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I can't believe it. Edward had ACTUALLY talked me into letting him go. I guess the combination of complete hotness, and my favorite crooked smile just won me over.

Oh well. So now, I'm sitting in a tent. Cold, and my family and BEST friend are fighting out there. FOR ME. THEY COULD DIE. I couldn't control myself. I started sobbing uncontrollably. Then I heard cries and snarls. I got up and examined the room.

"Seth......?" I asked.

"Nope, guess again." Then a cool pair of arms wrapped around me.

"Edward?" I smiled then turned to look to see his eyes. Everything went black.

I awoke in a small room with her. Yes, my personal devil. Victoria. She was standing infront of a Dell laptop. I tried to get up but my hands were wound together with ropes that really hurt. I tried to kick but my feet were bound together too. I was going to scream, but a piece of cloth was in my mouth.

"Hello, dear." Victoria said

I gave her the death glare.

"Oooh, let me guess." She said then rolled her eyes. "BLAHH BLAH BLAH EDWARD BLAH BLAH BLAH I LOVE HIM BLAH BLAH BLAH DON'T KILL ME." She said whilst filing her nails.

"Well, you are going to see him." she said then pointed to the laptop. On the screen it was a empty room, but it was the Cullens House.

"Since you woke up, YOU can call them." She said while undoing my hand ropes and piece of cloth on my mouth and handed me a phone.

"Speed dial number 3." She said the pranced over to the computer.

The phone dialed then rang. And rang, and rang.

"Hello?" The voice of Carlisle answered.

"C-C-Carlisle? I stuttered.

"OH BELLA!" WHERE ARE YOU?" He exclaimed. He put the phone on speaker because it went "click." and I heard Edward screaming in the background.

"Well...uh.....long story." I admitted the Victoria snatched the phone. "Turn on your laptop then go to your webcam." Then she hung up

Victoria tied me back up then put a table cloth over me. I heard Edward. "WHERE IS BELLA?" He nearly screeched.

"Do you really, truly wish to see your Bella?" She said.

"YES!" they all said at once then Victoria removed the table cloth and the piece of cloth in my mouth.

I heard gasps, then Victoria kicked me in the stomach and I screamed in agony.

"Ohh, yes and I brought Mike Newton over here..." She said evily.


What will Mike doo(;

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