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Chapter One: Down With America

He walked down the street, heading to the bakery a couple blocks down from his apartment building. Today seemed like a good enough day for him to walk instead of taking his car. It was a bright, sunny day with hardly any clouds in the light blue sky. The wind was soft and cool, perfect for this kind of day.

As he walked down the sidewalk, he noticed a group of men standing in a small group in front of the alleyway. As he walked passed them, one of the men looked up and stared at him, no, glared at him. Confused, he continued on passed, shifting his gaze from the man to the bakery at the end of sidewalk and across the street. However, he couldn't shake the feeling that the man was still watching him.

Feeling uneasy, he quickly crossed the street and entered the bakery. The smells of freshly baked bread engulfed him like a warm, doughy blanket and seemed to calm his nerves a great deal. Shaking the man from his thoughts, he walked up to the counter and waited behind a woman and her two children as they fought over what to order.

When it was his turn, he decided to get a cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee. His mouth watered as he thought of the warm, freshly baked bun covered in melted glaze and cinnamon. He took his order and sat down at a small table in front of the store window. As he ate, he watched all of the different people walking by his window. A man walked passed, carrying a small, white bag with the bakery's logo on it; a woman walked passed, talking on her cell phone and searching through her purse at the same time; a young couple walked passed, arm in arm, laughing and seeming so carefree; a woman walked passed with her child in hand, who glanced at him and smiled and waved. He smiled and waved back, watching as her and her mother crossed the street.

As he watched them, his gaze drifted to the alley where he had seen those men. They were nowhere to be seen. He shifted in his seat but still couldn't see them. 'Maybe they had gotten tired of whatever they were doing and left.' he thought. He shrugged and placed the last of the cinnamon bun in his mouth and drained the rest of his coffee before getting up and throwing the empty cup and napkin in the trash. Thanking the baker, he left the bakery and headed back to his apartment building, wondering what he was going to do for the rest of the day.

As he walked, he suddenly got an eerie feeling, like he was being watched; no, like he was being followed. As he walked, he glanced sideways at the window of a car and saw them. There were three of them, three of the men from the alley he had seen earlier. Alarmed, he shifted his gaze forward and continued walking at as much of a normal pace as he could so as not to let them know he had noticed them. His mind raced with ideas of what he could do if it came down to a confrontation when he realized that he had left his gun and badge at home. He didn't think he would need them for the short walk to and from the bakery so he hadn't brought them. Now he wished he had.

As he tried to keep his heart from bursting from his chest and the panic from erupting, he failed to notice the rest of the men emerge from the alley until their arms wrapped around his body and he was pulled into the alley. He struggled as a pair of arms tightened around his mouth and upper body and another pair wrapped around his legs and lifted him up. They carried him deep into the alley, passed several large green dumpsters before they let him go, throwing him against the wall where he landed with a painful thud.

When he looked up, he saw them standing in a small half circle around him, preventing him from escaping. There were eight of them, he noticed, all wearing black hooded sweaters and baggy black or blue jeans and white t-shirts with an American flag and a sword protruding from the center. Over the flag were words that said "Down With America" in big red letters.

Tearing his gaze from their shirts, he looked up into the face of the man in front of him, seeing the hatred in his eyes and the sneer on his lips. He was bigger and taller than the others, burly and muscular and apparently the leader. The man turned his head and nodded to two of the men, who nodded in return and walked to the end of the alley. They grabbed two large dumpsters and used them to block the mouth of the alley from the people on the street, before coming back. Then he looked back at the man in time to see him lunge at him. The man grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him from the ground before whirling around and slamming him into the opposite wall with such force that his head snapped back and hit the wall.

Stars danced in front of his eyes as the man leaned in close and whispered in his ear loud enough for the rest to hear, "You're a cop." Then he leaned even closer and whispered so that only he could hear, "N. C. I. S." Then the man brought his fist up into his stomach, causing him to double in pain before another blow connected with his ribs and he fell to the ground. Suddenly his body burst with pain all over as the men kicked at his stomach and his ribs and his legs. He felt a sharp pain and heard a few sounds that sounded horrifyingly like snapping bones.

After a few moments that seemed like forever, the men finally stopped kicking him and he hoped that it was finally over when one man grabbed him from behind and pulled him up to his knees, pulling his arms behind his back. He tried to take in as much air as his broken ribs would allow, but before he could get a good enough amount, the man reached around him and roughly yanked the front of his pants. He felt his belt snap and heard the button of his jeans clink as it hit the ground. Then his pants and boxers were roughly yanked down to his ankles and his legs were spread.

He knew what was coming next but knowing didn't help the pain that erupted as the man forced himself inside him, tearing through his flesh with such force and brutality that he couldn't stop the urge to cry out. Before he could, however, he was stopped by another man shoving himself into his mouth, causing him to choke and gag. "If you bite me, I'll kill you." He said before shoving himself further in. As the men took turns ravaging his body, darkness crept along the corners of his eyes, threatening to take him. As it did, his mind wandered, traveling out of the alley and across the city to a building. He knew this building, knew some of the people in it, people that could help him, people that could save him. His mind drifted through the doors and into a room filled with desks and people. One desk he imagined as temporarily empty and another was occupied by a man sitting in an office chair with his legs up on the desk. Across from him he imagined a woman wearing a Star of David necklace sitting with her back to the other man and fingering a nasty looking knife. In the desk beside her, he imagined the person he desperately wanted to find him. He was old looking but still looked like he could take a bullet or two with little to no sweat. This man was…

He was brought back to the scene at hand as the men pulled out and let him drop to the ground. He heard them walk away, heading toward the entrance of the alley, when one man leaned over him. He recognized the voice as belonging to the leader as he pressed himself against him and whispered into his ear, "Tell anyone what happened, and not only will you receive a reenactment, but so will they. You've been warned, Cop." Then he was gone.

As he lay there in that alley, darkness consuming him, he managed to utter a single word. "Gibbs."

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