A blare of car horns and the sound of screeching tiers filled DiNozzo's ears as he clung to his seat for dear life, his partner was sitting happily beside him in the drivers seat with a steady gaze on the road ahead of them. They were speeding down the freeway at 80 mph headed to a distress call from one of their safe houses where a potential suspect was being held.

"That was close," Ziva David smiled as she eased her foot off the gas after passing a large semi. Her brown eyes sparkled with excitement as she glanced at Tony who had pulled his feet onto his seat, huddled in a ball. "Stop being such scaredy bat!" She scolded.

"Cat." He corrected into his knees.

"Doesn't matter, it is efficient to drive this fast, we are pursuing a suspect yes?" She turned off onto an exit, the car slowed as they curved onto the highway below. Tony uncovered his eyes to look at her.

"Seeing that we already have the suspect in custody, we shouldn't need to pursue him." He was thrown back in his seat as the car lurched forward again; he winced and covered his eyes back up.

"Tony, please! I don't know where I'm going." Ziva said anxiously as she leaned over to smack the back of his head.

He instantly straightened up. "Hey!" A familiar tingling sensation presented itself on his cranium.

"Directions!" She ordered.

"Next entrance, should take about five minuets, but with your driving maybe three." He shut his eyes once more.

Ziva rolled her eyes. "Oh for goodness sake Tony, focus on a far away non-moving object."

"I can't. Seeing everything at lightning speed is impossible, even for me."

"Well, find something in the car then." Her voice became impatient.

Tony gave in, glancing around the car.

Radio? No.

Kleenex Box? No.

Now melted Berry Mango Madness? No.

Old pizza coupon? No.

Ziva? He stopped.


He cocked his head to one side.

She caught him staring at her. "What?!" She asked as he steadied his gaze.

"Your hair." He trailed off as he leaned over to pull at one of her curls.

She smacked his hand away and shifted uncomfortably feeling his eyes burrowing into her head. "You couldn't find anything else? Really DiNozzo, what's wrong with it?" She demanded.

"No," He said abruptly. "You haven't worn it down in a while…. It's nice." His expression relaxed as she turned to face him.

Ziva smiled slightly "Oh..."

A comfortable silence hovered in the air for a moment longer as they looked at each other. The car behind then honked loudly, Ziva hit the brakes and turned onto the entrance. "Thank you."