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Honeypaw's Fate

Honeypaw padded side-by-side with her mentor Thornclaw as Darkpaw caught up to her, his mentor Sorreltail catching up soon. Newleaf approached the Clans, and glimmering dew dribbled across a newly sprouted leaf upon the vast trees of ThunderClan territory. Never had Honeypaw experienced such sweet scents drifting from the undergrowth, and the whiffs the forest delivered through the air was refreshing. The sky was a brilliant sapphire, the exact color of Honeypaw's bright gaze.

"Newleaf is a time where many prey awake from their sleep during leaf-bare," Thornclaw was explaining expertly. "So there's plenty of prey around." Confidently, Honeypaw dipped her head. She had already mastered the hunting crouch when she moved out of the nursery. Icecloud had been proud of her and Frostpaw, but Honeypaw found it slightly irritating that her mother was still treating her like a kit. Frostpaw's mentor was Berrynose, whom Honeypaw knew from her Clanmates was a pretty smug cat, but she liked him somehow. Maybe it was because through her clear blue eyes, she could see the best qualities of each cat and be able to adapt like towards them. Darkpaw definitely had a lot of good qualities, Honeypaw thought quietly as the tom began chattering away with her.

"Your loud chatter is scaring all the prey away!" Sorreltail snapped and Darkpaw dropped him head shamefully. Honeypaw suppressed a chuckle. Sorreltail then gave Darkpaw instructions and they disintegrated, each hunting alone. Honeypaw blinked; Darkpaw had only been an apprentice for two moons. Why was Sorreltail making him work so hard? She remembered the time the dark cream apprentice described Sorreltail making him battle with Ivypaw a moon ago. He had told her not to tell any cat about this, because he had told Ivypaw he would not tell anyone. His green gaze had glittered. Honeypaw, Honeykit at the time, just nodded; she did not plan to tell anyone either. But why had he told her if he had promised Ivypaw? That was one part she did not get, but it did not exactly bother her.

Thornclaw sighed. "Honeypaw, are you listening?" The small she-cat snapped out of her daydream and blinked.

"Sorry, Thornclaw. I'm listening now." Looking unconvinced, Thornclaw began to review the hunting crouch with her and reminded her all the ways of hunting each type of prey. Honeypaw was uninterested throughout the process; all her mentor did was going over all she already knew. Finally the tabby warrior let her go, and she padded through the undergrowth, inhaling the sweet, wet scents wafting around her. Her paws soft and silent as a shadow, she trailed through the newly-grown herbs and trees, sniffing for prey. Squirrel. The mouthwatering scent rafted past the other aromas of the forest, and Honeypaw let her nose sniff until she could barely breathe anymore. She had only tasted squirrel once when she was a kit, sharing with Frostpaw. It had been extraordinarily tasty, and she was determined to hunt it down. My first hunt. Reviewing all the essential points of the hunting crouch, she dropped into it and began to stalk the plump russet creature, which was nibbling on a huge seed ravenously.

Honeypaw pressed her tail against the ground, which was muddy from the newleaf rain showers. Her pale golden pelt brushed against bramble thickets soundlessly as she crawled forward. The squirrel, too intent on eating greedily, did not notice Honeypaw coming at it with a swift pounce. A nip of her fangs killed it, and proudly, Honeypaw carried the squirrel back to where Thornclaw was meeting her. Her mentor had not arrived yet, but Darkpaw had two small mice in his jaws as he approached her.

"Hey, Honeypaw," he flashed a cheery grin which Honeypaw absentmindedly returned. "Nice squirrel. Your first catch ever?" Pleased, Honeypaw dipped her head, her grin widening. She was proud of the squirrel, and she flicked her tail delightedly.

She and Darkpaw settled under the shadows of a huge oak tree, waiting for their mentors, their prey still clutched in their jaws. "When is Thwornclaw gmoing to cwome?" Honeypaw complained lightly, her voice muffled by her squirrel's thick fur.

Darkpaw placed his prey on the grass for a heartbeat to speak. "I don't know. Sorreltail's slow, too." Honeypaw glanced around, searching for any hint of their mentors. She shrugged. Maybe they were still hunting. After all, newleaf was a time for hunting. Thornclaw had said that himself. The warm scent of herbs drifted to her nostrils and she sniffed twice. She liked being an apprentice, and she appreciated Darkpaw for convincing her to become a warrior instead of a medicine cat when she was a kit. Marigold was already sprouting, she observed. The grumpy medicine cat, Jayfeather, would probably collect herbs to store in the storage cleft soon. Relaxed, she released her tense muscles and crawled out from the shadows, sunning herself in the new grass.


Jayfeather could smell Icecloud's heavily worried scent all over the place. He could hear her thoughts. Where is Honeypaw? She should be back from that hunting patrol. Rolling his eyes, he grunted softly as the white queen entered the nursery, her fear-scent filling his nostrils.

"Where can she be? I need to talk to Firestar," Icecloud murmured, mostly to herself. She hurried out of the medicine den without noticing Jayfeather's bitter look. It's too bad she doesn't know about Honeypaw's fate. The shy dappled golden apprentice did not need to be worried about. She had to fulfill her own fate first before death would come upon her. Blinking his blind eyes thoughtfully, he recalled the dream he had right after Icecloud had Honeykit.

The memory was clear inside his head. Icecloud's body thrashed with pain as another spasm approached in order to bring her kits to the world. She grunted tiredly.

"Why is this taking so long?" Icecloud murmured as she struggled with a new seizure, and Poppyfrost, who was watching on the side, muttered her agreement. The soft moss of the nursery was ruffled as strong ripples passed through the young she-cat's body violently. Daisy brushed her tail across the white queen's flank, stroking her pelt soothingly as Ferncloud whispered words of comfort to the small she-cat as she licked Icecloud's twitching ears. Lionblaze hurried into the nursery.

Lashing his thick-furred tail, Lionblaze demanded, "What is happening, Jayfeather?" Jayfeather rolled his eyes at the stupid question his brother had inquired.

"Of course your mate is having kits. Now be sensible and get out of the nursery, Lionblaze," Jayfeather sighed. Hopefully, his brother would not act as how Berrynose had acted when Poppyfrost was having his kits. Jayfeather could feel his brother's sharp amber gaze sear into his own blind ones and Lionblaze's scent faded away. Good, Jayfeather thought, Finally a mate sensible enough to leave the queens alone.

Gasping, Icecloud grunted. "This is taking forever," she whined uncomfortably. Her mother Ferncloud soothed her by wrapping her fluffy tail around the white queen's head.

"This will not take forever," Jayfeather promised. "They're coming soon and after this you'll be able to have a good rest." Jayfeather could smell the heavy storm clouds rising over the trees. He could hear drops of the sky's tears splattering atop the nursery roof as Icecloud gasped for breath and he felt her belly shudder. A kit slid onto the moss and Jayfeather flicked his tail, letting Daisy and Ferncloud lick it.

Purring, Ferncloud encouraged her daughter softly. "A she-kit, Icecloud! She's beautiful! One more to go. Oh, I'm so proud of you, Icecloud." Grunting in acknowledgement, Icecloud quivered as more ripples went through her body. Carefully, Jayfeather placed a paw gently on her belly.

"Ferncloud is right, Icecloud. Just one more to come," Jayfeather whispered quietly. "You can do it." Icecloud scowled in pain at another coming spasm. You can do it, Icecloud, Jayfeather thought worriedly. I know you're tired. But these are Lionblaze's kits. You can do it... Daisy leaned forward to give Icecloud another drink from the soaked moss they had collected, and Icecloud grunted gratefully as she took a sip, barely conscious. By the time the second kit, also a she-kit, slithered out and reunited with her sister, Icecloud seemed as if she were going to collapse. Jayfeather could hear her skipping heart and her shallow breaths, and instructed Daisy to offer the jaded queen water again.

Ferncloud purred at her daughter. "These kits are beautiful. These two she-cats would become as lovely as you, Icecloud… Keep going…" Icecloud just mumbled something that Jayfeather couldn't make out as Daisy licked the second kit, and tenderly gathered the kits at the new queen's belly. The silence was followed by the tiny squeaks of the suckling kits.

Grabbing the leaves that sat beside him, Jayfeather felt satisfaction pass through him. It was his third experience of a queen having kits ever since he became the only medicine cat of ThunderClan. "You're all done now, Icecloud," he muttered kindly. "The last thing you need to do is eat these borage leaves. They will help your milk come." He heard Icecloud began chewing the leaves and all of a sudden he was proud of her for having his brother's kits.

"Lionblaze, come and meet your kits now," he called out, and immediately, the familiar smell of his brother filled the nursery as he saw his brother trot past him toward the queen. Wait. Did I just see him? Jayfeather blinked. He was no longer in the now-crowded nursery, but in a vast forest. Stars glimmered in the sky, waving at Jayfeather, twinkling. What was happening? A blue-gray she-cat with silver tingled on her fur and muzzle padded forward from the darkness.

Bluestar, Jayfeather recognized the piercing blue gaze. Bluestar's eyes glowed in the murk. "Honey will fill the heart of the dark, and thunder will strike for light to melt the frost." Then all faded away and all was black again. What was that? Jayfeather thought. Honey… The only honey I know is Honeyfern… but she's dead, isn't she?

"Look, Lionblaze!" Jayfeather heard Daisy purr. "This she-kit's pelt is like honey, that beautiful golden color." Jayfeather shook himself out of the memory now. It was a clear message from StarClan: Honeypaw was the reincarnation of Honeyfern, and she will fill the heart of Berrynose's kit, Darkpaw. But what did the rest mean?

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