank, he then spoke to Cortana via the COM System.

"You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

The two got into the cockpit as Cortana was downloaded into the Pelican's database core and the Spartan then got the Pelican off from the base as he piloted the drop-ship/gunship to South America at full speed. He took it above the cloud cover and it was now emitting a signal of a commercial civilian airliner as the Spartan moved his way to where they were supposed to be. He then spoke to Cortana to get more information on the base itself and what they could work with.

"What's our entry route?"

"There's a river moving near the base area as well as an open valley where we can land. I'll have the Pelican fly away beyond radar range of the base and then have it engage in low flying run to land in the valley, once we're there, we can use the special Lead Foil as well as the specially made photo-reactive panels that we have with us. This should keep the Pelican from being found by anyone."

"Good…what do we have in the pods?"

"Spare weapons and ammunition mostly, some BR55HB SR Battles, SRS99D –S2 AM Sniper Rifles, some MA5C ICWS Assault Rifles, some MREs, Fragmentation Grenades, and a pair of Spartan Lasers. There's also a set of Bubble Shields in here along with a good stock of Damage Packs, Thermite Carbon Cord, Thermite Grenades, and some Sonic and Smoke Grenades."

"Good, but if that base is cloaked, how are we going to get the attention of the G.I Joes?"

"I've already downloaded the base's full location to the Pitt's database under an alias, and also told the Joes that the base will be revealed in three hours, that should be enough for us to do our part."

John nodded as they were soon reaching the area of South America, though he wondered just how the Joes reacted to the data Cortana had just sent them.


In the Pit…

Duke looked over the incoming data as he and Mainframe looked it over as well as Dial-tone, the leader of the G.I Joes wondered just how they got this information without him being called by their intelligence agents. It was not like Duke to throw away a chance to get Cobra, but this information was too fortunate a find.

"Can you find out who sent us this data Mainframe?"

The technology expect of the Joes replied as he did his best to get the location of the source.

"No such luck Duke…all I can say is that this data is 100 percent authentic, whoever got this data was pretty darn good. They only thing I can say is that whoever sent us this data left an alias here, and the alias is the name Durendal."

Duke thought it over and then read the data as he spoke once more.

"Okay, so according to this….Durendal, the base will be seen in three hours?"

"That's about it, I can't find this character, he or she's got some serious skills in computer programming, signal systems…the works."

"All right, Dial-tone, get me in contact with the others as well as Flint and Lady Jaye."

"On it Duke!"


To be continued…


Author's notes:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

So it's now the year 2010…a whole new year with a whole new slew of possibilities… Speaking of which…

This is my latest creation, a G.I Joe Halo crossover, I had this in my coconut for a while now so I decided to commit it to paper before I lost it due to my need to take care of a considerable number of things and situations that has to be done soon before the end of the year. This idea came up months before the Christmas period since I decided to toy with the idea of the Master Chief being thrust into the universe of the Sunbrow cartoon universe of G.I Joe.

Do not worry about VanDread Halo The Second Stage, it is still being produced as we speak so do not think that it will be thrown aside for the time being, and GunDread SEED The Second Stage is soon to be complete as we will be at it's end and a set of new chapters will be added to Naruto Dragon Champion and Naruto Dragon Ascendant.

Anyway….I hope that this will be all right with all the readers, but keep in mind that this is not yet fully developed so this is just the prologue for now.

Once more, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!