"You're being ridiculous," was Natsume's immediate response.

Mikan continued to scowl. "And for what reason? All my points are valid."

"He's my best friend."


"He's a guy."


"You're being stupid."

"He sleeps over more often than I do!"

A tinge of pink stained Natsume's cheekbones. "First off—and I've already said this- he's my best friend. Second, it takes more effort to sneak you into the boys' dorm."

"Which gives him more oppurtunity to steal you away!" Mikan wailed.

Rolling his eyes, Natsume turned to Ruka, who'd been beside him the entire time. "Ruka, are you secretly in love with me and trying to break Mikan and me up?"

"No, Natsume, I am not. I am perfectly happy, not gay, and in a relationship with your girlfriend's best friend. I do, however, love you as a friend, as we have been best of such since we were little," Ruka replied without missing a single beat.

"That's great, then, Ruka," Natsume nodded, "I love you too—as a best friend." He turned back to Mikan. "That enough for you?"

Mikan stared. Blinked. Stared again. She smiled and pecked Natsume on the cheek. "Yeah, I guess."

"Meanwhile, Natsume and Ruka were playing footsie under the desk." Oh, If only. THERE YOU GO, BEE. I DID IT. Thanks to Jean Fukuda for helping me by suggesting I just change all the pronouns when I was finished. :))

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