This is the summer after the war against the Titans. Annabeth notices that Percy isn't acting like normal Perseus Jackson. There is a story behind it. So help a girl out! This is my first fanfiction ever.

The golden look of the sky echoed in his eyes as I tried to understand what he was thinking about. No matter how many days I spent times with this boy he bewildered my every thought. Everyone said, "Annabeth, you are so wise." And "Annabeth, nothing can get past you." This person's every emotion got past me and I no longer knew how to handle it.

He had gotten really quiet lately. He wouldn't look me directly in the eye, and he always seemed like he had something on his mind. I would spar with him, winning as always, it would seem like his mind is somewhere else. Even when we were kissing you could tell he wasn't all there.

I held his hand walking everywhere, and I would rub his arm when he got to quiet. I mean really, who ever heard of a quiet Percy Jackson? No one, until now. He seemed completely different since the war as if the whole "You can be a god" thing had completely changed him.

Post dramatic stress is what I had convinced myself of a couple weeks ago, but then I figured demigods wouldn't typically get that. Plus, he never had bad dreams about the past or even flashbacks. Stumped was my diagnosis for myself. I had no idea in anyway what was going on.

"Percy, please just look at me." I finally begged sick of the silence.

"Hmm?" he mumbled. "Oh, yeah, you are completely right." He looked toward me giving me a thumb's up with his free hand while the other was occupied by my own.

"We haven't said a word all day Seaweed Brain." I got up and shook off his hand getting ready to storm off.

But, before I could stomp of he grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them to my side. He pulled me back over to him and onto his lap. "I'm sorry." He whispered when his lips were at my ear. "My mind is in other places." The way he said it left the tickle of his breath lingering in my ear.

"Tell me where it…" I lingered off to the fact he was kissing my neck. I tried to push him away, but I couldn't seem to summon the energy. "Seaweed Brain, I don't want you to avoid your problems like this."

"Avoiding?" he questioned into my shoulder. My tank top strap had already fallen down around my arm. "I wouldn't try to avoid your questions." He kissed the base of my neck again as I tried to gain some kind of mental control over the mush that used to be my mind.

"You're avoiding them right now." I muttered with as much intelligence I had left.

"Aw come on." He said looking into my eyes with pleading eyes. "You have to give me some credit."

"For what? Distracting the leader of the Athena cabin? Oh because I am supposed to have it all together all the time?" I said finally able to push myself away from him.

Now on my feet I pulled my shirt strap back into black and straightened my shorts a little. I crossed my arms across my chest and stay focused on his forehead, not his eyes. Part of being the son of the Sea God, his eyes were as deep as the ocean. I got drowned in them everyday.

"No, for all the years I waited to finally admit that I… cared about you." There is was avoiding feelings and whatever else was going on.

"Tell me" I demanded.

He stared at me deliberately purposefully trying to smother me with his eye depth. "That I… adore you?" He wondered.

"No," I huffed, "I can yell at you about that some other time." I dismissed it with my hand and continued. "I mean, where did your Seaweed Brain leak out this time, so I can go scoop it up into doggy bag for you?"

"Annabeth," he got up from his seat on a piece of drift wood and pressed his forehead to mine while rubbing my arms. "nothing serious is going on." He kissed me nose, then my cheek, and then my lips. Once again my brain went to a nacho cheese consistency. He continued to kiss me and started to say something when he got the chance, "My father just wants, uh," I cut him off again with my lips. "to, uh,"

"Oh, shut up. We can talk about this tomorrow." I finally said, when I didn't want to hear it anymore.

He took his seat back on the piece of drift wood and we continued on from there. I kept my arms locked around his neck. He kept his hand on my waist. Above the waist rule, posted by my mother. His father truly didn't seem to care.

The subject lingered in my mind somewhere in the ooey-gooey consistency. I didn't remember it the rest of that day. I didn't see how anybody could. Percy was a perfect kisser. He always gave me the kind of kisses that made me jittery and nervous. They sent sparks every where with each opening and closing of his mouth on mine.

When we were done, I pulled a compact from my pocket fixed my face as much as possible. I had gotten used to carrying the compact about three months after the war when Percy and I finally stopped ignoring our… care for each other. I had to look presentable after Percy and I had been alone. Don't worry we don't do anything that would leave us to shame.

The fact is, I don't think anybody but my mom and Chiron would mind if anything did happen. It seemed as if the camp had been waiting for us to finally get over our pride. Ok, it didn't seem, one of my brothers had told me flat out. I know, I know, how rude, right? I totally agreed with him and so did the rest of the lunch pavilion when he practically screamed at me from one end of the table to the other. My face was red for two weeks. Oh, and Percy was pink; he was so unemotional sometimes.

I'm rambling; my bad. Anyway, Percy took me back to my cabin and I got a lot of bull from all the guys and gossip central was my cabin. I walked in; gossip went out. Sigh. It was part of my life now.

Lights out in the cabin for the night. It was then I realized I had never let Percy finish our conversation.

The sun was rising and left piercing gold rays cutting through the sky. I opened the blinds to the girls' floor of my cabin and they woke up immediately. I sent my fellow comrade Jason who was up at 5:30 every morning. He woke up every guy down stairs. From upstairs I could hear coffee cups clanging in the older boys' room and some dragging feet in the younger boys' room. My girls up stairs on the other hand were dressed and looking at some plans from the night before.

Since I was in charge of inspection today I checked the girl's half of the cabin and then yelled down stairs, "Ready or not, here I come." The scramble of shuffling feet got louder and drawers slammed.

Once I was done with the check I gave it a total four out of five. The only problem, the boys' bathroom. I never went in there scared of what I might find. I knew it was dirty. Jason had tried lying once. It earned him one round in the arena, bruises, and a twisted ankle. I won that battle. But, please it wasn't me in the fight. I sent Percy in because he couldn't get hurt. I was a lot of fun to watch. Jason never lied to me again.

I got my cabin out to their first activity which we happened to share with the Poseidon cabin. We all headed for the Arena to get a lesson from Percy Jackson.

Two others had joined the Poseidon cabin and I hadn't gotten to know them very well. Julia, the pretty little brunette that was eleven now, and Randy, the rather large African American boy who had taken the initiative of being better then Clarisse at wrestling. Now that was hard to accomplish. He scared me frankly.

My instructor awaited us with the rest of his cabin flanking him. Randy was lifeless, while little Julia was watching a small butterfly flutter through the air. It wasn't a tough bunch. Percy however had a fierce look on his face with his arms crossed toughly across his chest.

I approached him just as fierce and stared him down. Or up considering he was taller then me. We stayed tough faced for a while until a smile cracked through his façade. His hands fluttered down to my hips. I pushed them away and stepped back toward my cabin.

"We're supposed to learn something." I told him. "I don't know if Seaweed Brain can do it though. How about you guys?" I asked turning around to face my cabin.

"Let's learn how to distract your opponent," he said coming behind me while I still faced my brothers and sisters. He said something else as soon as he had a hold around my waist, "when she is extremely attracted to you." He swung be back up off my feet and pulled me into his chest.

"Yeah, yeah, get a room so we can actually get something done." Jason yelled so politely from somewhere in the crowd. Now, I'm wondering; can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? Good.

"Fine" Percy complained setting me back on my feet.

I stumbled getting my feet back in the right place to support myself and then faced Percy again. He pulled out his sword and motioned little Julia forward. She pulled a celestial bronze sword that was a bit smaller, but seemed perfectly balance for the little girl.

"Today we just spar, but I would like you all to practice disarming if possible." He looked over at Randy with a slight twinge of disappointment on his face. "If your sword is knocked to the center of another fight, DON'T knock anyone unconscious to get it."

"I try my hardest man. I'll keep it tuned down. I'll only hurt with a blade, promise." Randy's voice was deep and soothing, but you know I wasn't much for all that stuff. I liked my Seaweed Brain.

"Pair up" Percy projected over the crowd.

I attempted to pair up with Percy, but he had already conveniently started working with Julia. He was avoiding it again. He knew I could interrogate while fighting. Jason paired up with me because it seemed like my mood had radiated and he was the only one brave enough to approach.

As we fought I mumbled about how Percy had kelp for brains, and a bunch of other Greek curse words. I had such a mouth going that Jason told me to keep it down since we had younger campers hanging around.

I heard a couple of "good job"s, and "way to go"s come from Percy as he and Julia sparred. I heard applaud a little and it occurred to me that he must have lost his weapon. It was a couple feet away still sliding a bit.

I told Jason to go spar with Julia as I walked over to Riptide. I stepped on the blade and kept my foot there until the Kelp for Brains showed up for himself. He pulled on the handle as if just trying to avoid the inevitable. He kept his head down staring at the handle as if he had never seen it before.

I leaned down next to his ear and whispered, "Drop something?"

He finally looked me in the eyes excepting the fact he was done. "Hey Annabeth." He muttered sheepishly.

"We need to talk, now." I grabbed his sword and carried it at my side all the way to the bathroom hall of the arena.

I handed him his sword and he put it away like a good Seaweed Brain. I pushed him back up against the wall, but with no affection. I had my dagger out and pressed to his neck.

"No escaping or distractions?" He asked.

"Only thing escaping is the answers to my questions from your lips." I said. I knew I wouldn't kill him, but scaring someone never hurt anyone important.

"Well, I guess I'll answer then, so I can get back to my class." He said as if there was no dagger to his neck. I guess it technically didn't matter I couldn't hurt him, stupid river Styx.

"Fine, no dagger," I dropped it into my holster and continued, "no answers no kisses." I sounded like a little kid, but his face fell.

"Gods ok, I'll answer your questions." He said a bit louder and aggressive.

"I only have one question."

"Ask away." He looked completely defeated. He hated when I had total control.

I checked the hall once more before I moved a bit closer to whisper in his ear, "Why have you been so out of it?"

"My father," he stayed quiet for a bit and then continued, "he wants me to, uh, take place of one of my brothers."

"That's all? Didn't you take place of all his sons when you were the only one?"

"Haha, yea" He got real quiet and just looked at me for a bit. But, there was something in his look. "Kiss?" he wondered.

"That's not all is it?"

"If it is, do I finally get a kiss? I haven't had one all day." He said as if he was so deprived of all the goods in life.

"Percy, you don't have to tell me the rest." I said lovingly. I moved a little bit closer inching our bodies closer together.

"Great" he said moving closer to me. He brushed my haired behind my ears getting ready to lean in and kiss me.

"Yea," I mumbled almost into his shoulder. I shoved him back against the wall and he tried to reach for my hips to pull me in. "Until I hear the rest. You get nothing." I stuck my tongue out at him like a child and headed back out toward the arena.

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