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Chapter 1: Ghosts

"Mr. and Mrs Desmodia You have here by been invited to the funeral of your dear deceased Uncle and are required to attend if you wish to be included in his will. Signed A.S. Strikeman (lawyer to the deceased)"

It seemed strange to Jacob that a letter of this kind should be sent to his family when he had never even known that he had a great-uncle before. His parents had never even shown him any pictures of his extended family and did not like to mention anyone from thatside of the family.

But that letter was what brought Jacob to the cemetery of some run down little town in California. It was raining heavily, obscuring Jacob's vision almost entirely. Yet as the rain began to lighten Jacob pushed his ginger hair out of his eyes and began to let them wander away from the vicar to the people around him.

"He was a kind and caring man"

Jacob wasn't listening, his mind focused on the people surround him. The graveside was crowded; Jacob's great-uncle must have been quite well respected.

"A great man who gave much..."

Jacob's eyes passed over a group of people in boring grey suits, who looked like they'd never set foot outside before or cared about anything beside paperwork.

"And asked for little in return."

A group of five people were the next thing Jacob noticed. Each of them in identical black traveling cloaks. They seemed out of place. Almost like a distorted reflection.

"Ashes to ashes"

A black cat darted through the crowd; stopping at the feet of a man who stood apart from the others. He held a large umbrella to keep the rain off the designer suit he wore underneath his large black coat. Jacob blinked it must have been a trick of the light but the mans skin seemed oddly... Blue!

"Dust to dust"

The man turned his head to look at Jacob his cold green eyes seemed to see straight through the small boy with a mess of red hair; straight into his soul. The eyes were calm, unwavering in their gaze; but they were the kind of eyes that belonged in a graveyard.

Empty eyes.

Emotionless eyes.

Lifeless eyes.

The man with the umbrella glanced across the mass of people at the side of the grave. He sighed; life just wouldn't be nearly so interesting without the man they were burying today. He continued to gaze out over the mourners his eyes coming to rest on a small, thin boy at the front of the audience. The man contemplated the boy for a second; ginger hair, green eyes (very near his own in colour but slightly brighter), and pasty pale skin. He looked down at the cat rubbing against leg and smiled as warmly as he could manage.

"It looks like this could be interesting after all"

And without waiting for the end of the funeral (a mere formality in his mind) the man turned on his heel and, followed by his cat, strode out of the cemetery and disappeared into the rain.

Jacob narrowed his eyes, trying to squint through the impenetrable veil of rain; but it was impossible. The man had left no trace of himself; it was for all the world as if there had never been a man standing there. In fact Jacob's vision had now become so obscured that the people around him appeared to be nothing more than ghosts. He sighed, now he couldn't even see the person next to him. Somewhere, it seemed very far away, he heard the vicar finish his speech. He sounded bored, as if he had made this speech a thousand times before and no longer cared if anyone was listening.

As the funeral drew to a close most people began to disperse, hurrying out of the downpour, to safety of their cars, as quickly as they could. Jacob, on the other hand, immediately felt curious; what kind of person would of dragged so many strange people across the country in the act of death?

Despite the rain Jacob began to head in the opposite direction to the crowd; he moved slowly towards the grave. Just what kind of man had his great-uncle been, even his name would be a start. As Jacob reached the grave he knelt down to read it. Despite having just been filled ,the grave seemed to already be covered with ivy; as if it had been waiting for a long time for the man who had just been placed in it. Jacob shuddered at the thought but still began to clear the vegetation from around the grave, until it was nearly clear. He had to lean close to read the intricate style of writing inscribed on the headstone:

In loving memory of

Timmy T. Turner

There are more things in heaven and earth, than are drempt of in your philosophy.