A/N: Flight at Midnight here. I just decided to try a Faxy two-shot where the Flock goes to the beach for vacation. What mischief will the Flock cause for Max? Well, read to find out!

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Well, this is exciting. The fantastic, original, stupendous bird-kids are stuck on VACATION. What we should be doing is helping in saving the world. But nooooo. The rest of the Flock, well, except for Fang, and my mom thought we needed a vacation. I mean, yea, vacations are fun, but the BEACH?

The beach. There is nothing more sexist than the beach. Girls exposing themselves to get attention? No thank you. Not for me, Maximum Ride. I'd rather be up in the sky, flying my bird-kid heart out, than wearing a bikini, having chauvinistic pigs drool over me. Gross. So you can imagine my delight when I heard we were going to the beach. Not.

The Flock arrived with my mom, Dr. Valencia Martinez, and my half-sister Ella, at the beach-front house we rented for the trip an hour ago, and I am now checking out my room. We miraculously got an eight-roomed house, so we can all have a room to ourselves.

I was also wondering what would happen when we were at the beach with bathing suits on, and our freakin' WINGS are sticking out of our backs, what people would do. My mom assured us in the car, though, when I asked her this, that we would be on a private beach right outside of the house, so few to no people would see us. I wasn't so reassured, though.

After in my head mapping all possible escape routes for my room to the exits in the house if the windows were blocked, and I couldn't just FLY, I decided to leave my room and find out what we were doing. I really hoped that the beach wasn't much involved.

"I have so much to tell you," my half-sister Ella was saying to me. "So much has happened at school that I have to tell!" I smiled. Ella was the best half-sister you could ever ask for. She was so nice and understanding, but brave too. Ella was now catching me up while everyone was getting ready for the - you guessed it - beach.

My mom had even gotten all of us bathing suits. We were all taking turns getting ready in the three bathrooms. So far, my mom, Nudge, and the Gasman had gotten changed, and now we were waiting for Angel, Iggy, and Fang to finish getting changed so that Ella and I could.

The Gasman looked excited in his lime greenish bathing suit. He had never actually owned a bathing suit before, so this was a first for him. Nudge also looked equally excited in her bright yellow bathing suit, which was, to my disapproval, a bikini. My mom better not have bought me one. Nudge said she felt like a model. Next, Angel and Iggy came out from their respective bathrooms. Iggy had a light blue bathing suit on, and Angel had a cute pink six year-olds tankini.

Ella continued talking about school. "We had another dance, and Shaw asked me to dance. It was amazing." She went on talking, but I didn't hear a word after that. This was because Fang came out of his bathroom.

He looked... hot (there, I said it) in his black bathing suit. My jaw almost dropped. Fang noticed me staring, and smirked at me. He mouthed something along the lines of take a picture, it'll last longer. Grrrrrr. I lo- like him and all, but sometimes… I still like him. Just then, my mom came over to Ella, who hadn't noticed my distraction, and me.

"It's your girls' turn to get changed," she said cheerily, handing Ella a plastic bag I assumed contained both of our bathing suits.

"You guys don't have to wait for us," Ella told her mom. "We'd feel bad making you wait. You guys go to the beach without us. We'll catch up in a few minutes." Our mom agreed, and she and the Flock left for the beach, which I was glad of so I could change out of my bathing suit if I hated it.

"Hey, so I can finish telling you my story, how about you get changed in the shower, and I will get changed outside of it?" Ella asked me, and I agreed. I felt bad that I had spaced earlier. We headed off to the bathroom.


I hopped into the shower and closed the curtain, waiting for Ella to pass me my suit. I was dearly hoping it was at least a backless one-piece, so my wings could fit. I had to wait, however, for my suit because Ella was changing into hers first while telling her story before giving me mine, for some reason. I decided to at least get ready, so I took off my clothes and threw them out into the rest of the bathroom, and waited for my bathing suit.

"And then I had my first kiss, at the end of the dance. It was AH-mazing," Ella concluded. "Alright, so I'm done. If it's okay with you, I am going to go down to the beach now. Oh, and here's your suit. Bye!" Ella said, throwing the bag in at me. Finally. I heard her close the door, and I took the bathing suit out of the bag.

Oh my freakin' gosh. I am going to kill my mom.

It is a bikini. But not just any bikini. It's pretty much a STRING bikini. I mean, it's a cool blue, but it's still a STRING BIKINI. I am going to get into my clothes, go to the beach, and yell at my mom for wasting money on something she knows I won't wear.

I poked my head outside of the shower curtain to see where I threw my clothes, but I couldn't find them. Suddenly, everything clicked. Ella got changed with me so she could take my clothes, and so I would have to wear the bikini, knowing that I don't have any other clothes. I am going to kill Ella too. My mom and she plotted so I would have to look like a girl. Aren't members of your family supposed to want you to dress MODESTLY?

I couldn't just stay in the shower all day, though. I had to be with the Flock, in case anything happens. I really hope my mom and Ella are ready to take cover.

I sighed and put on the bathing suit. It actually fit me perfectly, even with the wings. Go figure. I stepped out of the shower, and looked at myself in the mirror. I nearly died. I looked like one of those girls from Playboy - well, when they actually wear clothes, and not as gorgeously fake. I almost got back into the shower to stay there all day until they came back.

But then I just had to remember what usually happens when I leave the Flock. Someone gets kidnapped, hurt, nearly drowns, etc., etc. So I took a deep breath, and left the bathroom, making sure not to look into the mirror. Then it hit me: I could just borrow some of the older Flock's clothing!

I rushed to Fang's room; there was no clothing in there. I went to Iggy's room; nothing in there either. I checked everyone's room - no one had clothes that I could borrow! They were all in the plan. Or at least, some of them were, and had just taken the other members of the Flock's clothing too. They're going to get it when I see them.

I then left the house, after throwing some sun block on myself, since nothing was on me to protect me from the sun. Well, here goes nothing.


I saw the Flock, Ella, and my mom about 30 yards away as I stepped out of the beach house, sliding the door closed and locking it behind me. All of their backs were turned to me. I silently made my way over to them, getting ready to explode on my mom and sister. My mom was right- we were the only ones on the beach for a few while, and it was a sunny, clear day.

As I got closer, I noticed that Gazzy and Angel were already in the ocean, while my mom and Iggy were sitting in beach chairs, Fang standing just standing there, looking illegally good, and Nudge and Ella lying on a beach blanket, reading what was most likely a teenage magazine. Eventually, I was about ten feet away from everyone. So, they would know I was unhappily here, I cleared my throat irritably. They all turned around to see who it was.

They stared at me. I felt my face going red. Did I really look that bad? Even Iggy was staring at me, and he's BLIND. Fang looked like he didn't know me, and like he just got hit by a car. I started to get ticked.

"What?" I asked them furiously. "What's wrong?" Finally, Nudge spoke up.

"ZOMG, MAX?! You look totally hot," Nudge said, and I felt myself grow even redder, if that was possible. Did I really look like one of those girls I was ranting about earlier, who ENJOYED having chauvinistic pigs drool over them? Great, just great. Thanks, mom, Ella, and whoever in the Flock was also part of this plan. I then noticed that my mom was beaming at me.

"You look wonderful, honey," she said to me happily. I glared at her.

"Totally," Ella said in addition. I glared at her too.

"I will be speaking to you two later about this," I whispered crossly to them.

"I think you look great," Iggy said then chuckled at his own joke. I glared at him, but the look was lost. Ella gave a short laugh. I then noticed that Fang still hadn't said anything. I glanced at him, and saw that he was still kind of slack-jawed, and was staring at me. I threw him a confused What? look. He just shook his head slowly, like a dog trying to get water out of its ears.

Did I look really bad to him? I didn't care what everyone else thought, but my... and this is new for me to say, but boyfriend? I kind of do care what he thinks.

Ugh. This was going to be a long day.