Prologue-"Mystery Of Naruto!"

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Uzumaki Naruto just sighed while looking at the mess that was his apartment after coming home from his mission from Waves. It was totally trashed to the point he didn't know if he could repair and fix it up this time... There were even signs of some drunk trying to start a fire in his apartment.

'Thank goodness I put fire retarding alchemic seal in the entire apartment complex to make the landlord happy.' Naruto sighed as he went through the carnage and found the floorboard in his room still intact and pulled them up to get out a metal, fire-proof box out of the floor along with some other items which he put in his backpack.

"Oh, you're back." Naruto looked up at the landlord, who actually looked worried.

"Yeah... They over did it this time." Naruto sighed.

"I see... Er... I sorry that I have to do this..." Naruto sweated as the landlord showed him a eviction notice.

"No worries." Naruto sighed at his bad luck. "At least you gave me a chance to live here and it lasted while it did."

"Here." The landlord handed the blond a good amount of money. "Take that for all the repairs you did for free as well as the adjustments to the complex. I mean, thanks to you, I never had to call a repairman for any repairs or stuff."

"Thanks... Hopefully, I can find an apartment before tonight. Well, I better get going and searching..." Naruto sighed, quickly sealing away all the stuff still somewhat good before leaving. It couldn't be that hard to find another... Right?

Few Days Later

Naruto laid over the rail, groaning. He had been to over hundred different places to try and rent an apartment... And all rejected him... Worst, all the hotels refused to let him get a room and he stayed up all night the last few days as he couldn't find a place to sleep at... Lack of sleep wasn't for Naruto's lack of energy... Instead, it was because all his ramen was destroyed in his apartment and Ichiraku Ramen was shit down for a little while as the owner and his daughter went on vacation.


'Oh, shut up... I'll find a mana spot later.' Naruto sighed. 'This must be one of those "bad" days humans talk about, but in the form of days... I just hope it doesn't stay bad for much longer...' Naruto looked at the water's reflection of himself. His eyes narrowed at his reflection. 'But... I'm so useless... I can't protect my comrades or even keep an apartment at that matter...' Naruto's memories back from Wave went through his mind. He got so angry, he unleashed the power of the Kyuubi when he thought Sasuke was dead by accident... 'I got to do more emotion training...' Naruto groaned. At least, he didn't unleash his own power as that would have not been pretty or even good to explain.

"What are you doing, Naruto!?"

"ACK!!!" -SPLASH!-

"....." Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke frowned while looked at their blond hair teammate, who somehow launched up in the air and landed in the river below. Both were wondering why Naruto was there early. Sure, Naruto would sometimes get there before both of them, but both noticed Naruto was a bit off today. His usual cheery demeanor wasn't there this morning as well as his goofy grin.. In fact, the blond seemed to be brooding when both came up and, as they discovered in accidentally scaring the blond, didn't even noticed them when they walked up. They also noticed the blond had his backpack with him today as well which they saw the blond had on the last few days on mission... But, they weren't complaining as that thing seemed to have everything in it they needed including first aid kit stuff and drinks, though now it was getting odd. Both stared at it as it was laid against the bridge and dry, unlike its owner who was walking back on the bridge.

"....Great..." Naruto groaned while wringing his coat. "...What?" Naruto asked as both of his teammates looked at him.

".....You look like a girl..." Sakura snickered at Naruto's body structure which, even though had lean, hard muscle, was soft and a little curvy... Making the blond look feminine and finally answered why Naruto wore the loose jumpsuit coat.

Naruto glared at his two teammates as they were both laughing just as Team Eight came up with Ten Team.

"What is going on here?" Nara Shikamaru asked while Akimichi Chouji and Yamanaka Ino looked at was going on... Well, Ino was more focus on Sasuke.

"What's so-" Kiba then saw Naruto and began to laugh as well. "Ha ha! Naruto! Who knew you were a girly boy!" Kiba laughed his butt off as Aburame Shino and Hyuuga Hinata moved back along with Team Ten as they saw a furious Naruto spinning up his coat.


"E-Owch!!" Kiba yelped, gripping his rear end as was Sakura and Sasuke in pain from where Naruto whipped them at before stomping off to change into a dry jumpsuit on.

"...And Naruto keeps his title of being the best towel whipper from the academy." Shino sighed as all the males at the academy found Naruto was a natural at the art of wet cloth whips. His skills still good to get three people in three quick swings without them realizing till too late.

"Ow! Why the heck he do that for?!" Sakura shouted in shock. Naruto was always nice to her, so this was shocking even to herself that he hit her with his wet coat!

"...." Sasuke just kept his posture to keep the small bit of pride he had... Though, he mentally knew he deserved that since he dropped his pride to laugh at the blond.

"You kind of all deserved that since it was clear Naruto was furious... What did you two do to him?" Shino asked while Ino wanted to comfort her crush how was keeping away from her.

"Nothing... We noticed Naruto wasn't being himself and when we asked him what he was doing, he managed to jump so high in fright, he landed in the river... Literally." Sakura sighed, watching Kiba still hopping around in pain as he got the first hit and the hardest. "He has been a bit off today."

"... Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." Shikamaru sighed.

"Or ran out of ramen?" Chouji offered while the group sweated. However, just then Hatake Kakashi made his appearance.

"You're late!" Sakura shouted at Kakashi, who noticed Naruto was missing.

"Huh? Where's Naruto?" Kakashi asked, noticing the extra Gennin including the Inuzuka who was hopping around in pain.

"He went to change into some dry clothes after falling into the river." Sasuke sighed before Naruto walked up in some dry clothes. 'That was fast...'

"Well, now that you are all here, I have good news. You have the week off because I have to do a mission... Bye!" Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke.

".....Let me guess, you're senseis did the same thing?" Shino asked Shikamaru who nodded. "...Well, nothing we can do about it..." However, everyone froze as they heard a roar and looked to see it was Naruto's stomach. "....Naruto.... You didn't have breakfast?"

"....Yeah..." Naruto sheepishly looked away. He hadn't eaten much in a week actually and on his reserve energy to stay on-er awake. Then, the blond got double whacked by Ino and Sakura.

"Baka! Even I eat breakfast, diet or not!" Sakura roared at the blond while the other two teams sweated.

"Hn...." Sasuke grunted with a sigh. He had to guess Naruto ran out of food and hadn't been about to grab something to eat yet. It has happened to him a few times before he got used to living by himself.

"....Wow... I pity you, Naruto." Kiba sighed while Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Huh? What for?" Naruto sweated in worry. He hadn't told anyone he got evicted out of his apartment!

"You got two bad teammates." Kiba recoiled as Sakura and Sasuke glared at him.

"How are we bad!?" Sakura growled.

"Forehead-girl, you hit your own teammate!" Ino chimed, making herself look better to Sasuke.

"But, you hit me as well as well as Naruto then." Shikamaru sighed.

"You're lazy. Naruto is full of energy and doesn't need to 'motivation' to get working. There's a difference!" Ino glared at Shikamaru.

"... Also, you three have poor relationships as teammates... How much do you three even know about each other? Actually, Sakura-san, Sasuke-san, tell me how much you two know about Naruto?"

"He's an orange wearing, loud idiot who loves ramen and charges into battle without thinking with his favorite jutsu, Kage Bushin no Jutsu." Both teammates said in unison while Naruto blinked. He thought he was pretty opened about himself.

"Er... Wow... That's poor..." Ino blinked, even surprised at her crush at how badly this was. "Hey, how much do you know Naruto about your teammates?"

"Er... Sasuke is blood type AB, birthday July 23, weight is 42.2 kg, favorite foods are tomatoes and rice balls, especially bonito flake filling ones... He hates natto and a lot of other things. His hobbies are training and taking walks. He's a cool acting loner, though personally I think a jerk." Everyone gapped while Naruto continued. "Sakura is blood type O, birthday March 28, weight 35.4 kg, favorite food is pickled sou plums and fruit salad with dumplings, hates spicy foods and Ino, and her hobbies are is studying and memorization. Sakura is very intelligent, but... she is sometimes taking things out of perceptive and is often has her mind too much on Sasuke to help out and such...OW!!" Naruto rubbed his head wear Sakura hit him, her face red with embarrassment at how much Naruto knew. Sasuke was just wondering how much Naruto didn't know about them.

"Naruto! You stalker!"

"I never stalk... Wait, what does stalk mean anyways?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Wait... So, you got all that information without these two knowing?" Kiba asked, snickering at how good Naruto was with information.

"Er, yeah. You can learn a lot from just being around a person." Naruto sighed. "I mean, I ate with you guys before, so that's how I know the food likes and dislikes. The basic info like weight and blood type is with our ninja academy yearbook. Hobbies are from what I seen in both academy and on missions and the same goes with attitude is from all the time I have been around you." Naruto explained while everyone looked at Naruto.

"....Who would have thought the loud Naruto would be good at gathering information?" Shikamaru sighed. "And we now know why this team hasn't completely fell apart yet and that is Naruto."

"What do you mean by that?" Sasuke asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Simple, Naruto knows how you two work and uses that to get you two to work with him, though very poorly." Shikamaru sighed. "Well, let's go. I want to see if my dad is around and I can get him to play Shogi with me." Shikamaru dragged Ino away with Chouji.

"See ya! Let's go do some training!" Kiba chimed as his teammates followed him. Both teammates left Sakura and Sasuke wide eye with shock. The leader of their team was Naruto!? And they hardly knew a thing about Naruto, but he knew almost everything about them!?

"...Well, I will see you two later..." Naruto sighed, turning to leave while Sakura and Sasuke grabbed him.

"Naruto!" Naruto sweated as Sakura smiled and a smirk was on Sasuke's lips. He had a very bad feeling about why they were smiling-smirk equals somewhat smile for Uchiha. "Come on! Let's go get a bite to eat."

"..... Naruto, are you alright?" Sakura whined as Sasuke and she was waiting outside the bathroom at Sasuke's house. They went to ten restaurants after the first one as they refused to serve Naruto... The other seven either gave Naruto poor food... And like the last three, happen to "accidentally" dropped his food onto the blond's head.

"Yeah..." Naruto came out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel and wearing Sasuke's clothes as Naruto's clothes-all his jumpsuits-were in Sasuke's washing machine. "....Thanks for letting me borrow your clothes, Sasuke... I'll pay for some new laundry detergent for what I used."

"Nah... Don't worry about it." Sasuke sighed while looking at Sakura. Neither of them expected this to backfire in such a way... All they were trying to do was find out more about Naruto, but all they found out was restaurants hate the blond for some reason, and they knew the blond's pranks couldn't have caused this kind of hate. 'It's almost like Naruto killed my clan instead of Itachi kind of hate...' Sasuke sweated at that thought.

All three were brought back to reality as Naruto's stomach growled again. Even after hitting eleven restaurants, they all didn't get a bite of food to eat because Sakura and Sasuke was outraged they gave Naruto food that would make Naruto sit or put his food on his head and left though still paying for the food. However, several of those restaurants refused to make Sakura and Sasuke pay, but wouldn't let them leave till Naruto paid for an outrageous bill! They know why Ichiraku Ramen was Naruto's favorite restaurant... It was probably the only food place that treated Naruto nicely.

"No... I'm going to pay you back for letting me use you shower and washing machine." Naruto sighed.

"Naruto!" Sakura glared at Naruto.

"..I don't take anything unless I earned it." Naruto sighed before getting lightly hit in the head by Sasuke.

"Don't worry about it, Dope. Just think this is payback for all the food we didn't eat you paid for..." Sasuke sighed, feeling guilty about what happened. Both, now this made both Sakura and him rethink how they treat Naruto and how patience the blond really was. They were amazed by all the hate that was directed to the blond that Naruto hasn't snapped at them before with them adding fuel to the fire that was the stress the blond dealt with. How could such a lovable blond that was like a kitten be hated so bad?

"Hey, Naruto, what are you doing?" Sakura asked as Naruto dug in his backpack.

"Looking for my brush... I know it's in here..." Naruto sighed, putting several kunai and shuriken on the table that caught both his teammates' attention. "Ah! Here it is!" Naruto pulled out an old brush that was made of a strange metal material and began brushing his hair. Sasuke pick up a kunai and touched the edge with narrowed eyes. He pulled out his own kunai and pressed the two kunai together.


"W-hat the h-eck?" Naruto blinked in shock as all three looked at the broken kunai pieces that were once Naruto's kunai. "Sasuke! How did you break my kunai!?"

"....Naruto... This kunai are junk... Who the heck sold these to you?" Sasuke growled, now realizing Naruto wasn't just forced with food establishments refusing to treat the blond right, but weapon shops, too!?

"These are the worst shuriken I have ever seen!" Sakura said in shock while studying the shuriken. Naruto's shuriken were way off balance and full of nicks.

".... You're jumpsuits!?" Both Gennin gasped in unison as they realized why the blond wore those stupid jumpsuits! The shop owners where he bought those neon orange jumpsuits forced the blond to buy them because those jumpsuits screamed "Kill me!?" in the ninja battlefield, though Naruto managed to be somewhat still be stealthy when he needed to. With the bright jumpsuits and poor equipment easily showed the villagers wanted Naruto dead! Both mentally wanted to hit themselves at the fact they never saw this before!

"Ack! What are you doing!?" Naruto shouted in shock as Sakura and Sasuke grabbed him.

"We are going shopping!" Sakura snorted.

"No!!" Sakura and Sasuke was shocked as suddenly, Naruto's nails somehow turned into claws and he clawed the Uchiha compound's outside walls when they happened to get outside to stop them. "I-I'm fine with what I got!" Naruto didn't even try going into shops except the one that was somewhat alright with him, though it was closed right now to expand the floor space. They often refused to let him shop, but several would throw stuff at him and once he almost got turned into a metal structure when he complained the high prices he was forced to pay at a blacksmith! Shopping absolutely scared him now that he was very careful just buy the basic needs and that was it.

"NO, IT ISN'T!!" Sakura shouted, Inner Sakura's anger taking over and she dragged Naruto as the blond's claws stayed in the wood as she pulled the blond. Sasuke really didn't care for the scratches on the wall outside his compound as it was well worth getting Naruto what he deserved... "YOU ARE GETTING BETTER STUFF, EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT IT!!!" ...Though he was currently scared by Sakura's new fury and power as well as how Naruto managed to turn his nails into claws that seem to... Never mind, they can cut metal as Naruto happened to latch onto a metal light pole and made some deep cuts in it as Sakura pulled the frighten blond off of it. Sasuke mentally put down that little ability of Naruto's down while following his teammates. It was about time to see what Naruto deal with everyday... As well as see why the blond was afraid of shopping...

"What the heck?" Kiba, along Shino and Hinata, watched in shock as one furious Sakura was dragging Naruto who was clawing the ground like a cat towards the market part of the village with Sasuke, who was equally mad, following. "Yesh.... You expect Naruto would grow up... There goes our advice to Team Seven..." Kiba groaned.

"...Er... Kiba... They are not angry at Naruto..." Shino pointed out as they noticed none of the anger was directed towards Naruto, but where they were going.

"I think they finally figured out why Naruto always wore those jumpsuits." Shikamaru sighed, walking up with Chouji and Ino.

"W-W-What are you t-talking about?" Hinata stuttered.

"Well, the villagers clearly do not like Naruto. I believe it's because of Naruto's birthday." Shikamaru sighed.

"What about Naruto's birthday?" Ino asked.

"Well, Naruto was born on the night of the Kyuubi attack... The villagers probably think Naruto is the Kyuubi reborn as a powerful demon probably wouldn't stay down and use Naruto as the scapegoat for their anger and hate after losing so many friends and family from that event." Shikamaru explained.

"What!? That is-is so wrong!? He's just a normal kid!" Ino growled.

"Yeah, but hate can change people and humans just naturally hate what they don't understand as I did a little research on Naruto, but he had no information on where he came from and such excepted a adoption paperwork which was mostly blacked out... So, basically Naruto just ended up appearing here on the day of that attack and with no pass history, you guess what furious people would think."

"...Naruto..." Hinata frowned, but was amazed at how strong Naruto was.

"...I have a new respect for Naruto... But, how can someone just appear?" Kiba asked.

"Don't know... Maybe Naruto's parents died during the battles going on then or something like that and Naruto was taken in by Konoha ninja... We may never know." Shikamaru sighed. "But, I know one thing... Naruto does seem to have some demon possible traits..." Everyone sweated at the fact Naruto left claw marks on the dirt path. "Though, even demon, Naruto is very loyal and friendly, more so than most people these days..." Shikamaru sighed as everyone nodded.

The owner of a shop that sold all sorts of supplies for shinobi glared at Uzumaki Naruto as Sakura and Sasuke dragged him into the store. He began to walk over to kick the blond out. He did not service demons.

"Get out of my shop-" The owner recoiled as both Sakura and Sasuke gave him a full blast of fury filled killer intent. "Oh, hello Uchiha-san... Young miss... How might I help you both and is this blond delinquent bothering you two?" The killer intent increase by tenfold from the two Gennin.

"No... You are..." Sasuke said with venom. The instant they brought Naruto into the place Sasuke usually shopped for supplies, everyone instantly shot a glare of hate at Naruto. This only increased both teammates' anger.

"Heh heh... Guys, let just go..." Naruto whined, trying to escape his teammates' death grips and escape this possible death trap.

"No!" Both shouted in unison before dragging the blond deeper, causing the shop owner to raise an eyebrow at what was going on. Whatever the two Gennin were doing to the demon, it seemed quite afraid of it... The shop owner didn't know it was the shop staff and he the blond was scared off, not his teammates. Also, the fact the blond was wearing Uchiha clothing confused the shop owner even more.

"Okay, first on the list are clothes." Sakura chimed while Naruto looked around nervously. He was not suppose to be in here and was not in the mood to get hurt. "Come here, Naruto!"

"Y-Yes!" Naruto came over to the blond, clearly fearful. Sakura and Sasuke were shocked at Naruto's demeanor, but they just realized how bad the villagers' treatment towards Naruto must be for Naruto to be like that in a shop.

"Let's see, we need to get some dark colors... Maybe some green, too." Sakura chimed while looking through the rack of clothing.

"S-Sakura... I like orange, so I am fine with what I got.." Naruto sighed sheepishly. He wasn't complaining with what he has now... He could be just gathering dust and still hated, though not as bad as here in Konoha. He also understands beggars can't be choosers.

"No complaints, Naruto.... You are getting new clothes." Sasuke growled. Sure, it might be mean, but the blond was going to die because of his clothes! And it was the villagers' fault! "Hey, speaking of clothes... Naruto, how are you doing on underwear?" Sasuke instantly blushed at that statement.

"Er.... What's underwear?" Naruto shyly asked in confusion while both sweated.

'Wow... At least we now know why Naruto never did any pranks relating to underwear.' Sakura sighed. "You never wore anything under your clothes?"

"Somewhat, yeah..." Naruto sighed in embarrassment. He did not get why humans wore so many layers of clothing.

"Then we better get you some... Wait, what do you mean by somewhat?" Sakura asked only for Naruto and her to blush as Sasuke looked down the shirt Naruto was wearing and he blushed as well.

"Er... Naruto... We are going to have to wait on clothes till after we have a talk back at my place." Sasuke's fury boiled over. Sakura looked at him confusedly till he whispered into her ear and she also became angry. Though, now she understood Naruto constantly asking out her out on dates... The blond didn't want a date like the kind she thought the blond wanted.

"Okay... Onto weapons." Sakura and Sasuke pushed Naruto away from the clothes and straight to the weapons. Naruto carefully looked at the weapons... Sure, he knew he had bad kunai, but he was able to survive with insufficient weapons since humans were still primitive compared to what he used to use.

"Pick out what you want." Sakura pushed Naruto and the blond sighed. He picked up carefully several, each from different prices and studied them with a careful eye of detail. He even flicked them and listened to the sound they made before picking a brand of kunai that was a little higher than what Sakura bought, but much lower than Sasuke's usual choice of kunai. Naruto blinked as Sakura and Sasuke also grabbed the same kunai and did the same with the shuriken. Naruto also got some large shuriken and scrolls, including storage one. Then, both his teammates dragged him to the book section and they all grabbed some books... till Naruto spotted a jewel in his eyes. He grabbed an old book, probably gotten there by mistake and smiled before putting it in with his stuff he was going to buy. Naruto was going to grab some books on ninjutsu and even sealing books, but Sakura and Sasuke stopped him, taking the books and adding it to what they were going to buy... While Naruto also noted Sakura was writing down everything.

Then, it was time for check-out. Naruto gulped as Sakura and Sasuke pushed the blond towards the cashier and forced him to go first. The cashier looked at the store owner who nodded before the cashier rang up Naruto's stuff, but put extra charges on there to nearly double the bill. Naruto just sighed while pulling out his wallet that was green frog to pay only to jump when someone else slammed money down.

"S-Sasuke?" Naruto gasped, having experienced what humans call a "heart attack" though he didn't have a heart exactly. He looked at his teammate, who had put down a large amount of ryou down. The cashier looked at the Uchiha with worry. "I-It's alright. I can pay for it..." Naruto, however, recoiled as Sasuke glared at him. The cashier quickly tried to change the amount but Sakura kept staring at the cashier and kept him from doing it. In the end, Sasuke paid for Naruto's stuff before paying for his stuff, including three sets of special chakra weights in the form of a sleeveless under armor that used seals to add the weight on and spread it evenly as well make the under armor stretch to fit whoever the chakra attuned to it size is. Since it was seal type weights, it came with a major price tag, but Sasuke was very frugal with money since the Uchiha Massacre and it didn't make a dent in his account. Then Sakura paid for her stuff and they ran off, heading back to the Uchiha compound.

"...Do you know what that was about?" The cashier asked his boss.

"...I have no idea. I know the demon wasn't using an illusion as I had ninja training before." The store owner sighed. "But, why that demon was wearing the Uchiha's clothing is even weirder."

"...Maybe those two were his teammates and since they don't know, must have ruined his clothes or some of his stuff and came here to replace them. It would explain the Uchiha's clothing. His clothes could be in the wash."

"Yeah... That was probably it." The store owner sighed. It wasn't like that was going to happen anytime soon.

"Yes... That's right. Six large cheese pizza, a vege-lovers small pizza, and a meat lovers median pizza... Okay, thank you." Sasuke sighed as he hanged up the phone and went into the living room. "Pizza will be here in twenty minutes or it's free."

"Good." Sakura sighed. She went over to her house to get some clothes to spend the night at Sasuke's after they forced Naruto to tell them everything. Naruto was the female container of the Kyuubi no Yoko and also spent almost a week without food or sleep as she got evicted-though she explained it was really drunks destroyed her apartment and the neighbors made it so the landlord couldn't give her another-from her apartment. However, when her parents asked if Naruto was staying over as well and found out the blond was, they refused to let her go. She, however, snapped at them for judging Naruto without knowing her, or he, as Naruto was hiding as a guy. A huge argument happened with Sakura packing up all her stuff and running away to the Uchiha compound in the end, glad Naruto let her borrow the storage scrolls she bought to let her try them out. She was not going back home anytime soon.

"...I'm sorry..." Naruto sighed, looking at Sakura with watery eyes. "Because of me-"

"Don't worry about it, Naruto. If my parents are so blinded by hate that they can't tell a blond hair girl from a demon, then there's no point for me to stay there." Sakura sighed. "But... Sasuke...How are you a girl!?" Sakura whined, hoping her crush would say it was a joke, but she knew her reality wish was gone.

"Actually, I thought I was a guy before the Uchiha massacre, but when I woke up after the event, I found myself a girl as only the doctors and Hokage know that as well. It seemed some kind of illusion or powerful henge was used on me when I was a baby, but noone knows why." Sasuke sighed, sitting down with the now Kunoichi Team Seven. "But, now that we now know Naruto is a girl, there was no way I was going to get stuck rooming with Kakashi."

"I see." Sakura sighed. She knew Kakashi was a pervert and all three could probably guess the book the sliver hair sensei read was smut. It was probably why Sasuke did not want to room with the guy. "But... Speaking of death, since there was such so much death here, are there ghosts?" Sakura asked while Naruto froze up. She did not like human ghosts.

"...I don't know for sure... At first, as a kid, I thought there were ghosts here." Naruto shivered in fear. "But, after the Wave mission, I have been seeing strange little globes of light.


"EEEEK!" Sakura and Sasuke looked up to find Naruto had clawed her nails into the roof and managed to stick to the roof by said nails.

"... I thought only cats in anime could do that..." Sakura sighed as Sasuke went to the door and got the pizza and paid for it. "It's alright, Naruto. Just the pizza guy."

"S-Sorry..." Naruto jumped down. "I-I don't like people ghosts..." Naruto sighed.

"People ghosts?" Sasuke asked, handing out the pizza to each order including the mega-order of pizza for Naruto and her hunger.

"Yeah... Human ghosts... Other ghosts I am fine with, but not human ghosts." Naruto sighed.

"... How can you tell?" Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I-I'm pretty sensitive..." Naruto sighed. "I can see things many people haven't seen in ages."

"Like what?" Sasuke asked.

"Like me."

"ACK!!!" All three shouted in fear when a large purple cat with pink stripes and tips on feet and long bushy tail appeared out of nowhere and had orange eyes along with a somewhat dark look, especially with its long claws.

"You mangy cat!" Naruto tried to hit the cat with a pillow, but it faded away. "Don't do that!" Naruto looked to the couch where it reappeared.

"Alice, Alice!" The cat held up a paw finger and cooed at Naruto. "Such an attitude!"

"N-Naruto... What is that?" Sakura asked while Sasuke's mouth just opened and closed like a fish as she was speakless.

"That? I am not a that... Nor an it. But, I am a Cheshire Cat. Please to meet you, Alice's new comrades." The cat pulled off the top of its skull like a cap and bowed before putting its scalp back on.

"Alice?" Sakura and Sasuke looked at Naruto.

"I thought I told you not to call me that!" Naruto snorted in anger. "What are you here for anyways? You usually don't leave Wonderland unless something interests you."

"Don't shoot me. I am just a messenger." The cat grinned. "Though, something also interested me, but I still came for a purpose."

"A message? Now, this is odd for you to do something for another person." Naruto asked with interested. Sakura and Sasuke, however, were lost. What was a Cheshire Cat? What was Wonderland? And why was this cat calling Naruto Alice?

"Simple, Alice... We all are tired of you not playing with us." Cheshire Cat chimed. "It's time to show what you are made of, Alice... And I know it isn't sugar and spice and everything nice, like little girls should be made of." With a snap of its paws, Naruto engulfed in a puff of smoke and the blond appeared with longer hair that now went down over her eyes, dark sliver as in shine whisker marks, thirteen wires coming off the back the back of the blonde's neck at the hair line, and then she had articulation lines like on machines on her joints, like a marionette. Naruto looked at her body and turned red with anger.

"Cheshire!!!!" Naruto began to try to catch the cat. "I am going to skin you!!"

"Naruto..." Naruto squeaked in fear as Sakura and Sasuke began to poke her. "Weird... You're still soft like a human, but look like... Er... A cyborg?" Sakura said while Naruto looked down.

"No.... I'm a robot.... An alien robot to be exact." Naruto sighed, expecting her teammates to shout at her or something like panic... However, Sakura and Sasuke looked at her confusedly.

"...What?" Sakura spoke first. "How can you be a robot? You are way too human like to be one..."

"... Agreed... You're more human than most ninja..."

"Maybe because my kind is similar to you humans in body wise though we have flex armor for skin and then a metal body underneath for more protection... And stop poking me!!" Naruto snapped as Sakura and Sasuke wouldn't stop poking her. It was quite annoying.

"Sorry... I'm amazed at how soft your skin is. What body lotion do you use?" Sakura sheepishly grinned.

"Body lotion? Is that some kind of lubricant for joints?" Naruto blinked as both her teammates sweated.

"O-kay... Maybe you are an alien robot." Sasuke sighed at how naïve Naruto was and now it kind of made sense that she was an alien learning human culture. "But, where did you come?"

"Er.... Can I keep it short?" Naruto asked, looking down with a painful look in her eyes.

"Yeah..." Sakura sighed. Her mind was still stuck on the fact Naruto had Kyuubi inside her.

"I come from a planet called Pesadillacron.... Though it no longer exists. My people us my ship as an ark to save the younger generation, but I crashed into something in slipspace and my ship crashed into this planet. I laid dormant for many, many years while my people woke up in the later ages of human kind and shifted their existence to the Shadow World, this world's shadow that is formed by the powers here. When I woke up, but my body was still in major disrepair, I went to the Shadow World in my flay form or a ghost like form. My people didn't want me since I was an 'out-of-date' and 'defected' model and the fact my job in my people's society was gone as well thanks to all the resources on this planet and others taking my place. So, I came back to this world and began to watch humans for several centuries while waiting for my body to slowly repair though I didn't know the language then. My fear of human ghosts came from being teased by human ghosts who can be right down scary." Naruto shivered. "But... When I got my body functioning again, I was found by the Hokage and his lover Uzumaki Kushina... They took me in as they were going to have a child and loved to have another. I was actually happy though I freaked the Hokage out with being alien... Till the Kyuubi came... Kushina died giving birth to a stillborn... Since there was no other infants the Hokage could seal the Kyuubi in, I offered myself for the sealing. Right before the Hokage died, he gave me my real name meant for his dead son... Uzumaki Naruto... Ever since then, even though I have been hated and even denied my existence, I actually feel free and exist as a real being... Not a copy like all the other ALICE units like myself are somewhat designed to be like the first Alice made by our creator to protect the planet she created with her own body and lead it till she died and the production line connected to the creator began making ALICE units with similar powers to the Alice... I'm ALICE-0013 to my people... But, here... I am Uzumaki Naruto... I am actually a person." Naruto began crying, all the emotions she had overflowing her.

"It's alright." Sakura hugged Naruto as did Sasuke, though Sasuke's hug was stiffer thanks to tomboyish pride. "We won't let anyone hurt you. You're our teammate... Heck, our friend."

"...Thanks.." Naruto dried her tears.

"Ah! I knew this would be interesting!" Naruto glared at the cat. "But, how are you going to protect Alice when you two are pretty weak?"

"Why you?!" Sasuke growled, glaring at the cat.

"No worries. No worries. I, Cheshire Cat, strive to help the weak." Two balls of light appeared before the cat before each shot into Sakura and Sasuke's forehead. "Just a little gift. Oh, and you have an upgrade now, Alice to help you hide the wires. But, now, you're friends also have a gift long lost to humans... Goodbye!" The cat faded away with its large grin disappearing last.

"What gift?" Sasuke asked as Sakura looked behind Sasuke and screamed.

"SOOO CUTE!!!" Sakura hugged a ghost look being that looked like a shy pink hair girl in some kind of robe ghost costume and holding a lantern.

"Y-Y-You can see me?" The little ghost asked.

"Yes! You're cute!" Sasuke and Naruto sweated.

"I see... I didn't know old Mana like Cheshire can give humans back their abilities to see Mana." Naruto sighed, getting confused looks from Sakura and Sasuke. "Mana are beings made of the energies they are named after called mana. Mana is like unrefined chakra which was why I offered off my body to seal the Kyuubi as it is a wild chakra beast thanks to forming from Corrupted Mana thanks to the fall of alchemy." Naruto explained. "Mana almost became extinct, but now they are back and thriving, though they keep away from humans. That Mana in front of you is call a Flay, a ghost type Mana."

"A ghost type? But, she is so cute..." Sakura cooed over the cute Mana.

"Yeah... Flay are as they often evolve from Nymphs, water type Mana as the original ghost type Mana came from my planet as you saw with Cheshire and well.... I don't know if Mana have genes but you can guess what I mean." Naruto sighed while her teammates nodded. "But, if you can see Mana now... That means Cheshire awaken possible alchemic abilities."

"Alchemic?" Sasuke asked, sweating as the ghost Mana actually like Sakura hugging her and saying she was soft.

"Alchemy. The art my people made by mixing science with magic which helped somewhat with how jutsu came to be." Naruto smiled. "Who needs to buy clothes when we can make our own to our design?... Wait.. In fact, since that illusion is not on me, I can just change my clothes at will with my flex armor." Naruto smiled happily.

"Don't think you are getting out of clothes shopping with that." Sakura glared at Naruto who comically cried. "Also, we are 'secretly' buy clothes for you two, Sasuke." Sasuke paled. She didn't want to dress up girly! "Oh! I will call you Plush because you are like a plush animal!"

"S-So you want to be my alchemist?" The Mana now known as Plush asked.

"Alchemist?" Sakura asked while Naruto giggled.

"An alchemist is a person who uses alchemy. Mana often make contracts with alchemists and it helps people make items easier depending on the elements. Flay is a rare ghost type as ghost material is hard to get, so beginner's luck."

"Er.... Naruto.... I think my manison is a treasure trove of rare Mana..." Sasuke sighed as even more Flay appeared along with other strange looking Mana.

"...Great.... The Uchiha compound is a negative Mana spot." Naruto sighed. "Might as well get used to it as I can eat negative Mana... Don't mind if I rent an apartment here?"

"No. You are staying with me here along with Sakura. This house is large enough and we can help each other take care of each other." Sasuke sighed. "Plus... It's going to take me some time to get used to now being able to see the 'ghosts.'" Sasuke sighed while looking at the Mana. At least the mysteries around Naruto were done with. Though they all didn't know their mis-adventures were just beginning!

However, there was one question on Sakura and Sasuke's minds …..Can alien robots use magic?

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