The clock struck midnight in the Tyler manor. As Jackie and Pete pulled apart from their midnight kiss, Jackie surveyed the people in the room. It was the first year little Tony was old enough to insist on staying up to celebrate the new year (he'd fallen asleep hours ago, but they woke him up for the big moment), so they had opted to have a small family gathering instead of going out to a big party. It was just the happy couple, Tony, Rose, and the Doctor's clone, who had taken to calling himself Ben.

"You know," Jackie said to Pete, "I love spending New Year's with you. Kissing the same person at midnight every year."

"Oh no," exclaimed Pete, "are we about to hear another one of your stories of the many many horrid men you dated when you were single?"

"Oy!" She slapped his arm playfully, "You try being a single mum pushing 40, see what type of guys you wind up with!"

"Finally found a good one though," Rose pointed out.

"Yeah, never thought I would." She paused, remembering, "you did though."


"Do you remember? New Year's, ages ago. I was dating that guy…James, Jimmy…"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Jimbo?"

"Yeah, Jimbo, that's it! Anyway, we were walking back home, and we were late. You were supposed to celebrate with Mickey, but it was past midnight, and you were complaining about Jimbo. You said to me, I remember, you told me I deserved better. You were so certain I'd find someone better."

"I said that?"

"Yeah, then you ran off to meet Mickey," she paused "No, wait, you stopped first. I remember, I turned back and saw you talking to some drunk. He seemed harmless though, so I went inside. Do you remember?"

"A drunk…" and then it hit her. "Oh God. Oh my God. I'd forgotten."

"You remember now?"

"He's dead." Rose couldn't explain it, but the second she remembered, she knew.

"What? Who? The drunk guy?"

"He wasn't drunk." Her voice was shaky. "I thought he was but, but no, he was in pain. He was, he was dying."

"Wait," Ben interjected, "some guy's dying out on the street, and he just starts having a chat?"

"No, he, I don't think he meant for me to see him. He was sort of hidden in the shadows. I wouldn't even have known he was there if he hadn't started moaning in pain. Oh God."

"But he didn't say anything?" Pete asked. "He was dying and he didn't ask for help or anything?"

"No. I mean, couldn't do, could he?" Rose reasoned. "Had to be some random drunk, some stupid unimportant person."

"But, what was he doing outside the estate?" Jackie asked.

"Saying goodbye," Rose whispered.

"So this bloke," asked Pete, oblivious to Rose's inaudible answer, "did he say anything to you?"

"Yeah," said Rose, "He said I was going to have a really great year."

"And did you?" Asked Ben.

"Yeah," said Rose. "Yeah I did. And you know something? It was really fantastic."