I decided to do some more one-shots for Gin Ichimaru and Cho Urahara. You don't have to have read I'm Sorry to get this, that is actually the last one. It was a one-shot idea that came up, but I thought I could do one-shots for other parts of their lives. This is the first, when Cho and Gin meet.

"Daddy! Kisuke daddy! Where are you?" Several Soul Reapers made way for the young girl who was sprinting through the crowded streets of the wore the regular Soul Reaper robes, customised to fit her small size, and her dark hair was flung out behind her due to her speed.

Her gaze flitted from side to side, searching for the man she had been calling for. She took a fast turn – almost hitting an arrogant, alcohol smelling (even though it was still morning) 11th squad member, who immeaditly started yelling and shaking his fist at her – but she ignored the death threats, for she had spotted the person she'd been looking for. Kisuke Urahara, her adoptive father.

With a sudden burst of speed, and a deafening call of "DADDY!", Cho launched herself into the man's waiting arms. Kisuke had braced himself, but he still rocked slightly, and grabbed onto the nearest wall to steady himself.

"Well... what's the really good news?" Cho asked as they started to head towards 2nd squad barracks. Kisuke chortled, only Cho would make a such a fuss (one stall knocked down, a destroyed wall, disturbed patients at 4th squad healing centre, and of course, the drunk 11th squad member who was still yelling death threats) over something she didn't know.

The caption of the punishment squad leant down to Cho's ear and whispered the news.

Cho's expression went from curious to amazed to gleeful in under ten seconds. Grinning, she leaped out of Kisuke's arms and went of to find this new Soul Reaper...

Some miles away, Gin Ichimaru, child prodigy and third seat of 5th squad, was strolling through lush green grass, with sweet smelling cherry blossoms planted here and there. He sat in the shadow of one such tree, resting against it's twisted trunk.

Gin turned his head at the sound of a footfall, and was then locked in an unbreakable embrace. A girl - about his own age, which surprised him as he didn't expect many children like himself – with soft chestnut-coloured hair and big brown eyes, was hugging his middle section.

She gazed up and treated him to a Cheshire cat grin. "Sorry," she apologized, "I was just so excited to meet you. There aren't many kids around here, so when I heard that there was someone my own age, I had to come." She explained, then seemed to remember her manners: "I'm Cho, Cho Urahara."

A keen observer might of noted that Gin's smile widened a fraction.

"Gin Ichimaru."

Ahhh... a pointless fanfic which tells the start of a friendship. Can you guess what Kisuke told Cho? Please review, and leave some ideas/prompts of what other one-shots could be written about Cho and Gin. Fluff, friendship, romance, smut you name it.