Just like every Decemberween, Strong Bad shoved his brother into the bathtub and sealed it shut with wooden planks and duct tape before he, Strong Mad and The Cheat skipped off to enjoy the festivities without Strong Sad.

And just like every year, once the coast was clear, Strong Sad pried the bottom out of the bathtub and snuck down the hidden staircase to the cellar and clicked on the light. Immediately he was greeted by a small but humble and worthy crowd.

"Yay! We thought they'd never get out of here," Marzipan chirped. "What happened this time, Strong Mad put his tie on backwards again?"

"No, I think The Cheat peed in the egg nogg and Strong Bad had to kick him a few times. Then Strong Mad beat him up." Strong Sad feigned a weary sigh. "Sometimes I wonder how I'm on the bottom rung of the caste Strong!"

"Aaaaaaaaah, this night is the night of a thousand seals!" Homsar popped up from under the Decemberween tree and hit the switch. "Pshoooo!"

"Sorry I'm late!" a fourth voice called. "I had to walk real slow so the Not Disgusting Fruitcake didn't wobble and fall apart!"

"Oh, good, Homeschool Winner's here! Now we can really get this party started!" Marzipan said.

"Yep, let the good times roll," Homeschool said. "So, everyone still spreading rumors that I died?"

"As always," Strong Sad laughed.

"Cool. I dunno what it is, but dying always makes you more popular," Homeschool said. "Maybe one day they'll devote a shrine to my memory...yeah, I can see it now. Homeschool Winner, blown up in a tragic steak accident. Various organ meats to represent my guts, photos of the autopsy...it'll be sweet!"

Marzipan, Strong Sad and even Homsar shuddered.

"You're pretty creepy, you know that?" Strong Sad said.

"Thank you, oh gray one!"

Homsar wobbled up the ladder and set the Angel Marzipan figure atop the tree.

"Aaaaaahm gonna be a platypus when I grow up!" he drawled.

"So Strong Sad, this'll be the fourth Decemberween Party we've had without your brothers knowing," Marzipan said. "How do you do it?"

"Years and years of practice." Strong Sad blinked. "Wait, didn't you tell Homestar you'd be at his Decemberween marshmallow fest?"

"Oh, I took care of that!"


At Homestar's party, Cardboard Marzipan had engaged Bubs in a conversation about Paunchberry ice cream, and no one could tell the difference.