I don't own anything. This has been an idea I've been mulling over for a while now. I didn't want to post this until I had more then a few chapters written. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. This is all human and alternate universe.


"There ain't any fucking way in hell that you are wearing that to the beach Bella." I looked down at my normal board shorts and tank top not seeing an issue with it. I don't swim and don't tan.

"Fuck you Rose, you don't tell me what the hell I can and cannot wear."

"Come on we got you a new swimming suit to wear. Why don't you have that on?"

"Swimming suit? That's classic you call that thing a swimming suit. I don't know why you guys made me buy that. I have too many scares to wear something so revealing. Besides, I'm not wearing that in front of my son. His dad has already filled his head with the idea I'm a slut. Don't need that adding to it."

"I've already talked to him. Trevor isn't going to say anything to his dad. He's pissed at Jake over what happened last weekend." Rose kind of grimaced at the thoughts of the weekend when she got a call from me telling her to get Emmett and meet me before I killed Jack.

"URGH, Fine, but I'm wearing what I want until we get there. Where is Trevor anyways?"

"Emmett took him down already. We are supposed to meet them there. Here is your suit, get dressed and meet me down stairs in five minutes." Rose called to me as she threw the miniscule article of clothing to me and walked out the door.

I have no idea how Rose or Alice thought I would be able to wear this. I have too many scar's I'm not comfortable in my own clothing and I don't want to seem stupid for being on display with cloth that barely covers my body.

Changing into the offending strips of clothing (if you could even call it that) I tossed on some board shorts and a tank top with my flip flops. Grabbing my ray bans off my dresser I walked down the stairs pulling up my hair into a pony tail.

"You do know there are going to be hot shirtless guys there right?" Alice started in on me about my choice of clothing.

"Yes and that's why I'm not going to scare them with having to look at my body. Can we just get this stupid trip over with? I don't even know why I have to come."

"Fine wear what you have on, but at some point you will end up taking it off." Alice smirked like she was up to no good. I don't' even want to know what they have planned. I think staying in the dark on this one is the best idea.

"I'm driving. Let's go." I walked out to my fully loaded 09' F350 and started him up. I don't care what men say. Yes him, there ain't no way my ballsy beast is a female.

After driving about half hour we made our way down to Myrtle Beach. I love South Carolina, once you take away the humidity and it being a military town. I have nothing against our troops. I love them and support them with all that I can, but I don't seem to find the ones that don't want to cheat on me, 'Hint's why I'm single'

After we parked we walked down the beach where the guys were all set up. I pulled out a chair and sat on it. I pulled out my book and started to escape the damn stupid beach and all the people on it that are all wearing barely there clothing. Have I mentioned how much I hate the beach or anything that involves society thinking you have to show your body or in my case my scars?

"Are you going to sit there the whole time like that Bella?" Emmett started in on me.

"That's the plan oh mighty smart one."

"Come on you know most these girls don't hold anything on your body. If I wasn't with Rose you know I'd be all up on you." Emmett smiled. I have heard this from him from the start after meeting them when I moved down here. It's nice to hear, but he hasn't even seen most of the scars.

"Sure, sure. Don't let her hear that. I'd hate to have to kick her ass."

"Kick whose ass?" Rose and Alice asked as they joined us.

"Nothing to worry about cause it's ever going to come to that." I smiled giving Emmett a pointed look.

"I was just trying to get Bella to loosen up. Telling her that if I wasn't madly in love with you Rose that I'd be all over her." Emmett smirked back at me.

"If that's what it takes to get her to loosen up then fuck it we can break up for a few days." Rose smiled at me giving me a look saying she would do it.

"As much as I love you guys, Emmett you are so not my type. So no break up required."

"Mama, can I play football with those kids over there?" Trevor yelled half way between us and them.

"Stay where I can see you." Trevor took off running towards them. It's so hard to look at him some times; he's getting so big and looks more like his father every day. Jake is the reason I'm like this. Why I'm not comfortable with my own body.

See Jake and I had been dating for about a year when I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant with Trevor. I was 16, fresh out of high school 'I graduated early. Everyone called me an over achiever' and the only thing our fathers would allow is for us to marry and raise him together. Things were good until Trevor was about 6 months old. That's when the fighting started, with the fighting soon came the drinking, with the drinking brought on the hitting, once the hitting started it wasn't so bad in the beginning, he would suck up apologize and make me think everything would be alright. That it was a one time thing, but then the hitting turned to the point where I almost lost my life. It took me until almost a year ago and a 2 week stay in the hospital to leave.

You would think being a cop's daughter I would have been smart enough to get help or get out, but deep down I still believe Jake loved me and that he would stop like he promised, we just weren't good together. He has since remarried Leah. From what I hear he has changed and hasn't hit her but once. After that time her brother Sam beat the living shit out of him. He has never raised a hand to her since. Maybe being an only child was what set us up for failure. Either way I got my wonderful son out of the mix and that isn't something I would change.

"Bella?" Emmett's voice pulled me out of thinking about the past.

"Uh… sorry."

"Where were you just then? I've been talking to you for like the past 2 minutes." Emmett asked eyeing me questioningly.

"Was just thinking about how much Trevor is starting to look like Jake more and more every day."

"You know Bella you need to put that shit behind you and start to move on with your life. Not every guy is going to screw you over like that. Are you going to come play some volleyball with us?"

"Remember the last time I tried to put it past me and started in with another guy I got screwed over. Remember the ass beating you gave him? Or did you forget that in your rant of Bella moving on? And you know that I'm just fine sitting here with my book and seeing where Trevor is."

"Why are you always throwing that shit in my face? I went to fucking jail for that shit. I've told you sorry so many times for pushing you. I'm getting tired of your poor me self centered self imposed depression." I was in shock. Emmett has never once talked to me this way. I don't know if I should apologize of if I should tell him off.

"Then why the fuck are you staying around if I'm bringing you down? Why do you keep trying to get me out with you guys? Really Emmett I know you're sorry, but that doesn't mean that you need to go the fuck off on me like that. Don't you think I can see what it does to our group when I'm around? Suppose you'd like me to tell you again why the fuck do you think I try to stay out of group things? I don't want to be in the way and I don't want to bring anyone else down with me, but fuck if I don't hear about it when I stay home." I guess I decided to take the later of the options. I'm surprised no one stepped in to stop us, but then again they are getting use to us being this way. By now everyone was looking at us with their mouths hung open. They aren't use to it getting this honest and heated. If we were a couple I could see the makings of the some fucking awesome make up sex.

"You know what I'm tired of your shit, if you were a dude I'd beat the shit out of you. Damn it Isabella I'm tired of playing this game with you, fuck it, you're going to hate me, but we are going in the water, if you don't want your clothes wet I'd suggest you get them off in 3…2…1…" I rushed to take off my tank top and my shorts and flip flops while running away from Emmett.

I looked back to see where he was and run into a solid mass that happened to go down with a 'umph' with me on top. Blushing I looked into the most amazing deep emerald green eyes I have ever seen.

"I'm sorry.." I stammered out an apology while trying to get up. His arms wrapped tightly around me holding me still.

"You're not getting away from me with out an introduction." Green eye's smirked with a failure looking grin.

"Oh... My… Damn is that Panty-dropping-Cullen in the flesh?" Emmett laughed from above us. Green eye's loosened his grip. I took this as my queue to quickly get up and make my embarrassing departure. It almost felt like the 'walk of shame' when you were caught leaving after spending an unapproved night with the boyfriend. Yeah I could feel the heat on my cheeks.

"Emmett my man, mom said I could find you down here. She didn't tell me I would be playing catch to that beauty over there." I had walked a little ways away to see where Trevor was, but I made sure to not go out of ear shot.

"I didn't think you were getting back until next week."

"That was the plan. They let us go early and gave us some more time due to us having to leave almost right after we get back. I'd love to catch up and talk shop, but right now I just want to relax and get some sun."

"No worries we will take some time before you head back. Join us and I'll introduce you to my girl and some of our friends." I heard Emmett stating and took this as my reason to head back and put my clothes back on.

"Come on guys where did you put my clothes at?'"

"You're not putting those back on." Alice smirked from where she was laying on her towel.

"I am, now give them to me."

"Hey guys I want you all to meet my little brother Edward." Emmett looked over at all of us, pulling Rose up into his arms. "This is Rosalie my girl, Alice and Jasper" when Emmett started getting over to my I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me while sitting in the chair again. "And you have meet Graceful in her true fashion."

"Fuck you Emmett, if you weren't chasing me I wouldn't have ran into him, and since you don't have manner's I'm Bella." I extended my hand to Edward. "It's nice to finally meet this little brother he is always talking about. For a while there we thought you were imaginary and he didn't grow out of it." I smirked at Emmett.

"We are going to finish our spat later little one." Emmett smirked back at me while I flipped him off. Real mature, but fuck it I'm not out to impress anyone.

I chanced a look over to see what Trevor was doing.

"Fuck guys do you know where Trevor went?" I forgot covering my self to start towards where the crowed was gathered in the area that Trevor had gone to play.

All of my friends followed while I started running not seeing him.

"Did you boys see where Trevor went? The dark skinned dark haired boy out here playing with you." Alice asked some of the kids around.

"The ball went into the water and he went to get it. He's out there." A little blonde boy answered me.

"Shit Emmett I can't swim. I don't see him." Yeah I was freaking out here. My son was out in the water, my klutz genes had been passed on to him and I couldn't even swim to save him. Crappy mother of the year award goes yours truly.

With out any words Edward started full speed running at the water. He pealed his shirt off tossing it on the beach before getting into the water. Once deep enough he started swimming hard against the current.

"Bella I can see him. Looks like he is just fighting the currents doesn't seem to be going under. Edward will get him. He's going to be ok." Emmett pulled me in under his arm holding me close. The one thing I loved about my friendship with Emmett is that no matter what I can always feel safe with him. z

"Jake is going to be all over me on this one. Damn you and having to chase me."

"You know you love me. And if that ass of a father try's anything I can make him disappear. Everything is going to be ok. Edwards got him and they are almost back to shore. Let's go meet them."

We walked to the water line just in time to meet them. Trevor was smiling and still holding the damn football. I took it from him tossing at the kids he was playing and then started in on him. The mom in me wanted him to be embarrassed for pulling such a stupid ass stunt.

"What they hell were you thinking? Trevor you could have been hurt, for fucks sake you could have drowned. Why didn't you come get an adult?" I wasn't planning to stop my rant there, but Emmett once again stepped in.

"Bella, stop and give the kid a break."

"Stay out of it Emmet, Trevor get your things we are leaving." I didn't wait to see if he was following me. I went to grab my chair, book and towel. I'm not worried about my clothes they will give them back at some time.

"Bella wait." Jasper started to me "Don't over react this. He was trying to impress a girl. Give him a little break. Please don't leave over this, we wanted to bon fire and have a cook out."

"Girl or not, he has my genes and grace. He knows better then to do stupid shit like that. How am I supposed to punish him when you guys are always getting him out of things?"

"Mama, can we talk first please. I don't want to leave." Trevor had joined us at this time. Looking past him it seemed that Alice was keeping everyone else from us.

"You sure should have thought about that before you tried to pull a stunt like that. We can talk, but first go get uncle Em's shirt them come meet me at his jeep."

Trevor took off running to them shouting on his way. "Uncle Emmett can I have your shirt."

I turned and started walking up the steps away from where the groups stuff was set up. I didn't want to have this talk with Trevor with them close enough to but in. I love them but sometimes it seems they are trying to tell me how to raise my son. I've been at this for 8 years now. You would think I some what know what I'm doing.

I put the tail gate down and sat on the back of Emmett's jeep. Trevor came walking up to me with a shirt and tossed it at me.

"I'm sorry Mama. I know I scared you."

"Stop, I'm sure the guys coached you on what to say to me. I'm upset you did that with out telling anyone, but mainly yes it did scare me. I love you too much to lose you. You could have gotten really hurt out there or drowned."

"I'm sorry. You see the blonde girl over there? Talking with uncle Emmett and Aunt Alice?"

"Yeah, looks like Ben and Angela's daughter Tanya."

"She's a fine piece of a…"

"Finish that sentence and your dead. Where the hell did you hear that?"

"Dad says that all the time about Leah."

"For one if you talk like that about any girl ever again, you can kiss anything you ever wanted good bye. You shouldn't be thinking or saying things like that at your age about any girl. It's rude, disrespectful and the jerk thing to do. I know I have been raising you better then that, with or with you're your dad's impressions. You know right from wrong. Your lucky Ben didn't hear that, I don't think you would ever get to see her again. You should know by now that things your dad says about women are wrong and will get you into trouble."

"I don't know what else to tell you. All I seem to be doing since I got back from dads is tell you sorry. Maybe that's why things happened the way they did last weekend."

"Don't ever blame yourself for that. Your dad's ability to keep his drinking under control and his hands to him self is not your fault. You aren't going to be seeing him for a while. I'm sorry it's just too risky, right now. I'll make you a deal ok" I looked over at him and he nodded his understanding wanting me to continue.

"You have to stay by us tonight and you aren't going any where for the next 2 days and we will stay."

"I'm ok with leaving, I deserve it."

"You are growing up to fast. Let's go torment Emmett." I tossed the tail gate up and started walking over towards the group noticing Emmett still had his shirt on. "Whose shirt is this?"

"The guy that saved me."

"Looks like I get to say thanks too."

"You guys decided to grace us with your presence now I see."

"Shut it Emmett." Pulling him from the group a little ways, "Why did I end up with his shirt and not yours?"

"His was already off."

"Thanks for letting me borrow your shirt. If the girls would give me mine back you can have it back." I gave a pointed pissed off look at Alice and Rose.

"I kind of like seeing you in my clothes."

"Hottie say what?" I looked at him with a shocked expression not expecting this God like specimen to say something like that. Looking at him with his shirt off was true drool factor. He had the nicest 6 pack going on, the nice v going down to the shorts slung low on his hips 'can we thank the water for that'. His pecks were nicely sculpted as well. His arms were fucking huge. Hottie was a good nick name, but what the hell am I supposed to say or think to him being so forward.

"I guess that was to forward. Emmett said you weren't getting his shirt because of something about the whole beach already seeing you in that bikini, I figured you had a reason to want a shirt so I gave you mine."

"Um... uh… thanks." How did green eyes make me speechless? "Trevor this is Emmett's brother Edward, didn't you have something you wanted to tell him?"

"Thanks for saving my dumb ass."

"Trevor," I gave him a look.

"Sorry." Trevor went to sit in my chair. I walked a little way down from them. This is getting to me. I need to figure out a way to get him away from his father.

"He seems like a good kid; don't beat yourself up over today. It's amazing what you will do for a girl no matter your age." I squealed startled holding my hand over my heart.

"You scared the shit out of me. You always walk up on random girls?"

"Sorry didn't mean to scare you. Emmett was going to come down here, but I figured you didn't want to hear his opinion on things."

"Thanks, I don't think he'd live if he started in on me again. Some times I don't think any of them get what I'm dealing with."

"I can't say that I do either, but I'm willing to leave if that's what you want. I'll listen if that's what you need or we can talk about something else."

"I don't want to bore you. I'm sure there are better things you guys could be talking about then me and my issues."

"You know Emmett. I'm avoiding the talking he is going to want to do right now. I've come to relax and get away from work. All he's going to want to do is talk about it."

"How is listening to my problems going to be relaxing?" I smiled at him. He was looking out at the water like he was in a trance from it.

"I'd do it for you." He glanced over at me and gave me another smile like when we were laying on the ground.

"I'm sorry for knocking you over earlier. I didn't hurt you did I?"

"I'm tough baby. I was just glad to have you on top of me. Most action I've seen in a while." He winced and started rubbing the back of his neck looking almost embarrassed. "Shit…That didn't come out the way I was hopping for. It's not that I didn't like you on top…" wow he just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper.

"Stop I get what you mean. It's ok. I'm a klutz, if you stick around you will get to know that. Thanks for cushioning my fall. It didn't hurt like it would have it you didn't have me on top… Ur… I guess we are both having word issues." I giggled a little. Yup me Bella – Fucking – Swan Giggled.

"Hi I'm Edward Cullen, related to that over muscled monkey boy over there, nice to meet you."

"Thanks. And thank you again for going to save my son. It's been a rough past few weeks."

"I'd ask you for a date, but I'm afraid his daddy wouldn't be too happy with that."

"His dad isn't around. A date with you is the least I can do. I know the perfect sitter." I figured Edward was safe since Emmett would kick his ass if he tried anything and I couldn't really deny him what he requested since he did save my son.

"He can come with us if you want."

"I'll think about it. How about we go join the group I think they are going to have a neck ache soon. They keep looking over here every few minutes."

With that we walked back to go join the group. Trevor hadn't moved from his spot and appeared to be upset over something. Another thing to add to the list of things, I hate my life sometimes.