Happy New Year to everyone! It's late but I only wrote this a few hours ago.

My - belated - Christmas!present to an LJ friend of mine, rashiea. (she liked it and I hope you will too!) It's not really Christmas-y but it's got cuddling in it. Cuddling is good, right?

Also, mentions of the Shin VPM novels...for those of you who haven't read them, I suggest you do. Beautiful art. Awesome plot. Love and action to go around (not much more I could ask for).

Midnight Discussions

Miyu was calm. Actually, she was so calm that it felt almost unnatural...even for her (who had long ago shed her child's skin and naivete).

In Larva's arms, with him patiently stroking her bare arms and occasionally threading his fingers through her loose hair, it seemed that nothing bad could reach her; no negative emotion could overwhelm her.

Here, she was safe. Here, no Western Shinma had invaded her world yet and tried to dispose of her friends/allies. Here, Larva still hadn't driven his arm through her chest (tried to squeeze her heart in his hand, dyed his nails an even redder red with her blood) and taken her life himself.

She sighed and the sound was barely audible even to her sharp ears. The events of a few hours ago were so far away from them - it was as surreal as her life ever got these days.

"Are you still thinking about today? Larva asked quietly, pulling his cloak around them to ward off the chill of the evening (for human pretenses of course...it was improbable that anyone would pass by the porch of the old-fashioned, abandoned house to see them linger under the moonlight, swathed in black velvet).

Miyu smiled to herself at the something that was barely there, underneath the deceivingly calm tone she knew so well. She almost dared call it insecurity; perhaps even go as far as to say that his mood was just as dark as it had been when Carlua and Lemures had left them behind in that field (with the promise of revenge for another day and her blood flowing once more).

Larva tried to hide it from her - with his pleasant touch and his mesmerizing eyes - but, alas, she knew him too well.

"Perhaps," she admitted with a smile curling her lips. "I was thinking that tomorrow we will have to go and hunt the remaining stray Shinma that have escaped."

"That is not what I meant." He prodded, tilting her head up to look into her eyes for any sign of dishonesty (or as she liked to think, for any sign of blame; a reproach, a reflection of hate).

Miyu giggled at his endearing, brooding attitude. Her Larva. Her sweet, precious Larva (who was even better at being a human than she was). "I am not sure I know what you mean, you know. There are plenty of events to occupy my mind - your death as my servant, my death as your mistress, the death of your friends and family..." She raised herself in his embrace to coil her arms around his neck and press her ear against his chest (the beat of his heart was one of the few steady things in her life; an even, soothing, sound that always succeeded in lulling her to sleep).

"I killed you." His nails scraped against her hips, slightly tickling, slightly more arousing and Miyu sighed in contentment despite the direction where this conversation was going. "I killed you and I didn't feel any remorse for it."

"Remember our promise." Miyu chided. "You promised that I would die by your hands, when the time comes. Think of this as," it was almost amusing to say it knowing how little pleased he would be with her choice of words, "practice."

Larva looked down at her and in the darkness his eyes burned hot (even hotter than those hands of his that kept moving lower and lower, dangerously low on her unclothed body).

"Yes. I'll hold that in mind."

Liar, Miyu smiled against his skin. He was such a liar and he didn't even bother to hide it.

Ah, to have a hunky, immortal man to cuddle with...