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Jack sighed, staring at all the paperwork he needed to work through. Ianto had been telling him for weeks that the pile will just grow, not go away, Jack still privately hoped for a miracle, either that or a shredder. After signing his name for what felt like the hundredth time that day, Jack took to watching his team. He smiled as he saw Gwen chattering away on the phone and Tosh manically typing away on her computer, happy in her own world of data and numbers. His gaze swept up as Myfanwy flew around the top of the hub and then went back down to see Owen muttering over an autopsy. Jack scanned the hub again and frowned, "where's Ianto?" he murmured. With a few clicks of the mouse Jack bought up the CCTV from the tourist office, Ianto wasn't there. Jack frowned surely Ianto couldn't still be in the archives, he'd been in there for hours! Jack bought up the CCTV and he froze for a second at what he saw on the screen. He tapped his comms, "Ianto…Ianto can you hear me?" There was no reply and Ianto's still form on the hard, concrete floor didn't move. Jack flew out of his seat, "Owen!" he yelled. A crash and a curse came from the med bay with Owen sticking his head out. "What?" Jack flew by him, "Ianto's collapsed in the archives!" Owen swore and grabbed a med kit, running after Jack.

The two men ran through the damp, winding tunnels, finally reaching Ianto and stopped in shock. What didn't shock them was that Ianto was lying on the floor, what shocked them was that he was curled up and…snoring. Owen laughed, "Jesus Jack what did you do to him last night to wear him out this much?" Jack bent down and shook Ianto's shoulder. "Yan? Yan?" Owen chipped in with an "Oi tea boy!" Jack frowned as Ianto started to whimper in his sleep, curling up tighter. "Owen…I can't wake him up!" said Jack frantically. It was then that they noticed the files on the floor, together with what looked like a tiny, flat portable screen. Owen gingerly picked up the technology and stashed it in his lab coat pocket. Jack and Owen then picked Ianto up and moved him into the hub.

Gwen and Tosh stared down at Ianto. "So he just can't wake up?" said Gwen. Jack nodded, after Tosh ascertained that the device was safe to touch, he was looking at it intently. Gwen flicked through the file and read, "Dream Catcher, an alien device that puts the user in a perpetual sleep thus dreaming and remembering. Sequence usually finishes within eight hours, however, victims with more disturbing dreams and memories can take longer, victim will wake once traumatic memories are dealt with and resolved." Gwen sighed, "how ambiguous is that? How can Ianto deal with dreams?" "But at least we know it isn't going to hurt Ianto" said Tosh smiling, her smile faltered, "although he must have some bad memories." Jack started staring at the screen, but it was too small. "Tosh, could you hook this up to a bigger screen?" Tosh thought for a moment. "It shouldn't be a problem, why?" Jack grinned, "I know what it is… well I think I do. I think therapists use it in the future, you can see what bothers your patient and then help them deal with it, but I can't see what Ianto's dreaming, the screen is too small." Tosh got to work immediately, linking the small screen to the screen in the med bay. After several false starts, Tosh yelled, "I think its working!" Everyone stared at the screen as a swirl of colours appeared. "Looks like he's not dreaming anything at the moment" said Jack. Tosh looked thoughtful and said "that's probably a good thing, do you think we should really be watching his dreams and memories…isn't it a bit personal…?" Her argument fell silent as Ianto began to whimper and move again and the swirling colours on the screen moved into focus.