Title: "Regrets"

Author: Kadysn

Characters: Sam's p.o.v.; mention of Dean and Dr. Cara from S&V

Words: 131

Spoiler warning: Episode "Sex and Violence;" Sam's thoughts about Cara, Dean, and his regrets

Disclaimer: They belong to Kripke and Co., not me, and that makes me sad. Very sad.


It was the way she looked at me, the slow sexy smile, the come hither look. It didn't matter that we'd only met a couple days before. The attraction was there, so we acted on it.

We came together--hot, fast and furious--right there against her office's glass wall. It was amazing. She was amazing, and yet, when I walked out an hour later, I never saw her again.

It's not like me to love 'em and leave 'em. That's my brother's M. O. I regret my decision. Not that she and I were together, but in how I ended it.

I have other regrets, and I can't go back and change any of them. Not with her and not with my brother, but I am sorry, though. More than they know.