"Dear Aunt Sakura and Ayumi,

If you are reading this letter, you have found the book I left for you in the well and have no doubt read a lot about my life in the past. Though our story does not end here and in fact goes on for a great many more years, the rest can be read later. There is something you must understand before you go any further, or the ending will not make any sense. As I was writing on the page before this letter, we built a safe haven for humans and demons upon Sesshoumaru's land.

We created a place where not only my pack, but any human or demon that wished to live in peace with each other, could do so. Between my pack and others that showed up over the years, we were able to protect the village, safeguarding it from any who wished to harm us simply because of who we kept friendships with. Any with ill intentions couldn't even find the village, let alone step foot inside it. It is a beautiful place with a crystal clear river running through one side and a mountain guarding the others.

It was in this village of ours that we realized the true extent of Kikyou's wish upon the jewel. They eventually told me what she wished for and her exact words were, "I wish that Kagome is able to find the happiness she has helped others to find." A seemingly harmless, selfless wish, and for the most part it was, it simply wasn't as obvious as it first seemed. Apparently what the wish did, was it granted my greatest wish.

The wish that would make me the happiest I could be. It kept our pack together forever. And I don't mean that figuratively. We stopped aging, stopped growing old, stopped being mortal. Though the years taught us that we could still be injured or become sick, we seemed to no longer have to worry about dying of old age. Even the children stopped aging, once they reached maturity thankfully. I think Souta would have killed me if he was stuck as a young teenager forever.

For as long as I can remember, I was always sacrificing my happiness and what I wanted in the name of the pack, to keep my family safe and happy. And I would do it again in a heart beat. It is simply nice to know that everything I have done, given up or lost has been rewarded. And I am thankful every day that I do not have to say goodbye to the others. I am not sure I could handle it after everything we have been through.

But all of this, and so much more, you can read later in the book. Our journey didn't end here, in fact, it was just beginning. There were many more battles fought and friends met, weddings and births. And though it all, our family continued to grow. Alphas from other packs, such as Kouga, joined and followed our lead. Something that was never done in dog or wolf clans. Our pack became so large you could fill a forest with the family trees. And my mate stood by my side, and allowed me to stay beside his, for 500 amazing years."

Though the letter didn't quite end there, Sakura paused in her reading as the written words began to sink in. Glancing up at the young woman, who was currently reading over her shoulder, she waited until the realization dawned in her eyes as well before grinning and dropping the letter back onto the table. Pushing her chair out from behind her, not caring about the loud noise it made or that it was probably leaving scratches, Sakura rushed from the kitchen with Ayumi hot on her heels.

Though she didn't know how, or really care at that moment, Sakura knew her niece and nephew had come back. After all these years, Kagome and Souta were home.

The End!