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Kyouya sighed, inwardly, once more as he straightened his tie. He looked in the mirror at himself; he needed his appearance to be impeccable for tonight as he was to help his father create a strong connection with a new business partner.

While he knew the importance of these sorts of functions and the benefits that would be attained from them, Kyouya could not help but to feel a strange sense of dread towards the aforementioned activities planned for the night. He knew this feeling was irrational; that there was nothing unusual about the night, but he just could not shake it.

He knew that his father's reasons for throwing the party were justifiable; that the relations would fare much better if the connections were created under more light-hearted circumstances. But it all just seemed so fake to him. Kyouya had always made his own intentions clear, for he believed that with no hidden agenda he would, in the end, gain more from earning his partners' trust.

Kyouya had changed greatly over the years. He owed it all to that originally fake friendship with Tamaki. He used to be exactly like his father, for he would do anything in order to improve relations with powerful families, even create a friendship under false pretenses. Now, however, although he wouldn't ever admit it out loud, he truly could say that he had friends.

Granted, he wasn't exactly against the benefits that came along with his friends' family connections, but that was no longer the only reason he was around them. He would still do nearly anything for the company, but at least he was honest about it now; he never pretended that the company wasn't what motivated him into acting on most things. Now, he was able to enjoy more than the economical benefits from his actions.

Kyouya glanced at the clock recognizing that it was nearly time for him to leave, and took a final gander at his reflection in the mirror, deeming himself ready to depart.

Kyouya was, as usual, surrounded by all the eligible -and some not so eligible- daughters of various company presidents. The people skills that had been engrained on him since his birth had only been heightened by his involvement in the Host Club. Hence, all the girls had flocked to him in hopes of created a long lasting impression on the boy, secretly, or so they thought, wishing to eventually become engaged to him.

He, of course, knew all about their reasoning. The daughters were destined to marry for connections rather than love. He could understand their fascination with him; why would they want to be betrothed to some unappealing 40 year old man, when they could have Kyouya, whom they saw as a cool, collected, and most importantly, attractive young man.

Kyouya played along with it for the company's sake, and he didn't mind all of the girls. However, there were some that frustrated him to no end; they would throw themselves, literally, onto him. During the Host Club, Kyouya never had any problem throwing off Tamaki or either of the twins, but these girls were just relentless and he abhorred them for it. Maybe that said something about his sexuality, but he had never really thought about it before.

He had never thought about dating anyone either. Kyouya had always been a very realistic person, and no amount of Tamaki's ridiculous fantasies would be able to change that. He knew that he had no chance of having any control over his future romantic life. In fact, he was fairly certain that there would be no romance involved at all. He would suffer the same fate as the thousands that had come before him. Kyouya figured that this was some kind of price he had to pay for being so privileged in life.

Upon hearing the conversations around him die, Kyouya glanced towards the door assuming, correctly, that his father and the new business partner had finally arrived.

Kyouya's father began to address the party, "I would like to introduce you to Mr. Altair Kotas. He is the President of Kotas Air located in Athens, Greece."

Kyouya tuned out his father's voice, having heard this speech many times before. He was more interested in the action directly to the right of his father, where the Hitachiin brothers appeared to be having a silent argument with each other.

Kaoru Hitachiin was always the more sensible twin. He always thought before he spoke, unlike his other half, who was known for his outbursts of emotion. Some people mistook this trait as an act of timidity; however, it was nothing of the sort.

Kaoru's plans were always the ones that succeeded. He achieved this by keeping up his appearance and by thinking everything that he did through. He also had always been more sensitive to others' feelings; he was able to tell what was wrong with someone, and would most usually help them with their problems.

However, sometimes there were exceptions. There were certain things that Kaoru could not tolerate; he would speak without thinking and act out of impulse. Mostly, this happened when Hikaru would hurt others, even if on accident. There were times when he was unbelievably harsh to his brother without even meaning to be; the words would just come out as if he had no control over them.

Yet, this time, it was different. Kaoru had snapped at his brother, but Hikaru had done nothing to hurt another person. Instead, he was acting like an idiot at a party thrown by the Shadow King's family. Usually, Hikaru acting like an idiot in front of a few executives didn't bother Kaoru at all. However, there always had been something about Kyouya and his family that put Kaoru on edge.

Kaoru felt bad for snapping at his brother, but really who throws a fuss over an apple? Hikaru had gotten a sudden, random, craving for an apple, and unfortunately this craving decided to arrive at a very inconvenient time, the moment that Kyouya's father and the honored guest arrived.

Courtesy as invited guests demanded that Hikaru and Kaoru either remain where they were, or move towards the two gentlemen (which happened to be in the opposite direction of the apples). Hikaru, however, appeared not to care about this rule as he began to move towards the aforementioned fruit.

Kaoru was, for some unknown reason, enraged by this action and therefore tightly grabbed onto his twin's arm, dragging him back towards his previous position.

Hikaru, never one to react favorably to being controlled, began to make an audible fuss. This, of course, only further annoyed Kaoru. The younger twin, clearly frustrated, threw his hand over his brother's mouth, successfully silencing him.

Across the room, Kyouya was highly amused. Hikaru was desperately trying to inch his way towards the fruit buffet, while Kaoru was struggling to keep his brother in place.

After quickly glancing towards his father and determining that the speech was still moving along smoothly, Kyouya proceeded towards the aforementioned table. He smirked as he saw Hikaru's eyes widen as the Shadow King picked up an apple and brought it towards his face, as if to eat it.

Instead, the apple was thrown through the air in the direction of the Hitachiin twins, Kyouya having decided to end their suffering. Hikaru made to grab the apple, but Kaoru was quicker, not wanting his brother's attempted discourtesy to be encouraged. Kaoru's hand enclosed around the apple just as Kyouya's father's speech came to an end.

Kyouya approached the twins noticing how Kaoru was desperately trying to keep the apple away from his brother.

"You should really learn to follow common courtesy at business functions such as these, Hikaru."

The eldest twin glowered at Kyouya, "It's not like you were much better, throwing an apple through the air."

"In fact Hikaru-," Kyouya was cut off by his father and Mr. Kotas' arrival. His father looked less than pleased.

"I cannot believe you were willing to do that during a speech," Mr. Kotas began to speak with a heavy Greek accent adorning his words.

Kyouya kept his face neutral as he saw his father's face begin to darken, expecting punishment later; however, his expectations were completely thrown off by the business partner's next words.

"It's such a romantic gesture and you did it in front of so many people, too. I am so excited for the wedding!"

As the president of the Ohtori group, Kyouya's father took every possible opening that was given to him. He also would not allow himself to appear unknowledgeable in front of his new partner; despite his qualms about his youngest son's relations, he would simply go along with the man's words.

"Why yes, Kyouya has been in relations with the Hitachiin for a while now and we are very excited to finally unite the two families."

At his father's look, Kyouya grabbed Kaoru's hand and entwined it with his own, trying to appear as a real couple and to keep his confusion from showing on his face.

Kaoru would have laughed at this situation had it involved anyone else; unfortunately he was the one caught up in this mess. He had no idea what the crazy Greek guy was talking about and he has a feeling that Kyouya and his father were just as clueless.

As a Hitachiin, Kaoru could not afford to ruin relations with either the Ohtori group or with the Kotas group, and therefore, being the responsible twin, decided to go along with this marriage scheme.

Kaoru stepped closer to Kyouya and began to act as if he was in the Host Club, only with the Shadow King rather than with his twin brother.

"Yes, we are quite excited," Kaoru spoke and squeezed Kyouya's hand in an obvious manner, looking up at his sempai in adoration, "I cannot wait to begin planning the wedding. I am especially excited to be able to design the clothing since it will give me an opportunity to begin marketing wedding attire."

Hikaru gaped at his brother; what the hell was he doing. He couldn't possibly actually be marrying Kyouya; the Shadow King of all people. He began to open his mouth, planning on protesting the marriage, but a look from his younger brother silenced him; clearly Kaoru thought that he had the situation under control.

"I am so glad," the Greek man continued, "People never appreciate the ancient traditions anymore. You truly are educated young men." With that, the two men walked away, discussing their future plans for their companies.

The three teens stood in silence for a moment.

"What just happened?" Kaoru asked.

"I'm not quite sure," Kyouya mumbled still puzzled over the recent developments.

Hikaru, unlike his twin and the Shadow King, had yet to say anything, for he was too preoccupied by staring at the two before him.

"What's wrong Hikaru?"

Hikaru blinked at his brother's question, "Why are you two…still holding hands?"

Kaoru glanced down; in all of the confusion he hadn't even realized that he and Kyouya were still holding hands. He moved to let go but Kyouya held on, preventing him from disconnecting their appendages.

At Kaoru's confused look, Kyouya decided to elaborate, "We have to keep up appearances until we figure this out. It would be bad for both of our companies if Kotas found out that we were lying."

Kaoru nodded, and upon seeing the Greek man and the President return to the stage, pulled Kyouya closer wanting to put on a show for the two men.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," President Ohtori began, "I have a wonderful announcement to make. Soon the Hitachiin group and Ohtori group will be bonded through the marriage of my youngest son to their youngest son. Now, Mr. Kotas will explain their dramatic engagement to you".

Hikaru groaned as his and Kaoru's mother came dashing towards them, surprise in her step. There was no way for the two to get out of this marriage now. Kaoru however, didn't seem affected by this at all.

"Kaoru! Why didn't you tell me that you and Kyouya were dating?"

"We didn't want to upset anyone with our relationship; we were worried about everyone's reactions. We also didn't want to cause a scandal since we are both males."

Kyouya, seeing that, although Kaoru was speaking calmly, his knee had subtly begun to twitch, pulled the twin against his chest, wrapping his arms around him to give him support.

Yuzuha Hitachiin smiled at the sight of her son and the Ohtori, "I don't mind. I wish you had told me though; it would have been great inspiration for a new clothing line."

"Actually," Kyouya cut in, seeing a business opportunity, "We were hoping that you and Kaoru could make a wedding line for us that could then be marketed off to the public."

The eldest Hitachiin smiled at the idea, quickly agreed, and then bounded off, mimicking the manner in which her sons had often been seen, inspiration at her fingertips.

Kyouya relaxed his grip on Kaoru as he felt him relaxing now that his mother was gone. The two then turned their attention to the stage, where hopefully, the man who had started this whole mess would explain their fate.

Altair Kotas began his story: "In ancient Greek times, men did not propose to women in our traditional sense. Instead, they had a much more entertaining method. The man would throw an apple towards his desired woman. Then, the woman would catch the apple if she accepted the man, or would let it fall to the ground if she rejected him.

"These two young men honored this tradition earlier this evening when the young Ohtori threw an apple towards the youngest Hitachiin. I look forward to seeing them prosper in the future."

Kyouya and Kaoru turned their attention to Hikaru, who was attempting to make a stealthy get away. Unfortunately, he was trapped by two deadly stares.

"You just had to have that apple didn't you, Hikaru?"

He sighed; why did he always get caught in these messes? "I wasn't the one who threw the apple. Besides, Kaoru, you were the one who caught the apple."

Kyouya had to hold Kaoru back from pummeling his brother. Clearly, they were in for a long voyage.

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