Jan gave a contented sigh as she leaned against the railing of the ship. It had certainly been a long, action-filled day and while everyone else hadn't quite had their fill yet she needed a moment to breathe. After she promised her mother and father she would be careful and stay in one spot, they'd let her go off alone, and now she was enjoying the silence, watching the ocean and the sunset in peace.

It was funny. She'd heard other people say looking over the railing was supposed to make you feel seasick, but Jan had been looking for half an hour and she felt fine...she felt igood,/i even. The ocean and the view of the horizon were breathtaking, a light breeze was blowing and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky.

Of course, she was a little chilly without her shawl, but she'd been out in the hot sun all day anyway. A little chill couldn't hurt her.

"Oh, there you are." Peter's voice broke through her thoughts and Jan turned around, not sure whether to be annoyed with him for interrupting her "at one with nature" time or glad she wasn't the only one who needed a break.

"Hey," she said. "I thought you were with Bobby and Cindy at the magic show."

"It ended a while ago, so we just walked around until they decided to run back to the buffet," he said. "You know, before all the free desserts were gone." Jan laughed.

"Sounds just like them!" she said. "Where's everyone else?"

"Marcia ran into a friend of hers from school and they're talking to some surfers, Alice and Mom are watching the vaudeville and Greg's watching Dad and Sam lose all their money at the poker tables," Peter said.

"I hope they stop before they go broke!" Jan laughed. "So you just..."

"Happened to come out here and find you," Peter said. "I actually thought you'd gone back to your room."

"I thought about it, but it's such a beautiful night..." Jan shivered. "A little cold, though!"

Peter shrugged partway out of his jacket and draped the other half over her shoulder.


Jan smiled.

"Thanks." She leaned against his shoulder as they watched the sunset glisten over the waves. It wasn't the kind of alone time Jan had been seeking, but it was just as good. Maybe even better.