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Summary: Teen pregnancy is an important issue. Me as a young teenager being pregnant is hard, but when you are practically doing it on your own to become independent it really hits you hard. The worst part about being pregnant at such a young age was how people judge me and because they judge me I knew my child would be judge too. I had help though from my family and my baby's father and I knew I would overcome this obstacle. This is my story and I am Isabella Marie Swan.


Edward: 16 and Bella: 15

(Bella's POV)

Today I start on a journey that I find myself, one where it changes my life forever. Today is the day that I start high school and it would never be the same ever. My name is Isabella but to most, Bella and this is my life.

I've lived in Forks, Washington for 7 years until my parents decided it was time to get a divorce and being a young child I had no choice but to leave with my Father. Ha, people thought the word mother was coming out of my mouth, well it wasn't. How could it when your mom thinks she was also 7 and you spent your whole life growing her up. Charles Swan was my father a.k.a Charlie. He was a policeman and he got shift mostly everywhere. He was the ideal father, overly protective and I couldn't love him more. It was the move to Texas that set me off though, I swore to Charlie he and I was never going to talk anymore. But after 1 week in Texas I couldn't bring myself to it.

Charlie had found a lovely girlfriend by the time I was 8 and she had two kids, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Mary Ann was a sweet woman she cared deeply for me and even when I told her a million times Charlie and my mom would be back together soon she still showed me something Renee could never be capable of; love and being a mother. Her kids and I got along perfectly find even thought Rosalie was a complete nut case.

Ah my very loving and bossy sister Rosalie Elizabeth Hale Swan (Mary Ann decided it was best to change their names). The total diva, she was better than everyone and no one told her otherwise. Rose and I hated each other at first but when we noticed neither Charlie nor Mary Ann were leaving each other we might as well act as one. "We might as well love each other now because in the near future it'll be hard considering Charlie would be around long," a very young Rosalie told me in a high-pitched voice. I couldn't agree more. But even though Rose and I got along Jasper was always the best. He read me like a book and it was better to get along with him than it was with Rosalie.

Jasper was blonde but not dumb at all and younger than Rosalie. He was adventurous and would tell me stories about him in his past life. Rosalie said we were dumb and I was really dumb to believe Jasper, but I always thought she was jealous of Jasper and mines relationship. So I would say Charlie and I snag us a good ass family and it will always remain that way, until one day something bad happen to Rosalie when she was 14, Jasper 13 and I 12. Rosalie was raped from her boyfriend Royce and Charlie said if we done anything it would bring uproar to Texas, but he didn't leave unhappy. Royce was beaten up pretty badly the night we packed everything to head out to Forks again and once again I was devastated.

I mean Forks wasn't bad but the weather gave me the creeps you know, like vampires live there or close by. It was always cold and rainy, I just couldn't take it. But Charlie and I had one thing to look forward to; we got to see our old friends and little family. Like the Cullens, I couldn't wait to see Alice. I told Rose about the Cullen boys and how she would love Emmett, but she always seem to flinch and stuff, poor Rose.

Charlie sure didn't waste any time he wanted us to be in Forks right away and he meant it. When we arrived at the house Charlie told us that since it was three we had to share my old bedroom until he added on the two extra. Of course Rosalie argued, she was after all a 14 year old woman that needed her space from us little children. Jazz said he'll crash downstairs and I agreed with him.

The first day I was there I decided to head down to La Push with Charlie and hail up Billy and Jacob. We asked Jazz if he'd tag along he shook his head nom I knew he would take the move hard because he was a diehard Texan.


"Yo, old man open up it's the police and I heard you were trafficking drugs," Charlie said as he knocked on Billy's door. I noticed that Billy was in a wheelchair when he came out and I stood quiet. I knew that he was disable now, but to really see it hurt my heart.

"Well my, look what the Forks weather blew in," he paused for a second, "Bella is that you," I looked away shyly. "Charlie better load up his gun now cause these little boys are gonna eat you up." Charlie laughed and Billy was damn right. At the age of twelve only, my dad and Mary Ann told me I was a beauty. I never saw what they said but in my condition now I guess they were right and so was Billy. My hair had flowed down my shoulders past my mid back and looked to be of a mahogany color. I was weighing in at exactly 98 pounds with pale skin and big brown eyes. Mary Ann said it was rare to find an old beauty like myself and that's what boys would like. She also told me don't get discourage by Rosalie because Rose was even jealous of my looks.

I saw a head poking out and that's when I noticed Jacob Black with his long hair and tan skin. He might not of gotten buffer or anything but he was always cute little Jakie. "Bella where you been loco." Jake always was one to make me laugh.

"Ah Jacob right here, with my old man," Charlie scoffed at this "You know hanging around."

That was the summer that I had my first kiss and I fell in like. Rosalie came around that summer to; she and Alice were good friends. Alice and Jasper hit it off well and they were heaven's match made couple. Rose wasn't first attracted to Emmett though, she went after Edward. Yuck he always made my blood boil and she saw it to, so she thought Emmett had to take second best, bitch right?

So we had our perfect little group and even thought Jacob went to the school in La Push he was considered a member.


So 2 years had passed with me and Jacob dating and it was going great until he wanted to push it. Jacob had grown and so had Emmett. Jasper was lean and sexy and Edward broad. All of our men were hot and we were most envied. Alice, Edward and I were in the same grade. They started school later than I did and they were twins.

I could remember the night I called Edward and told him what happen. I didn't want Jacob hurt but I couldn't help myself, I was in hysterics. "Edward, please don't hurt him," I begged him "he didn't mean anything by it." Edward wouldn't listen, he stormed to La Push in Emmett's car and he and Jacob fought that whole night.

Edward won for some odd reason but they were bout taken in to the station. Ha, when I told Charlie my little story of Jacob grouping my breast a little he flipped. Jacob and I were over, I knew we would be friends again but I knew never again lovers. As far as loving can go for two young teenagers.


Time passed though and Edward and I grew closer. We did everything together and even though he wasn't my first kiss he was my real first like (come on I'm only 14). Alice said we might as well be twins and we thought about it but came up with something greater. He knew he had feelings for me and I had feelings for him. So we became exclusive and dated. I had grown full breast that summer and hips that were tight and full. My hair was now past my ass and streaked because of Alice and Rose. Boys were drooling over me and I had to do it too. I had to admit I was hot until one day Rosalie jacked up my hair and it got cut shorter. I cried to Edward and he also cried saying something that caught me off guard. We were in my room (Charlie did actually build the rooms).

"That would have been nice to pull on while we had sex," Edward had muttered. Not him to. I pushed off and slapped him hard in the face.

"What the fuck Bella"

"Edward I wouldn't believe you, we haven't been dating longer than Jacob and I and you say some shit like that," if he think he was going to be the next Jacob he had a next thing coming to him.

"Look I'm sorry Bells, shit you mean a lot to me and I love you and stuff," he was sweating and nervous. I couldn't believe it he said he loved me and that was all needed to be said that night in my room we had sex for the first time.


So here I am for the first time at these high school gates with the world on my shoulders. I knew I would make it though because I had my boyfriend, my best friends and my siblings; what more could a girl want? I surely had it coming. My birthday had come up and Edward took me out to dinner. It was cute I had to admit, but it was after dinner I was looking forward to.

We rolled up to Edward's home. I was more ecstatic than ever. After that night in my room we haven't had sex, but tonight we were gonna try it again. The first time had been rather rushed and hard. So I've learned it wasn't his first time, but he never had sex with a virgin so that was new.

"Um I'm gonna go lie down on the bed," is what I had told him. In the corner you could've see him giving himself a little pep talk. I took off my shoes and then my dress; I quickly went under the covers and called for him. "You know Edward," I tried to say in my sexiest voice; it ended up coming out like a squeak, he laughed. "Sorry," I said embarrassed. "Just come let's do it already".

He came over to the bed and took off his clothes; 'God Edward had really become sexy' was my thoughts. He went under the cover and places his head between my thighs 'Oh God Edward made me wet'. He placed his hand on my folds and started to rub slowly. I then noticed I started breathing hard, which was until he pulled the underwear down and took a long slow lick up my pussy.

"Edward, don't stop," I moaned. Then I took his head and pushed him further he made a lot of slurping noises. Then he got up 'right when I was Cuming'.

"Oh Bella I'm ready for that tight pussy," he said and started to massage my clit. My body shot up in the air and I began to shake furiously. He then placed his boxer covered dick by my entranced and started to dry hump me.

"Baby I could feel this right now, so tight and juicy for me"

"Edward please," I groaned.

"What do you want baby," he asked me. Why was he frustrating me when I actually wanted this?

"Edward your dick," the time I took to notice he was frustrating me he was already out and waiting for me. "Edward we have to use protection," he shook his head.

"Baby it takes away the feeling and I won't come in you," I trusted him.

He shoved it right in and I grunted, he then began to rock my body slowly. Although a few tears were streaming down my face, it sure was better than last time. He moaned in my ear and told me how good this was. I came again, I knew it was short but hey that's my Edward he unwrapped me like a candy.

I was spiraling and coming off of my cloud when I felt he bust his nut into me. Oh no.

"Edward you mother fucking jackass, you said you wouldn't do that," I jumped off of the bed and grabbed my clothes. I was crying now he knew just how to ruin a perfect moment, such a jerk.

He ran after me.

"Baby I'm so sorry, please slow down and trust me Bella nothing will happen," I trusted Edward with all my life. I was in Alice's room now with Rosalie, crying to them and telling them I was a fool. Rose offered to kick his ass then stomp my stomach, I turned her down; because as tempting as that sounds I wouldn't want to damn DIE!!

My period came on later though I was relieved. So life went on I was Bella and he was Edward and everything was perfect that's when I threw up to dinner last night.


Mary Ann, Rosalie, Alice, Esme and I were at the hospital the next day waiting for my results. Wow, they brought in the whole family. My results were in and what a coincidence Carlisle was my doctor, Edward's father.

"Bella come on child," he told me. Of course I didn't need Carlisle to tell me I was pregnant I already knew and so did Edward. Everyone followed me into the room. "She is indeed pregnant". They all broke down in tears while I just had my wake up call. I was pregnant at 15 no less and it was Edwards's baby. Things have change and so we were going to change to.

I called Edward later that day, while Mary Ann delivered the news to Charlie. I knew I wouldn't last long but hey, let's give it a shot.

"Yea Edward, yea its true and- what the fuck Edward of course it's yours you dipshit," he pissed me off.

Later that day I was at home and sleeping, until Charlie busted into my room and grabbed me up.

"You and I are gonna talk and right damn now,"

"Dad I'm sorry, don't hit me please," I slouched down on the ground. His face soften,

"Bells baby get up," he lifted me up "I'll never hit you baby come here we'll figure this out, trust me we will. But until the time you are grounded," he managed to get out through his tears. We did many things in that few seconds; cried, laughed and finally had the birds and bees talk. I'll always count on my father, he always made me happy. And he was right I would get through it I just knew that. And Edward would be there to.

At least that's what I think, right?


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