of circuitry and circular thinking

a / n; written for the 100 drabbles challenge on the HPFC forum. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I'll have fun doing it (and in correct hundred word drabble format). :D
prompt; (14) luck
rating; K+

After the war—the first one, you weren't nearly fool enough to believe you'd see this one wrapped up in fireworks and firewhiskey band-aids (you were never so lucky)—you see him again, all hollow cheekbones and haughty eyes, half the man he was before and it's almost sad except you'd expected it.

You don't smile or say hello, because when you've hated someone for years (and oh you hated him) even if it was unwarranted, how can you take it back?

You can't. And you know this and he knows this, and even so you almost want to try.