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Chapter 5.

Her heart and other parts of her body were saying you should go, you have to, this is your only chance. But the brain was thinking differently. She had a baby now therefore she needed a reliable man and House definitely isn't one. Great. So what shall she do now? Cuddy was practically shaking. She was scared and nervous. She looked at her watch and realized that in forty minutes her nanny will come. So she packed her bags, dressed Rachel and headed home, still thinking about her decision. Should she go? Is it worth it? Is the pain worth it?

Cuddy arrived home, took off her jacket and undressed Rachel. Her nanny was by the door. She was still going over everything and finally she made up her mind: she should go. She should go and tell him that they have to wait, that she doesn't want to cheat on Lukas, that Lukas doesn't deserve cheating.

She dressed again and left her house. Twenty minutes later she was by his door. Her hand was shaking while ringing the door bell. House opened the door and looked very surprised, actually he looked kind of shocked. He was not expecting her to come.

"come in." he invited her in.

"look…." But she didn't get a chance to finish her sentence: House started kissing her lip but she pulled away. "House, I am not here for this, I came to talk to you..about….about us."

"Talking? No, that's like the most boring thing ever. I told you to come if you wanted more. And here you are without wanting more….makes no sense to me." he tried kissing her again but got smacked for that. "fine, let's leave the interesting part for later and do the boring one now." He walked toward the sofa and jumped on it.

She placed her coat on the hanger and sat opposite House.

"Listen, could just wait a little bit, put it on pause. "

"so you don't like me, not at all? You prefer that loser Lucas. And the sad thing is that I introduced him to you." House pretended to sob.

"could you be a grown-up for couple of minutes? Or is it completely impossible for you?"

"ok, ok, I am serious." He made a serious face so serious that Cuddy almost burst out laughing but she stopped herself.

"I just wanted to wait till Lukas comes back so I can explain this to.." house interrupted.

"okay, I get it, you don't want to feel guilty…typical cuddy."

Cuddy smiled.

"but maybe we could do it one more time?"

"House! patience"

"but mom?" cuddy laughed as she got up and went to the front door.

"are you sure that you don't want to stay?"

"Yes I am." She puts on her coat. "Good night House."

"Good night Cuddy, I will be waiting for you."

Cuddy left. It went better than she expected. She thought it would be more awkward but it went perfectly. Now it was time for much harder part: tell Lukas.

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