Sorry for those who are expecting a surprise chapter in G.I Joe Halo, but this is merely a preview if you will for what is to come once I get back to working on my Halo stories.

This is what everyone should expect once I get working on the next chapter of this fic, and like before, it's merely to help Cobra get better and stronger. This way it should be interesting to see what Cobra will be like when they return.

Now I'm not sure where in the series I saw this, but there was a time that Storm Shadow actually acquired Excalibur and used it unleash havoc on his enemies. Not to mention that episode that dealt with Cobra stealing the DNA of a certain prince in Transylvania who had a VERY unhealthy obsession with impaling his foes. Not to mention a few other episodes that dealt with the occult and a few other things that made me wonder just how that happened.

This has got me to thinking of making the next chapter dedicated to Cobra trying their hands at tampering with the occult. Odd ball to be sure, but it should be fun, and that means that I am crossing in a new addition for the next chapter.

And before you ask, no, this is not dealing with vampires in the least, and therefore, no, there will be no mention of Hellsing on the next chapter…however, I already have a certain someone in mind.


John looked over the file and could not help but shake his head while being accompanied by several BATs wearing Marine BDUs with the usual collection of weapons as before. They were currently moving to another key location in South America. Only this time, they were to prevent a new group causing a serious mess there.

"So let me see if I get this right, we need to get into contact with her?"

Cortana appeared and nodded.

"She's the foremost expert in anything to do with archaeology and also with occult artifacts and she happens to have quite the resume to boot."

"I know, served as an adventurer, mercenary, treasure hunter, explorer, had a stint of running away from the law due to a serious of murders aimed at her. She has exceptional athletic skills, marksmanship, driving skills, skilled in hand to hand combat, weapons and tactics skills, and a load of other talents. If she was born in our reality, she'd make a fine Spartan despite the issues with the upper levels of society."

Cortana nodded.

"Add to that, she was a former member of British royalty and despite being disowned, as it were, she still has contacts with the royal houses and possesses still strong contacts in the military and intelligence community, as well as other shall we say, shadier individuals. And she makes her fortune by selling travel books along with her earnings in her well known work."

The Spartan sighed a bit and replied.

"So I am going to need her help in stopping our latest crisis, kind of hard to be working with someone like her, even though she is not in any way an enemy."

"True…but we need her help to stop those new nuts causing all sorts of havoc, and what better way to stop some new threat coming from beyond a tomb…than getting an Tomb Raider to help us?"

End of trailer…

You read it right, so I hope that this will make you happy for the chapter to come.

And I assure you that it will arrive soon.

Also, will this mean that I will do a Halo/Tomb Raider Crossover in the future? Maybe, I have to admit that while I love Lara Croft and her adventures, it's been a long time since I cracked open a website that dealt with Lady Croft, and I don't know if I have the time, or the ability to do that sort of crossover. I was offered that as a challenge and I will be thinking about it and decided to do this for now. Remember that both Lara Croft and John-117 are icons in their respective worlds, both positive and negative, so it will be hard to make them work together due to their contrasting personalities and origins. Not to mention it will be hard to try to keep them working as one due to their respective skills and abilities.

Still, the idea has merits, and who am I to turn down a delicious idea of a challenge like this?

See you all soon!