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Chapter 10: Unseen Endings

The world seemed quiet as Vision fell. The whole universe stood in perfect silence for a few seconds; as if it knew that a titan had fallen and the innocent could once again rest easy. Then there was chaos. Just before Vision had died he had released his grip on The Unseen. For, unbeknown to the fairies; if Vision had died without revoking his control, all his servants would have died with him. So, chaos reigned. Newly awakened Unseen stared wildly around them; hundreds of them remembering the fairies they had once been. Many of them fainted, others screamed. Wanda merely knelt down next to the unconscious Cosmo, to check he was okay.

Jacob on the other hand slept through this all.


It was two days before Jacob awoke. He opened his eyes to find a young lady he recognised from the council statues smiling down at him. Luxemba Farfly, head of fairy world communication, was usually a very busy woman; but even she was willing to turn up to honour the greatest savior to fairy world since Timmy Turner. She looked across at her colleagues; Hamlet Green, Scorpio Capricorn, Vato Voltaire (Head of internal affairs) even Wakefield Claus had all excused themselves from their engagements and meetings to be here to congratulate Jacob Desmodia for his bravery. If Jacob had known anything about fairy history he would have been truly amazed. Mr Claus was the first to speak.

"Welcome back Jacob." His voice was flat and cold, his emotion unreadable under the large hood he perpetually wore. "We felt like coming here to thank you today. The Unseen were causing us quite a difficulty."

Voltaire shot him an annoyed glance, "Quite a difficulty? Zis child just saved ze whole of Vairy Vorld." His accent immediately apparent. The head of internal affairs sounded like something out of a bad horror movie.

Scorpio Capricorn was the next to come up. The head of fairy world justice nearly shook Jacob's hand off. He and Hamlet Green then both mumbled hasty congratulations before disappearing in a flurry of magic. Jacob wasn't surprised they were VERY busy men. Luxemba tutted and proceeded forwards more slowly than her two colleagues. Jacob noticed that all of the council had incredibly different styles. Scorpio Capricorn was obviously intelligent but had seemed slightly hasty; his long white hair nearly a blur of movement. Hamlet Green had had a very meticulous attitude, his speech had taken twice as long as his partners and he had been constantly fiddling with a strand of his ginger hair. Claus was very secretive and calculating; staring at Jacob from his place in the corner, as if he was trying to look through the boy. Vato Voltaire was incredibly rushed and very open but still sounded authoritative; his lightening blond hair and goatee making him look slightly creepy.

Luxemba on the other hand proved more graceful and in Jacob's opinion a lot more approachable. She stopped infront of the bed Jacob was lying on and smiled sympathetically.

"I hope this isn't too sudden Jacob, but we wanted to thank you in person. Official letters always seem so detached. We just thought you deserved recognition for saving our entire species from the corrupt rule of a tyrannical dictator." She checked a small pocket watch and suddenly switched to a more business like tone, "We really have to go now Jacob but we wish you a speedy recovery. It was nice to meet you." She stood up and poofed away followed by Vato.

Only Wakefield Claus remained. He stood fully and Jacob realised he was slightly taller than the rest of the council (By fairy standards they were all large anyway). As Claus crossed the room Jacob could feel power emanating from him. He could literally see the magic that flowed out of each of the councilors. It struck him just how powerful the people he had just met were; very few fairies would ever talk to these people in person.

Claus continued across the room without one speck of light even falling on his face. The fairy could have been anyone and Jacob would never of known. Wakefield reached the door and opened it looking out into the corridor.

"He's awake. You may enter now."

Wakefield stood back and allowed four people to enter. Cosmo, Wanda, Anti Wanda and Anti Cosmo had all been waiting for Claus's signal to enter. They looked a lot healthier than they had in the last battle against Vision although Cosmo's skin was still slightly greenish. They smiled and all congratulated Jacob warmly. Anti Cosmo stepped forwards smiling almost as widely as Cosmo usually did.

"Well done Jacob my boy. Things are looking bright for both fairies and anti fairies now."

Wanda also smiled, "Yes well done. You just saved all our lives." Jacob blushed and fidgeted uncomfortably. "On top of that you actually managed to get Anti-fairy World to cooperate with the fairies."

Wakefield Claus interrupted, "We have to work together to survive Wanda. The anti fairies were hit just as hard as us by Vision's reign." The voice had the same calm quality as Jacob's school teacher and for a moment the boy could imagine Mr Blakewater under the cape. He almost laughed at the thought of his teacher controlling fairy world.

He suddenly remembered something, "What about The Unseen."

Wanda smiled "Without Vision their minds are free, their being reintegrated back into society and we should all be back on our feet and working together in a few weeks."

"Did they turn back? I mean back into fairies."

Wakefield Claus looked down at Jacob sympathetically; for a few seconds Jacob saw a strand of hair hanging down over a severe face. Then it was gone; Jacob wasn't even sure he'd seen it. Before he had time to pursue this line of thought Claus spoke.

"I'm sorry Jacob but this isn't a fairy story, no pun intended. The Unseen are completely immune to even their own magic. Their poison defense has stopped all medicines from entering their system. Even surgery doesn't work, their skins to hard. Besides some of them are happier as Unseen, especially Jorgan. One way or another The Unseen are here to stay Jacob."

Jacob smiled; he thought back. Did it really matter that some people were fairies, Pixies, Anti Fairies or Unseen? As long as they all worked together the world would just keep getting closer to paradise. He smiled up at his friends. Two blue and two brightly coloured figures smiled back. Jacob thought calmly back to the funeral that had started all of this. It seemed so far away.

But there had been Pixies, Wiccans and who knew what else. The world was full of things the normal person would dismiss as fiction. There was so much out there; a whole world to find. And with his eyes Jacob wouldn't miss a second of it.