Link Established

By Minstara


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"Hi" – Speech

"*Hi*" - Speech through Link

'Hi' - Thoughts

Now, on with the story!


She could feel them.


Hands of different sizes caressing her body as she lay there on the bed. She tried to see beyond the shadows to identify her companions, but was denied. All she knew for certain was that they were all men. She wondered who they were, how did they all get to this point? She knew she should be worried, but she just couldn't bring herself to be more concerned. As those fingers continued their effort, she let the rest of her worries slip into the fog. Some fingers moved down to her breasts, while others taunted and teased the edges of her center. Two of those fingers entered her and set a rhythm she was eager to emulate.

With each thrust, her body grew wetter, so wet in fact that she barely acknowledged the third finger's presence. "Faster," she pleaded, her voice sounding hoarse even to her ears, "I'm almost..." The fingers complied with her wish, drawing forth a slight moan from her. The other hands decided to join in the fun by pinching her hard nipples and laying feather touches along her inner thighs. The combination of those soft brushes and rough tweaks added to the sensations below pushed her closer to the edge. Her vaginal muscles tighten around those talented appendages and...


Anyssa shot up, her breath coming in fast, faint pants. She pressed her hand to her chest to try to calm her frantic breathing, only to realize that her pajama top was missing. She looked down, noting that it wasn't the only thing missing. She looked around her and there in the tangle of her sheets laid her pajama shorts along with her panties. She gazed around her room and spotted her top, thrown in front of the closet. Her body gave another shiver, though her lack of clothing had nothing to do with it. She felt between her thigh, only to have fingers come away wet. Sighing, she got up, grabbed her pajama top from the floor, tossed it onto the bed with her bottoms, pulled the sheets along with her pajamas from the bed and dumped them in the laundry basket. She grabbed a thin robe from the closet and went to the balcony.

Though summer had just began, the windy night air helped to cool her heated skin. Standing there on her apartment balcony, gazing at the lights of Metropolis, Anyssa felt the remnants of the dream drift from her mind. Unfortunately, she had bigger things to worry about. This was the fourth time this week she'd had that dream. Not a similar dream, but that exact same dream. The first time it had startled her so bad that she had just laid there in the dampness of her sheets. It had taken her a good five minutes to calm herself down. She hoped it would end that night. No such luck. With this latest viewing, there was no getting around it.

She was going to have to talk to the Justice League, more specifically to J'onn. Now, having any contact with the League wasn't something anybody would think about unless there was trouble, and until about a month ago she counted herself among them. That was until her not-so-extraordinary power was shocked into overdrive; psychically joining her mind to that of four members of the Justice League. Though how they made it through it was a story of its own, there was still a lot of mystery surrounding the bond. With these recurring dreams, Anyssa felt that another part of the mystery was slowly coming to light... and that terrified her. She had hoped that the bond wouldn't expand to this degree. Heck, she still hoped it hadn't, but a second opinion couldn't hurt.

"*J'onn, are you there?*" she asked through their link. Even though it was late, Anyssa wasn't surprised by the quick "*Yes.*" from the Martian. He never seemed to sleep, even though he swore to her that he did.

"*Is there anything wrong? You're not usually up this late,*" J'onn stated.

Anyssa quickly replied, "*No, nothing's wrong. What time is it?*"

"*It is 2:53 a.m. in Metropolis.*"

"*Really? I didn't realize... I'm sorry for disturbing you so late.*"

She could almost feel his head shake at her apology. "*There is no need to apologize, gl'ae'da. I was merely sitting here watching the monitors with Hawkgirl.*" Anyssa couldn't help the grimace that she knew was on her face and was happy J'onn couldn't see it.

When she'd been introduced to the rest of the League, reactions were varied. John, the Green Lantern, had been rather indifferent, but polite, though Wally had said that they'd caught him in a good mood. Diana, Wonder Woman, had welcomed her with sisterly warmth. Shayera, Hawkgirl, was a different story. Shayera seemed to hate her from jump, which was something she did not hide very well. Wally tried to explain away Hawkgirl's behavior as it just being her way, but she wasn't convinced. So for the sake of peace, she stayed as far away as she could from the Thanagarian.

Alas, J'onn took her silence for what it was and tried to play mediator. "*You should give Shayera another opportunity to get to know you. She isn't as bad as she seems.*"

"*I'm sure,*" she replied, dryly. When he received no further response, J'onn wisely decided to change the subject. "*What was it you wanted to speak with me about?*"

That one simple question jolted Anyssa back to what drove her to seek J'onn's counsel. "*J'onn, something is going on. I've been having dreams. Dreams that are…*" she halted, embarrassment taking root.

"*Are…?*" J'onn prompted.

"*Very explicit; sexual in nature,*" she rushed out. She could almost see the Martian's brow rise. "*And? From what I understand of humans, sexual dreams are very commonplace,*" J'onn answered.

She could feel herself squirm under J'onn strict logic. "*They can be commonplace, but these dreams are different. They don't feel like they are just wet dreams. They feel like they are calling me or at least calling a part of me. Each night, each dream, takes me deeper. Tonight, I came out of all my clothes without even waking up. I'm scared, J'onn,*" she elaborated. Scared was putting it mildly. She was terrified that this was exactly what it seemed.

She must have been projecting her conclusions too loudly because J'onn replied. "*Expansion of the bond could be an explanation, but not the only one. Stress or lack of sleep could also cause this sense of distance. How long have the dreams been going on? Have you spoken to the others about them?*"

"*Four nights, and no. You're the first. Speaking of the others, are they up there with you?*" Anyssa asked.

Normally, she wasn't one to avoid an issue, but for just a little while… As a diversionary tactic, it was weak, but she hoped that J'onn let it slide. For a minute, she thought that he wasn't, then he said, "*You tell me.*"

The groan that emitted from her throat was one part relief, one part exasperation. For the past few weeks, J'onn has been instructing her in the use of her new mental abilities. Regrettably, he is a hard taskmaster and enjoys making her test those abilities, particularly to answer her own questions. Something that was more annoying than helpful, at times. Well, she asked for the distraction, she couldn't very well complain about it.

Taking a deep breath, she focused on her task. Rather than concentrating on one connection as she was doing to communicate with J'onn, she broadened it to include all the connections. She opened her eyes to see four closed doors. Each door represented one of her bond mates. All the doors were a deep cherry wood. The only distinguishing feature between them was the emblems affixed to the center of each door.

The first door she decided to try had a jewel-shaped symbol, a diamond to be specific. The symbol was colored red and yellow with an S within it. This door belonged to Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, also known as Clark Kent or Kal-El to those that knew him best. Anyssa twisted the doorknob to find that it was unlocked, which meant that Clark was awake. She peeked in and saw Clark sitting at his desk in his apartment; the bed behind him looking as if it hadn't been slept in. The strangest thing was watching words fly around the Kryptonian at such a rapid pace, and Clark not taking any notice. 'He's probably at home writing an article for the Planet,' she concluded. She quickly and quietly closed the door so as not to disturb him.

The second door had a circle-shaped emblem. The emblem was colored red and yellow, the same as the first; however, this insignia was red with a yellow lightning bolt within it. The door led to Flash, one of the fastest men on the planet, better known as Wally West to his friends. She turned the knob, expecting it to be locked since it was so late and, unless it was an emergency, Wally was rarely awake at this hour. The knob completed its turn and Anyssa glanced into the room. The only thing in the room was a bed and Wally laid atop it. The lighting in the room was dim and a dense mist covered the area, which meant only one thing. Wally was asleep and hadn't bothered to lock the door to his mind. She and J'onn had talked to him about it several times, but he always said it didn't matter. His logic was that since she and others were the only ones able to get in and since he 'didn't have anything to hide' there was no point in locking up. 'One of these days, I'm going to peek in and see something I don't want to see. If that happens, Wally won't hear the end of it from me,' she promised herself as she closed Wally's door behind her.

The third door bore a red, x-shaped crest. This door led to the Martian Manhunter, the last Martian, known simply as J'onn J'onzz. Since she knew where he was and particularly who he was with, Anyssa skipped that door.

The last door bore a simple bat design. The design was colored a basic black. Anyssa turned the knob, half expecting to be locked even though she knew that its occupant was far from slumber. To her surprise, the door was unlocked. She glanced in was greeted by darkness, but considering the occupant it was to be expected. Not seeing the aforementioned occupant, Anyssa stepped further into the room. As she continued forward, her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she could see a lone chair in front of a grey computer screen. The shriek of bats echoed around her.

"What are you doing here this late, Anyssa?" a voice close to her right ear questioned. Startled, she looked behind her to see no one there. Her gaze returned to the chair, which was no longer vacant. The man sitting in the chair wore dark slacks with a dark blue dress shirt, his fingers steepled. There were times when Anyssa still couldn't believe that the man in front of her was Batman, known to all of Gotham City as Bruce Wayne.

Anyssa put on an innocent smile and said, "Hi, Bruce. What are you up to?"

"Confirming information about a gun shipment coming into Gotham," he answered. Then he raised an eyebrow and not missing a beat, asked, "Well?"

She shrugged, and replied, "I couldn't sleep."

"Or rather her sleep was interrupted," a voice answered from behind Anyssa. She turned around to see J'onn materializing into the mindscape, something that wasn't supposed to happen.

Anyssa folded her arms over her chest and gave the Martian her best annoyed look. "You know I hate when you guys do that."

The 'that' was something Anyssa called keyriding. The best explanation was that their link worked as a hub, allowing the others to communicate with each other; however, those channels had to be open or unlocked for the communication to take place. Even if the channel was locked, unless the occupant didn't want to be disturbed, any of guys could get through by simply asking for permission, essentially knocking. Her access was slightly different. Since she basically was the hub, she could open any of the channels, whether they were locked or not, akin to a skeleton key. Unfortunately, unless she locked the channel behind her, any of other guys could ride in after her. Hence, the term 'keyriding.'

Though it had the potential to be useful in emergencies, Anyssa hated it because it basically allowed the others to spy, taking away what little privacy they had. Once they had discovered that little quirk of their link and Anyssa's hatred of it, it became an unspoken agreement to not intrude, though she had caught Wally once (something that he became very repentant for once she was done with him). The fact that J'onn had done it meant that he was more concerned than he'd said.

"I am sorry, gl'ae'da, but I felt that this may need further discussion," J'onn explained, confirming her assumption.

"What is this really about, you two?" Bruce asked, his stance determined. All Anyssa could do was sigh. 'Well, there's no getting around it now,' she thought, as she explained her dreams to Bruce.

"And you say that these dreams have been going on for the past four days?" Bruce asked, hand to his chin. She nodded.

The following silence and the thoughtful expression Bruce wore brought a terrible sensation through Anyssa. "You think that it's happening, that the bond is expanding," she whispered. Her heart and head dropped. When the five of them agreed to this link, they all hoped that it would be strictly telepathic, but there was also the possibility of it becoming physical. After a month with no change, she had begun to hope that a strong telepathic bond was as far as the link would proceed. J'onn's reassurances had kept that small hope alive after the last dream, but now looking into the eyes of those serious faces… That hope died and fear was slowly starting to take its place. The link would have killed her if she hadn't finished establishing it. Now, if the link has progressed, she would have to follow through on it or she may end up taking four wonderful men with her. Still, Anyssa couldn't help but ask, "Why?"

Bruce shook his head. "We're not completely sure if it has or not. J'onn and I have been studying the link, gathering evidence toward its possible extent. Until now, we were only speculating; however, your dreams along with certain scenarios J'onn and I have encountered point in that direction."

"Though, we need to confirm that the others are having similar experiences before making that conclusion," J'onn added. Anyssa didn't know what kind of expression she must have shown, but J'onn's red eyes soften. "Why don't we finish this tomorrow? When minds are calmer?"


"I agree. Besides, don't you have an interview in the morning?" Bruce reminded.

'Damn!' she thought. That had slipped her mind completely. Looking at the two men, she sighed. "Fine. We'll have a group meeting tomorrow evening. Let me know what time will be good for you, okay?" Bruce nodded in agreement. She turned, walking toward the darkness that was the entrance to Bruce's mind. She stopped, remembering something. She turned back, headed for the Martian Manhunter, and took his hand. "You two can gossip some other time," she said, pulling J'onn with her toward the darkness.

Once out of Bruce's mind, she bade good night to J'onn and broke the connection. Opening her eyes to the lights of Metropolis, she groaned. Things were coming to a head and as she walked back into her apartment, she wished that her luck would turn.

Unfortunately, for her, things were about to get worse.

Chapter 1 End

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