Guys….I'm really so above and beyond sorry. So sorry, words cannot even begin to describe it. I have an explanation for the unexpected hiatus on this story and all of my others, which you will hear all about. So, I have had the same laptop for…well forever. It had broken into a million different pieces and I lost everything on it including the assortment of FF stories awaiting for the day I would upload them. It's rather heartbreaking to think about so I'd prefer not to and continue being in denial of the dearly departed. Anyway, I had recently acquired a MacBook for my 17th birthday a few weeks ago and finally figured out how to get a free trial for Microsoft word. Hopefully, I will get back on the bandwagon of fanfictioning and allow you to all witness the stunningly brilliant conclusions to my infinite number of stories on here. Lights drop, dramatic climax in the music, and curtain fall. Okay, sorry that got a bit out of hand.

Anyway, I'll update as soon as humanly possible.