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Rose's Pov

Alice and I had a long day. We were baby shopping for our soon to be niece or nephew and I was ecstatic but Alice had to ruin the day by making me wait half an hour because she and Jazz were celebrating some shit that I didn't even hear her say. So we were out in Port Angeles until later than we were supposed to be with a car full of non-essential stuff. That's just Alice for you!

'Why you coming home, five in the morn' something's going on lemme smell yo dick'

My iPod was blazing one of my favorite songs and Alice and I was singing along with the music.

'Don't play me like a fool cuz that ain't cool, so what you need to do is lemme smell yo dick. It's four o'clock and I'm sleeping, its late night and you creeping, you could a told me I'm leavin now I know you're out there cheating'

I just let the music float in my ears and just when I was about to hit round the bend, I saw Edward coming out of Tanya's house. The song couldn't have gotten any truer. I stopped the car and shoved Alice to look his way and I drove up to her house and block his car in.

He was looking to see who it was because I was driving Em's jeep but when he saw me walked out of the car his face dropped and Tanya came outside with a robe and no clothes on. Now I knew what Edward was doing there but Alice might have taken his side and then that would have been a bigger problem, so it looks like everything just fell into place; without my help what-so-ever.

"What the fuck Edward," Alice's tiny voice echoed through the yard, "you can't be serious, I thought you said you weren't gonna cheat no more."

That dumb looking bitch had a smirk on her face and I was about to slap it the fuck off but you could tell Edward was compensating what he should do and how will he explain to me what went on. No, sorry buddy not tryna hear your excuse.

"It's not what it looks like," is he serious he comes outside pants sagging, this hoe comes after him and 'it's not what it looks like' this boy has got to be the dumbest of them all.

"Well what the fuck it is Edward this slut is out here with no clothes on and you just came out her house… you better have a good fucking explanation because I'm about to go ape on the both of your asses," no one even made a move, "I'm fucking waiting Edward, do explain, NOW!"

He was stuttering over his words that I nearly laughed at him. Now if the situation wasn't like how it is now maybe I would of laughed but it's not so I'm just gonna stand here and wait til Edward explains himself to us.

"Um look Rose, let me tell Bella what's going on okay," he looked like he was trying to say more with his eyes but he didn't want to discuss this here, all the while that bitch was smiling.

I rushed up to her, "I wouldn't give you the gratification as to break Bella and Edward up, not now and not fucking ever so I would take that stupid smile off of my face if I was you and that stupid thought." She just kept on smiling I grew angrier within the minute. I grabbed a hole of her neck and Edward rushed to my side along with Alice.

"Come on Rose I would love to see her die to but not this way," Alice said. I just gripped her neck tighter. "Come on Rose just let her go, she's not worth it," I listened and just as I let her go she started to cough and choke.

"What the fuck Rosalie," that slut yelled. "Don't you ever touch me like that again, ever!" I laughed at her and what the fuck was she gonna do I thought.

"And what the fuck are you gonna do," I just laughed again.

"I will send your ass so far in the system Emmett will forget you, don't you ever touch a pregnant woman ever again, and that is if you want Alice to see her niece or nephew."

I almost choked and when I mean my head was spinning it was. What the fuck was Edward thinking? I couldn't stay anymore. I looked at him and told him fic this before I do and he nodded his head. I jumped in the driver's seat of the jeep and sped off leaving Alice to find her way home by herself.

This was a bunch of shit and Edward knew he got himself into some deep shit but this isn't my story to tell so I'm not gonna tell Bella.

I hope his ass catches Aids or some other STD and die from it.



(20 minutes before Rose and Alice's appearance)

"Tanya what the fuck do you mean that you're pregnant and it's mine," this bitch is crazy we just had sex a few minutes she cannot be pregnant already. "I mean we just had sex and you told me you're on the pill and this is the first time that we ever had sex without condoms so I know you're either lying or the kid ain't mines."

"It's yours Edward I'm like 2 months or something. Do you remember that party out of town when you and Bella broke up," I nodded my head for her to continue, "well it was around that time. You said that she was a bitch and that she meant getting pregnant, you were so out of it and I thought that I could fix it for you. Then when we went into the room you were like Tanya I wish it was you carrying my baby. I knew you were drunk but it still made my heart flutter because even though you try to hide it I know that you love me and that you care. So when we were about to do it I just never mentioned the condom and I was stoned too, so I just let you come in me and that's the end. About 6 weeks later I was throwing up and I went to the doctor, come to find out I was pregnant and you were the only guy I slept with at that party and around that time. And before you continue I stopped using the pill because it caused me to get really bad headache's…so you go figure. I know it's yours." This was too much to take in and I was really stupid to lead Tanya on but I was even stupider to think this is true but something in her face told me she wasn't lying.

Now what the fuck I'm I supposed to do?

"Tanya with your next check-up I wanna come with you but until this baby is born and a paternity test is taken I'm not given you a fuck. I gotta figure this shit out because no way no how I can be having two babies around the same time. Bye I call you later."

"Edward wait," I cut her off as I walked out of the house. I was scared shit and what the fuck was I suppose to tell Bella now.

And great now Em was fucking here to give me shit bout cheating and stuff. I walked closer because he was taking too long in the car. When I saw the blonde hair and blue eyes came out, I almost shit up myself not to mention she was with Alice and Tanya came outside naked.

Just my fucking luck, what the fuck I'm I suppose to do now?


Present time (Bpov)

I was getting really horny in my 4th month and I really needed sex now!

Where the fuck is Edward… just as I was about to call his cell he came up to the room.

Oh goody now I can have me some dick. I bounced over to him and he looked at me and smiled it was sweet but I knew something was up because it wasn't a real Edward smile, like he forced it this time. But I let it slide because I truly needed to get fucked from today until tomorrow because I was too horny.

"Oh I'm so glad you're here baby, I'm to horny right now"

He looked at me and smiled, he then throttled over to my bed and took off his shoes, he then patted the space next to him and my smile was up to my eyes like the Grinch's own.

I shook off my house slippers and climbed over on top of him. I knew I gain some weight but Edward surely didn't mind. When we talked about it this morning he said he don't mind me being plump he likes the meat I've gained. If it was okay with Edward it was okay with me.

I started to kiss his neck and he looked like he was getting into it because whatever had him down I now had him up, literally. I could feel his erection poking me in my stomach and this made my belly flutter. We had to hurry this up before Charlie came home. He turned me over so I lay on my back and he started to take off my tights. I couldn't wait anymore it was getting hard to even move.

He looked up at me to see if it was okay to do this. I smiled to reassure him, and then he placed his hands on my cotton panties and started to rub soothing circles on my bundle of nerves. I moaned loudly. I pushed his head down so that he can hurry up with this foreplay and he just laughed at me. He took my panties off and by time as he did I was soaking wet.

I saw him stand and I thought he was going to take his pants off, much to my disappointment he didn't he just readjusted himself. So he bent back down and placed he finger back over my pussy, he then started to rub the inside of my thighs, I moaned again and then he moaned and it cause me to shudder with pleasure.

He finally dipped one finger inside of my folds and started to explore. He first started to run his finger up and down from my clit to my slit.

"Ugh Edward stop teasing," he then finally pushed the finger in and started to pump in and out.

Oh my gawd. That feels amazing, Edward was looking at me now his eyes very intense and I know with just his look my sensitive body wouldn't hold on longer.

"More baby, please," I said in an above whisper. He then added another finger and used his thumb to rub circles on my clit. I screamed out in pleasure, this feeling was overwhelming.

I was making so many different cries and pleas he suddenly stopped and I whimpered. He dragged himself up my body and he kissed me.

"Shhh baby I don't want anyone to hear you," he then broke the kiss and led his way back down to my womanly parts.

He again placed his two fingers back inside and then he leaned his head in and started to lick my clit. Oh gawd Edward knew how to give the best heads.

I cried and thrashed loudly and he shhhed again causing me to jump because it vibrated on my clit. I covered my mouth with my hand and tried to watch him work his magic.

He then added a third finger to stretch me more and made his mouth like a vacuum to suck on my clit he started to suck harder and that's when I lost it.

I grabbed the pillow and placed it over my face as I came and he kept sucking until I rode out my orgasm making me come a second time right after. He kept doing that but I pushed him off to stop, I couldn't take anymore it was too much.

He then grabbed my legs and lifted them up and placed kisses all over my feet I laughed because it felt ticklish after the orgasms.

I then rose up out of the bed and got on my knees ready to suck his beautiful cock. I showed him my tongue ring (Edward suggested this last year) and smiled a seductive smile at him. He frowned; okay that's not what I expected. He then rose up to his feet and patted my head.


I got up off of the ground and then shoved on my panties he had turned the T.V on and I walked over to it and shut it off.

"What the fuck are you doing Edward?"

"You already came Bella so I don't see the need to fuck, now get out of my way I wanna watch T.V," he whined like a child, not in a mean way when he cursed neither.

I was not into games, not tonight when I was too fucking horny.

"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I don't understand you at all Edward. You are hot and fucking cold all the damn time."

"Bella I don't wanna fight, not tonight"

"You don't, well I do," I was on the edge, I was so confused and torn so started to cry then I was over my desktop throwing things at him breaking pictures and flinging clothes out of the window. I was on a rampage I don't know what I did it for but it felt good.

"What the fuck is wrong with you girl? I'm trying my hardest to please you and you're going crazy like an ass. What the fuck do you want from me?" oh God this is hot. I rushed over to him and pulled him into a deep kiss and boy did it lead to something more, he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me to the bed.

I was still in my panties but I shed myself quickly of my shirt and bra. He looked at me with lust filled eyes and then it turned to worry. No mother fucking way Edward.

"You fucked Tanya didn't you?

He still didn't answer, I got up and put on my bra and throw on a stray t-shirt I found (probably his).

"Oh God you fucked that slut… that explains everything," I ran up to him and punched him as hard as I could. "You fucked her after you told me you wouldn't anymore, didn't you?" I repeatingly punched him in his face. "I can't believe you answer me?"

He never answered me, he sunk to the floor and I went with him.

"Why Edward you promised me, why?" I was crying tears everywhere.

"I don't know baby but I have something to say. After we had sex Tanya told me she was pregnant and baby listen," I was all ears because I wouldn't believe it, "she told me how and when and I believe her but Bella I would never, never put her kid over ours and I Love you baby, I'm so sorry I wish I could take it back." Yea well me too.

"Get out, Get out of my house, she has a virus Edward everyone knows that. Your father even told you that go get tested before you ever come around me or my kid again; you are a dog, a low class mutt faced dog and I never want to see you again."

I was so stupid I ran out of the room straight into Rosalie's and she and Alice enveloped me into a hug right away.

"I'm so dumb, he was cheating on me and I was stupid to believe he would change."

"We know sweetie, Edward is just stupid, I mean when I saw it I couldn't believe it neither." Alice said but what the fuck she meant by saying when she saw it. Rose kicked her.

"You two knew and couldn't tell me"

Rosalie budged in quickly, "it wasn't our story to tell Bella, and Edward said he would do it"

"Ugh, I can't believe you two?"

"Bella you can't blame us and I understand where Edward was coming from, he only wanted to end it with Tanya and things got a little further than planned."

"Alice, are you serious? You fucking always do this, how the fuck can you say this shit," I was on Rose's side all the way.

By this time Em and Jazz were in the room and this turned into a whole war. Rose and I, against Alice and Em and Jasper not knowing who to go to.

Jasper had already picked his side and he went with Alice, not because Rose and I were right but because it was his girl. In the end Rose dumped Em and they all went their separate ways.

I was in my room again crying my skull out. What to do, oh gawd what to do?



I knew what I had to do after Bella told me to get out. I needed to get a test and make sure Tanya wasn't lying about the baby because if she's not then I've got hell to pay.


I went to the hospital, told them what I needed to be done.

They called my name last and I went into the room.

I was scared because whatever Tanya has, I have now.

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