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By Minastara


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Chapter 4: Tantalizing Night

"Challenge, and not desire, lies at the heart of seduction." ― Jean Baudrillard


The sun was just passing the horizon when a young man with carmine hair, dark jeans, and a brown, short-sleeve t-shirt walked into the apartment complex. He didn't even glance at the elevator as he began his four story climb; and, why would he? After all, he is fastest man on the planet. Okay, okay. He'll admit it. His Uncle Barry could still run rings around him, but he was still one of the fastest people in the world.

The fourth floor was pretty quiet; but, since there were only two apartments on the floor, it wasn't too surprising. The first apartment door was just pass the stairway on the right. The elevator was alone on the opposing wall. The second apartment door faced the mouth of the stairway. Wally made his way toward the second unit, grabbed the old, brass door knocker, and banged it hard against the door. "Anyssa! You in there?" he called out. He waited a moment and knocked again. "Anyssa! Anyssa!"

"Oh, be quiet! Can't you tell the girl's not home!" cried a stern voice from behind him. He turned to find an older woman, who was more than likely in her mid to late fifties if her salt-n-pepper (though more salt than pepper) hair was anything to go by. Her frown told Wally that her next step was calling Metropolis' finest.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Didn't mean to disturb you, but have you seen Nyssa? I've been trying to contact her the last couple of days with no response. I was getting a little worried!" Wally explained, his voice just a hair above stressed. After what happened with the crazy snake people trying to blot out the sun, Wally thought it would be a good time to see how Anyssa was doing. He had tried calling Anyssa, both physically and psychically, to no avail. At first, he had thought that she was just busy with the new job and didn't have time to talk. Not wanting to raise the alarm in case Nyssa just wanted more time away from them than he'd thought or appear obsessively paranoid to his team-mates, Wally thought a house visit would be the more reasonable option.

He didn't know if it was his facial expression or concern in his voice, but the frown eased from the woman's face and her stance become more relaxed. "Well, I saw Anyssa this morning, heading off to work. She seemed fine," the woman relayed.

"Oh, thank goodness. When I couldn't get in contact with her, I thought something bad had happened. Thank you so much, Mrs. …"

"Kimble, and it's no problem at all. Like I said, she seemed fine this morning, though I'm not sure how she does it with how late she's been getting in. You know, I thought I heard her come in at about four in the morning the last couple of nights..." she shrugged as she continued. "It must be the spirit of youth 'cause I certainly couldn't go to work the next morning so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed," Mrs. Kimble said, chuckling.

He laughed along with the lady, but something about what she'd said peaked his interest. "You say that Nyssa's been coming in that late for the last couple of nights?"

"Really, she's been coming in late the last few nights, but last night was the first night this week that she's come in that late. But you want to know something?" she asked, looking at him eagerly.

"What, Mrs. Kimble?" he replied.

"I'm glad for her. It's about time that girl started having some fun. She's a sweet girl, but way too serious to be so young," she said, with a wistful grin that told him that Mrs. Kimble may have enjoyed some wild times herself back in the day. "Now, be gone with you. I'm sure Anyssa will give you a call when she can." She then shut the door, promptly ending the conversation.

Wally wanted to believe the older woman's reassurances; he really did. Besides the creepiness of a nosy neighbor, there was just something not right about the whole thing. Late nights out wasn't normal for Anyssa and the fact that she has been avoiding everyone in the bond... Yeah, he wasn't going to let this rest until he saw Anyssa with his own two eyes.

Now, where did he start looking?


After thinking about it for a minute (literally a minute), Wally decided to narrow his options. 'Mrs. Kimble said that Nyssa was having fun, so that rules out anything work-related. With the late night homecomings, that leaves three fun filled options: Bowling, Clubs, or Raves. I doubt Nyssa's the bowling type. With Raves being on the illegal side of things and therefore more of a spontaneous occurrence, that leaves the clubs as the best starting point,' Wally concluded, running home to change into something a little more appropriate for the setting.

Twenty minutes later found Wally going into the third club in Metropolis. The place was called Blaze. It definitely seemed the hottest spot to be if the line extending around the building was any indication. He sped pass the bouncer, dropping the cover charge on the podium at the front. He made his way to the bar to the right of the dance floor. He could see the DJ working the sound system on the back wall. There was plenty of lighting along the edge surrounding the dance floor. The dance floor was a different sight. The floor was covered in flames of colors ranging from gaslight blue to dark amber orange. Obviously, the flames weren't real, but a product of holographic equipment. The beat of the music drove the blaze's rise and fall, at times reaching chest level on him. Another strange feature was that the fire seemed to sway with the dancer's movement, but that could just be his imagination. Sure, it couldn't hold a candle to Luminus' holograms, but it was a cool effect.

He could understand why the club was so popular. The ambient light from the fire gave a bit of mystique to those within its embrace. The dance floor was obviously the main draw to the club, and if he didn't have something more pressing to do, he would be tempted to join the fun. Unfortunately, that mystique wasn't going to help him. Normally, the firelight would be of some help, but with a majority of the club patrons crowding the floor navigating it was going to be a challenge.

'I'll try the second floor first. Maybe she'll be up there and save me from having to fight across that floor,' Wally thought wistfully. 'Though, I don't know why I get my hopes up. It's never that easy.' He was right. The upper level of the club sported booths where the clientele could take a break from the dancing and enjoy their drinks along with some companionship. The intensity of the music was slightly diminished allowing for conversation between patrons to be possible. He paced past all the booths, all ten of them, within five minutes with no sign of Anyssa.

He hunched over the railing, looking at the bodies writhing on the dance floor. Normally, he wouldn't mind joining them, losing himself in the rhythm of the music and the press of the bodies, but now wasn't the time for it. Not with Anyssa still missing. He needed to find her, though why he felt that urge so strongly he couldn't say, but all of those people below were an obstacle to that task. 'Damn… I hate doing a search in slo-mo mode,' he thought with a resigned sigh. Yeah, he hated it, but it was the best way without causing a commotion and conceivably losing his quarry. Straightening, Wally headed for the stairs. As he was descending, something flashed in his peripheral vision. He stopped midway down the steps, much to the chagrin of those directly behind him.

"Move it, buddy!" one exuberant man called. When Wally did not move the man pushed pass, forcing Wally into the railing facing the dance floor. He scanned the crowd, hoping to see what had caught his attention. It took a moment, with the shifting flames and bodies, but he found it. Or rather, her.

There was Anyssa dancing in the fires. The golden, sequined halter top she wore must have been what had caught his eye, though more eye-catching was the expanse of skin shown. Only two straps, one around her neck and another midway down her back, held the flashy garment to her body, leaving her midriff partially exposed. His eyes traveled down that expanse of naked skin to hips covered in red fabric, a skirt that stopped mid-thigh. Her tone legs seemed to run on forever ending with gold, high-heeled sandals adorning her feet. Altogether, a very alluring outfit and one that had Wally under its spell.

"*Do you like what you see, Wally?*" a voice asked across the bond, one he had not heard in more than a week. His eyes snapped up from their perusal of her form to see those dark honey colored eyes fixed upon him. Those eyes weren't the only thing grasping Wally's attention. Like a limb that had fallen asleep, the bond between him and Anyssa tingled and spiked, reopening after a week of silence. It was a relief; he'd missed it. That relief was soon overwhelmed as something electric and strange started to flow across the connection directly from Anyssa.

The connection flared white hot and the edges of Wally's vision tinged red for a moment before returning to normal. 'What the heck was that?' Wally questioned. Not liking where this may be headed, Wally continued down the stairs, hoping not to lose his target on the crowded dance floor.

He needn't have worried. Anyssa was very intent on merging her body with her dance partners. Though her body continued to sway, Wally didn't doubt he had her complete attention, if the feel of eyes following his movements and the emotions coming across the bond were anything to go by. That was something new. Those feelings. They all knew the connection went both ways between Anyssa and the guys, but this was the first time he'd ever had any type of empathic feedback along the bond. A new sensation Wally had no idea how to nor the time to begin to interpret.

He finally came up beside the trio, two of them oblivious to his presence or purpose. "Anyssa! It's time to go!" Wally shouted at her over the hard beat of the music. Rather than respond, she continued to dance with her companions, who had finally noticed Wally and didn't appear ready to relinquish their temptress.

"*You did not answer my question, Wally. Do you like what you see?*" she repeated. Before he could reply, she added, "*Do you dare take what you like?*" This time the emotions soared through the link, stronger than before.

"Stop that!" he shouted both verbally and telepathically. He grabbed her arm to start pulling her from the dance floor. A move that wasn't received too kindly.

Anyssa's cohorts decided to be chivalrous and remove him from their presence, but their actions were minutes away to Wally. No, what was more pressing was whatever Anyssa was doing to him across their connection. The moment he'd touched her, the heat and feelings he had glanced earlier doubled, and tripled almost to the point of overwhelming Wally. The sensation was bordering on the edge of painful, but Wally was finally able to recognize one of the many emotions pouring into him.

Pure, unrestrained lust; and it was almost strong enough to have him joining their fun.

One thing became abundantly clear: he needed to get them out of there. Now!

"*We're leaving.*" was all the warning he gave her before pulling her close and speeding away from the club, leaving behind two very confused would-be protectors with no one to protect.


He was half-way back to Central City when holding her became too much. Before he did something they'd both regret, he stopped along an empty stretch of Interstate 106, putting Anyssa on one side of the two lane highway while he stood on the other side.

He was bent over, his hands on his knees, his breath coming in harsh blows as if he'd ran the globe twenty times over instead of a short jog from Metropolis. Once his lungs eased their pursuit of oxygen, he could hear laughter across the road. He looked over to see Anyssa seemingly dancing to a beat that Wally couldn't hear.

"Whoo! That was outrageous! Come on, Wally! We should definitely do it again!" she demanded, the smile on her face was one of pure enjoyment. With no response from Wally, she went back to her dancing, smile still on her face. 'Has she totally lost it or is she high?' he wondered since the woman in front of him was nothing like the Anyssa he'd grown to know.

He crossed the street and stood facing her, keeping his distance for fear of a repeat of what had happened at Blaze. "Nyssa?" he called to her, bringing her attention back to the present.

"Yeah, Wally?" she replied. She was smiling, but there didn't seem to be any truce of the lust he'd felt earlier in her eyes or across the bond. Though, that didn't mean anything with Anyssa. She could just be blocking him from feeling it like she'd blocked them all week.

"Um, are you all right? You don't really seem like yourself. I mean, what was that back there?" he asked, hoping to get some kind of rational explanation.

"What are you talking about? Of course, I'm all right!" she said, her eyes closing and body swaying again to a song only she could hear.

Wally was strongly suspecting she had been injected with or ingested some type of drug, which didn't jive with what he knew about her. "Anyssa!" He grabbed her forearms, stopping her movements and she snapped her eyes open. "What did you take, huh? Is that what made you do what you were doing back there?!"

He watched as the shocked expression on her face transitioned to confusion and finally, whether from what she saw or felt from him, anger. "What are you talking about?!" she exclaimed. "I did not take anything! As for what I was doing, I was finally having some FUN! Something I have not been able to do in a long time. Let go of me!" she demanded, shaking his hold on her arms. She backed away from him, obviously not trusting him to not grab her again.

"If it wasn't drugs, then how do you explain what you were doing back there?" She stared blankly at him, as if waiting for him to continue. "You know exactly what I'm talking about, Nyssa."

"Enlighten me, Wally. What was I doing back there besides enjoying myself?"

"Really? Did you 'enjoying' yourself include using your power to influence those guys and me? I could feel you doing it! What were you planning to do? Go home with them?" he demanded.

She stared at him for a moment, then angry frown on her face dissolved into full blown laughter as if she had finally gotten the punch line of a joke he was telling her. Her continued laughter did nothing, but further annoy him. He didn't see what was so damn funny.

Arms crossed over his chest, he decided to wait out her mirth. She finally straighten up and sighed away her last laugh. She mimicked his position, but instead of her arms crossing over her chest, she crossed them under her breast, making it look like she was hugging herself. Whether it was an intentional diversion or unconscious gesture, it did its job and grabbed Wally's attention. "No one was an unwilling participate on that dance floor. If those guys weren't already attracted to me, then they wouldn't have come to me and if they had decided to leave, they could have shaken it off. You did," she explained.

'Yeah, barely,' he thought to himself. "That's only because I knew what was happening, Nyssa! Those guys had no idea you were influencing them," he argued.

"True, but you know what, Wally? I very much doubt they cared about my little enhancement. They were going to have a great time, which is what we all wanted." With each word, she drew closer until her breasts were practically pressed against his chest. She stood on tip-toed until her lips were close to his ear and whispered, "If you wanted to take their place so badly, Wally, all you had to do was ask. There's no reason to be jealous."

Wally stood transfixed by the heat of her body and the flittering sensation of her lips close to his ear. He could feel his own pulse racing in response to her proximity. It was only when her hardened nipples grazed his chest as she came down off of tip-toe did her words finally register.

He sped backward, putting a good yard between them. "I wasn't jealous!" he spouted, the protest coming a tad too quick and a pitch too high to his liking. She raised an eyebrow at that, obviously doubting the honesty of that protest. "I wasn't jealous. I just didn't like how you were influencing those guys and how they were pawing at you..." Which he realized not only reeked of jealousy, but added a touch of possessive tendencies to the situation. All not really helping his cause. "Um, anyway, not jealous," he repeated, then decided to switch topics. "I think we need to get you to J'onn. You're acting really weird. I want to make sure no one slipped you anything."

"Really? I feel fine. How am I acting 'weird'?" she asked, her head tilted in the essence of curiosity.

Not quite trusting that innocent look, Wally said, "I could explain it to you now, but I think J'onn will want to hear it too. Let's wait until we meet up with him. I'd hate to have to repeat myself."

"Yeah, we definitely would not want that," she agreed, once again giving him that smile. That smile made Wally feel like a fly caught in a web, knowing that the spider was about to pounce. And pounce she did. Between one blink and the next, she'd crossed the distance he'd put between them. Before he could think to question how, the palm of her right hand was caressing his left cheek. The warmth of her palm seemed to stoke the smothering embers within until that heat became all-encompassing, until all he wanted was to kiss her and keep her for himself.

"*I do not have a problem with that idea. Your place or mine?*" her voice like a breeze fanning the blaze within. Pulling her tight against him, Wally raced away from that deserted highway as if the hounds of Hell itself were behind him.

Seconds later found them back in Metropolis and in front of Anyssa's apartment door with Anyssa trying to unlock the door. A task that proved difficult with the things Wally was doing to her neck and below her waist. "Stop, Wally!" she said, giggling. "Or I will never get this door opened." He didn't really stop his ministrations, but he did ease up enough for Anyssa to finally get the door opened.

Once inside, the pair made short work of their clothes, their mouths barely leaving the other's skin or lips. When they stumbled onto Anyssa's bed, Wally was down to his yellow striped boxers and Anyssa was in her gold halter and gold lace panties. Wally laid back against the pillows while Anyssa straddled his hips. He barely restrained his groan as the dampness of her panties pressed down on his hardness. She smiled down at him and shifted her hips down on his fabric clad length, eliciting another moan from him.

"*Sounds like you are ready for your present, Wally. What do you think?*" she asked.

"*Oh, God, yes!*" he exclaimed, his hands moving from where they rested on her thighs to her hips and pulled her down, teasing her with his hardened length. The moan and arching of her back made him smile. He wasn't the only one ready for this. "Let me see you," he asked, desire deepening his voice.

Giving a slight nod, she reached back behind her back and undid the strap of cloth that held the halter to her body. She smiled at him as she reached up and started to undo the last piece. Something moved to the right near Anyssa's head. Before Wally's lust-filled mind could register that something may be wrong, there was a hissing sound and Anyssa's eyes closed and she started falling backward, unconscious. She was caught in gray-clad arms before her body could tumble off the bed.

The haze around Wally's brain started to left as his adrenaline at seeing Batman kicked in. "Bruce?! What are you—" Wally took in the scene around him. "Oh, man. She got me, huh?"

"Obviously. Now, get dressed."


Bruce stood against the right wall of Anyssa's bedroom. It was a typical apartment bedroom. The full bed stood on the wall opposite of the door. The sliding door to the left opened to a balcony that faced a main Metropolis highway and provided a decent view of the city. Between the sliding and bedroom doors, there was a small desk and chair. The desk was a mess of paper and books with just enough space for a laptop. Past the door, there was a chest of drawers with some small knick-knacks on top. On the wall opposite the balcony door, the closet stood open, shoe boxes scattered along the bottom. The bedside table vacant except for a digital alarm clock, a small lamp, and a wooden 5x7 picture frame. The frame held a picture of a family of three in happier times.

The woman on the bed had been unconscious for about forty minutes and was due to awaken soon. After Wally had left, Bruce had put her clothes back on so that they would be on equal footing when they talked. Besides, he didn't want to embarrass her if Anyssa had snapped out of whatever mental state she had been in. Bruce was really interested in what Anyssa had to say about what was going on, particularly what she'd done at the club and with Wally, specifically what she'd done to him with her abilities. From what he knew, Anyssa's empathic abilities were mediocre, good enough to know what people around her were feeling, but not strong enough to project or manipulate the feelings of others. Sometime in the last week, that had changed. He highly suspected that the bond was the reason for her abilities expanding, but her radical change in behavior was something he would have to assess for himself, without an overly concerned audience. That's why he sent Wally back to Central City.

A groan from the bed signaled her awakening. Bruce stepped closer to the bed, but not within her direct line of sight. She started to bring her arms down, but encountered resistance in the form of handcuffs. Her eyes snapped open and looked over her head. She tugged at the restraints a few times and just gave up. Strange since those were just standard handcuffs attached to a wrought-iron headboard and wouldn't impede anyone with super-strength. 'Perhaps that ability has faded?' he theorized.

"You know, if you wanted to tie me up, Bruce, I would have been more than willing to play," she pouted up at him. Seeing that he was not buying the innocent act, she lost the pout and settled on a smirk. "Where is Wally?"

"Far from you, at least until we figure out exactly who you are," he explained.

"Well, that is an easy one to answer. I am Anyssa," the figure on the bed declared. Bruce couldn't help the raised eyebrow at that. He walked over to small desk, pulled out the chair, positioned it facing the bed, and sat down. "Tired, Bruce?" she asked.

He decided to answer her question honestly. "After being up for the past three nights, I really don't have the time nor the inclination to play games with you. That may be Anyssa's body, but you are not her. Now, before I call the Martian in to tear through whatever hold you have on her, I thought I would give you the chance to tell me why you took her."

She looked at him, perhaps judging whether his threat was just that or if he was serious. Then, she just gave a small smile. "Go ahead and call J'onn in. He is not going to have much luck 'tearing through' my hold because I AM Anyssa," she stressed.

Bruce just watched her for a moment. She didn't seem very concerned by his perusal. In fact, her attention shifted from him to the handcuffs holding each wrist to the bed. Taking each chain in hand, she leveraged herself into an upright position with her back against the headboard, her legs tucked crisscrossed under her. She examined the cuffs again and then returned back to him, her eyes glowing with amusement and a bit of anger. 'Good. Anger may get us some answers,' he thought. "What are you planning to do with Anyssa's body? Seduce all of us? Then, what?" he asked.

She just smiled and suddenly Bruce felt a flash of heat across the bond that seem to spread to all parts of his body. He knew that she was the source of it, and even though he'd been warned, it still took every ounce of his self-control to not join her on the bed. "Did you like that, Bruce?" her voice like sweet honey to him. "All you have to do is un-cuff me and we can engage in a more recreational use of these," she stated, tugging the cuff against the wrought-iron.

The suggestion pulled at him again, but he refused to let his body move. "No? That is okay. Stay there; I will come to you," she commanded. Since he was already commanding his body to stay put, her command to stay seated was well received and his muscles relaxed, refusing to obey him. This had his mind going a mile a minute. 'How? What did she—' the thought was abruptly cut off as he watched her pull the ends cuffed to the headboard through the wrought-iron rods, freeing herself.

Bruce tried to get up, but his body had fully accepted her previous 'suggestion' and refused to move. He continued to try to force his body to move as she pulled the cuffs from each wrist, removing them completely. Once that was done, she turned to focus on him. She moved slowly toward him, circling him as he sat in the chair, a predator enjoying their prey.

"You know, I was going to save you for last," she said as she moved about him. "That strong mind and that body are things of beauty and quite intimidating, Bruce." She traced her fingers down the one side of his neck, going across his chest and back up the other side of his neck. "I know you are proud of that. You should be." She stopped the inspection and slid into his lap, her fingers skimming down his chest toward his abdomen and back up to caress his cheek. "I did not think I would be strong enough to do this to you without J'onn. You must be exhausted," she whispered against his lips. With her skirt having ridden up, he could feel the panty coated wetness against him and his body's involuntary response to it.

Hoping to distract himself from her ministrations, he turned his attention to the problem at hand. 'What did she need from J'onn?' he questioned to himself. The answer came to him as he looked over shoulder at the headboard. 'His powers...' he thought. Not liking what this meant, he tried to reach out to his bond-mates. "*J'onn! West! Kent! Can any of you hear me?*" he shouted across the link, only to be met with a single voice.

"*I am afraid they are not available at the moment, but do not worry. Dominique will take good care of you.*"

"*Dominique, huh? What happened to Anyssa?*" Bruce asked.

"I told you. I am Anyssa, just a more relaxed version," she sighed into his right ear.

"*An alternate persona. Is the Anyssa persona still there?*" he asked.

Her response was to grip his neck so tightly he could feel her nails through the cowl. She forced his head back so that his eyes met hers. Those eyes burned with anger and not a small amount of jealousy. "You are still thinking of her even as I lie against you. My, you are bold," she said, laughing at his audacity. "I cannot wait to break that boldness. Perhaps, I will make you crawl and beg to satisfy me," she proposed. Not getting an answer, she continued, "Yes, your little Anyssa is still here, but once I find our Shadow Lord, she will not be of further use. Then, we all will be able to play," she murmured against his lips before giving them a little lick, which sent shivers through him.

''Shadow Lord'?' he thought to himself. The title brought an inkling of a memory to the forefront, and if he was remembering it correctly, then they were all in danger. Something in the shadows shifted, catching his attention though he did not focus his eyes on it.

"After you and I are done, we are going to call the others one at a time, have a chat, and find Him," she said, already moving her hands down to start pulling the top of his costume from the pants.

Two green hands grasped her head. After a long minute, her body slumped forward, once again unconscious. Bruce tried to move again and found himself able to do so. He picked her up and laid her back on the bed. "How long will she be out?" he asked J'onn.

"There is no telling. She is strong. Unfortunately, I was only able to lock her down, not pull her out as we planned," J'onn explained as he moved to stand beside Bruce.

"Based on what she told me, you wouldn't have been able to. Apparently, she is an alternate persona and a dangerous one, to both Anyssa and us. J'onn, pack her a bag. I'll meet you on the roof," he instructed as he headed for the bedroom door. He touches his right ear, where the communicator was embedded in the cowl. "Kent, get Flash and meet us at the Cave," he ordered.

"If this has anything to do with Anyssa, I'd rather not. Not until I sort through—"

"It's Darkseid." He was met with silence as he waited for the Kryptonian to process what he'd said.

"We'll be there in ten minutes," Kent said, the line disconnecting suddenly.

Bruce didn't pause as he exited the apartment and opened the access panel that led to the roof. Once on the roof, which to the casual observer would appear to be deserted, he pressed a button on his utility belt.

The air in front of him gave a brief shimmer revealing a small, black two-seater mini-jet. It was only about one-third the size of the Bat-Wing, but what it didn't have in size, it made up for in speed. The trip from Gotham to Metropolis took less than fifteen minutes in it; a great thing given how much he has had to travel between the two cities lately.

He had just started the plane when he saw J'onn float through the roof with Anyssa held in both arms, her head resting against his right shoulder in peaceful repose. There was a duffle bag on J'onn's left shoulder, which Bruce assumed contained some spare clothes and necessities. They didn't speak as J'onn strapped her in and with the additional rustling Bruce assumed J'onn had found a place for the duffle. J'onn moved back and Bruce was about to lower the canopy when the Martian spoke. "Do you have any idea what we are facing?"

He really didn't know. True, he had invoked Deseid's name to light a fire under Clark, but other than the few words uttered by 'Dominique', there was no guarantee that Darkseid was involved. All he, they really, could do was handle the task in front of them. "I don't know, but the first step is to figure out exactly who or what Dominique is."

With that, the canopy started closing as the mini-jet began its ascent. The Martian started to levitate alongside the plane. Engaging the stealth module, Bruce set the course for Gotham. While he plotted the familiar course, his mind was running through scenarios and so far none of them looked good.

No, not good at all.

End of Chapter 4

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