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so please my good people, enjoy this spartan story, for i know it will give my great pleasure shall i find it gives you great pleasure.

:P lolololol! BTW!!! JUST like in the movie! the people speaking will sound like they did in the movie, with their little british accents okie? okie!


PASTAS- open courtyard in the back or front of a home with a columned entranceway.

GYNAECEUM - master bedroom.

KLISMOS - chair with curved back and legs with cushions or animal skins usually placed over it. made for comfort.

DRACHMAE - money used in ancient greece. Like a dollar bill. Obol is like ten cents.


Anathasia's POV

"Athanasia!" I heard my mother call from the gynaeceum, the master bedroom. (pronounced: Athan-asia ~ like the continent~ lol)

I quickly ran from my bench in the pastas I was picking flowers from and to my parents gynaeceum. I saw my mother sitting in her klismos spinning wool, preparing to make a new tunic for father when he returns home. He always returns home, all Spartan's do. He is now in yet another small battle with Athens. How we all hate Athens here in Sparta. Father says they are utterly jealous of us because we are taught to be brave and strong at a young age. They are not.

"Yes, Mother?" I asked. She looked up at me and smiled. Unlike most other Spartan families, my family and I are very close. Yet I cannot deny the excitement I have for my upcoming birthday. My seventh birthday. That's when I can go to the school of my sisterhood, where i will be taught to be a spartan woman. It's exciting, I know!

"Could you do your mother a great favor and buy more grapes and figs from the market?" She asked sweetly. I knew she could not make it to the market, she was nearly nine months pregnant with my mother and fathers second child. And my first sibling!

"Of course, Mother." I said walking up to her to get coins. She handed me about ten drachmea and a few obols.

"And also some more bread, Athanasia." She requested.

"Yes, Mother."

I then left our little home. We were not middle class people, though. We were citizens of Sparta, well Mother was anyway, but I know I will be one day. That, and the fact that Father was a soldier and was able to live at home when he wasn't at battle, we had more than enough money. For Spartan men were not allowed to live at home until they were thirty, Father is now thrity-three. Before that, him and Mother would have to meet secretly, as do all of the other men with wives that were not yet thirty.

Oh, Father. How I miss him so much! It had only been a month since he had been away, but I know Mother was missing him as well. Like I said before, we are a close family. But we would never, ever admit that to any other Spartan or show it to anyone. For love, my dear friend, is a sign of weakness.


I made it to the market in good time, for it was still afternoon and women and any young children are not allowed in the market until afternoon. I went to the stand that had various fruits on it, and picket out the grapes and figs that looked best, we couldn't have Mother getting sick since she is pregnant. I certaintly don't want my new brother or sister to be left in the wildnerness to die.

When a new Spartan is born, a few of the soldiers come to your home and inspect the child, like a physical test. If the child is disformed in any way, ill-looking, or just plain weak...they leave the child on the hillside to die. Just an infant! But, it's Spartan lore. Only the strongest are Spartan's, therfore, only the strongest live.

As I was handing the man behind the stand the coins, I heard a woman gasp from behind me. I turn around and she is smiling at something off to the west. I follow her gaze, only to gasp myslelf. For right infront of my eyes, I see our dear Spartan's marching there way home! Father's back!

I quickly run to the baker, and grab a loaf of freshly made bread. I gave the baker the correct amount of coins, then I run as fast I can with the newly bought items in my hand to our home.

I bursted through the door, quickly dropping the fruit and bread on a nearby table.

"Mother! Mother!" I yelled. She waddled around the corner with a concerned look on her face and her toga flapping open on the side, her belt in her hand. I giggled.

"Mother, Father's home! I saw the Spartan's marching home from the west!" A smile spread across my beautiful mother's face.

"Oh, Athanasia! Quickly, help me with my belt, I can't reach behind me because of this ginormous belly!" I giggled.

"Of course, Mother." I quickly tied the belt around her and just as I finished the front door burst open.

"Kalligeneia!!" My father's booming voice echoed in our small home. (pronounced: Kal-ih-geh-naya)

My mother squealed!

"Stelios!!" She shouted and waddled to my father's waiting arms. (pronounced: Steel-ee-ohs)

"Athanasia! You've gotten taller!" I giggled and jumped into his arms.

"I've missed you so much, Father! I'm so happy you're back!" I hugged around his neck, as I was perched on his hip. As I pulled back, I noticed a bandage was covering his eye that was most definately not there before. "Father, what happened to you're eye?"

"Oh, that little scratch? Just those damn Athenians." He laughed. I giggled along with him.

"Kalligeneia, are you well to go to the Courtyard? King Leonidas has requested all of Sparta to come feast as a weloming for the soldiers." Father said with a massive grin upon his face. How my father loved food! I coudln't help but giggle.

"Of course, Stelios! You're lucky I just put on my toga." She smirked as she headed for the door, my and Father followed her out the door. And so we walked back to the courtyard infront of the King and Queen's home near the market.

Once we got there I saw a table was placed right in the middle of the courtyard. It was huge!!!

"Father? Can all of Sparta really fit at this one table?" Just as I asked the soldiers brought in two more tables.

"Now we can." He chuckled, then kissed the top of my head before walking over to where King Leonidas was standing with Queen Gorgo by his side.

"My good king! It's quite a feast we are having tonight, is it not?" Father asked, standing next to Leonidas.

"Of course, Stelios! What kind of King would I be if I let my soldiers starve!" The two joked while Mother and I went to stand next to Queen Gorgo.

"Hello, Kalligeneia. Christ, that baby must be due any moment!" Gorgo chuckled. Mother laughed.

"It feels like it, Your Majesty." She said politely.

"Gorgo, Kalligeneia. Gorgo." The Queen said, smiling.

"Of course...Gorgo." I could tell Mother was uncomfortable calling the Queen by her real name. I knew she thought it was a sign of disrespect. So, I giggled. Gorgo looked down at me and giggled, too.

"Hello, Athanasia! My, you have grown since the last time I saw you! You, My Dear, will be a marvelous Spartan woman, I can tell." She said kindly.

"Thank you so much, My Queen!" I had one of the biggest smiles on my face as I leaped froward into the Queens arms. She laughed merrily as she hugged me back.

"I just know, Athanasia," The Queen started, "that you will be forever remembered in Spartan history. For you, My Sweet, will live up to your name. Athanasia means 'immortal' does it not?" She asked, perching me on her hip. I nodded shyly, slightly blushing.

"You, as well as every other Spartan here today, will be forever remembered as the bravest. The nobelest and the strongest. We will be immortal. Just. Like. You." I was blushing deeply now from The Queen's compliments. I couldn't be happier, and I'm pretty sure my face will break any moment because my smile is so big!

"Thank you for your kind words, My Queen. I will take them to my heart." I said as she set me down.

"Let's feast, My Queen." Leonidas said taking hold of Gorgo's hand and leading her to the head of the table.

Leonidas and Gorgo didn't get two feet away when Mother let out a cry of suprise. Father immediatly went to her side to see what the problem was. Gorgo and Leonidas turned around as well.

"Oh Christ," Mother said, "the child is coming, Stelios. Now!" She said as she groaned in pain. Gorgo rushed up to my mother and took hold of her elbow, leading her to the Queen and King's home.

"I told you the child would come any moment." She laughed.

"I'll take you to your word next time, Milady." My mother giggled through her pain. But that wasn't uncommon for Spartan women to not show there pain. We are suposed to be trained to not care about the pain, ignore it. Like the stories I hear when we have festivals in the courtyard. One is of a young boy around ten years of age. He is in the school of his brotherhood, and there you have to hunt for you food when you are not served it, even when you are seved it, it's still in very small portions, to teach the boys to steal without being caught. If they were caught they were beaten. Therefore, when the young boy was preparing to eat the fox he had just hunted and saw the gaurds coming, he stuffed the fox in his tunic. He didn't utter a word, not even blink an eye as the fox ate through his stomache instead of simply telling the gaurds and getting beaten.


Five hours later a new Spartan was born. It was a boy. I had a little brother!

Queen Gorgo let out a big breath.

"You have a beautiful baby boy, Kalligeneia and Stelios." She complimented kindly.

"Thank you Gorgo." Father said, "But Leonidas, do you think he will pass the physical inspection? I don't think I will be able to handle it if not." My father looked pained at the thought of losing a son.

"Stelios," Leonidas started, "I personally think that..." he hesitated. Oh no! Please, Leonidas, don't say he won't pass! I beg of you!

"I think he will excell in the inspection." Leonidas smiled broadly. I giggled and Mother and Father chuckled.

"Thank you, Leonidas." Father said, relieved.

"Just look at the boy!" Leonidas shouted, "He just looks couragious! But as well as a large heart." He smiled sincerely at my parents. I was looking down at my new baby brother.

"Thaddaios." I whispered to the infant in my arms. (pronounced: Tha-dayose)

"What was that Athanasia?" Father asked.

"I said Thaddaios." I said louder. "It means couragious and large-hearted, does it not?" I asked the adults around me.

"Yes. Yes it does. Very good, Young One." Gorgo said. I nodded appreciatevly at My Queen.

"It's Perfect." Mother said. "I love that name, Stelios. Don't you?" She turned around to look at him. For he was kneeling behind the chair she was sitting in. I was to their left, and then Leonidas, then Gorgo. We were in a little circle.

"Yes, My Love. I do think it fits him perfectly." He smiled at me, and kissed the top of my head.

That's when the infant inspector decided to grace us with his presence.

"Zosimos." Leonidas said as a greeting. No one really like the old man. He throws out people's children in the wildness to die!

Zosimos means 'likely to survive'. Ironic? I thought so.

Zosimos walked straight to Thaddaios, ignoring the King completely. How rude of him!

He picked up my brother and held him near his face he twist and turned him for about ten minutes before he set him back in Mother's arms.

"Your child is blessed by the gods. He survives." He kind of smiled then left the way he came.

"Thaddaios." Leonidas started, "Welcome to Sparta."

My name is Athanasia Andronika and I am a Spartan.

oi! did you like it? I hope so! this was just an introduction type thing! more info in the next chapter as we get more into things!


Athanasia - immortal

Kalligeneia - beauty-born or born-beauty

Stelios - pillar, meaning tough/strong

Thaddaios - Couragious and large-hearted

Zosimos - likely to survive/ survivor

Leonidas - lion-like

Gorgo - grim

Andronika - victory of a man/warrior

DISCLAIMER: i do not own and 300 themes, Queen Gorgo or King Leonidas or Stelios sadly. :( lol! but i do own my versions of them ;)

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