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Star-Crossed Lovers

First Pairing: SuigetsuHinata, lovingly coined as SoyHina in my head ;P

Theme #73: I Can't

"You're becoming… a nuisance."

He was halfway out the window when he heard her voice—her pure, melodic voice—cut through the drone of endless rain. Suigetsu turned to face her, a curious frown playing on his lips.

"A nuisance, eh?"

His eyes roved over her vulnerable form on the mussed bed—his fingers itched at the thought of ripping away the thin sheet covering her naked body—and came to a stop at the red bites adorning the curve of her ivory neck. He grinned, taking his foot off the window sill, and took a meaningful step towards her.

Her eyes widened slightly at the feral expression on his face, but habit came easily and she shrugged off her outward emotions. "Yes," she affirmed quietly.

Despite her unyielding tone, he saw past the calm facade and caught out the hesitation lining every muscle, every contour of her body. Her normally tranquil pose was tense, her shoulders taut with anxiety, and her pale eyes were clouded with doubt. He was treading dangerous waters, he knew, but Suigetsu couldn't help but take the time to admire the sliver of challenge in her wary gaze.

The temptation was too much—a smoldering question was sent back with a sardonic grin.

"Just like the blonde jinchuuriki, right?"

Pain rippled across her face; agony flashed in her pale lavender eyes. For the briefest second, the stabbing guilt almost forced an apology out of his lips, but the steely glare she fixed on him after composing herself was more than enough invitation to continue.

"You shouldn't speak for your clan, Hinata," he said in a condescending tone. "We both know what we're doing and why we're doing it. Why try to deny it?"

With each word, he took a few more steps forward, keeping his pose languid and casual. Suigetsu ignored the fact that she already knew him well enough to see through the horrible act. And knew she did, her byakugan already activated and focused on him, the penetrating glare stopping him in his tracks.

"You're not leaving, Suigetsu-san," she said in a hard tone—her Clan Head voice, he noted dully. "Until things are clear. For both of us."

"It's already clear," he sneered, giving up his attempt to sneak away like always when she tried to start this conversation. "Crystal clear."

"You don't get it," she said softly, the veins around her eyes disappearing slowly. "Which is why I'm trying to tell you."

He needed to get out of here, he realized dimly. His heart was speeding up unnaturally and his breaths were coming out in harsh pants. Suigetsu wished that Hinata would take the time to notice that his health was suddenly deteriorating—and at a frightening rate at that, he added with a resolute nod—rather than talking about things that he'd rather not discuss right now, or ever. He was debating between voicing his thoughts and just escaping when she spoke again.

"You're becoming… a nuisance," she repeated slowly. Suigetsu almost wished she would continue sending him killing intent rather than the plea they both knew he couldn't resist.

There were too many choices standing before him: a door, a window, a hole in the wall that would take milliseconds to make… His gaze flickered back to Hinata's prone form before returning to his swords leaning against the bed stand.

"My clan…" he tensed at the dreaded word escaping her lips and the soft, almost regretful way she spoke it, "Needs me."

He clenched his fists forcefully, ignoring the water that pooled in his hands as fingernails pierced skin. The air was thick with the unspoken words threatening to spill out his mouth. He was sure she could feel them crawling on her skin, caressing her neck, whispering into her ears…

I need you more.

The unspoken was the unspoken, however, and there was no way in heaven or hell he was going to swallow his pride to justify the selfishness wreaking havoc in his heart.

Something about the unjustness of the whole situation was making his insides boil, though, and the constricting urge to just decapitate someone, to cut apart their limbs as they screamed in agony...

Red blurred the edges of his vision as he ripped off his clothes, flinging his sandals against the wall in frenzy. Suigetsu pounced on the bed, ignoring its squealing in protest, and tore off the blanket covering Kami's sole gift to him—and his greatest curse, he thought with a wry grin.

She inhaled sharply at the cold chill tickling her bare skin. His anger abated for a few seconds as Suigetsu watched in fascination the slow rise and fall of her chest, the uncomfortable crossing of her legs, the sudden hike in her breath... His gaze trailed up her slender neck, past her slightly parted lips, past the slow dusting of pink on alabaster cheeks… and came to a tantalizing stop at her opalescent eyes.

They looked up at him with an almost pitying expression.

The blanket slipped through his fingers as he recoiled from her shivering form. Desire fueled by anger dissipated into nothingness and he slapped a palm against his forehead in frustration.

"Stop," he commanded hoarsely. He forced his eyes shut and spat out his next words without malice. "I get it."

She leaned forward, hesitation and worry coloring her face. "Suigetsu-sa—"

"Don't call me that," he cut in brusquely. He picked up the blanket and flung it at her, sending her a pointed glare when she picked it up questioningly. "It's cold," he explained in exasperation.

The bed creaked as he rolled off the lumpy mattress. He gathered his clothing, dismayed to find that his lavender shirt had a rip running through the back, and strung his swords across his back mechanically.

"Konoha…" she said in a choked voice, "Needs a Hyuuga leader who will help it prosper."

Suigetsu finished wrapping his executioner's blade and released an annoyed sigh.

"I told you already, I get it," he grumbled. "So, stop repeatin' yourself."

He ignored the hurt that flashed across her face and walked towards the open window as a spray of rain misted through it. Suigetsu licked his lips curiously, tasting the fine droplets, and jumped on the windowsill. He ran his fingers across the dripping glass pane, letting water seep into his parched pores greedily.

Rain splattered against his bare arms as Suigetsu observed the scenery outside his window. Their little hotel bordered the small forest that lay at the foot of the Land of Iron's mountain range, and it looked as if the rain was picking up even more in the outstretched lands ahead of him. He mentally calculated the odds that Sasuke would catch up to him and sighed, knowing the pretentious bastard was probably already pitching tent at their mountain base.

"You'll be safe?"

Suigetsu ignored the soft demand in her voice, hidden behind the innocent question she'd posed. Of course, she wouldn't want her 'Suigetsu-san' to be hurt when she left him for her no-good, stupid little—

He swallowed dryly, pushing back the wave of jealousy threatening to surface in him again.


And then he jumped, half-naked, more-than-slightly dehydrated, and with more anger and fury swirling in his chest than he'd started out with that day.

Damn Hyuuga.

"This is a lovely celebration for Hanabi-san's seventeenth birthday, Hinata-sama."

Hinata bowed at the Nara Clan Head's praise, knowing that the glaze in his eyes more than showed his true feelings about the whole sham of a birthday party. Shikaku-sama was never one for upholding social niceties in the first place, she thought with a smile as she turned to attend to her other guests. She scanned the Clan Heads and the random nobles curiously, wondering why she didn't sense Hanabi at all in the surrounding area… She frowned, noting that the likelihood her younger sister had concocted an escape plan days ahead was a frighteningly large possibility.

Just as she was about to alert Ko, a loose scrap of lavender fabric hanging off a lantern caught her sight. Hinata's heart stopped, the passing image of a toothy grin and a challenging leer immobilizing her for the briefest second.


"Ouch! Stop it, you bitch!"

The younger Hyuuga girl sent him a hatred-filled glare, the glint in her eyes promising of even worse things to come. She fulfilled that promise gleefully by jabbing him in the side with her elbow. Numbness instantaneously spread throughout his body as her chakra shorted out a few of his tenketsu.

Suigetsu hefted the handle of his blade with an annoyed grin, bloodlust beginning to build in rapid spikes. "I wonder how much quieter you'd be if I cut off a few limbs, ne, Hyuu—"

"Release her."

He winced, knowing the hard edge to her voice meant that there was no hope in attempting to, Kami forbid, argue back. His grip loosened reluctantly as he turned to face her. Despite being put-out that his chance to get back at the Hyuuga girl was ruined, Suigetsu couldn't help but grin smugly.

"What a place to meet, Hinata."

She blinked once at his casual greeting before shifting backward, her lips pressed together in a firm line. He pouted morosely when he saw that she was sliding into her fighting stance—he absolutely hated fighting against her because she always cheated.

So, in an attempt to divert her attention—or at least that's what he told himself—he flung his sword forward, knowing she'd dodge it, probably, and captured her sleek body from behind in his arms. Suigetsu inhaled her warm scent deeply, ignoring her surprised gasp and half-hearted attempts to shrug him off.

"You know, Hinata," he whispered into her hair, "I think Sasuke kicked me out of Taka."

She stiffened in his hold as the implication of his words sunk in.

"He's cruel, huh? If you had to work with him all the time, had to see his face every day…" Suigetsu snuggled his face into the crook of her neck, not paying attention to the horrified choking going on a few feet in front of him, and tightened his hold on his woman.

"You told me your stupid clan needs you," he murmured against her neck, smirking at how her eyes fluttered shut as his warm breath ghosted over her smooth skin, "But I can't just leave it at that."

She had been slowly relaxing against his body until he spoke; her eyes snapped open and she turned her head to look at him, her lips open as if to protest. He quickly hurried on, not wanting to hear what she had to say.

"I learned something while in Sasuke-sama's company," he said in a mocking tone. "I can't follow orders given to me without getting something in return."

His hold on her tightened almost possessively as he said this, the jealousy and selfishness fighting and winning a vicious battle inside his head. He inhaled shakily when she winced from the pain and loosened his hold slightly. Suigetsu buried his face in her hair and breathed in her scent for a few seconds, trying to calm the raging war in his chest.

"To stay away from you," he said seriously, "In return, I want you."

Hinata twisted in his grip, trying her hardest to release herself. It was with a satisfied grin that Suigetsu watched as her attempt failed, and failed miserably at that. She never could win any of their games, he thought smugly. ...well unless she cheated.

After a few more unsuccessful tries, she finally went limp in his hold and instead laid her head against his body as a short sigh escaped her lips.

"You know you're being… unreasonable," she mumbled tiredly against his shoulder.

"Aren't I always?"

She was quiet for a few moments before she slowly nodded. Suigetsu didn't miss the faint smile on her lips as she did so, though. He grinned at his victory, making sure the gagged and tied-up Hyuuga girl was watching as he pressed his cheek lovingly against her nee-san's.

"So I guess that means we can't let tonight be uncelebrated, ne, Hinata?"

He watched her cheeks color rapidly at the many implications his words held and chuckled as he nipped her collarbone with his teeth, allowing himself to finally relax after weeks and weeks of utter torture, with Sasuke taking the place of number one bastard.

Muffled shrieks broke through the vague peace clouding his mind, but his hold on Hinata tightened even more firmly. He smirked sadistically, wondering if he should put on even more of a show for the unfortunate Hyuuga sister.

Why yes, of course, he thought gleefully.


And again, the theme is: I Can't

Hope you enjoyed :)