Rogue Fox Spare Your Soul
Chapter I

We've all heard the story…
A system falls into peril, and "Average Joe" goes on a quest to save the system… turns out to be a big hero.
Or have we heard the story?
What happens when the very person who vowed to keep the system safe was now the very power that threatens to destroy it?

Lylat is a system scorned by many wars, but in a world where Syxx becomes the biggest threat to the Lylat System who is to stop him? Starfox no longer exists, and when Star Falco's flagship, the Greatfox is taken by a familiar virus, they didn't have to power to overtake the Slayers.

With the (disappearance/death) of Kyla, there is no longer a catalyst to control the true power of Syxx. No one knows for sure how Syxx resurrected the Aparoid virus, or how he learned how to control it, but it was back, and stronger than before. The Lylat System had destroyed the virus once before, but only with the help of Starfox.

But… who was there to stop it now?

The vulpine doesn't want money… he doesn't want fame… he wanted vengeance, and now nothing stands in his way, except the front line defenses of planet Katina, for the grand prize… Corneria.

Krystal wasn't strong enough to stop him… and with Syxx's powers growing greater everyday, she might not be enough. Who will be alive to see the end? Whose soul will be spared?

Welcome to Rogue Fox Spare Your Soul.

Rated T/M
-Censored Language
-Suggestive Scenes