This is my third full length fanfic and I am so excited about it and to see what all of you think. I find the plot intriguing and I hope you all do too. This is a preface I put together, its basically a select few input's out of the actual story just to give you an general idea of what is to come.

Here it is




That's when I knew I could do it; I could break down the walls for him if no one else, and use him as my coping mechanism. The thought of him giving up on me was enough to make me see that. We talked that day, more than I have talked to someone in years. I had coped up all of my impurities and it was poisoning me gradually as time passed. I think he knew I needed to let it out.

It wasn't without hard work that I achieved this happiness; when I first arrived I didn't think it possible at all: Especially when I thought about him. I went through therapist after therapist, hour after hour talking about my past with total strangers. I had to talk about him and that hurt more than all of my past combined.


She looked so fucking broken and damaged yet alive and exuberant I couldn't quiet place it but something about her sparked my interest like static electricity the moment I walked into the room. She was holding in her issues and I knew firsthand how dangerous that could be. She had to let it out and I wasn't going to stop until she did.

I didn't spend much time thinking about college, especially over the last three years. I spent most of my time partying and letting loss. I lived the shit out of my childhood, one to remember. The parts I don't want to remember, Bella, I try and tune out minus the dreams because there isn't much I can do about that.

Journal Entry: 145

Five years it's been and I still have the dreams.

Every night it's the same: Like I'm living the same day over and over again.

On the rare occasion when I happen to think about her, I dream of the last time I saw her.

The promise I kept and the one she shattered. I hate the thought of her, but I cannot shake her. She has forever been imprinted in my mind and there she will stay.

I have been to shrinks and told them my issues, I have seen physiatrists and told them my problems; all to get her out of my mind so I can sleep.

Nothing helps; I am doomed to the memory of Isabella.

Not very much to go on I know but this will give you a chance to add it to your alerts so you will get updated when I start posting which will be sometime towards the end of this month. Please stick with me on this because it's going to be good. I have put a lot of thought into it and I really think you will like it....

The journal entry is EPOV, every chapter done in his POV will have at least one journal entry, every one of them thoughts on Bella. This will be during the time they are apart. I have told some of you that the first 10 chapters or so will be covering 10 years. Each chapter isn't each year but it jumps from one year to a few years and so on. I also believe in happy endings and I also am no good at Lemons so please don't expect any from this fic...most of you that have read my other stories know this already LOL....

I would ask you to leave me your thoughts and comments on if I should continue but I'm going to continue regardless so with that being said I would appreciate your guesses of what is to come...maybe your own version of something like this. I already have mine all planned out but I'm just curious to see what you are expecting. If you don't want of course you don't have to but I think it would be fun.

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